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[Boarding School Blues] - Chapter 40: Home

2020.10.29 13:56 AshleighBSB [Boarding School Blues] - Chapter 40: Home

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This is Book 4: Boarding School Break: Happy Thanksgiving
[Book 2: Boarding School Beginnings] [Book 3: Boarding School Boyfriends]
I started dancing when I was two years old. One summer, when I was about five, I refused to take off my tap shoes. I tap danced everywhere I went. I even wore them to bed.
After about a month, my mother invited my dance teacher over for coffee. They went to school together and it was not the first time my teacher had come to my home. Miss Donna had brought over a pair of her own tap shoes. They were the ones she often wore to class, with the leather worn and cracked.
Miss Donna told me how she loved my enthusiasm for dancing. I remember her telling me how she hoped I never lost that passion. Then, she wanted to compare our shoes.
She pointed to hers. The metal taps were dull, not shiny, with some scuff marks. She pointed to mine. They had deep scratches. There were deep pits. They were ruined.
Although I had to stop wearing tap shoes outside of the studio, I have never lost my passion to dance. It has a way of helping me clear my head.
After her conversation with Mr. Evans, Melinda felt only marginally better. It was still entirely too early for dinner, but Melinda did not want to return to her dorm. She evaded Walter and started wandering the campus aimlessly, trying to digest what Mr. Evans had told her.
As Melinda stood at the corner where the two major roads that cut through campus intersected, Melinda heard loud music erupting from one of the cars idling at the stop sign. Although it was not anything she liked, the music gave Melinda the urge to dance. She crossed the street and walked quickly back to her dorm.
Melinda changed into a leotard and tights before putting her street clothes back on. She threw her tap shoes, her water bottle, and vocabulary book into her backpack with her phone and Sarah’s little Bluetooth speaker. Not wanting to get into a long text conversation, she scribbled a quick note to her roommate explaining she borrowed the speaker so she could go dance for a little while.
Walking to the Arts Center, Melinda realized that she might not be allowed in the Black Box, the practice room where her dance classes were held during the term, without a faculty member. She had never been there outside of class, except for orientation, when it was being used to make student IDs, and at the end of the term, when her tap class was using it as a dressing room.
The Arts Center was comprised of two buildings, one of which housed the theater and the other an art gallery, rehearsal rooms, and classrooms. Melinda entered the art gallery side, with its two-story glass front, and proceeded straight to the security desk. She greeted the bored-looking guard playing games on his phone.
“Hi. I wanted to dance a little while. I was wondering if I could use the Black Box? Or is that only for classes?”
“You can use the room, but not the equipment.”
“Oh, that’s fine. I brought my own music, and I don’t need the barre.”
Melinda was not sure the guard understood her, but he simply typed a few keys on his computer keyboard and scanned her ID before giving her permission to proceed. Melinda went through the door behind him and filled her water bottle at the fountain before continuing down a flight of steps, passing her orchestra teacher’s office before entering the room with black floor, walls, and ceiling.
After removing her outer clothing, Melinda programmed some music on her phone and turned the volume up on the speaker. Her phone had horrible reception in this room, which was located beneath a concrete staircase outside, but there was a wifi connection, so Melinda was able to stream some warm up music.
Melinda stretched, allowing the music to clear her head and take over her actions. Her stretches were so routine, they required little conscious thought on her part. After a few stretches on the floor, Melinda strapped on her tap shoes and did some warm up exercises.
Melinda found a music station entitled Music You Can Dance To and decided to try it, but it was mostly the thumping club music she did not enjoy. After a few random stations, she discovered some songs that she recognized and thought they may be good enough for her to tap dance.
Melinda closed her eyes and let the music guide her. She started slowly, but soon she was dancing at a furious pace, racing across the floor, leaping and turning without abandon. She recognized most of the songs, so she was able to speed up and slow down with the music.
Melinda lost all track of time, but as she danced, she considered what had been bothering her. Walter’s father had made her remember what she was constantly telling everyone else. Her boyfriend wasn’t Patrick McGregor the movie star. He was Pat Evans, her best friend’s brother and a really great guy who was crazy about her. Ex-girlfriends and stage kisses shouldn’t get in the way of all that.
She thought about kissing Pat, that warm feeling that always filled her body until she thought she would burst. They had been together about three weeks now, and that feeling only grew stronger each time they kissed.
Melinda flew to a stop as the song ended and she opened her eyes. She was looking at herself in the mirror, sweaty and out of breath from the intense workout, when she saw Pat’s reflection behind her. He was standing in the doorway, just watching her, his face expressionless.
Panting, she crossed the room to turn off the blaring music.
“That was…I saw you dance at your show, but what I just saw? You’re incredible. How long have you been practicing that?”
