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Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

2012.06.14 03:39 oatmale Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

2020.10.29 13:55 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: The Grand Cold Party by Sarah Lazarus and Crooked Media (10/28/20)

"Ron Johnson is my neighbor and strangled our dog Buttons right in front of my 4-year-old son." - Ron Johnson, reading a tweet that hurt his feelings to Jack Dorsey

Turning Nebraska Blue

As the fall coronavirus surge overshadows the final days of the election, President Trump has been campaigning as if the pandemic is over, in the very places now suffering their worst outbreaks since it began. Just in case that closing message was too subtle for anyone, he also went ahead and left his supporters out in the literal cold.
Who knows though, Trump’s fresh new method of killing his supporters could be the thing that turns this all around.
It seems outrageous that the president who has both literally and metaphorically abandoned Americans in a freezing cold parking lot still has a path to re-election, but there’s our reality: This race is still close, Donald Trump can still win, and our work isn’t even close to finished. Unclench your jaw, drink some water, and make sure you can wake up on November 4 with no regrets.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

A big What A Day (newsletter) shout-out to the What A Day (podcast) team, which is celebrating ONE YEAR of this fantastic daily news pod. In these last few days before the election, Akilah & Gideon will be looking at important down ballot races, talking to first-time voters, and priming listeners on what to expect on November 3rd. Make sure to check out What a Day if you haven’t already, and subscribe on Apple Pods, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts

Under The Radar

Facebook’s ban on new political ads in the week before Election Day has gotten off to a rough start. The Trump campaign ran an ad implying Trump has won the election (featuring, it should be said, Donald Trump as both the sun and a hummingbird), in violation of Facebook’s policies. Having run the ad before the October 27 deadline, the campaign can now theoretically run it again closer to November 3. The Trump campaign also ran a group of ads stating “ELECTION DAY IS TODAY,” another policy violation that Facebook approved before agreeing to take it down following a public outcry. At the same time, Facebook has been refusing to run previously approved ads from both the Biden campaign and progressive organizations, without explanation. But by all means, Republican senators at the Big Tech hearing, tell us more about Mark Zuckerberg’s crusade to censor conservatives.

What Else?

The Supreme Court has again refused to intervene in a case on Pennsylvania’s extended absentee ballot deadline, but Justices Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch essentially said they’re game to revisit that if Trump needs some ballots thrown out after the election. Justice (ugh) Amy Coney Barrett didn’t participate in the decision, but also did not recuse herself.
The Court won't mess with North Carolina's ballots (yet), either.
A senior State Department official tested positive for coronavirus after traveling through Europe, where embassy staff and European officials expressed concerns over his lax mask-wearing and social distancing practices. Diplomacy at its finest.
Germany has announced a four-week shutdown of bars, restaurants, theaters, and other businesses in a bid to control rising infection rates. Germans will feel pretty silly when they find out containing a contagious virus is impossible, one of us should probably tell them.
White House Swamp Creatures Stephen Miller has extended a hand to QAnon, musing that Joe Biden “would incentivize child smuggling and child trafficking on an epic global scale,” and absurdly claiming that “this administration kept families together.”
A Michigan judge struck down a ban on openly carrying guns near polling places on Election Day. It’s another terrific moment to unclench your jaw.
We all knew Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s opinion on Wisconsin’s ballot deadline was a sloppy, dishonest mess, but holy shit. (Get him, Vermont.)
Miles Taylor, the former DHS chief of staff, has revealed that he was Anonymous. Okey dokey.
Joe Rogan brought Alex Jones on his Spotify podcast to spread misinformation about masks and vaccines, a very cool decision that Spotify finds totally chill. Alex Jones, meanwhile, had the leader of the Oath Keepers militia on his show, who said his gang members would be at polling places with guns on Election Day.
Michael Cohen is on Cameo now, for anyone getting an early jump on their holiday shopping.
The New York Times would like you to guess who people are voting for based on the contents of their fridges. Hint: salads are a red herring.
An artist in Texas set up Halloween decorations so gruesome that people keep calling the police; the Pulitzer of Halloween decorations.

Be Smarter

The Trump administration has launched one last attack on climate science ahead of the election. The administration recently removed the acting chief scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and brought in new political appointees who have questioned basic facts about climate change. Those appointees’ primary goal is reportedly to undercut the National Climate Assessment, a report that the government is required to produce every four years and which serves as the basis for federal regulations to fight global warming. Even as most federal agencies have found themselves under pressure to downplay climate change, NOAA has remained able to independently conduct research and publicly discuss the threat. Unless we elect Joe Biden next week, that’s about to change. Call some voters to save the world?

What A Sponsor

Today, as cities contemplate reopening and rebuilding their local economies, Lyft has expanded its Jobs Access Program to provide access to rides and additional job search support through Goodwill and United Way in 20 major cities. A ride — whether it's on a Lyft bike, scooter, or rideshare — can go a long way towards supporting an individual’s economic mobility and recovery. In the first year of the Jobs Access Program, Lyft provided nearly 20,000 rides through its partners.
The program focuses on three key interventions in the employment pipeline that are critical to individual success, and where transportation can play a major role:
Whether you’re in need of a ride or you want to donate and support others, the Jobs Access Hub makes it easy to take action. Qualifying individuals can use the Hub to see if a ride is available, and if so, Goodwill or United Way will distribute the ride credits.
LyftUp is Lyft’s comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most. Through LyftUp, Lyft partners with leading nonprofits to help provide access to free and discounted rides to individuals and families who lack affordable, reliable transportation.

Is That Hope I Feel?

More than 16 million voters who didn’t cast a ballot in 2016 have already voted this year, and more than six million of those voters are ages 18-29.
Travis County, TX, (home of Austin) has surpassed its total 2016 voter turnout.
Desmond Meade, founder of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, exercised his newly restored right to vote today.
Sing out, Jeff Flake.


Luke Mones on Twitter: "Phone banker who just wants to talk"
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2020.10.28 22:07 TroublesomeTurnip Celeb RP [Able to Double]

I RP over discord only.
I RP both genders and am happy to double. For this I will play a female role, however I'm more than happy/willing to double as a male role as well (but not singularly). So whether you're male or female, we can probably work together! Both roles will receive the same effort and interest, I expect that to be reciprocated.
Generally, I give 4 paragraphs per main role. Often it's more, but 3-4 should be an average range for us both to contribute. I don't think quality and quantity are mutually exclusive.
I'm only looking for partners over 18 years of age. I'm looking for someone in the same stage of life, able to understand we don't need to post ASAP and be chained to our computers. I work full time and have other family duties so I'd like someone who understands that life comes first. I'm also ghost friendly but I'd prefer we regroup or refocus before ditching the other.
Regarding the pairs, I can do celeb x OC or celeb x celeb, provided that the OC has a proper place in our story. If we do celeb x OC, we must double for each other. I'm not looking for a rushed romance or a fairytale story of a fan getting a celeb to fall in love with them instantly. I want any OCs to make sense in the situation of the celebrity's lifestyle.
Celebrities I'm looking for in order of interest: Grant Achatz (chef), Patrick Stump (musician), Jesse McCartney (musician) or Woody Harrelson (actor).
Celebrities I can play: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Swift, Melanie Martinez, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Selena Gomez or Keanu Reeves or other suggestions welcome.
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2020.10.27 14:34 pll-Bitchcansee Dean being mentally abusive

So ups I first posted this in the wrong 😅 I know someone mentioned this yesterday but I was on the episode where Rory was alone home while Lorelai was at the spa, and Jess came over with food and Dean yelled at Rory for being with Jess. First of all he didn’t respect the fact that Rory wanted to be alone, and Paris and Jess just came without telling her and that’s not Rorys fault. But Dean absolutely wanted to come. He didn’t even respect Rory and Paris when Rory said they were studying. Like why would you go and interrupt the study session when you have no role in the schoolwork, just to hang out with Rory??
And did you all notice Rory’s terrified face expression when she pushed Jess out of the house and Dean was outside the door??? Imagine being afraid of your own partner!! And then he started screaming and yelling and assumed the worst, when in reality Jess was showing Paris how to eat fries with salt and pepper. He didn’t ask what was going on at first. and Rory was so scared she couldn’t even speak properly. But as nice as she is, she just accepted it and justified the yelling. Dean always want to have control over her, and can’t handle being apart from her for one day. He gets mad at her when she has plans and can’t come to his games or if she just want to do something school related. He absolutely had to come to the Romeo and Juliet practice session because he wanted to make sure Rory didn’t do something with Tristan. Obviously he wants to control the relationship and also her. He doesn’t respect the fact that she wants to go to Harvard either. He gets mad for literally no reason, and expect too much from Rory. He’s mentally abusive and he’s showing all of the signs. Any thoughts?
EDIT: When I was 16 I had a boyfriend who was exactly like Dean. He got mad at me if I didn’t want to skip school to hang out with him, mad at me for studying and for hanging out with friends. When I was hanging out with my childhood bestfriend who is a boy or just guy friends in general he said he had to come just to make sure nothing happened. If I went to parties he had to join. He would scream and yell at me if I was hanging out with my guy bestfriend without telling him first. He was just like Dean, and I know about all of this «Being in love for the first time». But what my ex and Dean did is not love. They are doing it because they want to stay in control and they dont trust their partners. Rory is AFRAID of Dean you can tell that. She is afraid of saying she can’t hang out with him, and she was about to cry when he yelled. Sorry but that has nothing to do with being 16 and insecure and in love for the first time. Dean knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t do it because he loved Rory bc if he did, he would have respected her when he was told that Rory wanted to be alone and that she was studying with Paris. Being in love with someone doesnt mean you can interrupt two girls who are studying. I have been there and the relationship destroyed me mentally and if GG was a real thing, Rory would have been too.
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2020.10.26 12:38 alanaishere They dragged tf out of Walt’s innocence.

Like this whole time I’m thinking Hank already knew Walt was guilty and the purpose of taking him on these ride alongs was to scare him straight. It was just the way Hank was looking at Walt the whole time, like he knew that Walt was Heisenberg but he needed Walt to admit it to arrest him. And when Hank was looking at the picture of Gales lab book where it said “To WW” and Hank was like “who could that be, woodrow wilson, walter white?” I thought that was a big I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. So when he found the Leaves of Grass book on top of the toilet lid and discovered that WW was walter white, I was like bruh, he crashed your car into upcoming traffic to prevent you from discovering the lab, he leases two brand new cars and has a fancy watch, he owns a car wash, he made millions off of gambling, and while Hank suspected something going on, they made Hank’s character always ahead of the game but how did he not catch all of this? They really stretched that one. And the ruthless people in the show wouldn’t wait a second to shoot a kid or kill their partners. I’m talking Tuco, Gus, etc. But for some reason, every time it comes to these guys, Jesse and Walt, pause. We can’t kill you now because we need to develop the story line but this completely defies the representation of our characters.
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2020.10.25 23:59 Fayerune 30 [F4M] Upstate NY - Typical gamer girl

Hey guys! I'm Jess, 30 (ugh) and live in Upstate New York. Most of this post is a copy+pasta from one I made awhile back. Lazy? Slightly.
I'm currently in a monogamous relationship, so I'm not looking for anything romantic, but I find myself struggling. Deep down I'm pretty sure I'm poly, but my partner is NOT okay with that. I miss talking to other people, the fun of getting to know them, potential cuddles and making fun of bad forensics in crime dramas. So alas, here I am again. Seeking internet nerds to keep me virtual company.
About me: I'm fairly short and not skinny. I'm working on being okay with that but the self esteem comes and goes like the wind whoosh I'm pale af, have tons of freckles, and very long brown hair (part due to COVID, part because secretly I'm an elf). Life goal: become Arwen.
I love all things small, cute, and sparkly. My cat is my life. If it's Japanese and/or nerdy, I want it. I'm not a very knowledgeable nerd though so please don't quiz me. I'll talk about anything and love learning new things. I don't know much about pcs or programming but it's interesting to me. I'm not dumb (sometimes I can come off like a smartass) and loathe lack of intelligence and poor grammar so please be somewhat intelligent with decent grammar.
My type: Pale skinny nerds. Do you need to be one to respond? No, because I'm not lookin for romance. Am I curious? Absolutely! Bonus points for long hair, glasses, and tattoos (I have 2, for now)
My interests: Video games! I mostly play Animal Crossing or Genshin Impact lately. I've been endlessly subbed to WoW for so long that when my sub auto refills I think someone hacked my card, and sometimes I log in for ARAMs in LoL. I prefer JRPGs or MMOs, don't like FPS. Never played Overwatch in my life. I like anime and movies in general, mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Love crime shows. I wish I could call myself a foodie but I just like food period .-. Oh and I love cats.
This is not my first time on R4R; I've met some good people here and am prepared for the onslaught of messages. If I don't reply to you, or stop replying, please don't take it personally. I'm just at the stage in my life where I know what I want and if you ain't it I'm not going to play around and waste both of our time. Glhf!
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2020.10.25 11:22 Throwaway10241728 I (23M) no longer want to take my ex-girlfriend (28F) to her gender confirmation surgery despite promising to do so.

My ex and I were together for 3 years. It was my longest relationship. My ex (Ali, 28) is MTF transgender and fully passing. I was a major part in helping her be able to realize this goal. Her final surgery will be in less than 2 months. The problem is, I am her only viable method of transportation.
Ali has had a rough upbringing: in and out of foster care, and lives with her severely handicapped grandparents. She does not drive, has no job, and is dependent on government benefits. Please refrain from judging her based on this.
I come from a comfortable household and live 4 states away (we were long distance). I am 5 years younger, and had put aspects of my life on hold to take her to all her appointments.
The hospital that will perform her surgery is 5 hours away from her, and she is required to have 1 person with her in the room for 2 weeks post op. Because we were dating, I committed to this responsibility.
Now, our relationship wasn’t the best. She was obsessed with trying polyamory, and I was not into it. In an attempt to stay together, I tried. After months of trying to find our 3rd, we began seeing a new girl (Kat). After 1 month, Kat and I realized neither of us wanted to stay with Ali. In full disclosure, we emotionally cheated on Ali for about 1 week before breaking up with her.
This destroyed Ali. Marriage was on the table. I was going to get her out of her shitty living situation. But it has been 5 months and I am happier with Kat than I ever was with Ali.
Since then Ali tried on many occasions to win me back, even guilt tripping me with her mental health. Kat has wanted me to block Ali out of my life, but I can't do it due to my guilt for what I did to her, and the fact that I still see her as a best friend.
Now Ali has found a new partner: Jack. However he is married to my close friend Jess. Their marriage was already bad so Ali doesn't see herself as a homewrecker. But today I secretly learned that Jack made sexual advances towards Jess (among other things). This infuriates me as not only does it mean Ali is being toyed with, but it means that Jess has to deal with this.
I want to make Jack commit to Ali. He has told her that he’d try to take her in an emergency situation but no promises. I’d transfer the money we have saved for out of pocket costs to him and make him fully commit. Either that, or I effectively call his bluff and test his character: is he actually done with Jess or is he just using Ali?
Without someone there she can't have her surgery. She’d have to save and do it years later out of the country. I’d feel guilty but I’m sick of all the drama. I don't want to put my life on hold for this anymore. I want to find a job. I want to focus on Kat. But what about my word? What about Ali? What about seeing this through? I don't know if its okay for me to kick the can down the road to Jack despite what he is doing to Jess. I need help.
tl;dr: I promised I would bring my ex-girlfriend to her SRS no matter what but after recent events I don't feel comfortable anymore. I want to move on in my life but I don't want to screw over her life. I need advice on what I should do.
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2020.10.25 10:51 Throwaway10241728 Am I (23M) in the wrong for not taking my ex (28F) to her gender confirmation surgery after I had promised to?