“Practicing what?”
“That routine you just did.”
“I was just dancing. I have no idea what I just did. I wasn’t paying attention. I was just thinking.”
“That was just…” Pat entered the room slowly. “I knew you could dance, but I had no idea you were that good.”
“Thanks.” Melinda downed her water in a few large gulps. She sat on the floor near her bag and gestured for Pat to join her as she packed away her belongings. He sat slightly away from her.
“I was looking for you. I’ve been texting you.”
“How’d you find me?”
Pat shrugged, twisting his hands nervously in his lap and not meeting her eyes as he replied.
“I texted Walter who texted Sarah who said you left a note about taking a speaker so you could dance. I figured that meant you were here. I told the guard I was looking for a friend and asked if you had signed into any of the practice rooms. He scanned me in, said there was someone down here. I figured it was you. Are you breaking up with me?”
Melinda could feel her jaw drop. “What? Why would you think that?”
“You’ve been avoiding me.”
“I’m in this hole. No cell service.” She waved her phone around.
“I tried to talk to you yesterday. You kept denying my chat requests.”
Melinda sighed. “It’s stupid. I came down here to work it all out and I realize it’s stupid.”
“Tell me about it.” Pat lifted a hand as if he wanted to brush back her hair, but quickly dropping it again. Melinda found she missed him being close. She shrugged as she told him what had been going on.
“The other night, we were watching a movie at Sarah’s house and she asked me if I was okay watching a movie where you were kissing another girl. Honestly, if she didn’t say anything, I probably would have been fine, but she said it and it got stuck in my head.”
“You were jealous.”
Melinda chose to ignore the amusement in Pat’s face. “Yes, I was. But more than that, I was angry with myself for being jealous. And, it wasn’t like the thing with Poppy. Because, that was me thinking you were cheating on me. This was me thinking about you kissing other girls when you make movies. Not the ones you’ve already kissed, but the next one. On the next movie. Or the one after that.”
Pat moved a little closer as Melinda continued. “And, I didn’t know who to talk to about this. I wanted to talk to you, because I knew you’d understand, but I didn’t know how to. I couldn’t tell Sarah because she can’t understand. I didn’t want to burden Walter with this, because I thought it would weird him out, but he made me tell him. Then, he passed me off to Meghan.”
“But, you weren’t avoiding me.”
“Oh, no. I was totally avoiding you. Anyway, talking to Meghan helped a little, but then she told your dad.”
“Oh, great. This isn’t embarrassing. My entire family knows I’m having girlfriend trouble. No wonder everyone was so quiet at breakfast.”
“I talked to your dad a little while ago. Because, he knows exactly how I’m feeling.”
Pat considered a moment. “I hadn’t thought of that. Did it help?”
“Some. I needed to work things out in my head a little, which is why I came here.”
“And what did you decide?”
“I’m working on worrying less about Poppy. As for your movies? I don’t think I can promise I won’t get jealous if I see you kissing other actresses. But, I know what we have together is strong enough to survive that.”
“So, you’re not breaking up with me?”
Melinda shook her head. “Is that why you won’t come near me?”
Pat smiled mischievously. “No, Daphne. I won’t come near you because of your leotard.”
Melinda looked down. “What’s wrong with my leotard? I’m wearing the one that doesn’t show all the sweaty spots.”
“But it shows everything else. And I am very attracted to you at the moment. I’m not sure I have enough self-control to kiss you right now.”
Melinda laughed. “Should I be flattered or concerned?”
“That’s entirely up to you.” Pat stood and extended a hand to help Melinda to her feet. “Would you like to grab dinner before the dining hall closes?”
“Yeah, I’d like that.” She took his hand and he pulled her close to him. When they kissed, Melinda understood what he meant about not having enough self-control. He held her in a close embrace while their heartbeats returned to normal before she threw her jeans and shirt over her leotard and they headed to the dining hall.
Melinda had spent enough time in the Black Box that she did not have enough time to shower before dinner. As they walked to the dining hall, Melinda remembered a conversation they had when they were studying for finals. She squeezed Pat’s hand as they crossed the intersection.
“I thought we weren’t going to eat dinner together. So, we could spend time with our friends.”
“And, that’s a great rule for most nights. But, tonight, I want to spend time with you. I don’t mind sitting with your friends, as long as Frank can join us. I think he has a thing for Dre.”
It took Melinda a moment to remember that her friend Dre had taken lifeguard training classes as her fall sport and that Pat’s roommate Frank had also been in the class.
“I thought he liked Meghan.”
“Oh, he does, and I think he’d go out with her in a heartbeat. But, can’t he have more than one crush?”
“I don’t see why not. What about your other friends?”