My ex and I were together for 3 years. It was my longest relationship. My ex (Ali, 28) is MTF transgender and fully passing. I was a major part in helping her be able to realize this goal. Her final surgery will be in less than 2 months. The problem is, I am her only viable method of transportation.
Ali has had a rough upbringing: in and out of foster care, and lives with her severely handicapped grandparents. She does not drive, has no job, and is dependent on government benefits. Please refrain from judging her based on this.
I come from a comfortable household and live 4 states away (we were long distance). I am 5 years younger, and had put aspects of my life on hold to take her to all her appointments.
The hospital that will perform her surgery is 5 hours away from her, and she is required to have 1 person with her in the room for 2 weeks post op. Because we were dating, I committed to this responsibility.
Now, our relationship wasn’t the best. She was obsessed with trying polyamory, and I was not into it. In an attempt to stay together, I tried. After months of trying to find our 3rd, we began seeing a new girl (Kat). After 1 month, Kat and I realized neither of us wanted to stay with Ali. In full disclosure, we emotionally cheated on Ali for about 1 week before breaking up with her.
This destroyed Ali. Marriage was on the table. I was going to get her out of her shitty living situation. But it has been 5 months and I am happier with Kat than I ever was with Ali.
Since then Ali tried on many occasions to win me back, even guilt tripping me with her mental health. Kat has wanted me to block Ali out of my life, but I can't do it due to my guilt for what I did to her, and the fact that I still see her as a best friend.
Now Ali has found a new partner: Jack. However he is married to my close friend Jess. Their marriage was already bad so Ali doesn't see herself as a homewrecker. But today I secretly learned that Jack made sexual advances towards Jess (among other things). This infuriates me as not only does it mean Ali is being toyed with, but it means that Jess has to deal with this.
I want to make Jack commit to Ali. He has told her that he’d try to take her in an emergency situation but no promises. I’d transfer the money we have saved for out of pocket costs to him and make him fully commit. Either that, or I effectively call his bluff and test his character: is he truly done with Jess or is he just using Ali?
Without someone there she can't have her surgery. She’d have to save and do it years later out of the country. I’d feel guilty but I’m sick of all the drama. I don't want to put my life on hold for this anymore. I want to find a job. I want to focus on Kat. But what about my word? What about Ali? What about seeing this through? Would it be right of me to kick the can down the road to Jack? Or am I justified because of what he is doing to Jess? Am I the asshole?
tl;dr: I promised I would bring my ex-girlfriend to her SRS no matter what but after recent events I don't feel comfortable anymore. Am I wrong for this?
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2020.10.24 21:19 giftwolf Looking for a more masculine name but worried about cultural connotations/appropriation

I'm AFAB and my first name is Jessica. I go by Jess at work and Jessi with my family, close friends, and my partner of 3 years. Long term the plan is for us to get married and I take their last name, which is one they will be choosing themselves. Currently the name we've settled on is Russian in origins, two syllables and ends in "-ov". I'm not as worried about my name matching that surname, because?? I guess I just don't care about that as much.
I'm considering choosing a masculine name for myself for personal reasons but I'm struggling with the ones I like versus my ethnic/racial identity. My grandmother was Japanese and lived with our family from when I was 2 to when she passed away in 2016. My mother is half Japanese and looks it and I am a quarter and look, for lack of a better phrase, "vaguely ethnic." If I'm asked, white people tend to guess I'm Hispanic and other POC tend to ask if I'm Black or if I'm whatever their ethnicity of origin is. In general though, I typically "pass" as white (and being 3/4ths, like, I am white, even though I also identify as Asian).
All that background to say: my grandmother had two brothers, Teruo and Toru, and I really want to "try on" one of those names. BUT I know that visually I don't read Japanese to laypersons and I'm more white than anything, and I worry about being accused of being a "weeb," or appropriative. I'm also on the fence because I know that most Americans won't be able to pronounce it correctly and I'm not sure I'm willing to take on that uphill battle. I guess any feedback on non-American names in America would be good, as well as any feedback from BIPOC on if I'm overstepping the ties I do have to my ethnic background by making myself seem "more than" I am?
Keeping with the "T" theme, I also like the name Theo, but I don't know if I like it for myself or just as a name.
Thank you for reading all this mess!
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2020.10.24 20:46 JustJaxJackson Rules for Communication in Triad?

Howdy! Perpetual lurker here. I rarely comment on posts, and even more rarely post anything myself, but this has gotten a little too big for me and I could use some advice and/or direction towards possible helpful resources. (As an aside, I'm always really impressed by the positivity and helpfulness here - thank you for that!) tl;dr at the bottom.
My partner and I have been open to and interested in a triad for some time, but didn't go looking for it actively. A wonderful young lady came into our lives as a close friend for years, and recently has become our official girlfriend. The past months have been amazing - we're all learning an incredible amount about ourselves, and one another. There's just one big issue I'm struggling with: both my girlfriends are very similar to one another in their style of (and often lack of) communication.
I'm the communicator. (Contain your shock, please.) I've been with (names changed) Jane for 8 years, and with Jess (as my closest friend, and now partner and lover) for almost 4. Perhaps understandably, both relationships have very good communication most of the time...we've, respectively, had years to learn one another's communication styles. However, Jane and Jess are both by nature much more reserved, and they are both more likely to hold feelings and thoughts in, than to try to find a healthy way to communicate them. With me, they both individually will open up, but usually it takes a little poking from me. With one another, though, I find myself more often than not sitting from what feels like the front row of the theater watching them both stumble and withdraw and NOT communicate to one another, issues ensue because of it, and my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth trying to stay out of 'their' relationship.
I understand that their relationship is theirs. I understand that it's not my job to fix 'their' problems. But it feels to me like as a triad, when THEY have issues, we ALL have issues, and therefore in some way it really IS my problem. I don't want to 'get in the middle' of their stuff, and I don't want to 'meddle' or otherwise stick my nose in when it's something they need to figure out together. But when Jane is in one corner of the house feeling hurt because she thinks Jess is upset with her, and Jess is in the OTHER corner of the house feeling and thinking the EXACT SAME THING, I'll be sitting in the living room trying like hell to stay out of it while in my head I'm shouting 'WILL YOU TWO JUST TALK FOR GOODNESS SAKES!?'
This is an issue I didn't precipitate, and because none of us have really ever been involved in the poly community, I'm not even sure what you're 'supposed' to do in these situations. I would love some insight from others on how you deal with these situations, and if you have any resources to share that might help with this (or any other communication-oriented poly topics) I would be grateful.
Thanks again for being so supportive to one another on this sub. I think I've exceeded my personal word limit for the week now. Peace!
tl;dr - My two girlfriends have a lot of difficulty communicating with each other - how do I navigate this in a healthy way?
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2020.10.24 18:42 boybyebye2022 [BB] Big Brother 4: Summer of Secrets

Welcome to Season 4 of Big Brother featuring sixteen fresh slightly-strangers moving in under one roof for nine weeks of power struggle, lies, betrayal, alliances, and an ultimate battle for the cash prize. Who has the strategy, competition abilities, and charisma to take the grand prize? Check out the cast below:
CAST (*denotes recruit)
Alexis “Lexi” Vera – 24 years old. Somewhat mean-spirited singer & party girl from McBride, Michigan. (u/FrieNads)
Bianca Ford\* – 21 years old. Full-time nanny from Calabasas, CA.
Bruce Regir\* – 35 years old. Struggling artist from Brooklyn, NY hoping for a big break.
DeShawn “Shawn” Woods – 19 years old. Caring & funny cashier from Boston, Massachusetts. (u/asiansurvivorfan)
Fred Pinkishlomo – 56 years old. Charismatic rabbi from Trenton, NJ. (u/swoldow)
Hayden Maximus – 32 years old. Country boy from Hoston, TX. (u/JTsidol)
Holly Tarantino – 23 years old. Wild card freelance photographer from Baton Rouge, LA. (u/Ever24)
Jeremiah Everette – 31 years old. Pharmacy tech from South Portland, Maine. Wore all green for his memory wall photo because it’s his lucky color. (u/Ever24)
Jesse Stokes – 28 years old. Screenwriter from Manhattan, NY. (u/SilverOwl24)
Justine Tyung – 26 years old. Goth bartender from Oakland, CA. (u/asiansurvivorfan)
Kristen “Kris” Orly\* – 23 years old. Bubbly valley girl from Northridge, CA. Sister to Sebastian.
Lianna “Lip” Lippington – 35 years old. Resilient chef’s assistant ready for the competition. (u/swoldow)
Sebastian “Bash” Orly\* – 21 years old. All muscle, lacking brain. Brother to Kristen.
Suzumi Mioda – 44 years old. Nursing home employee from Bar Harbor, Maine who applied on a whim! (u/swoldow)
Unas Svedelos – 33 years old. A model and advocate for the deaf from Athens, Greece. (u/asiansurvivorfan)
Zachary Kane – 39 years old. Fireman from Nelson, Minnesota with a friendly persona. (u/FrieNads)
WEEK ONE: >! Welcome to BB4! It’s week one and final twos have begun to bloom in the Big Brother house. Kris and her brother Bash, Holly and Justine, Bianca and Lip, and Shawn and Jeremiah all seem to have some type of final two deal while a bigger four person alliance has developed between Kris, Jeremiah, Fred, and Shawn. Jesse wins the first HoH competition of the summer and nominates Suzumi and Holly for eviction. At the POV competition, Bianca takes the gold but does not use it on either nominee. In the house this week, Zac attempts to improve relationships while Holly threatens to quit and breaks down from the pressure of being on the block. At eviction night, the oldest female contestant in the house, Suzumi, is evicted by a vote of 8 to 5. !<
WEEK TWO: >! At the slip-n-slide HOH competition, Hayden secures power for the week. At the nomination ceremony, he nominates Bash and Jeremiah for eviction. For the POV competition, it’s all boys playing and Jeremiah ultimately wins the POV. He uses it on himself but Hayden replaces Jeremiah with his final two partner, Shawn. Shawn yells at Hayden for this move as he takes his seat on one of the nominee chairs. In the house, Shawn earns extra prize money and opens up to Jesse about why he needs the money. At eviction night, Shawn is saved by a vote of 9 to 3 and Bash is evicted from the house (rip sibling twist). Hayden’s HOH created some large targets on his back from multiple people–who will win the next HOH and will they take a shot at him?! !<
WEEK THREE: >! Holly and Justine’s final two deal has dissolved. At the endurance HOH competition, Lip wins power. Once again, Jeremiah and Shawn see the block but for once they are together. Lip is taking a stab at the only big (numbers wise even though it’s only four people) alliance in the game At the POV competition, Lip secures all the power for the week and ensures that her nominees remain the same. In the house, Hayden lashes out irrationally at Shawn and a banner flies over the backyard saying Kris cannot be trusted. At eviction night, the houseguests see Jeremiah as the bigger challenge threat and by a vote of 9 to 2, he is evicted from the Big Brother house. !<
WEEK FOUR: >! A new alliance has formed with Bianca, Shawn, and Jesse. At the HOH competition, Zac wins his first competition of the season! He nominates Lip and Unas for eviction. At the POV competition, Unas wins his first competition of the season, securing his safety for the week as he removes himself from the block. In place of Unas, Zac nominates Holly. In the house, Zac calls out Bruce, Kris and Zac bond, Unas attempts to mend relationships in the house, Jesse opens up to Shawn, and Justine breaks down and threatens to quit. The house is split in a 5-5 vote which leaves it to Zac to break the tie. Zac votes to evict Lip from the house who went from HOH to evicted in only a week. !<
WEEK FIVE: >! Jesse leaves the newly formed alliance with Bianca and Shawn. At the HOH competition, Hayden wins his second HOH of the season. He nominates Shawn and Bianca, taking a stab at this fresh alliance. Shawn wins the POV, ensuring his safety for the week. Hayden names Lexi as the replacement nominee, locking in Bianca and Lexi as nominees for eviction. In the house, Hayden and Shawn have a heated argument–escalating their rivalry. Kris works her social game while Justine does the same. At eviction night, Bianca is sent packing in a vote of 8-3. !<
WEEK SIX: >! A new alliance forms with Shawn, Fred, and Unas before the HOH competition. At the HOH competition, Jesse wins! He nominates Holly and Unas for eviction. At the POV competition, Hayden wins his third competition of the season. He uses the POV on Holly, saving her from eviction. Jesse names Lexi as the replacement nominee. In the house, Hayden has a public breakdown, Justine threatens to quit once more, Bruce and Kris bond, Holly slips an inappropriate comment, and a banner indicates Unas is not trustworthy. The house is split once more in a 4-4 tie but Jesse evicts Unas, as he considers him as the bigger challenge threat. Unas is the first member of the jury. !<
WEEK SEVEN: >! A new alliance has formed with Alexis, Bruce, Hayden, Jesse, and Kris. At the HOH competition, Bruce wins his first competition of the season. He nominates Justine and Zac for eviction. At the POV competition, Justine wins the POV, securing her safety for the week. In her place, he nominates Shawn. In the house, Hayden accidentally breaks one of Kris’ items, Jesse attempts to mend relationships, Zac’s ego is growing big, and Hayden flips Lexi’s mattress. In a landslide vote of 6 to 1, Zac is evicted from the Big Brother house. !<
WEEK EIGHT: >! After weeks of being nominated constantly, Holly wins the HOH competition. At the nomination ceremony, she nominates Shawn and Jesse for eviction. Jesse wins the POV, saving himself from eviction for the week. In his place, Holly nominates Fred–the first time he has seen the block this season. In the house this week, Lexi finds Kris creepy and tells the houseguests, Holly lashes out at Fred irrationally, and Fred holds a house meeting to apologize for his behavior. By a vote of 5 to 1, Shawn is evicted after what seems like weeks of people attempting to get him out. !<
WEEK NINE: >! At the final eight, four guys and four girls remain. Everyone has a comp win except for Lexi and Fred who have seem to be floating amongst the people in power. After Shawn is evicted, the alliance between him, Kris, and Fred has dissolved. At the HOH competition, Hayden wins his third HOH after Kris comes in second for a third week in a row. He nominates Holly and Justine for eviction but Justine wins the POV and secures her safety for the week. In place of Justine, Hayden nominates Fred. In the house, Hayden attempts to mend relationships and Justine breaks down and threatens to quit. In a unanimous vote of 5 to 0, Holly is evicted from the house. !<
WEEK TEN: >! Kris has left the dominant alliance. At the HOH competition, Kris wins her first HOH of the season. She nominates Lexi and Hayden for eviction, taking a stab at one of the bigger threats in the game. At the POV competition, Fred wins his first competition of the season and uses the POV on Hayden. In his place, Kris names Justine as the replacement nominee. In the house, Justine invents a game and the house is thrilled, Jesse tries to improve relationships in the house, and Bruce irrationally lashes out at Justine. The house is split once more as Bruce and Fred vote to evict Justine and Hayden and Jesse vote to evict their alliance member Lexi. Kris as the HOH evicts Lexi who gives an explosive speech before leaving. !<
WEEK ELEVEN: >! The dominant alliance has dissolved. At the HOH competition, Jesse wins power and decides to nominate Bruce and Fred for eviction. Jesse secures all the power for the week with the POV win and keeps his nominations the same. In the house, Justine’s ego is growing big and Bruce bonds with Justine. In a unanimous vote, Bruce is evicted from the house. At this point, whoever cuts Hayden and/or Jesse deserves to win but will that happen? !<
WEEK TWELVE: >! At the HOH competition, Fred wins his first HOH of the season. He nominates Justine and Jesse for eviction. At the POV competition, Justine wins her third veto of the season, securing her spot in the final four. Fred names Hayden as the replacement, ensuring that either one of the comp beasts will be leaving. A banner flies over the backyard saying Justine cannot be trusted while Fred and Jesse bond. Justine votes to evict Jesse while Kris votes to evict Hayden. Ultimately, Fred votes to evict Jesse who gives an explosive speech before leaving. At this point, any of the people here could win the game. Justine has been able to save herself countless times through POV wins, Hayden has been a comp beast, and Fred/Kris have both had amazing social games–Kris has avoided the block all season. !<
WEEK THIRTEEN: >! At the HOH competition, Hayden wins the final four HOH, securing his spot in the final 3. He nominates Justine and Kris for eviction, stating that Justine is the pawn and Kris is his target. Hayden wins the POV, ensuring that his nominees remain the same. Fred and Kris bond in the house this week. At the eviction vote, Fred votes to evict Justine, sending her to the jury house. !<
FINAL THREE: >! Kris wins Part 1 of the Final HOH competition, advancing to the final round. Fred wins Part 2 of the Final HOH competition which means he will face Kris in the final round. Kris is the final HOH of the season and at eviction night, she evicts the comp beast Hayden. !<
FINALE: >! Fred and Kristen both only have two comp wins but have played great socially. Fred states that he deserves to win because he had a better strategic game, a better social game, and survived even though he was nominated four times. Kris states she was loyal, performed better on challenges, and did not receive a vote the entire game. !<
RUNNER-UP: >! Kris! I’m definitely a little shocked that it was a UNANIMOUS vote like 9-0?! No one could throw Kris a pity vote?!! I thought the fact that Kris was able to avoid the block until the final four was impressive. During the massacre of her and Fred’s alliance members (re: Jeremiah and JuShawn), both her and Fred managed to lay low and ultimately avoid being a target while their alliance members were nominated week after week. She lost her brother early but that didn’t even influence her overall game as she made it to the end. If there weren’t stronger competitors (re: Hayden and Jesse), I think she would’ve definitely shone more. !<
WINNER: >! Fred!! I definitely think his move to evict Jesse was what got him the win. Jesse was Kris’ other ally or number one and he knew that if he brought Jesse and Kris both to the final two, they would choose each other over him. Fred worked the social game and formed alliances when he had to–he’s definitely a prime example of not needing lots of comp wins to win the game overall. Not disappointed in the outcome because he did play a great game even if he did not win every comp and this was such an unusual outcome! I really expected Hayden to win but he had his Janelle moment by flopping in the Final HOHs and getting evicted at the final 3. !<
AMERICA’S FAV: >! Shawn!!! LMAOOO I honestly loved Shawn and the fact that he was nominated weeks two, three, five, seven, eight… a great character! !<
Potential returnees: >! Hayden, Jesse, Justine, Shawn, Kris !<
Overall thoughts: >! I liked the season because it had a totally different outcome than what we’ve seen in previous seasons. I think this was the first unanimous jury vote in the four seasons! At some point, I was getting annoyed that Hayden was winning so much because I just wanted something different to happen and when Kris left the alliance and targeted Hayden (until Fred used the POV) I was on the edge of my seat. Overall, I thought it was an alright season and gave us some good game players to potentially return in future seasons! !<
>! Most challenge wins: Hayden with 6 wins !<
>! Most HOH wins: Hayden with 4 wins !<
>! Most POV wins: Justine with 3 wins !<
>! Times nominated: Shawn and Justine tied for 5 times !<
>! Veto used: 9 times !<
>! Most votes received: Holly with 15 votes !<
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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2020.10.24 05:28 Raspberry-Crowns (F4A) 18+ 1x1 RPing over Discord ! (Video game, cartoon and a few other fandoms inside!)