“So, you know how Zach is one of my best friends and Chloe is one of Meghan’s best friends? Well, Zach and Chloe have become friends, too. Except, I think they’re more than friends and just not telling anybody. So, I kinda invited them both out for pizza, then ditched them at the last minute.”
“You didn’t!”
“Nah. Should have, though. I suggested Chloe invite Zach to join her for dinner in the Senior Section, and he agreed. He’s regaling her –”
“He’s what?”
“Regaling. Um…he’s entertaining her telling her his endless stories about his term abroad in Spain. They’ll probably miss first study hours.”
Melinda giggled as they entered the dining hall. “Where’s Frank?” She looked around as she entered the servery to examine her food choices. “You said he wanted to join us.”
“He’s holed up in the robotics lab again. I texted him. He’ll be here soon.”
Melinda grimaced when she saw the main entrée that evening was turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes. She thought it was just a little too close to Thanksgiving to serve turkey again. She decided to try the spaghetti and meatballs, a dish available every evening that she had yet to try. She met up with Pat at the beverage island before they headed to Melinda’s usual table.
“Hi, Melinda!” Xandra greeted her as Melinda and Pat squeezed themselves between her and Walter. “Where’ve you been? Are you just getting back now?”
Melinda shook her head. “No. I was in the mood for a workout, so I went down to the Black Box to do some dancing. How was your break?”
“Too much food, too much family. How ‘bout you?”
“You know what? I had a lot of fun.”
“That’s because you spent half of it with this guy,” Frank said from behind her.
The tables were designed to seat about eight students. Melinda and her friends had a habit of stealing chairs from adjacent tables until there were nearly twice that many at the table. There were many students who did this, Melinda had observed, and the faculty members who frequently ate in the dining hall had never said anything to them about it.
So, Melinda was not surprised when Frank placed his tray between Dre and Jade and grabbed a chair from a nearby table.
Some of Melinda’s friends had met Frank before, but not all. Jade looked at him funny for a moment before she decided to just ask, “Um, who are you?”
Everyone else at the table, even those who did not know Frank, laughed and Frank smiled as he pointed towards Pat.
“I’m his roommate. Pete Wu. Nice to meet you.” He extended a hand.
“Jade.” She smiled, shaking his hand.
Dre turned to him. “How was your Thanksgiving?”
“It made me appreciate being here. My parents weren’t thrilled with my grades. They told my grandmother I got a B-plus in Chinese, and she started yelling at me that I should have been studying harder. At least, I think that’s what she was saying. I can’t understand her when she speaks fast.”
Jade giggled and said something in her native Mandarin. She and Frank spoke for a few moments before he shook his head. “Nope,” he said in English. “She wasn’t that nice about it.”
“So, did anyone else’s schedules change this term?” Caroline asked the table.
“My art class is only one term,” Melinda explained. “I have a music history class in its place.”
Sarah wiggled a fork in her direction. “Ooh. We’re in the same class.”
“I have math first period now,” Pat said, “but that means I get fourth and fifth free every day, except for my physics lab Friday.
“My schedule’s completely screwed up now,” Caroline said. “I’m in a different English class, although I still have Mrs. Krantz. And I have religion class where my English class used to be.”
“That’s better than mine,” Andy said. “My parents weren’t happy with my math or physics grades, so they decided to put me in regular, not honors. They called Mr. Birkenhead over break. I don’t have any of the same teachers this term.”
“Anyone else on academic probation?” Noah asked.
“What’s that?” chorused most of the table.
“I’ll take that as a no. Let’s just say if my grades don’t improve this term, I may not be here next year.”
“So, we have study hours tonight,” spoke up Larry. “Any idea what we’re supposed to be studying?”
“I’m gonna review the stuff from my finals,” said Andy.
“I’m gonna clean my closet,” announced Xandra. When everyone stared at her, she shrugged. “What? I made Dean’s List. I have nothing to study and I can’t fit all my clothes into the closet anymore. It’s time to take some out.”
“I’m going back to the lab,” Frank announced.
Pat sighed. “Frank. You need to stop obsessing.”
“I’m not obsessing. I’ve almost figured it out.”
“Wait,” interrupted Pete Driscoll, Noah’s roommate. “I thought your name was Pete.”
“It’s a nickname,” Pat explained. “Just go with it.”
Pete Driscoll shrugged as Pat continued to convince his roommate to spend some time outside of the robotics laboratory.
“Hey, Melinda,” a voice greeted her. “Hi, Walter.”
Melinda looked around to see a slender girl who looked like a girl in her Latin class, except with purple hair.
Melinda raised her eyebrows. “Zayne?”
“Yeah, it’s me,” she toyed with her hair. “I lost a bet. My brother promised it would wash out, but I think he lied. Anyway, I was wondering if I could study with you guys tonight. I didn’t do so great on my Latin final and I kinda wanted to review it all during study hours tonight. Do you think you could help me?”