Hey everyone! It's Rats, long time no see! I haven’t put out an ad in quite some time because of a much needed break, a lot of reconnecting and sadly losing partners as well, so I’m eager just to toss out some ideas and see what sticks!
I do paragraph form roleplaying in 3rd-person over Discord, canon characters only. I’m really sorry, I don’t do OCxCanon stuff! It’s just not my cup of tea, I only do canon characters. I’ve also begun to lean away from strictly NSFW focused ideas. I don’t mind but I’ve lost interest in a good majority of those centered around it. I don't always do regular postings but I always, always have time to share ideas with my partners, OOC chatter is my favorite, and I’m always a sucker for passing around ideas!
Here is a list of the series I roleplay from, as well as a brief synopsis on the ideas/pairings for some of them.
Apex Legends - I would love to do something with a Mirage/Wattson, Crypto/Wattson, Wraith/Horizon, BH/Mirage or Loba/Bangalore. I really love the dynamics between all of these characters, so any of them would do just fine! I’ve also got a sweet spot for Gibraltor and most of the canon males as well!
RWBY - I’m a fan for most ideas, though I’m heavy into Pyrrha/Jaune and would prefer not to split them up. Everything else is up for grabs! I love AU’s from both ends; we can do something charming like a classic tattoo shop next to a flower shop idea, or head into more action territory with a Battle Royale/Hunger Game-esque and zombie settings. Just reach out to me and let's get talking!
Overwatch - I’ve been playing for years and known the (albeit inconsistent) lore like the back of my hand! I can do either canon or AU here, and I’m a big fan of playing Gabe, Lena, Lucio, Satya, Olivia, Angela, Jesse and Ashe. I can try the others but it might take me some time to nail them down.
She-Ra and the Princess of Power - I’ve gotten a lot of replies but hardly anything solid going for this series. I don’t mind doing AU’s or canon, I’m pretty open to any pairing as well. I’ve got a spare starter from a Catradora band and a guard AU that was left as well.
Persona 5 - I’m a huge fan, same as above. I’ve got a spare starter from a Heist roleplay that was canceled. I really love the idea of hitmen or more darker themes in a modern AU. I can play Akira as well as Akechi, Ann, Makoto and a hint of Yusuke if I really try.
Resident Evil - I recently played through both RE5 and RE6 with a close friend, as well as rewatch some of the game clips and movies. I’ve known the series for years and don’t mind some canon or alternate takes. What if the RE2 gang ended up in the mansion? What if certain characters had survived? What if others didn’t? I’d love to play as Claire, Ada, Sherry, Chris or Jake here! I'm also willing to pick up Jill again if someone's interested in someone returning to play her!
Some miscellaneous fandoms!
Life is Strange - I can play Rachelle and Chloe!
The Boys - I just finished the series! I loved the whole gang, but I’d prefer playing as the Boys themselves rather than the 7.
ReBoot - Anyone like this show?! I’d got a heavy itch for an Enzo/Matrix to my AndrAIa like it's nobody's business.
Glow - I can play Ruth, Debbie or Mel!
My Hero Academia - Same as RWBY, I would kill for darker themes! Noir ideas, heroes taking matters into their own hands, murder mysteries, a normal au with Battle Royale settings! I’m also really good for modern stuff with the kids just messing around, doing band or spending the summer hanging out!
Steven Universe - I can play Pearl, Rose, Lapis and a few others as well!
MCU - I’m all caught up on the movies!
Kingdom Hearts - I love this series and I’m pretty much caught up with everything, minus the phone game lore, but I could catch up real quick if I tried! I’d love a Terra to my Aqua, or anyone to hang out with my Xion!
Fullmetal Alchemist - Big fan of the show, I would need to retouch on some of the lore, but I’d love to dive into it!
Some of the last ones are things like Umbrella Academy, Riverdale, Crazy EX-Girlfriend and the ATLA/LOK series. I don’t have anything in mind for stuff like that, so give me a quick note beforehand and I’ll let you know if I’m still interested in roleplaying from them!
For series AU'S, I would love to do any of the following;
Hollywood AU - Something similar to the Netflix show of the same name, or something set in a 40's-60's Hollywood era. Maybe one character is the American Sweetheart type of person but can’t sing or act, while the other is incredible at their craft, but is too wild and carefree to apply themselves to it?
Kentucky Route Zero AU - Its that last stretch of road that's the hardest to cross. I would love to do something with a small batch of characters meeting and passing through one or two main characters quest through the unknown.
Battle Royale/Hunger Games AU - I love characters fighting to the death, or being pitted against each other with heavy doses of drama in between. If you don't mind having some fan favorites going at each other for survival, I'm the girl to get in contact with!
AI and Human - Enough said! Just looking for some space/futuristic stuff where an AI and human are friends, but relationships continue to grow
Fallout/Apocalypse/Zombie AU - I would love to have characters travel across New Vegas or zombies eating at each other!
Darker ideas/Horror and drama - I live for darker ideas (with a few exceptions), especially in the horror categories!
Just normal AUs - Bring on your coffee shop au's and your florist/tattoo shop ideas!
With all of this being said, please, PLEASE don't contact me if you plan on starting off with "hey i wanna do a ___ roleplay" and then proceed to lead me in circles with "Idk" or "Whatever you want". I won't even bother responding if you plan to come in like that. Come to me with ideas in your message beforehand! Give me some enthusiasm! I've had plenty of partners that start off fantastic, only to lose touch three messages into planning, or will suddenly go AFK. I don't mind if you need to take some time off, or even if you wish to stick to OOC and idea sharing, but it's so disappointing to start a roleplay only to have the other person drop out with no reason why.
If any of the things I’ve mentioned here caught your eye, please PM/DM me your ideas and with the word "Popcorn" so I know you've read through all of it!
See ya real soon!
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2020.10.22 19:09 arrowverserpgs [F4A] Looking for new partners for FANDOM roleplays

Hey you, I'm glad you clicked on this post :)
I am looking for a longterm roleplay partner for a romance driven fandom roleplay. I usually write about two or three short paragraph in first person , but I mirror my partners. I write on Discord, making a server for every roleplay.
For the OCxCanon roleplays, I will play the OCs (Original Characters) and for the CanonxCanon Roleplays, I'm open to play any of the two characters, as long as they are female. All the OCs will be female as well! And I won't make an exception for this, since I have no experience with playing as a guy and am not intrested in it.
I don't expect you to be available 24/7 for this roleplay, god knows we all have a life, but I would appreciate a few replies a day or to be informed by you if you can't do that much/that frequently or if you are unavailable for a few days. Communication is the most important thing in a roleplay for me. I don't mind NSFW content, but only if we both talked about it before. If we have a problem with the other one, we should be able to talk about it.
For a couple of those pairings I have a story in mind, for the other couple ones I don't. So feel free to bring your own ideas and we can discuss a plot together :)
Now, here are the fandoms I'm looking for:
gotham: edward nygma x oc, oswald x oc, jerome x oc, jeremiah x oc, victor zsasz x oc, bruce x oc, bruce x selina, selina x oc, barbara x tabitha, tabitha x oc, barbara x oc
wynonna earp: waverly x nicole, wynonna x dolls, wynonna x doc, wynonna x rosita, wynonna x oc, waverly x oc, nicole x oc, dolls x oc, doc x oc
legends of tomorrow: ava x sara, sara x leonard, john x zari, zari x charlie, nora x ray, zari x amaya, behrad x astra, sara x oc, jax x oc, mick x oc, leonard x oc, nate x oc, ray x oc, rip x oc, ava x oc, zari x oc, charlie x oc, astra x oc, john x oc, nora x oc, amaya x oc, behrad x charlie, behrad x oc
supergirl: lena x kara, kara x mon-el, alex x maggie, alex x sam, brainy x nia, kara x oc, lena x oc, alex x oc, mon-el x oc, winn x oc, james x oc, brainy x oc, nia x oc
arrow: oliver x oc, roy x oc, thea x oc, laurel x oc, dinah x oc, ray x oc, sara x oc, felicity x oc, rene x oc
flash: barry x oc, snart x oc, mick x oc, wally x oc, jesse x oc, ralph x oc, harry x oc
constantine: john constantine x zed martin, john constantine x oc
titans: dick grayson/nightwing x oc, gabeastboy x oc, jason todd x oc, connesuperboy x oc
young justice: wally x oc, connor x oc, dick x oc
miraculous: marinette/ladybug x adrien/chat noir, marinette x luka, marinette x chloe, luka x oc, adrien x oc, marinette x oc
she-ra: catra x adora, adora x glimmer, glimmer x bow, entrapta x hordak, scorpia x perfuma
the owl house: luz x amity, luz x oc, amity x oc, boscha x willow
star vs the forces of evil (svtfoe): marco x star, star x tom, marco x oc, tom x oc, jackie x oc
voltron: lotor x oc, keith x oc, lance x oc
agents of shield: daisy x oc, ward x oc, simmons x oc, fitz x oc, skye x ward, phil x may, fitz x simmons, daisy x sousa
newsies: jack kelly x katherine pulitzer, spot conlon x oc
riverdale: archie x betty, betty x jughead, archie x oc, jughead x oc, toni x oc, cheryl x oc, reggie x oc, fangs x oc, sweet pea x oc
mtv scream: emma x eli, emma x kieran, brooke x jake, eli x oc, emma x oc, brooke x oc, audrey x oc, noah x oc, jake x oc, will x oc, kieran x oc, audrey x emma, audrey x brooke, will x emma
glee: finn x rachel, rachel x quinn, rachel x oc, finn x oc, quinn x oc, puck x oc, puck x rachel, puck x quinn, marley x jake, marley x ryder, marley x oc, jake x oc, ryder x oc, sebastian x oc
anne with an e: gilbert x anne, gilbert x oc, diana x jerry, jerry x oc, diana x oc
descendants: ben x oc, carlos x oc
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2020.10.22 02:11 prettylittleliongirl Darcey is truly a horrendous partner

Tom’s sister was right- Darcey does not give a shit about the men she’s with. She only cares how they indulge her fantasies.
Georgi was talking about how he misses his home country, and Darcey turned it around and made it about HER.
Then, she goes even further and accuses him of having an illegitimate child because of an instagram like. Georgi has done literally nothing at all and was forthcoming about his past relationships... but Darcey doesn’t care.
Also, she keeps bringing up his marriage as a point of drama. I’m sorry, but if I’m divorcing someone I was with for 8 years, I’d prefer if my new partner didn’t hold it against me 24/7. Like Darce... he’s with you. Let it go.
It was always clear that Darcey was needy and insecure, but I feel like Tom and Jesse’s shitiness obscured how bad she was. I don’t think any man in the world will be able to make Darcey happy, and I don’t think she will have any long term relationship until she fixes herself. #FreeGeorgi
Side note: I think Stacey is the nice sister. She tried to deescalate Darcey’s fight with Georgi and was genuinely happy for Darcey when she got engaged, while Darcey made Stacey’s engagement about herself and tried to provoke fights with Stacey and Florian.
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2020.10.22 01:56 boredCommentator JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5 - Round 2 Match 15 - London Lovett vs Klein Bras-Cheche Heitsugi

The results are in for Match 13.
The battle was long and arduous, and as time went on, both sides began to get worn down - errant hits landed on Byte and Zebra before they SAVEd themselves, and Byte’s frenzied attacks managed to slip past Espiritu and Jesse more than once. However, as things continued, it became apparent who would be the first person to get knocked out of commission - Byte and Zebra’s attempts at focusing on Jesse were successful, and a well placed blow from Byte’s hammer to his mask knocked him out for good, right before Espiritu’s stinger tore right through the hammer wielding mercenary.
However, the jaguar had come in at too late a time, and with a single press of BRB’s button, Byte was back in action - wounded, but ready to continue fighting, as he always did. However, when White Stripes teleported him back, it became apparent that it wouldn’t be necessary.
A massive glass dome surrounded the jaguar and the knocked out former mobster, as Espiritu tried to get the man onto his back. Glass Animals looked at Byte, and spoke. “Stop. We are leaving.”
Byte looked back at the stand in confusion, “Huh? What happened in the previous loop? The fight isn’t over… is it?”. Espiritu ignored him, finally getting Jesse onto his back and securing him using Glass Animals while the stand responded to Byte’s question. “It is. There is no reason to continue fighting.”
Espiritu didn’t have the drive that Jesse had to be in the shipyard or to destroy it. The most he thought about the whole situation with the Ocean Soul was feeling pity towards the beast, and Jesse had gotten his anger out on the ships that were there. He was simply here to study the effects that were in the outskirts of Los Fortuna’s pull and to gain a better understanding of the city, and he’d seen enough of them on his way here during the awful boat ride.
Byte watched in confusion as the Jaguar left, carrying the man on his back, off towards god knew where. Zebra, who had viewed the exchange through White Stripes, soon came up as well, and the two wondered to themselves about what they were supposed to do next.
The Graveyard Shift, with a score of 69 to Black Hill Estate’s 68!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Black Hill Estate 14-16
Quality Black Hill Estate 21-22 Reasoning
JoJolity The Graveyard Shift 24-20 Reasoning
Conduct TEAM 10-10
The following couple of hours were odd, waking up the workers of the shipyard, contacting Peres and Holiday about it, and staring out into the sea unsure of what would happen. Neither Byte nor Zebra had really expected things to break out into a fight, and though the latter couldn’t remember much of it, thinking about the multiple times that he had almost died that he simply ended up forgetting was not very exciting.
By evening the next day, the shipyard had already begun being torn down. With its location compromised, there was no way to know if more people were on their way there, and with the ships rendered useless thanks to the damage their keels underwent, it didn’t have much of a reason to exist anyways. Byte and Zebra would leave sooner than they had expected, but they’d still have to stay for a couple days until enough of the place had been torn down, while also helping out with the teardown efforts.
By the second day, they’d already gotten tired of passing documents through the shredders.They weren’t even particularly important documents - some contained details related to the other shipyard, which was obviously top secret, but some were devoid of any importance! Why the hell were there even so many unimportant documents stored there - who even needed to learn the weather patterns of the area, or the details of the food deliveries made to the area!?
By the third day, things were starting to conclude, and the one and only Peres Straviat, the woman who convinced Fira to force the two of them to go for the job in the first place, came over for a final checkup of the area. She paced around, checking the area, often disappearing into various nooks and crannies for long periods of time before returning.
Finally, after she had finished everything else, she started walking over to the two of them, seemingly having something in mind to say to the two of them.
A match this intense is gonna be one for the books, but there’s also a day+ left to vote in the tight scramble in a shootout in which a child and a teacher have wound up against a dog and a broken magical girl.
The Elephant Bones and Duke’s Gym, Los Fortuna’s Slums, late evening
London Lovett lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. The past couple of weeks had been… a lot. For him, and for pretty much everyone else in Los Fortuna. Moreso for them than for him, as his brain was quick to remind him. After all, he was fine. His friends were fine, the Elephant Bones was fine, everything was fine, and he felt that sick, fucked up sense of excitement at the fact that for once, no matter how horrifying it was, something surprising had-
No. He had to stop thinking about it. To push it away, or to do anything else other than be alone with his thoughts. Max messaged him a while back, telling him that he was going to come, and he was close by. London saw him through [Sweet Light], making his way through the restaurant and to his room. He didn’t want his boyfriend to see him… like that. If it did… well, London knew it was irrational, and that Max, Klein, and everyone else would be nothing but supportive of him, but that didn’t change much. He couldn’t let it happen. He’d have to escape.
There was a knock at the door, rhythmic and slightly too fast. Max’s. London took a deep breath. He had to keep up appearances. He stood up, rubbed his eyes, and spoke. “Come on in.” The door opened up, and soon enough, Max ran right at London, arms stretched out, before wrapping them around him in a bear hug. London chuckled, “Why so excited, tiger?”. He could already predict the answer that Max was going to give, and sure enough, that’s what he got. “You know why.”
A small smile found its way onto London’s face. All things considered, it was somewhat expected - he’d slipped up around Max, so he knew that he was feeling somewhat dour, and he would then come to cheer London up. It was the kind of thing that London could count on him doing, knowing that no matter what, Max would always be there to help him, to cheer him on. “...thanks.”
The two of them stayed like that for a good few seconds, before letting go. London moved to sit down on the bed, and Max began pacing around the room, taking a look around, no doubt about to comment on this or that - London predicted that he’d mention the stain on the window from the time Glitch went rampant with a bone-broth filled super soaker. Sure enough, Max took a few steps towards the window, and-
The window shattered into pieces as Klein Bras-Cheche Heitsugi dove through it, knee first. On instinct, Max summoned [Lightning Strikes Again] to protect himself from the pieces of glass, only for the stand’s face to be met with Klein’s flying knee, sending the poor rollerderbyist and vigilante flying towards the other side of the room.
London had not predicted this at all.
Klein had been working on this plan this for days.
Painstakingly mapping out the nearby graffiti of eyes so that he could know to avoid it, subtly manipulating Max so that he’d visit London, distracting him at just the perfect time, and convincing his teammate, Axel, to use his stand to carry him to the roof of the Elephant Bones without London noticing. All so that he could take London by surprise to cheer him up.
Barring the part where he accidentally flew knee-first into the face of London’s other boyfriend, the plan was an absolute success.
Raising himself up from the floor, Klein turned to look at London, eagerly anticipating his reaction. At first, London was entirely silent, staring at Klein in disbelief. Then, some snickering while London processed all that just happened. Finally, London broke out into laughter at the ridiculous situation in front of him.
The plan was successful. “So, how’d you like my surprise, twinkletoes?” Klein commented with a knowing grin. Between giggles, London could just barely muster a few words. “Yeah..! Heh… but… what about Max..?” Klein turned to look at Max, who was currently struggling to comprehend the situation. “Oh, yeah, shit! Sorry, Max. Didn’t expect you to be there. Here, let me try and fix what I can-” Klein leaned over, ready to use [Koan Sound Act 1] to bridge any wounds that he could, only to realize that Max had been knocked out cold. “... huh. Going to have to wait for him to wake up before I can do anything, then.”
After moving Max’s passed out body to London’s bed, they heard another knock. “Who’s that?” Klein asked London, but before he could answer the door swung wide to reveal a familiar scowl beneath teal-colored hair. And to the boys’ immediate distress, she appeared to be armed with a pair of badly warped chef knives.
Seemingly unphased by the scene, Fira broke the awkward silence as she stared dead at London.“You broke a window. Again.” Advancing slowly on the pair as they gestured to each other to desperately pass blame, she raised the odd-looking knives in a loose, mocking grip to point at both the offenders. “Do you have any idea how much it costs to clean up after this crap?”
Klein’s gaze darted between London and the blade-wielding manager as he raised his hands in surrender, not certain as to exactly how serious the threat before him was. London saw through the front, recognizing the knives for what they were, but wasn’t about to call out the bluff of an angry Fira and instead attempted to diffuse the situation. “Look, I know, you’re right, we’re sorry-” The sudden emphasis and glare from London summoned a quick nod and bow from his partner. “Klein and I will cover it, just put the floppy knives down.”
Klein quickly nodded in agreement, knowing full well ahead of time such an expense was likely, but his brow furled at what the boxer said. “Uhh yeah, window’s on me... I’m sorry, you said ‘floppy knives’?”
London nodded. “They’re useless; turn into putty before they cut anything. Must be some kind of stand effect, Glitch found ‘em in the kitchen a couple weeks-!” Without a word, Fira shoved one of the strange knives into London’s gut, the surprise knocking the wind out of him and making Klein jump and yell out in defiance. She held the weapon up to Klein before he could retaliate, the blade having been squashed into a silvery mash around the handle. The metallic mass slowly formed back into its former wavy shape as Klein’s eyes slowly returned to their sockets. London continued with a much less amused tone: “...ago. Why the hell do you still have those things?”
“They cost money. Unlike some of us, I don’t like wasting it.” She looked knowingly at Klein who glared back angrily, still reeling from the false attack on his beloved. Fira paused, looking between the broken window and the two brawler-types standing before her while in deep thought. Suddenly, a smirk grew on her face, making the two in her company reel back slightly as she spun in place and went to leave. “And luckily for you, I’ve figured out their trick this morning.” As she closed the door, she barked one last ominous order at the two:
“Tomorrow, noon, the abandoned diner next door. Be there and I’ll forget the window.”
As the door slammed shut, the two glanced at each other nervously. London knew better than to assume anything but the worst when Fira smiles like that, and Klein wasn’t exactly a fan of… whatever those knives meant. Before a discussion could start, however, a groaning semi-conscious Max suddenly raised his head, the left side of his face still bright red from the knee. The worried tension was broken as the pair chuckled and helped Max to his feet.
The next morning, Max returned home after exchanging hugs as Klein and London crossed over the building to Elephant Bones for breakfast, catching a fleeting glimpse of Fira as she left the front door. Panic struck the two as they remembered last night’s deal, sitting down to be handed a dish by Glitch that can only be described as ‘eggs, maybe’. “Thought I’d whip up something special for your last meal.” Klein gave her an unamused stare as she stuck out her tongue and darted back into the kitchen while London poked at the oddly colored mound on his plate.
A short conversation and a push out the door later, the two found themselves on the street approaching the meeting place, Klein stumbling over a small stack of pamphlets near the door with a curse. London clicked his tongue: “They dropped more off? I thought Zebra told them to knock it off…”
“Someone bothering you guys?” Klein recovered his footing and straightened out his shirt, giving the street a quick scan in case the suspect was still around. Only now did he notice the oddly large number of people donning burgundy hooded robes, about half the street, milling about as if nothing was off. A group of them were gathered around the boulevard kiddy-corner from Elephant Bones, holding up signs and shouting something about ‘Fated retribution’ as they handed out bottles of water and more pamphlets..
London shook his head as the two reached the crosswalk. “It’s just the Temple; they’ve always been a bit pushy around here but lately it’s gotten nuts. Whatever happened downtown must have really stirred them up.” With no cars in sight, the pair strode out into the street without pause as London continued. “It’s like they doubled their numbers overnight, you can’t go anywhere without passing a platoon of them.”
Klein had heard of the Temple and their charity work for the needy, but didn’t realize how strong of a following they seemed to have. He kept an eye on the evangelist group across the street from them as they continued ranting about their teachings. “They do relief work, yeah? They’re probably recruiting to help with the situation downtown. Probably got a bunch of people scared by it signing up, too.” He stretched, putting both hands behind his head. “I guess whatever helps those folks in the long run.” London nodded, but before he could get a word out in agreement the two had come into view of their destination, which instead prompted a confused “What the hell?” from the both of them.
The parking lot of the abandoned diner was packed, even more than usual with the stalls filled with busted vehicles, a fairly large crowd stood in front of the blacked-out front doors and windows. Above them, a large bedsheet banner had the words ‘Elephant Bones 2’ scrawled across it in dark red paint with crude, cutesy cartoonish drawings of London and Klein on either side, each holding a knife.
The crowd cheered as the confused pair came into view, London waving sheepishly while Klein quickly fed off the energy and gestured proudly at his apparent audience. While they were distracted by their public, Fira seemingly materializes from behind them to firmly place a hand on their shoulders, whispering: “The knives only cut whoever’s holding the other. Put on a good show, and the window’s on me.” The business-savvy woman shoved the odd knives from the night prior into London and Klein’s right hands before breaking into a jog to rejoin the crowd. “No more bets, ladies and gentlemen! The main event is about to begin, brought to you by the best little dive in Los Fortuna, Elephant Bones!”
Dumbfounded, London stares at the apparently-functional weapon in his hand, at a complete loss for words for Fira’s latest bout of bullshit. Klein breaks out into a hearty laugh, slightly playing it up for the audience. “Looks like it’s a duel, twinkletoes! You think yer up for it?” He playfully waved his knife in London’s face, backing up around a bit of raised curb and adopting a dramatic fighting stance.
A fire seemed to catch in the boxer’s eyes, shaking him from his bewildered stupor as a smile creeped onto his face. He’d never been in a knife fight before, the movies always made them seem pretty damn cool, and it had been awhile since their last sparring session. Chuckling, he shook out his shoulders and ankles, flipping the knife around in his hand as his smile grew too large to hide. “Just stay away from the face.”
As the two got into position, Fira finished whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Fifty-some of the slums denizens all counted down in unison:
”3, 2, 1, Open the Game!!!”
(This art is a collab between magistelles and CaptainSpooky27!)
Location: The parking lot of the Elephant Bones restaurant… Sort of. In exchange for the knives, the proprietor didn’t want you scaring off customers, so she’s charging her own teammate by the hour for something close.
There was an abandoned all-night chain diner immediately next-door, which Fira has taped a sign over reading ‘Elephant Bones 2,’ which, legally, makes it the next-best thing.
The space is roughly rectangular blacktop, with a little island in the center with a stupid little palm tree. You kinda hate that thing. The little island is circular, about four inches (yes, inches) raised from the ground, grassy surrounded by curb, smells and tastes like cement, approximately 4.13 meters in diameter, and it certainly made parking here a pain in the ass. The dimensions of the full arena are around 6.12 x 10.25 meters.
At permanent rest in each of the ‘Elephant Bones 2 parking spaces is a junked car (pretty typical fare; a front, a back, mirrors, five seats, a top, a trunk filled with duct tape, bonesaws, and high-end cleaning supplies, you know how it is), previously used in some mayhem or hilarity, now sitting there without wheels.
Players start on opposite sides of the shitty little island, 6.9 meters away with molecular precision.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent, literally only doing damage with your new knives!
Additional Information: If you take the fight outside of the designated parking lot space, Fira will canonically and successfully beat you up for the inevitable loss of revenue. This includes London. She’s the one who’s got plot armor dictating she’s going to absolutely be in top fighting form in a few days, buddy, don’t try and fuck with her.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Judecca Highrollers Klein Bras-Cheche Heitsugi "Amaziing! Jonathan Joestar! He doesn't stop rushing when dragging three tacklers behind him!" So, Fira’s trying to whip up the crowd? Fine, you can help her do that, and have some fun along the way! Show off to the crowd and be as stylish as possible while fighting London!
The Graveyard Shift London "Heartbreak Kid" Lovett "It's Dio! Our Dio Brando! What magnificent running! Will he get through?" Fira wants to whip up the crowd? Well, thanks to Klein’s help, your’re feeling pretty good for now, and it should be easy as pie for the Heartbreak Kid to do that - show off to the crowd and be as stylish as possible while fighting Klein!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2020.10.21 18:06 TheDepthOfHistory Movies to watch and books to read while suffering from heartbreak

Hey guys! Here's a list of movies and books which helped my distract myself, comfort me or to help me understand my thoughts while going through a breakup.
Not everything is for everyone and every breakup stage. Read my comments, the synopsis or the trailer first and decide for yourself.