Melinda looked at Zayne, then Walter. “Um, I came straight here from the Arts Center. I don’t have my books. I guess I can go to the library, but I’ll be a little late.”
Walter waved her off. “Don’t worry about it. I can work with you Zayne, if that’s okay.”
Zayne smiled. “Oh, that’ll be great. Studying with you really helped me pass that last quiz.”
“I’ll meet you upstairs.”
“Okay. Great. See you later!” Zayne headed towards the servery.
“She’s still cute.” Pat whispered it so quietly, only Melinda and Walter could hear.
“Shut up,” Walter muttered under his breath, turning red as he took a long drink of his milk.
Melinda half listened as her friends broke into various conversations. Some discussed their concerns for the upcoming semester, some discussed their antics during the term break. Some couples, such as Sarah and Larry and Jade and Leif held whispered conversations that Melinda could not hear.
Pat had put an arm around Melinda and was playing with her hair absently as he told Noah about a friend who had been on academic probation and was now on Dean’s List. Walter was trying to discuss sports with Dre’s twin Andy, who kept sending dirty looks towards Frank, who was telling Dre about his current creation in the robotics laboratory.
It had been nearly two weeks since she had seen her friends, but she felt that no time had passed at all. They had slipped right back into their regular routine. It was good to be home, she realized as edged closer to Pat. Good to be home.

[Table Of Contents] [Chapter 41 coming December 4]
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2020.10.24 11:45 torch_dreemurr Overstory Ep 6: Kill Everybody

Overstory ep 6
(Back at New New Home. The gang is gathered)
Torch: well, looks like the gang is gathered! Now we can do our incredibly bad idea!
Alphar: Well, guess it’s good you’re not denying it
Kris(Weakly): T-T-Torch… Help me…
Alphar: Huh? What has been going on with you and Cipher
Cipher: I stripped in front of him.
Frisk, Torch and Alphar:WHAAAT? WHY? Cipher: Well, the only person who he opens up to is Torch, who he is homoerotically attracted to…
(Alphar pushes Cipher down the stairs. We are treated to a minute of a repeating gif of Cipher drawn in SBAHJ style tumbling down the stairs infinitely. For the rest of the episode, it plays infinitely in the top left corner. OP plays)
Alphar: Ok, so I’ve looked at the patterns of the stuff, and I have deduced that that alley over there (points to a nearby alley) is where the assassin is lurking.
Torch: That’s why you’re the smart one!
Alphar: More like the only sane one.
(The gang walks into the alley, and it reveals Permafrost standing over a body preserved in ice.)
Permafrost: Are you here to kill me? I don’t judge you. What I’m doing isn’t noble. It’s a horrible thing. I can feel my LV rising. But I have to do it. For him. I guess I will fight you. Just be warned- I’m not gonna go easy.
(Permafrost activates a Coldheart Icicle and Torch activates a Chaos Saber. They rush towards each other, but Frisk appears and blocks both their attacks)
Torch: Hey! What are you doing? I’m supposed to have a big epic battle!
Frisk: ...No. I think… we can resolve this with words. What’s your name, girl?
Permafrost: Why does it matter, you idiot? I have to kill you! I’ve got to kill you all! Coldheart Icicle!
(An icicle appears on Permafrost’s palm. She attempts to stab Frisk with it, but she blocks it. This repeats until stated)
Frisk: I’ll ask it again. What is your name?
Permafrost: ...Permafrost. That’s my nickname. You can call me that.
Frisk: Permafrost. Why are you doing this? You said yourself you don’t want to do it. So why?
Permafrost: Why does it matter? I’m going to kill you because you are trying to stop me! You can’t just help it with words! This world is just a hell of violence!
Frisk: A hell of violence? If you are a pacifist, then why do you think we have to fight?
Permafrost: Shut up! You don’t understand anything about me! I lost my innocence at a young age, and my life has just been a hell of pain! You would never understand, you’re just a kid that grew old with a perfect life! (Sobs, and stops attacking) Why couldn’t my life have been as perfect as yours? You just fell into the underground, made 500 friends and unified the world with your kindness! Why do you get to live like that! You don’t deserve any of it!
(Permafrost notices that Frisk has been crying since she called her a kid with a perfect life)
Frisk: You don’t know anything about me. But I know a bit more about you now. You had a hard life, and you are taking it out on the world.
Permafrost: You don’t know anything about me either! Your little pains are nothing compared to what I had to suffer through! Do you think losing a relative compares to having your parents killed in front of your eyes, and being captured by the murderer, then being trained as a killer because he saw “potential” in you? Do you? Are you even able to comprehend the pain that it made me feel?