Love Hurts - Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken
By Lodro Rinzler. Has a really cool concept that is pefectly aligned to heartbreaks. You don't have to read it from front to back, instead the chapters are build on thoughts and emotions you'll go through. Feel like a failure? Go to page 83. If you can't sleep, go to page 103. Feel like you'll never love again? Go to page 70. Sometimes I wished for more depth on some topics. But it helped me in the early stages.
When things fall apart
By Pema Chödrön. Buddhist advice for coping with pain and suffering. You have to open up to the concepts of Buddhism. But I think everyone can take something away from it. Helped me to take a step back and analyze my thoughts and feelings when they seemed unbearable. Some quotes (you can find more on good reads):
“We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don't really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It's just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.”
“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there's a big disappointment, we don't know if that's the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don't know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don't know.”
The Old Man and the Sea
By Ernest Hemmingway. On of the most beautiful books I've read. An amazing analogy for life with all the beauty and grief in it's challenges.
Touching the Void
By Joe Simpson. A true story. Dude goes climbing and falls into a crevasse, breaks both his knees and is left for dead by his climbing partner. With no food or water he manages to crawl into camp for 5 days.
By Steve Callahan. A true story of a guy who's sailboat sinks and he survives for 76 days in a small inflatable raft, with no food or water, storms, tropical sun and shark attacks. He now has a consulting firm for marine safety, based on the things he learned from this experience.

500 Day of Summer
I like this one very much, because it depicts the stages of heartbreak so accurately. It's comforting, because you realize, although you think your breakup is the worst and you lost the most special person in the world, everyone experiences heartbreak the same way. The persons that made it were at the same point where we are right now. It's also beautifully made and acted.
The Salt of the Earth
When you don't want to watch a movie about relationships. A must-see if you're into photography. It really sets everything in perspective for me whenever I watch it. And it's so calming. But note: it's not the lightest fare at times.
Just kidding. Don't watch that crap.
My Blueberry Nights
Not the best movie, but it has a soothing tone, which I like. It is about human emotion, growth, hurt, longing, finding and inner peace.
It's Kind of a Funny Story
Kind of feel-good movie set in a psychiatric ward, but without sugar coating. It's about self-compassion mainly. Made in a style comparable to 500 Days of Summer.
Celeste and Jesse Forever
A divorcing couple tries to maintain their friendship while they both pursue other people. A story of love and friendship. It's frustrating, sad, funny and heartbreaking at the same time.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Breakup-comedy. It's not that deep, but very relatable and has a really likable main character you can emphasize with. Maybe al little bit awkward sometimes. But if you like stuff like Superbad, you'll probably enjoy this.
The Fault in our Stars
Maybe a little too romantic at times for being in a breakup. But it's heart-wrenching, will make you cry and show you, that life will throw shit at you and that you have to learn to deal with it and cherish every moment.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
A coming-of-age-movie with an interesting twist and serious undertones. It's about overcoming demons from the past and growing from it. The tunnel scene will make your heart beat.
Emotional movie that'll make you laugh and cry. What can you do when life sucks? Deal with it!
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2020.10.20 23:57 jlmaddock1 TOP 50 FARGO CHARACTERS

TOP 50 FARGO CHARACTERS: The Official Ranking (Based Solely On Opinion) of (Almost) Every Fargo Character (Because Season 4 Has 50 New Characters Alone and It’s Not Done Yet
I became a big Fargo fan this year, it helped me get through quarantine and I am now on the ride for season 4. It’s nice to be here so I’ll start off with a bang and give you what I believe to be the ranking of the Season 1-3 characters. I included, mostly all of them. Some got excluded like that lawyer or that cop, but for the most part the gang’s all here. And like the title says, it’s all opinion. But I’m right so let’s get going.
1.Lester Nygaard
Pretty much everything that Fargo is can be summed up with Lester’s turn to evil. If you want to introduce someone to the show, you begin with him. Lorne may steal the show, but Lester’s inner evil being unleashed it far more fascinating as a character study. It’s a strong arch and offers a very revealing role for Martin Freeman to sink his teeth in, and is arguably one of the retreads of the show from the movie that actually might be an improvement.
2.Gloria Burgle
The best version of the morally centered cop this show has to offer, comes very close to standing next to Marge. Her relationship to her work and her family, as well as her struggle with her inadequacies make for a fascinating and extremely captivating character to follow in a season full of madness. She is powerful and remains uptight in her investigation but her moments of fear and stress felt extremely real, and I appreciated this more than the two other variations on this list.
3.Mike Milligan
If I didn’t try to hide my bias, Bokeem Woodbine’s absolutely legendary and retro performance as the Kansas City wannabe-king would certainly rank at number one. There is nothing I don’t enjoy about his role. Made me a Bokeem fan for life. I would take a whole new season about him purely to bathe in new footage of this perfomance.
4.VM Varga
Evil incarnate has never been so enjoyable to watch as it is with David Thewlis delightfully monstrous antagonist. Season 3 has its flaws, but I could always count on Varga’s consistency for vile and disgustingly cruel anecdotes for becoming rich to sink my teeth in. One of the rare villains that has his shadow linger over the whole show. He is only closely followed by
5.Nikki Swango
Who not only manages to be the biggest badass of the season, but also manages to be the only character smart and quick enough to outthink Varga. I remember it being quite haunting when we see Varga off his game, and I could feel the power of Swango’s character throughout the rest of the season. Her undoubtable love for Ray only provides more of a reason to root for this character’s revenge. Undoubtedly the best antihero the show has to offer (sorry #26 fans)
6.Lou Solverson
Now I LOVE both versions of Lou, they’re both adorable and endearing. Season 2 is certainly fleshed out more and given a lot more to do, but with that season in hindsight it’s very interesting to see the inner cop Carradine carried on in scenes such as his encounter with Lorne or his desire to help his daughter, sitting on the porch just like he always has. Wilson brought a much needed charm that made him an extremely reliable character for all of season 2. Both are extremely strong contenders for the show’s best boy scout.
7.Lorne Malvo
Some may be upset at his ranking, but don’t get me wrong Lorne is everything. His dark humor mixed with his love for violence makes for an eerie and hilarious antagonist for season 1. His humor is more successful than any other character.
8.Ray Stussy
Baby Ray, such a tragic character. This one’s here for me guys. Ray’s arch and its conclusion made me realize how much I loved him, and at the same time made me realize how much I don't have a very similar character. He was very endearing throughout his course in the season, and I wish him the best wherever he is.
9.Bear Gerhardt
Another strangely endearing and tragic character who is probably the most relatable and understandable member of the Gerhardt Family. Definitely my favorite, and his dark turn towards the end of the season just highlights the downfall of the entire family structure.
10.Gus Grimly
Molly is the star of Season 1 but I’d say Gus ended up being a more compelling character for me. He had one of the more satisfying arcs and I enjoyed seeing a character who was just...not good at his job but wanted to do the right thing. Hank’s very friendly performance added to the heart of the show and boy what a satisfying ending for him.
11.Hanzee Dent
I love rooting for murderous psychopaths, but man wasn’t he a badass? Hanzee’s storyline of oppression and emancipation was a storyline that I enjoyed its entirety of, even if I was somewhat disappointed with the seeming lack of a resolution surrounding the events with the grocery store. Although, I don’t mind the Moses Tripoli thing, the Wrench/Numbers part of that scene is what was a stretch for me.
12.Rye Gerhardt
How do you steal an entire season with only one episode? Kieran Culkin’s performance as Rye deserves an Emmy and you can’t tell me he doesn’t. He’s hilarious, and I think he has the perfect amount of screentime for his type of character. “There’s two ways this can go.”
13.Dodd Gerhardt
The most despicable Gerhardt? Definitely, but Jeffery Donovan is incredibly entertaining to root against and has some of the funniest moments of the season. His relationships to the other characters also creates great intrigue.
14.Hank Larsson
Is there any other man you would want by your side in the battle? I wish it was him saying FUBA with Lou in the end instead of who we got, but man is Ted Danson just great in this show. First of all he somehow FITS Fargo perfectly, but his character is just very dependable. Very similar to...
15.Betsy Solverson
Only second to Hank is Lou’s reliable wife is Betsy, whose impending doom gives the family structure of season 2 quite the shake up it needs. It offers Lou a chance to express emotions that his beefy facade attempts to hide, and her willingness to assist and take arms is just lovable. Speaking of dedication...
16.Sy Feltz
Sy...poor Sy. He warned Emmit from the beginning and sticks with him even when he is accused of being in bed with the enemy. He had no reason to stay by his side except for his morals and ethics and the fact that he just cares about his friend. His ending is one of the one things in that show that truly makes me sad when I think about it. I don’t know if I’d want a different ending, but SY DESERVED BETTER.
17.Molly Solverson
Molly is everything she needs to be. She’s honest, she’s hardworking, and despite what everyone says about her the most surprising part of her character is she knows when to stop. In the end, she has moved on. Lester is the same character, he is the same evil. Molly knows this and in the end, knows she can’t help him. Their battle gave a compelling season-long arc that kept me motivated to come back each week when I originally watched it, and even though Lou and Gloria get first place for me in the ranking, Molly’s impact can not be stated. I’d love to see her get a drink with Marge.
18.Simone Gerhardt
Simone’s 70s spirit is a ride. She certainly has the most spunk out of the Gerhardts, gives a surprisingly emotional performance, and gives arguably the best line of the entire show.
19.Emmit Stussy
JUDAS. Only high on this list because of McGreggor’s excellent performance, multiple sides and shadows of emotion make him such a compelling part of this show. Emmit is incredibly hard to read, and every episode is a new kind of feeling about him. But there’s no question, in his final scene, I cheered. He doesn’t deserve anything like what Ray and Nikki have let me just say that.
20.Peggy Blumquist
Peggy is frustrating, but that’s what makes her compelling. On one hand you can see Peggy’s side of things, but on the other you can understand Ed. Peggy gets the upper hand here because she represents a lot of other things in this world, and Dunst was able to bring enough reliability and honesty to mix with the crazy.
21.Karl Weathers
Although I always enjoy Nick Offerman, I was a little worried at this character’s initial appearance. Noah Hawley has a knack for writing some one-note characters as you’ll see later on in this list, but what turned me around was his appearance in Episode 6, most specifically his intense interaction with Bear. His surprising intelligence and wit in this interaction was really compelling.
22.Floyd Gerhardt
Being a Watchmen fan, it was awesome to see Laurie Blake to show up to kick some more ass in this show. Floyd’s a complicated character, and I enjoyed her gradual descent into loss of control, both mentally and physically. She was a stone-cold power figure, who honestly I wouldn’t fuck with.
23.Ed Blumquist
Jesse Plemmons gives a grade-A performance in this one, and his character has just as many twists and turns emotionally as Peggy gets to have, though I wish they had gone further down his routes at times. We see his dedication, where he breaks and where he picks his feet up. But I don’t know, I just would have personally liked to have seen more.
24.The Kitchen Brothers
Love my Prague rock-band boys. Of the henchmen’s they’re my favorite. It’s just a personal preference because I love their style. They also manage to be completely badass without saying a single word.
25.Winnie Lopez
So, I don’t know the general consensus on this character, but I kind of loved her. She and Gloria are a badass team, it was nice to have someone working somewhat directly close with the main cop of the show. You know in Season 1, Molly had Gus but she was mostly on her own and Lou had help from a few other people but again mostly had to fly solo. Winnie believed in Gloria and wanted to do what she could to help her. I’m gonna think about how much I love them real quick…………..that was nice. Alright, time to explain myself with this next one.
26.Mr. Wrench
I know fan favorite Mr. Wrench being placed at 26 is making some people tweak right now, but listen….he’s great. I agree, he’s entertaining. Wrench and Numbers, they’re some great blokes. BUT LISTEN…….Season 1 they just didn’t grab me. I don’t know, like I enjoyed their scenes because I thought they were a good dynamic hitman duo with enough quirks to warrant their inclusion but I did not leave the show wanting more from them. It wasn’t till Season 3 that I found myself in a greater appreciation for him. Because you know, apart of me was like, “Oh boy Noah is really pulling out of his ass for this one.” But at the same time, he and Nikki made a damn good team. And if I can go with other coincidences in this show, I can go with that one. Please don’t burn me alive, I admit he’s entertaining but there are way more compelling characters in my opinion. Actually, one I would credit with being just that is...
27.Charlie Gerhardt
Who gave one of the most surprising performances of the season. I enjoyed his arch of wanting to be apart of the family, and although I felt like his conclusion was somewhat lackluster after he’s in the cage, I still enjoyed his overall inclusion and I think that’s due in part to Allan Dobrescu’s natural charisma.
28.Paul Marrane
I was so happy when Ray Wise showed up, and his supernatural nature seems fitting. I think he was served better than aliens if we’re having that debate.
29.Joe Bulo
I enjoyed his interactions with other characters (Milligan, Floyd) more than his character overall. A very Fargo crime boss.
30.Meemo and Yuri Gurka
Though some would argue they deserve separate spots as they’re two very different forms of crazy, but I feel about the same of both. They are expounded upon enough without being overly exaggerated and provide some good thrills/scares. I think I like Meemo’s style here though, so sorry Yuri you’re 30.5.
31.Mr. Numbers
Adam Goldberg is an actor I enjoy seeing whenever he shows up and that is no more in effect than with his role as Numbers. The only issue is I couldn’t tell you a single thing about his character except for his devotion to and relationship with his partner.
32.Bill Oswalt
Bob Odenkirk will be remembered as one of the finest actors of his time, no question. It’s a shame his role but more one-note than noteworthy but it just shows his power to hone in a good performance despite the content.
33.Don Chumph
GLENN. HOWERTON. Any Sunny fan was happy to have him, and though his exaggerated ego is a bit much, it offered a lot of laughs and a good role for Howerton to play in between Philly seasons. Obvious bias, let’s move on.
34.Noreen Vanderslice
I enjoyed her presence. Solid dark comedy. Not much else.
35.Pepper and Budge
In moments I loved them, in moments I could’ve gone without them. Key and Peele are delightfully entertaining (I love seeing Peele act in general now that it’s so rare), but sometimes they just feel horribly out of place. This show is filled with character actors but this inclusion just always felt weird to me. They do offer one of the best moments of the show, that being the car scene with Lester.
36.Stravos Milos
I guess he’s not a fan favorite, but it helped that I enjoy Oliver Pratt enough to enjoy his inclusion in the show. I also appreciate at least one real and honest reference to the movie being put in there. If any storyline from the film could continue, it’s obviously the money and it provided a nice welcome into the world before the craziness of season 2.
37.Vern Thurman
Included because he left such a charming impression.
38.Maurice LeFay
I hear the criticisms of being one note, although I enjoyed seeing Scoot show up if only for one episode. What a killer way to go out though.
39.Sonny Greer
One of those other one note characters, this time one that serves much less of a purpose. Karl outshines him in every scene.
40.Greta Grimly
A heartwarming addition to the Season 1 storyline. Next.
41.Chaz Nygaard
Unlikable and uncharamastic but his blissful ignorance is a welcome folly for Lester’s rampage.
42.Moe Dammick
The problem with this character isn’t even that they repeated the same cliche from Season 1 with Odenkirk’s character but rather that they did nothing to add or subvert expectations with it. He ends up pretty much staying the same way throughout the season, even after multiple moments where he should be convinced otherwise. He is simply the same character with a harsher edge, which is a shame because Shea Whigham is another one of those actors who I normally just love whatever role he’s in, so this one was a little disappointing.
43.Ben Schmidt
Everyone’s favorite police yuppie. Absolutely terrible cop, incredibly hilarious to watch him fail. “You’re a shit cop, you know that?”
44.Linda Park
Offers Lester one of his most fucked up moments, but did not offer much in terms of a character outside of a couple of laughs.
45.Donny Mashman
Down low because he has no backbone.
46.Constance Heck
Gave a great performance in her scene with Hanzee, but did not get much out of her little screen-time.
47.Gina and Sam Hess
Characters that exist solely for the purpose of progressing Lester’s character arch. Toss em to the curb.
48.Ruby Goldfarb
That twist was just lame and not shocking, I’m sorry. Like it happened, and I was just like...okay? Who cares at this point. Did not need it. Also very one note.
49.Ennis Stussy/Thaddeus Mobley
Not even the worst performance wise just, frustrating. There are certain times where I give Noah Hawley his side roads even if they end up going nowhere just because I enjoy the world of Fargo, but Thaddeus’s storyline is just so unnecessary. I enjoyed the inclusion of the story with the robot and how it related to Gloria’s arch, BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH SIR. Realizing I’ve rewatched every episode of Fargo except S03E03 oops.
50.Skip Sprang
The most annoying and useless typewriter salesman in the world. I could watch Mike torture him for hours.
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2020.10.19 18:51 boybyebye2022 [BB] Big Brother 2: No Strings Attached