Frisk: Yes.
Frisk: I killed my only friend by accident. I had to see thousands of deaths on loop, all caused by my own unwilling hand. I was killed over and over again, with no respite. I never knew my parents, and everyone around me crushed my soul. That is the pain I’ve suffered.
Torch: Mom, stop! You’re starting to sound like a sympathy sue!
Frisk: Bruh. Ok, I’ll stop. Just… listen to what I’ve said, ok? You don’t have to suffer alone.
Permafrost: You still don’t understand! None of you do! I know how to stop it, I know how to stop it all. (Breaks down, stops attacking) He promised me. He told me he knew how to end it all. To stop all the fighting. All it would take is a few souls. All those lives saved, just for a few souls. That’s why I did it. That’s why I accepted what I hate. That’s why I killed them. For what he would do, whatever it is.
Torch: Er… sorry, that kinda sounds like a scam.
Kris: Yeah, sorry.
(Permafrost has a painful, shocked and disgusted look on her face)
Permafrost: No, it has to be true. He promised me. He Promised. He promised. Hepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromisepromisedhepromisedhepromisedhepromsitedhepromisedhepromisedhepromised he ahahadheahahahahaha ha ha ha…
(Permafrost is having a breakdown breakdown. She collapses to her knees and puts her hands over her head.)
Alphar: Is she alright?
Torch: I think we broke her.
Alphar: So that was it? We just needed to tell her that she was being exploited, and it’s over?
(River Person appears behind the gang)
River Person: Halloo
Frisk: Hey! River Dude! What the actual fuck are you doing here?
Torch: Um, Cipher said no swearing or we’ll get demonetised? Like, on youtube? How can we get demonetized? Was he filming us for his youtube channel or something?
Frisk: Well, fuck demonitization! He can just open a patreon or something.
Kris: Are we just giving him free advertisement for his patreon?
Torch: I hope not.
River Person: Uhhh… Can we get back to me mysteriously appearing behind you? It was really theatrical and cool. I had, like, this whole monologue planned and shit.
Kris: Well, whoever’s recording this has got to say goodbye to their youtube income.
River Person: Look, can i PLEASE go back to my serious monologue?
Torch: NO
(Kris and Torch high five)
River Person: Gah, you’re all idiots! Torch, stop messing up everything serious with your stupid adventures and wacky escapades. It makes me fucking sick that you’re so idiotically innocent, yet you’ve got so much raw power. Kris, you’re similarly stupid, you were obviously stabbed because you’re gay and yet you delude yourself that it’s because of a disability nobody would ever know about if you didn’t tell them, and even if you did they wouldn’t care! Frisk, I cannot BELIEVE that you just let them do literally anything they want no matter how dangerous it is! You just let them run off screaming into battles with terrifying opponents, which I actually agree with because I HOPE YOU DIE! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU… THEN KILL YOU AGAIN! AND ALPHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is alright actually. BUT I’M STILL GONNA KILL YOU! That’s right, bitches! I’m killing allllllll of you! The only good thing that comes from being within a hundred mile radius of you lot is being able to kill you! But I’m going higher! I’m not just going to killlllllll you four, I’m going to killlll everyone in this town! How’d you llllike that? Everybody in this stupid place is going to fucking die. Fulllll stop.
(Alphar applauds lightly)
River Person: Thanks, I spent a lllllot of time writing that speech. It’s very evillllllllll.
Frisk: You aren’t the river person I know. They didn’t roll their Ls
River Person: Really? That’s what made you reallllllise? Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllso, why AM I rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllling my Ls? I don’t normalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly do that. But enough. Let me show you all what I REALLY look like under this stupid cloak.
(River Person whips off his cloak, revealing himself as Arkhan)
Frisk: What the-
Arkhan: Yes! When you were underground, you thought that the riverman was just another monster. BUT IT WAS ME! ARKHAN!
Frisk: Who?
Arkan: Oh, Oh! I don’t really blame you for not knowing who I am. After all, I hid my identity from the world
Kris: And you know he’s serious because he said the world not-
Arkhan: SHUT UP! LET ME MONOLOGUE! Anyway, let me ask you something, Frisk. Did you REALLY think that only 8 humans fell into the underground in ALL the time that monsters were sealed there? Did you really assume that there were no more humans hiding there, cowering from the monsters that sought them out?
Frisk: No. I actualllllllly spent quite a bit of time trying to find some other humans in the underground.
(Arkhan looks visibly pained)
Arkhan: Well, long story short, IfellintotheundergroundalongtimeagoandmonstershuntedmedownformysoulwhichwasincrediblypowerfulevenbyhumanstandardssoIdisguisedmyselfasamonstertohidefromtheroyalguardswhichIcouldn’tdefendmyselffromduetothefactthatIhadaweakbodybutnowIknowpowerfulmagicandI’moutforrevengeagainstmonstersthathuntedmedownandhumansthatrejectedmedrivingmetothrowmyselfintomtebbotandtheworldingeneralIguess.
Alphar: I’ve said nothing for ages!
Arkhan: Ok I don’t really care.
Permafrost: You… were lying this whole time? About everything?
Arkhan: Oh, don’t worry, kid. There’s one thing I wasn’t lying about. Me getting power will stop all conflict.
(Arkhan teleports to Permafrost and stabs her with an energy blade)
Arkhan: A F T E R E V E R Y O N E I S D E A D T H E R E W I L L B E N O B O D Y L E F T T O F I G H T
Torch: I stop you!
Arkhan: Oh, how quaint. A hero, who’s come to stop the evil villain there to cause the end of the world. Listen, kid.
(Torch swings at Arkhan with a chaos saber, who blocks it with his own blade)
Arkhan: Our abilities are similar. In cases like that, the one with more raw power wins. And you’re just a kid.
(Arkhan’s blade slices through Torch’s easily)
Arkhan: And kids are weak.
(Arkhan fires a Dark Spark at Torch, piercing his body)
Arkhan: And you know what happens to the weak?
(Arkhan readies his blade to cut of Torch’s head)
Arkhan: THEY DIE!
(One of Kris’ Rune Arrows flies where Arkhan was standing, but he’s not there anymore)
Kris: I won’t let you kill him!
Arkhan: And who decided that? You? You aren’t strong enough to decide ANYTHING. The weak only exist to justify the existence of the strong. I am stronger than you. I am greater and more deserving of life than you, of anyone in this godforsaken dump! I will kill you all, take your souls, and become even stronger than I am now! Now, all of you! D-
Permafrost: Ice Age.
(Permafrost, who has frozen their wounds, touches Arkhan, and suddenly he’s encased in a prison of ice)
Permafrost: Please, run! It’s not going to hold him long. I’m the most gullible piece of shit ever created, and I can never live up to the trait of Integrity that defines my magic, but I still want to try and help turn back what I’ve done! So, please, if you know a safe place, for the love of god, run!
Frisk: I… Think my house will be safe. There’s a ton of weird magical shit in my basement, it’ll probably help with… something. Also, Perma...
Permafrost: What?
Frisk: You’re coming with me.
Permafrost: WHAAT?
(Frisk picks up Permafrost, carrying her under her shoulder. Everyone starts running)
Permafrost: Hey! What are you doing? I need to freeze him again when he breaks free!
Frisk: Look. Nobody gets left behind. I don’t care if it endangers us. It’s everyone or no-one.
Permafrost: You… You… You’re an idiot, you know that?
Frisk: Yes. Yes I do.
Torch: Texting everyone, sending them the message “Come to Mom’s house if you wanna life”
Alphar: “If you wanna life”?
Torch: Shut up I typed it fast.
Alphar: I’m calling my mom as well, I don’t want her to die
Kris: Which one?
Alphar: Undyne broke her phone last month, Alphy’s the only one who’s gonna get it.
(Cut to outside New New Home. Everyone is there)
Cal: Ok, so can someone tell me why we’re all here?
Frisk: No time to explain! Get in the basement! (Opens door) Go go go!
(Everyone rushes inside. They then dash down to the basement, and reach there at the same time Cipher stops falling down the stairs. The gif in the corner stops)
Cal: Can you tell us why we’re here now?
Frisk: Big evil guy. Really super strong. We need to come down here to get something that can beat him.
Alphar: I just pricked my finger on some kind of arrow!
Frisk: Ok I don’t really care. Now to try and find something (Picks up and tosses away infinity gauntlet) No (Picks up and tosses away death note) No (Picks up and tosses away Holy Corpse) Eugh, why’s this here? (Picks up and tosses away Dragon Balls) No (Picks up and tosses away Egg Of Light) Maybe (Picks up Annoying Dog) Hey there, little guy! Sorry, got to put you away. (Picks up CD) Oh my god I thought I lost this! (Puts it in pocket) It seems that we do not have any weapons of mass destruction down here.
Alphar: You literally have a nuke.
Frisk: No. I’m saving that for a rainy day
Cal: We’re in danger from some kind of evil dude that nobody can beat. Today is DEFINITELY a rainy day.
Frisk: Yeah, but if we beat him with it, I won’t have it anymore!
Cipher: I just ate a weird bug and I don’t even care!
Sunny: What about that wave-motion cannon in the back?
Ralsei: Yeah! That is a good idea!
Frisk: It seems that the vote is unanimous. We are using the wave-motion cannon, since it is the most cool.