Welcome to Season 2 of Big Brother featuring an upgraded cast of SIXTEEN slightly fresh strangers moving in under one roof for nine weeks of power struggle, lies, betrayal, alliances, and an ultimate battle for the cash prize. Who will win it all? Check out the cast below:
CAST (*denotes recruit) (**took recruit spot)
Aisatou "Tou" Oluwo\* – 22 years old. Law student hoping to lay low and pull the strings from Tempe, AZ.
Bertha "Mama Betty" Kooples\* – 46 years old. Stay-at-home housewife from Saginaw, MI.
Breanna Lopez – 29 years old. Costume designer from Aspen, CO. (u/Ever24)
Charlotte Small – 36 years old. Strong-willed personal trainer plagued by her past. (u/Nahuelfire39)
Eric Chang – 25 years old. Introverted professional gamer from Westminster, California. (u/asiansurvivorfan)
Freddie Bennett*\* – 23 years old. Ambitious medical student with bleeding patriotism for the U.S.A. (u/Nahuelfire39)
Jeremy Oran\* – 21 years old. Part-time retail worker, loves the gym, and looking for a showmance.
Jesse Kemp – 34 years old. UFC boxer from Sterling, Massachusetts. (u/FrieNads)
Justin Samuels – 25 years old. High school Environmental Science teacher from Houston, TX. (u/Ever24)
Karen Greene – 40 years old. Self-made entrepreneur from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (u/AngolanDesert)
Madyson Anderson – 25 years old. Nurse from Los Angeles, CA looking for some fun under the sun. (u/JTsidol)
Pablo Chavez – 43 years old. Comedian from Mexico City, MX. (u/asiansurvivorfan)
Shawn "The Syncopation" Voldoski – 23 years old. Ruthless drummer from New York, NY (u/swoldow)
Ursula Vachovich – 32 years old. Struggling actress from Los Angeles, CA. (u/swoldow)
Vincent "Vince" Graham – 29 years old. Tough guy from New York, NY. (u/AngolanDesert)
Yu-Ni "Yu" Che – 23 years old. Criminology student from Daegu, South Korea. (u/FrieNads)
Voting Chart
Week 1: >! Five alliances at the start of the game as the first HOH is about to begin. Jesse wins the first HOH of the season–an endurance competition. At the nomination ceremony, he nominates The Syncopation and Charlotte for eviction, stating that he doesn’t really like them. At the POV competition, The Syncopation takes the gold–saving himself from eviction for the first week. Jesse names Justin, one of Charlotte’s fellow alliance members, as a replacement nominee, locking in Charlotte and Justin as the nominees for eviction this week. Things get crazy in the house this week… The Syncopation threatens to quit and breaks down, Vince tells the houseguests he finds Freddie creepy, Ursula and Breanna tighten their bond, Yu receives some extra prize money and Tou flips the mattress on Charlotte’s bed… uh-oh. By a vote of 8 to 5, Charlotte is the first person evicted from Season 2 of Big Brother. !<
Week 2: >! Justin and Ursula’s alliance has lost a number and they seem to be on the outs but it could be too soon to tell. At the HOH competition, Freddie takes the power and nominates Vince, who was previously spreading rumors about Freddie, and Jeremy. At the POV competition, Mama Betty wins but does not use the POV–even though Vince did select her name through houseguest choice. In the house this week, Justin lashes out at Tou, Jeremy begins to work his social game–campaigning to stay in the house, and The Syncopation has yet another breakdown. By a landslide vote of 11 to 1, Vince is evicted from the Big Brother house. !<
Week 3: >! At the HOH competition, Jeremy wins HOH after a close battle between him, Eric, and Maddie. He nominates Justin and Freddie… Justin seems to be a villain in the house at this time but either nominees could be his target. Breanna wins the POV and uses it on Freddie due to their strong relationship. Jeremy puts Justin’s last ally on the block, Ursula. Later on, Tou holds a house meeting to apologize for her behavior, Freddie and Karen bond, Justin breaks one of Tou’s borrowed items, and Breanna attempts to improve relations among the house. At eviction night, by a vote of 7 to 4, Ursula is evicted from the Big Brother house. !<
Week 4: >! The previous alliance of Justin, Charlotte, and Ursula has crumbled due to Justin being the last one standing… but with the fall of one, a new one rises with Tou, Breanna, Jeremy, Karen, Madyson, and Yu. At the HOH competition, Jesse wins his second HOH of the season–proving to be a comp beast early on in the season. At the nomination ceremony, he nominates The Syncopation and Justin (shocker!). Karen wins the POV for the week and does not use it on either nominees, ensuring that either The Syncopation or Justin will be leaving this week. These houseguests are definitely a fiery bunch as Yu and Jesse have a heated argument later on, followed by Yu lashing out at Eric. Yu later on invents a game for the house–attempting to remedy her previous altercations. Freddie shares a personal story with Mama Betty as well. On eviction night, The Syncopation is evicted by a vote of 6 to 4 and gives an explosive speech before exiting the house. Justin lives to see yet another day in the Big Brother house. !<
Week 5: >! Jeremy wins his second HOH of the season after Tou and Yu, his two alliance members, finished third and second respectively. He nominates Justin and Freddie, his two rivals in the house as he targeted them both during Week 3. Jeremy takes all the power this week with the POV, ensuring that his nominees are not changed. In the house, Karen breaks down and threatens to quit, Jeremy and Justin have a heated argument, Jesse tells other houseguests he believes Eric is creepy, Freddie’s ego is growing massive, and Karen attempts to remedy relations in the house. After weeks of trying to get him out, by a vote of 8 to 1, Justin is evicted from the Big Brother House. !<
Week 6: >! We’re about at the halfway point and so far no girl has won HOH yet! The alliance between Karen and Maddie has dissolved. At the endurance HOH competition, Maddie takes the power and nominates Freddie and Pablo. At the POV competition, Breanna wins the Power of Veto and uses it on Freddie at the ceremony. Maddie names Jesse as the replacement nominee. Too much happens in the house this week which results in Tou having an outburst and the eviction is cancelled. (I’m sad about Tou omg my recruit RIP and now she wasted a jury vote oh well) !<
Week 7: >! The alliance that included Karen, Maddie, and Tou has dissolved. Jesse wins his third HOH after he was most likely going home in Week 6. He nominates Yu and Eric for eviction, stating that he’s not a fan of either of them. At the POV competition, Jeremy wins and saves his ally, Yu. Jesse backdoors Maddie who backdoored him the week before. Jeremy slips an inappropriate comment, Pablo lashes out at Breanna, Jeremy and Eric build a bond, and Karen shares a story of why she needs the money. On eviction night, a close vote of 4 to 3 sends Eric packing as Maddie’s alliances ultimately save the day. !<
Week 8: >! Jesse and Jeremy are BOTH powerhouses and the other houseguests should definitely band together to get them out before the two of them take everyone else out. A new alliance forms with the same people from Alliance #6 except for a swap between the older women in the house. Mama Betty is now in Karen’s spot in this new alliance. At the Face-Off HOH competition, Yu wins her first competition of the season! Yu nominates Jesse and Pablo for eviction, assuming that her target is Jesse. At the Zingbot POV competition, Yu takes all the power for the week, ensuring that her nominees stay the same. In the house this week, Karen and Freddie bond, Pablo’s ego begins to rub people the wrong way, and Jeremy earns prize money. At eviction night, Pablo is evicted by a vote of 4 to 2. !<
Week 9: >! It’s the final 8 and at this point, everyone has won a competition! Jesse seems to be the only houseguest not in any of the alliances. Jeremy wins the HOH competition and nominates Freddie and Jesse for eviction. At the POV competition, Jeremy secures all of the power and ensures that his nominees remain the same. Karen calls out Yu and states she deserves to leave, Freddie slips an inappropriate comment, and Breanna earns prize money! By a unanimous vote, Jesse is evicted from the Big Brother house. !<
Week 10: >! At the HOH competition, Freddie wins power and nominates Maddie and Jeremy for eviction. For the 3rd week in a row, the HOH takes all the power as Freddie wins the POV. He keeps his nominees the same, ensuring that Jeremy leaves but anything could change between now and the vote. Mama Betty works her social game while Yu does the same. In a shocking unanimous vote, the girls keep Jeremy over Maddie, sending her to the jury house. (they’re gonna regret it lmao) !<
Week 11: >! Karen leaves the alliance with Breanna and Freddie. Karen wins her first HOH of the season! At the nomination ceremony, she puts up Mama Betty and Freddie for eviction. Karen secures all the power for the week by winning the POV in the Garden of Veto competition. Karen uses the POV on Mama Betty and BACKDOORS her alliance member Jeremy… but will the other girls vote him out? Yu and Jeremy bond well in the house this week. At eviction night, despite Karen’s attempt to make a big move, Freddie is evicted unanimously. !<
Week 12: >! It’s the final 5 and Jeremy is the last guy standing. Yu wins the HOH competition and nominates the two older ladies in the house, Mama Betty and Karen. At the POV competition, Jeremy wins his fourth POV of the season but does not use it, locking in Yu’s nominees. Karen and Yu bond extremely well in the house this week. Breanna votes to evict Mama Betty while Jeremy votes to evict Karen. Yu as the HOH breaks the tie and votes to evict Karen from the house. !<
Week 13: >! Mama Betty wins the most important HOH of the season, securing her spot in the Final 3. She nominates Breanna and Jeremy and states that Breanna is her target to leave the house this week. Jeremy wins the POV which automatically puts Yu on the block in his place. Mama Betty works hard to get Breanna to leave this week but the deciding vote is up to Jeremy. At eviction night, Jeremy evicts Breanna, sending her to the jury house. !<
Final 3: >! Jeremy wins the first part of the Final HOH which means he advances to the third round while Yu and Mama Betty battle it out in the second. Yu wins the second part against Mama Betty. In the third round, Yu wins the final HOH competition. In an interesting choice, she votes to evict Mama Betty, sending her to jury and selecting Jeremy as her final 2 partner. !<
Finale: >! Jeremy states that he deserves to win due to overall better performance on challenges, winning 8 total challenges and surviving even though he was nominated five times. Yu states that she was more loyal, had a better social game, and did not receive a vote the entire game. !<
Runner-up: >! Jeremy! Received 3 votes from Mama Betty, Eric, and Tou. I assume Mama Betty was bitter that Yu cut her instead of Jeremy but Yu must have been faithful in her jury management to secure the win against him. I thought Jeremy was an amazing comp beast this season and the rivalry in the beginning between him, Justin, Freddie was super interesting. Overall, he was a great character and I wouldn’t have been upset if he won because he was nominated the most (tied with Freddie) and still made it to Final 2. !<
Winner: >! Yu! Yu was definitely a background player until Week 4 where she caused tensions to flare in the house. She was a smart player who targeted strong players but the votes didn’t always fall in her favor (re: Week 8). She definitely surprised me as she wasn’t the person I predicted to win it all. Although, I think both of the final 2 had a great social game (with a few blips), Yu really worked it and was able to not receive one vote from anyone and avoided the block until the halfway point. !<
Fan Favorite: >! Breanna. Breanna didn’t seem to make many waves this season but I could see how fans enjoyed her. She was at the source of some of the drama during this season so I believe she deserves fan fav! !<
Potential returnees: >! (so many great competitors this season!!) Jeremy, Karen, Mama Betty, Freddie, Maddie, Jesse, Justin (ROBBED!!), and The Syncopation (gone too soon!) !<
Overall thoughts: >! I felt like this season was so dramatic??! Like gave me Big Brother 10 vibes the way everyone was arguing week after week. In the beginning, I was dying at Justin being nominated week after week despite not having won any comps… they really did not enjoy him. I was so frustrated at the girls for keeping Jeremy in week after week as he continued to keep winning competitions but clearly he had them misted enough! Overall, I thought it was a great season!! Excited for season 3!!! !<
>! Most challenge wins: Jeremy with 8 wins !<
>! HOH wins: Jeremy, Jesse, Yu-Ni tied with 3 wins !<
>! PoV wins: Jeremy with 5 wins !<
>! Times nominated: Freddie and Jeremy tied for 5 !<
>! Veto used: 6 times !<
>! Most votes received: Justin with 21 votes !<
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2020.10.19 08:42 st_aquinas_h 24 [M4F/A] Hi.