(Cut back outside. Everyone is carrying the Wave-Motion Cannon. Arkhan is there, waiting for them)
Arkhan: So you finally came. With your… What is that?
Frisk: A wave-motion cannon.
(They start firing it at Arkhan, who teleports out of the way every time it’s fired)
Arkhan: Nice. Looks like it would hurt if it hit me. But do you want to see a real weapon?
(Arkhan whips out a purple crystal thing)
Arkhan: This is a Soul Nuke. When I activate it, the soul of every person in a 4-mile radius will be stolen instantly, and I will automatically absorb them. This will lead to instant death in all humans, and will cause all monsters to automatically enter a fallen down state. Do you get it? I’m taking the soul of every human and monster in this town. With that power, I’ll become godlike.
Permafrost: But.. But then why did you trick me into stealing souls for you?
Arkhan: For kicks. Now, DIE!
(Arkhan shatters the Soul Nuke, creating a massive purple blast. We zoom out to get an overview of the town, which is completely engulfed by it. We return to New New Home, where it is revealed that it is completely enshrouded in a glowing green shield)
Arkhan: What the fuck.
Susie: The fuck is this thing?
Cipher: Well, according to the few things I managed to pick up from my brother and his extensive research into magic… It’s green.
Permafrost: You’re all idiots.
Alphar: Maybe it’s from one of the artifacts in the basement? Let’s check it out
(Everyone skedaddles down to the basement, where the annoying dog is glowing)
Ralsei: The dog! It’s… Glowing?
(Frisk picks up and examines the dog)
Frisk: Conveniently, it would appear that this convenient dog has conveniently absorbed some kind of convenient artifact, that conveniently has the power to create a convenient aura of convenience that conveniently protects us from the type of magic that that guy uses.
Torch: How convenient!
(Cut to the real world, where the OS Viewer is watching OS on their computer)
OS Reader: Who the fuck is coming up with this bullshit?
(Cut to Astrion’s basement)
Astrion: It’s me ok! I’m the guy that’s writing this shit. Please just let me write this. I’m just a guy doing things. This is what I’m making. So please don’t question the plot of this story. I had to make it so that Arkhan couldn’t attack them in some way, who is, by the way, a great antagonist, so don’t just say that he’s a weak one-dimensional plot device whose only aspect is power.
OS Reader: Now that you mention it, he is pretty sucky.
Astrion: SHUT IT! Do you think you can do better? Just stop paying attention to the intricacies of my interpretation of these characters and psychologies of the original ones as well as the deep philosophy of the plot, and just do what you came here for: SHIPPING.
OS Reader: I think Torch should fuck Sunny.
Astrion: STOP THAT!
OS Reader: No. And, since you let me on this show and I mentioned the Twin Flames ship, I have become responsible for hundreds of thousands of pictures on the internet of Torch and Sunny kissing.
Astrion: (Voiceover) It began to dawn upon me that things would never stop happening. (Picks up gun and shoots self in head) I’ve decided to let the OS Reader write the rest of this episode, it should be fine, since I gave them an overview of what happens: Sunny, Susie, Ralsei and Lancer form a team to take down Arkhan, they go out to kill him, they’re all killed apart from Sunny, whose arms have been ripped off, then everyone realises that Arkhan is impossible to kill, and they need to have a motherfucking training arc, the the video ends. I’ll have revived by the next episode, so don’t worry if the change in writing styles unsettles you. I apologize for the inconvenience.
(Cut back to New New Home basement. The episode is now animated in gatcha life)
Frisk: oha nows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arhan is birds a evi and we no have way ot bt him. We need gib boysa beat him.
Sunny: I do tis fo torhc ssenpa
Kris: U no toch ma otrch empai. We brothos ba shoise bu love by cose.
Sunny: YTorc is t senpai of me so u noyt gfuc him
Torch: Owo
Sunny: I a kil arhn to impress aoch. Who kill thkn whit me
Lancer: I go ruck arknn b3was i can use3 my stand killer quen to bow him fact up
Susie: And igo becAUSE IA fck lacer
Ralsei: andoi od jbecause i fuk suede
Torch: Owo
(Sunny, Lancer, Ralsei and Susie leave the screen, then Sunny comes back)
Sunny: evyt one edea nd ai hav no arm
Torch: Owo
Cipher: mothernfa-cking tqaning rma
Torch: Owo
(The ED starts, but after a few seconds it stops and cuts to the real world, where Astrion is bonking the OS Reader with a newspaper)
OS Reader: Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow I thought you were only supposed to resurrect by the next ep!
Astrion: Well, normally, I’m resurrected 1d4 hours after I die, but due to my connections to the cult of steve, if anyone in a 1 mile radius makes tik tok or gatcha cringe, I’m automatically brought back to take down the perpetrator of the cringe.