Yeah. Uhm. I don't really know how to network (not MLM or Insurance) with other people. We are all adults now and the people we are with are either people of the past that we are still connected with or that from work, post graduate studies (or undergraduate if you're still getting your degree - kudos to you mah men, mah sis) or some seminars we attend (and let me tell you meeting over one seminar to form a bond over is marginally low).
So anyways, yeah. I just want to strangers that could be my friend (but really I just want to meet a stranger that could be my best friend that I could fall in love with but that wouldn't always be the case though but who knows, it may happen) over some movies, books, or any hobbies we are both into (because nothing screams closeness as having somethings in common yet so different from one another).
I did meet and talk with some peeps here but there is just no umph or yawzaa (from Jess/Robbie of New Girl) that could spark a new relationship (doesn't need to be romantic). It's easier in school when you are thrown in a class and forced to work with a partner or a group.
And to be honest, yeah, I am that kind of person. Who wanted to be thrown in situation and meet some people. Form that kind of closeness. Potentially fall in love. Because nothings screams stability than having a strong foundation. Yet here I am trying my luck again on some social media that I know wouldn't do much (as this isn't really how I roll - but I beg you Lady Luck). Hopefully, the cold waters aren't that cold.
So yeah, that's just it. Me rumbling about meeting new people and forming relationships and the what not.
So, how's your day? Busy work? Shitty colleagues? Enjoying the afternoon?
I am rumbling on too much. Let me again start over.
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2020.10.19 08:10 satoshinakamoto7 Leverage Kills

Leverage Killed Many Big Players In Past:
1) Back in 1929 Stock Market crashed hard, S&P500 gone down 83% and many people lost a lot of money except one guy. He is none other than Jesse Livermore. He made a lot of money by shorting the market back in 1929 and became the richest person of U.S.A. Soon His confidence turned into overconfidence and he started trading with bigger funds. After few years (1932) most of his trades started giving him big losses and he lost a lot of money. Also he started taking loan to trade stocks. After few years he was bankrupt and committed suicide.
2) We all know about Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s business partnership, but many people do not know that they had another business partner & his name was Rick Guerin. Buffett, Munger and Guerin used to take investment decisions together. Buffett and Munger always believed in slow and steady growths whereas Guerin wanted to get rich quick, so he started trading in derivatives and he made a huge loss and to cover that loss he had to sell his entire stake of Berkshire Hathaway.
“There is only three ways a smart person can go broke: liquor, ladies and leverage” - Warren Buffett
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2020.10.18 22:47 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every TNA/impact PPV from victory road 2004 to bound for glory 2021 part 19

Genesis 2011
X-division championship Kazarian def Robbie E (c) (10:22)
Knockouts championship Mickie James (c) def Madison rayne (6:02)
TNA Tag team championships Beer money def motor city machine guns (c) (18:00)
Bully Ray def brother Devon (8:50)- by disqualification
Falls count anywhere Samoa Joe def abyss (16:24)- the end to this brutal rivalry. After turning point flair makes this match to settle the score. It ends with Joe choking out abyss in the coquina clutch somewhere in the impact zone
Kurt angle def Jeff Hardy (13:49)- these two legends just want to see who is the best. It’s a respectful, albeit competitive rivalry
TNA world championship- if styles loses he can never challenge Morgan again AJ styles def Matt Morgan (c) (17:05)- after turning point fortune state their intention to get back on top of TNA. This means winning back all the gold. Morgan however says he’s done with styles and won’t give him a rematch. Styles doesn’t want to sit by while Morgan bullies the entire roster. Flair grants him this match but he adds the stipulation if he loses he can’t challenge for the belt as long as Morgan is champ. Morgan wants to end styles career
Against all odds 2011
X-division championship Kazarian (c) def Robbie E (7:11)
TNA tag team championships Beer money (c) def gunner & Murphy (10:15)
Kazuchika Okada def Jeff Hardy (14:20)
Last knockout standing for knockouts championship Mickie James (c) def Madison rayne (8:28)- Mickie wants to shut madison’s bratty mouth. Madison wants to send Mickie packing
Street fight Bully Ray def brother Devon (9:24)- after getting carried away at genesis Devon asks flair to make this match so he can kick bully’s arse, which flair agrees to. Bully says he was always the brains behind team 3D and he’s gonna put his former partner in his place.

1 contender for TNA championship

Kurt angle def Samoa Joe (15:12)- both these men want to get back into the title picture so flair makes this match to determine the #1 contender
Ladder match for TNA championship AJ styles (c) def Matt Morgan (17:10)- Morgan says if styles got multiple chances to become champ then he should get a rematch even though he’s sick of him. Styles is sick of Morgan too so he accepts and asks flair to make it a ladder match so he can be done with him. Flair agrees
Victory road 2011
Ultimate X match for X-division championship Kazarian (c) def max buck vs Robbie E vs Jeremy buck vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley (14:22)
Hernandez def Tommy dreamer (6:04)
Knockouts tag team championships Sarita & rosita def Angelina love & winter (c) (4:58)- love & winter won the belts from velvet sky & Madison rayne on impact
Bully Ray def rhino (9:15)- rhino is a last minute substitute for Jeff Hardy, who is escorted out of the building in a backstage segment
TNA tag team championships Beer money (c) def British Invasion (12:30)
Jeff Jarrett def Samoa Joe (11:10)- via guitar shot to the head. Jarrett is sick of being left off PPVs in his own company and wants to prove he can still go despite what everyone thinks. Samoa Joe interrupts and reminds him that in his last PPV match he beat him in the middle of the ring and if he wants to settle the score he’s happy for round 2. Jarrett accepts.
TNA championship with Matt Morgan as special guest referee AJ styles (c) def Kurt angle (18:36)- angle wants to be champ again and says he doesn’t care if that means he has to go through AJ or anyone else to get it. Styles reminds angle that he’s got his the upper hand when ever they meet so he’d better bring his A-game. Morgan says if he can’t challenge AJ then he’s gonna find some other way to make his life hell and asks flair to make him special referee which flair agrees to. After the match angle goes to shake styles hand but he angle slams instead. They are about to lay into him when beer money & kaz come down to fight them off and the show ends in a big brawl.
Lockdown 2011
X-scape match to determine #1 contender for X-division championship Max buck def jay lethal vs Jeremy buck vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley vs Robbie E (13:33)
Six sides of steel Eric Young def Scott Steiner (4:28)
Six sides of steel Gunner & Murphy def British Invasion (10:10)
Open challenge six sides of steel Christopher Daniels def Jesse Neal (8:23)- Neal turns heel in January and becomes more aggressive. He issues an open challenge for this PPV which is answered by a returning Christopher Daniels
Six sides of steel for knockouts championship Mickie James (c) def Madison rayne (0:36)- the blowoff to this brutal feud that has dominated the women’s division
Hernandez def D-Von Dudley (8:14)
Lethal lockdown for all the gold Fortune (c) & Samoa Joe def planet Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett,Matt Morgan, Kurt angle, bully Ray & abyss) (22:52)- after the brawl at victory road fortune challenge angle and Morgan to a match. Jarrett reveals he has re-formed planet Jarrett with angle & Morgan on the sly and they joined because their sick of this place holding them back. Jarrett then brings bully Ray into the fold & brings abyss back. They say they want to destroy fortune & take their gold. This prompts fortune up the ante by putting all the gold on the line. They then ask Samoa Joe to be their fifth man. Joe agrees because he wants to kick Jarrett’s arse.
And that’s it for part 19. Come back tomorrow for part 20 which will cover sacrifice 2011- hard justice 2011, including the bound for glory series. Thanks for reading.
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2020.10.18 18:04 DumbAndInnocent [F4M] [F4F] Turning the e-girl/goth into your e-thot

Look at her, being all giggly and fantastic. So sweet and innocent, thinking this cruel world revolves around her; her and her stupid, silly, little TikTok-dances. It disgusts me, that multi-colored hair, that stupid little skirt, those thigh-highs. It’s honestly pathetic. How long does it even take to plaster that pretty, little doll-face in that make-up of hers? She’s obviously just begging for attention.
Ever fantasized about that one E-girl? The one with the pink hair and the mini skirt? Or maybe the one with the silver highlights and the thigh highs? Or perhaps even the goth girl, whose breast are nearly popping out her top?
I’m looking to play that girl, just for you! Maybe you’re my teacher or the janitor and you’ve seen me do my silly, little dances all around the school. Or perhaps I’m that cute, e-girl sitting behind the counter every Friday at your local grocery store? Wouldn’t it be so much fun if you had me all for yourself? You sitting on the couch, sipping on a beer, while I’m doing my silly, little TikTok-dances, sobbing as you tightly hold my leash, attached to that very tight collar that is wrapped around my throat.
A personal goth or an e-girl, definitely worth the hassle. It didn’t exactly go willingly did it? But those are just some details. I’m here now and that’s all that matters. I’m still not used to my new place however. What can I say? I’m quite rebellious. Maybe it’s time to force that e-girl into becoming your e-thot, modifying her in a suitable e-bitch with all means necessary, turning her into a little Gimbo (Goth bimbo). Perhaps we should introduce an OnlyFans?
It’s going to be so much fun for you. For me? Not so much. If I just remember to keep doing my silly dances and obey, the torture will be minimal. Right?
So that’s my little e-plot, hope you like it! I’m looking for some fun, open minded and literate partners. I’d love to discuss some plot points and perhaps even play them out!
I’m completely limitless, so the possibilities are endless. I have a few other plots too, which you can find my clicking on my profile. They’re still open.
Usually when posting such an ad, I’m getting bombed which responses, which I absolutely love since I’m a whore for attention. It also means that it’ll take a while for me to react. If I don’t react it unfortunately means you did not make the cut and didn’t spark my interest.
I’d love for people to come up with their own ideas. Or you could simply show me who’s the boss. I like getting completely dominated, thrown into my place. If you do that well enough I’m sure to come crawling back like a second-hand skank.
So dear Daddies, Mommies, Sirs, Ma’ams, Masters and Mistresses. Hit me up and we can have some lewd fun.
Oh wait, before I forget. I am 18+ and all participants and characters are 18+
Xoxo Jess
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2020.10.17 23:19 Sofialovesmonkeys ’Lock the SOBs Up’ Joe Biden and the Era of Mass Incarceration Sorry for the format, but heres some good retorts to Blue MAGAs and VBNW attacks.

NYT— By: Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Astead W. Herndon June 25, 2019
WASHINGTON — In September 1994, as President Bill Clinton signed the new Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in an elaborately choreographed ceremony on the south lawn of the White House, Joseph R. Biden Jr. sat directly behind the president’s lectern, flashing his trademark grin. For Mr. Clinton, the law was an immediate follow-through on his campaign promise to focus more federal attention on crime prevention. But for Mr. Biden, the moment was the culmination of his decades-long effort to more closely marry the Democratic Party and law enforcement, and to transform the country’s criminal justice system in the process. He had won. “The truth is,” Mr. Biden had boasted a year earlier in a speech on the Senate floor, “every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden.”
Now, more than 25 years later, as Mr. Biden makes his third run for the White House in a crowded field of Democrats — many calling for ambitious criminal justice reform — he must answer for his role in legislation that criminal justice experts and his critics say helped lay the groundwork for the mass incarceration that has devastated America’s black communities. That he worked with segregationists to write the bills — an issue that recently dominated the political news and seems likely to resurface in Mr. Biden’s first debate on Thursday — has only added to his challenge. So has the fact that black voters are such a crucial Democratic constituency.
Mr. Biden apologized in January for portions of his anti-crime legislation, but he has largely tried to play down his involvement, saying in April that he “got stuck with” shepherding the bills because he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. But an examination of his record — based on newly obtained documents and interviews with nearly two dozen longtime Biden contemporaries in Washington and Delaware — indicates that Mr. Biden’s current characterization of his role is in many ways at odds with his own actions and rhetoric
Mr. Biden arrived in the Senate in 1973 having forged close ties with black constituents but also with law enforcement, and bearing the grievances of the largely white electorate in Delaware. He courted one Southern segregationist senator, James O. Eastland of Mississippi, who helped him land spots on the committee and subcommittees dealing with criminal justice and prisons, and became a close friend and legislative partner of another, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. While Mr. Biden has said in recent days that he and Mr. Eastland “didn’t agree on much of anything,” it is clear that on a number of important criminal justice issues, they did. As early as 1977, Mr. Biden, with Mr. Eastland’s support, pushed for mandatory minimum sentences that would limit judges’ discretion in sentencing. But perhaps even more consequential was Mr. Biden’s relationship with Mr. Thurmond, his Republican counterpart on the judiciary panel, who became his co-author on a string of bills that effectively rewrote the nation’s criminal justice laws with an eye toward putting more criminals behind bars. In 1989, with the violent crime rate continuing to rise as it had since the 1970s, Mr. Biden lamented that the Republican president, George H. W. Bush, was not doing enough to put “violent thugs” in prison. In 1993, he warned of “predators on our streets.” And in a 1994 Senate floor speech, he likened himself to another Republican president: “Every time Richard Nixon, when he was running in 1972, would say, ‘Law and order,’ the Democratic match or response was, ‘Law and order with justice’ — whatever that meant. And I would say, ‘Lock the S.O.B.s up.’”
At a time when Democrats tended to espouse the “root cause” theory of crime — the idea that poverty and other social ills bred criminal activity — and Republicans thought punishment was the answer, Mr. Biden wanted to “abandon the old debate,” as he told The Philadelphia Inquirer in June 1994. But he often seemed to tilt strongly toward the Republican view.
“It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society,” Mr. Biden said in 1993, adding, “I don’t want to ask, ‘What made them do this?’ They must be taken off the street.”
Mr. Biden declined an interview for this article. In a statement, his campaign said that he had “fought to defeat systemic racism and unacceptable racial disparities for his entire career,” and that he “believes that too many people of color are in jail in this country.” The statement went on, “As president, he would fight to put an end to mandatory minimums, private prisons and cash bail, and he would support automatic expungement for marijuana offenses because he believes no one should be in jail for marijuana.”
On the campaign trail in South Carolina on Saturday, Mr. Biden hinted that he intended to propose a criminal justice reform package to do just that, and also proposed extending Pell education grants to prisoners — moves that would directly repudiate provisions of the 1994 crime bill. “Instead of teaching people how to be better criminals in prison, we should be educating people in prison,” Mr. Biden told the South Carolina Democratic convention
Biden supporters say his evolution should be admired, that he has grown on criminal justice issues as new evidence has emerged. Citing the strong public support for the crime bill at the time, they said Mr. Biden was responding to a national emergency of drug abuse and violence that had particularly terrorized black communities. But other Democrats say a fuller reckoning is required. Representative Bobby Rush, a veteran congressman from Chicago, described the crime bill as “a proverbial Trojan horse” for black communities and called his “yes” vote the worst he had given in more than a quarter-century in the House. “Did he not know that the war on drugs combined with the legislative imprimatur of the U.S. Congress and federal law would create havoc in our communities?” Mr. Rush said, referring to Mr. Biden. “And I wonder, what was he responding to?” What he was responding to, according to Harmon Carey, director of the Afro-American Historical Society in Wilmington, were the powerful political currents of his home state. During the 1980s and 1990s, Delaware was a place in transition, with a booming financial-services culture clashing with the rising poverty, crime and racial tension in Wilmington, the state’s largest city, which is also majority-black. “Joe’s a decent fella, but he was doing what his white constituents wanted,” Mr. Carey said. “The white people wanted to send people to prison. They wanted cops. And that’s what he did.”
Racial Ferment in Delaware Mr. Biden was a political unknown, a onetime public defender who had served just two years on the New Castle County Council, when he pulled off a stunning electoral upset, unseating a popular Republican senator by a margin of less than 1 percent. The year was 1972. The new senator-elect was 29.
He had come of age during a time of intense racial ferment in his adopted state. Wilmington erupted in rioting after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in the spring of 1968, and the governor imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew and called in the National Guard, an occupation that lasted nine months. In 1971, black students in the city filed a class-action lawsuit to force schools to desegregate. In this environment, Mr. Biden would quickly position himself as a new type of white politician: always approachable, with meaningful personal relationships in black communities. To this day, Mr. Biden tells the story of how, home from college for the summer, he was the only white lifeguard at a largely black municipal swimming pool.
The nightly news had a way of making these stories seem like a conversation between the races in Wilmington, but I knew blacks and whites weren’t talking to one another,” Mr. Biden wrote in his autobiography “Promises to Keep.” “I knew that from my experience at [the] swimming pool.”
Still, his relationship with Wilmington’s black community was complicated. As a freshman senator, he spoke out against the state’s court-ordered school-busing program. Busing was not universally popular among African-Americans, several community leaders recalled in interviews, but Mr. Biden’s vocal opposition went further. “The real problem with busing,” Mr. Biden said in 1975, “is you take people who aren’t racist, people who are good citizens, who believe in equal education and opportunity, and you stunt their children’s intellectual growth by busing them to an inferior school, and you’re going to fill them with hatred.”
From his first term, Mr. Biden made his focus clear: the environment, a balanced budget and, especially, crime — all issues that other Democrats were not addressing, said Ted Kaufman, one of Mr. Biden’s closest and longest-running advisers. “He knew and said that the main victims of crime were in the African-American community, so he ran on saying we have to do something about getting tough on crime,” Mr. Kaufman said, adding that Mr. Biden had also stressed the need to protect defendants’ civil liberties. That tough-on-crime stance, Mr. Kaufman said, was “a very popular position to take in the African-American community.” But in interviews with community leaders in Wilmington, not everyone agreed. Though they remembered Mr. Biden fondly and said he remained widely popular in the black community, several stressed that their focus had been on systemic problems like economic inequality and failing schools — not on getting more police officers and prisons. “We thought job opportunities would reduce the number of people on the corners resorting to drugs and crimes,” said the Rev. Dr. Vincent Oliver, a Wilmington pastor and longtime civil-rights activist.
Added James M. Baker, a former Wilmington mayor, who is black, “We knew you couldn’t arrest your way out of the problem.” But Mr. Biden’s newfound agenda did appeal to a different, and larger, segment of Delaware’s electorate: white voters. In Delaware, the southern portions of the state are often likened to the lands of the Old South; and at the same time, many northern white liberals had fled Wilmington and shared Mr. Biden’s opposition to busing. In 1978, Mr. Biden would cruise to re-election, winning by 17 points. In his next term, Mr. Biden would begin a legislative push against crime that would last nearly two decades. In that time, according to Mr. Carey, the historical society leader, he often struck a careful balance, using personal relationships to maintain his good standing in Delaware’s black community, while carefully legislating in the more conservative interests of white voters and law enforcement.
The crime legislation would mark his hometown — and hometowns across America — forever. Current statistics from the United States Bureau of Prisons show that African-Americans, who make up roughly 12 percent of the American population, account for 37.5 percent of the federal prison population. And an October 1995 report by The Sentencing Project, which advocates criminal justice reform, found that between 1989 and 1995 the percentage of young black men who were either on probation, in prison or jail jumped to 32 percent from 23 percent. “We got the wrong kind of police. Not the community police, just more police who weren’t sensitive to black and brown people. We got more prisons,” Mr. Oliver said. “I don’t know what drove him to do it, I don’t know the political landscape, but that wasn’t what we were calling for. Not at all.” Forging Ties With Segregationists Even before he was sworn into the Senate in January 1973, Mr. Biden wrote Mr. Eastland, the powerful chairman of the Judiciary Committee, expressing his interest in a seat on the panel. A Democrat and wealthy plantation owner from Mississippi, Mr. Eastland was one of the “old bulls” of the Senate, an unabashed Dixiecrat and foe of integration who referred to black people as “an inferior race.”
Mr. Biden recently has tried to minimize his alliance with Mr. Eastland, saying he had to “put up with” the senior Democrat. But letters between them, archived at the University of Mississippi and published this year by CNN and The Washington Post, show that Mr. Biden courted the older man, who saw him as a kindred spirit in their opposition to busing and became a mentor to the young senator. Mr. Biden finally landed a seat on the judiciary panel in February 1977, and wrote to Mr. Eastland again, petitioning to be put in charge of the subcommittee overseeing prisons and sentencing. By year’s end, with Mr. Eastland’s support, he was pushing to narrow judicial discretion by creating a commission to set “presumptive sentences,” and to eliminate pardons and parole. His aim, he told his hometown newspaper, The Wilmington Evening Journal, was “equitable and definitive sentences for all,” including defendants “who don’t meet the middle-class criteria of susceptibility to rehabilitation.”
In 1981, when Democrats lost the Senate, Republicans installed another old bull Southern segregationist as chairman: Mr. Thurmond, a Democrat-turned-Republican from South Carolina, who had run for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat platform. Mr. Biden became the ranking Democrat on the committee.
Over the next decade — first with Mr. Thurmond as chairman and then Mr. Biden after Democrats won back the Senate in 1986 — the pair wrote roughly a half-dozen crime bills together, laying the groundwork for three of the most significant pieces of crime legislation of the 20th century: the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, establishing mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses; the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which dictated much harsher sentences for possession of crack than for powder cocaine; and the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a vast catchall tough-on-crime bill that also included money for prevention, including Mr. Biden’s signature initiative, the Violence Against Women Act. It was not only a partnership, but also a friendship, Mr. Biden recounted in 2003 when he spoke at Mr. Thurmond’s funeral — even as he acknowledged that he had arrived in the Senate “emboldened, angered and outraged” by Mr. Thurmond’s past. “Strom and I shared a life in the Senate for over 30 years,” Mr. Biden said in his eulogy. “We shared a good life there and it made a difference. I grew to know him. I looked into his heart and I saw a man, the whole man. I tried to understand him. I learned from him and I watched him change, oh so subtly.” Crack Cocaine and ‘a Tragic Mistake’ In June 1986, a star forward for the University of Maryland basketball team, Len Bias, died of a cocaine overdose, two days after he had signed with the Boston Celtics. His death created a media frenzy amid a national panic over crack, a cheap, smokable form of cocaine that was alarming drug-abuse experts and fueling a wave of violent crime in American cities, especially black neighborhoods.
Mr. Biden convened a hearing the next month. Among the witnesses was Dr. Robert Byck, a Yale psychiatry professor and a leading expert on cocaine. He warned of a crack epidemic in the nation’s cities and pleaded for more money for prevention and research.
“How likely is it if someone smokes some crack today that they will be addicted in five weeks from now?” Dr. Byck said. “We don’t know answers to simple questions like that.” Lawmakers responded by expanding on the 1984 bill that had created mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses. The 1986 law set a minimum of five years for 5 grams of crack or 500 grams of powder cocaine, the so-called 100-to-1 sentencing disparity.
A 2002 report to Congress from the United States Sentencing Commission found that in 1992, 91.4 percent of federal crack cocaine offenders were black. In releasing a 2006 report on the 1986 measure, the American Civil Liberties Union called the law “a tragic mistake.” “There was a belief that crack was more potent,” said Ron LeGrand, a former prosecutor who spent three years at the Drug Enforcement Administration and joined Mr. Biden’s staff in 1987. “It wasn’t based on any science; we just thought it was.” The bill did include money for prevention, which Mr. Biden lauded as its “most important provisions” when he spoke about it on the Senate floor. But it took more than two decades — until 2007 — for Mr. Biden to call for undoing the crack-powder disparity, which he called “arbitrary, unnecessary and unjust,” while acknowledging his own role in creating it. “I am part of the problem that I have been trying to solve since then,” he said in 2008, “because I think the disparity is way out of line.”
Three Strikes, You’re Out In Mr. Clinton’s State of the Union address in 1994, he touted his “three strikes and you’re out” proposal, which would incarcerate certain repeat violent offenders for life, and called on Congress to pass a “strong, smart, tough crime bill.” Mr. Biden took up the call.
“What do you need?” he asked in a Senate floor speech that year — it was, he said, the question he had put to police unions while preparing the bill. “They said, ‘The first thing we need is we need more cops.’ And they said, ‘The second thing we need is we need more prisons.’” Several police unions did not respond to requests for comment. Violent crime had hit its peak in 1991, with 758 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans, federal statistics show — more than twice the 1970 rate. By the time the 1994 bill was passed, the crime rate was on the decline.
In other Senate floor speeches in 1993 and 1994, Mr. Biden spoke openly of wanting, as Mr. Clinton did, to rid Democrats of their reputation of being soft on crime. Mr. Biden presented the moment as a political window long overdue. “One of the things I want to do, in addition to end the crime, is end the political carnage that goes on when we talk about crime,” Mr. Biden said. “This is one of these issues that I hope, after this bill, will be moved out of the gridlock category and into an emerging consensus.” Yet at the same time, Mr. Biden appeared to be evolving. Aides say that by the mid-1990s he was concerned about possible inequities from the 1986 legislation, and his rhetoric reflects a certain shift. At a 1993 symposium, he called for undoing some mandatory minimums he had helped create, saying they were “not positive” and were “counterproductive.” The next year, he called the three-strikes provision “wacko.” Mr. Biden became a more vocal advocate of diversion programs for first-time offenders, including boot camps and some drug courts.
“It is not enough simply to keep building prisons,” he said in June 1994, because statistics showed that “the prison population keeps growing to fill new spaces.” The bill he helped fashion — the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 — reflects those varied interests. It was a vast catchall bill that had a string of punitive measures desired by law enforcement. It banned assault weapons, created 60 new death penalty offenses, stripped federal inmates of the right to obtain educational Pell grants, gave states incentives to build prisons, set aside money for 100,000 new police officers and codified the three-strikes rule. But it also had prevention programs and other measures intended to woo skeptical Democrats, including the Violence Against Women Act to support female victims of crime; drug courts to offer treatment for first-time offenders; a “safety valve” provision, backed by Mr. Biden, allowing limited waivers from mandatory minimums; and money for a “midnight basketball” program to keep inner-city youth off the streets. That portion drew derision from Republicans, who cast the entire bill as soft on crime and chock-full of Democratic social welfare programs. Like Mr. Biden’s other crime initiatives, the 1994 bill created a personal conundrum: How could he help lift up and protect his black constituents from crime without decimating their neighborhoods by sending a disproportionate number of black people to prison?
Black leaders, though, were bitterly split over the measure. Baltimore’s mayor, Kurt Schmoke, was in favor, as were black mayors in Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit and Denver. The Rev. Jesse Jackson was against, calling the bill a harbinger of “the most fascist period of our history.” In the House, the Congressional Black Caucus, then led by Kweisi Mfume, blocked an early version of the bill because of concerns over its punitive measures. But after money for prevention was added, Mr. Mfume switched his position. Of 40 Congressional Black Caucus members, 25 voted for the bill, 12 voted against and three didn’t vote. One of those who voted against it, Representative Bobby Scott of Virginia, called the bill a political document rather than one based on evidence of and research into what would actually reduce crime. “We were told that ‘three strikes and you’re out’ polls better than anything you could blurt out in a campaign, including the environment, Social Security, education,” he said in a recent interview. “That was the evidence and research we used to put in that bill.” In August 1994, as the measure passed the Senate, Mr. Biden said he was giving his constituents back home exactly what they wanted. “The telephones in the State of Delaware are ringing off the hook,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor, dismissing Republican complaints of “pork” in the bill. “They are not talking about pork or pork chops or anything else. They are saying: ‘Pass the crime bill. Give me 100,000 cops, build more prisons, and get on with it.’ Bobby Cummings, who was a rising star in the Wilmington Police Department in the 1980s and eventually became police chief, said the senator was beloved by hometown police officers because he had helped them get “more resources, more people on the street.” But by 1994, Mr. Cummings said, it was already clear inside the police department that the cops-first approach was not working on the street. “It didn’t make people safer,” he said. “Really I don’t think anything changed except it threw people in jail.”
‘You Should Repair Damage Done’ The legacy of the 1994 crime bill is mixed. While some studies show that it did lower crime, there is also evidence that it contributed to the explosion of the prison population. Biden aides and supporters often note that the trend toward mass incarceration began much earlier, in the 1970s, and that states — not the federal government — house an overwhelming majority of the nation’s inmates. That is true, said Vanita Gupta, who led the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division under President Barack Obama and now runs the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. But the 1994 bill, she said, “created and calcified massive incentives for local jurisdictions to engage in draconian criminal justice practices that had a pretty significant impact in building up the national prison population.”
But Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Biden’s close adviser, who briefly succeeded him as senator after Mr. Biden became vice president, said that was not the bill’s intent: “We were focused on how to effectively and fairly reduce violent crime. That was the charge given to us by community leaders and voters — including of color. Mr. Biden long defended the bill, saying as recently as 2016 that it “restored American cities” and that he was not ashamed of it. Looking ahead, even Biden supporters say it is now up to the former vice president to explain his role — and how he views his own legacy. “It’s a fair question that people ask among members of the black community about this issue of mass incarceration and disparate impact,” said Gregory M. Sleet, a retired federal judge whom Mr. Biden had helped install as the first black United States Attorney in Delaware. “It’s a fair conversation to have about his role,” he said, adding that he thought Mr. Biden had good intentions and had worked with the best evidence he had at the time. Mr. Biden, critics of the measure say, needs to explain what he will do next. “I think that’s his challenge; I’ll be listening and observing,” Mr. Jackson said in an interview. “When you harm somebody, you should atone for a sin; you should repair damage done. That’s how you get redeemed.”
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