OS Reader: Well what was so bad?
Astrion: Do you want me to make a list?
OS Reader: ...Yes
Astrion: Well, let me start at the spelling. Was any of it right?
OS Reader: Yes
Astrion: Well almost none of it is! It’s practically unreadable! And none of the characters act like they actually do! Ralsei, who is at this point an innocent bean, goes on a fatal mission because he wants to “fuk suede”. And why does Torch only say Owo?!?!
OS Reader: That’s basically what he says.
Astrion: And I literally said that Torch X Sunny isn’t canon, and then you go and flagrantly ignore me!
OS Reader: You can’t fool me! They both exist in a story, so they are obviously supposed to fuck each other!
Astrion: I am going to make a ship involving Torch and a ship involving Sunny canon - not with each other - just to spite you, you little piece of fuck. And now, back to the regularly scheduled program.
(Cut back to the basement where we left off before we went on this skit)
Permafrost: We… we can’t stay here forever!
Cipher: Yeah, we’d have to resort to incest after a few generations.
(Permafrost gives him a weird look)
Alphar: We need to be able to stop him. He killed a bunch of people, we need revenge.
Roman: I second this notion. Because it sounds cool.
Sunny: I have an idea. Let’s form a Raid Team
(Short Raid Shadow Legends ad plays)
Sunny: We form a team out of strong people, and they run screaming at this big bad evil guy.
Roman: I see literally nothing that can go wrong with this!
Sunny: Ok, so, we’ll do me, Roman
Susie: I wanna go.
Lancer: I go where susie goes! We’re a team! Ho ho ho!
Sunny: … And we’ll need a healer, so Ralsei.
Ralsei: Wait what
(Sunny picks up Ralsei and lifts him above her head)
Sunny: Adios
(They leave)
Cal: They’re gonna die, aren’t they?
Frisk: Yep.
Cal: We couldn't have stopped them, could we?
Frisk: Nope. (Beat) Do you want to see me do a little dance?
Alphar: Fuck no.
(Frisk starts doing a little dance)
Frisk: Doop de doop de doo
Doop de doop de doo
Mip Mip Mip Mip Mip Mip
Doop de doop de doo
Cal: That was completely pointless.
(A loud banging sound)
(Everybody rushes up to the door, and open it. Sunny tumbles in. She has lost her arms, and is covered in blood and dust)
Sunny: Huff… Huff… He… He killed them… He killed… them all… it was… all… so… fast… all… it… took… was… a… couple… of… seconds… I… Was… an… idiot... He… He didn’t even… He didn’t even bother killing me… He… Just… ripped… off… my… arms… to… mock me… I didn’t even… get to… tell…
(Passes out)
Frisk: Ok we’ve lost four people, our enemy is godly overpowered, even the most powerful weapons don’t work on them, and we can’t leave this basement. What the fuck do we do?
Cal: I can solve the last one.
Alphar: Yes! Cal’s teleportation circle! We can teleport to… where should we teleport to?
Frisk: I think we already know. If we put the dog in a certain place, we’ll be able to block both the entrances to it. We’ll be completely safe, and have a massive space to work with.
Alphys: I-I-I-I think I know what Frisk is talking about! And, in addition, we’ll have lots of machinery to work with. We could make Sunny prosthetics, and… other things.
Cipher: Yes. This is the greatest plan.
Torch: Can someone please tell me where we’re going? I not smort.
Frisk: Torch. We are going back. Back to where? THE… MOTHERFUCKING… UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Torch: FUCK YES.
Cal: Here we go. Andata!
(He teleports everyone to the artifact room in the underground)
Frisk: Nice. (Puts the dog on the altar) There you go, little guy. Just stay there so that we can all be safe.
Cipher: Do you know what this means? Lots of time, lots of resources, and an op enemy…
(ED plays. Cut back to the real world for the stinger)
OS Reader: Why’d Roman die? I thought only Ralsei, Susie and Lancer were supposed to die.
Astrion: I killed him in a fit of rage after having to put up with your bullshit.
(Episode ends)
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2020.10.12 21:32 EquestriAsura [Ixian Empire] Aftermath: Chapter 10: Food and Fight

Chapter 10: Food and fight
No, no, no. This was a dream.
Niragi fell backward from the name. She almost screamed. This android had not just presented itself as Cog-01. This had to be a dream.
“I’m about to wake up in my cell” she mumbled “This was too much from the start.”
“Query: Is there a problem?”
Niragi silently stared at the android. She could not answer. The situation was beyond her.
Niragi had fought with ixian machines before. Footmen, of course, but also a guardian. The cyclopean machine had presented itself as Cog-225. It had been a relic from the universe from which the first ixian emperor, Ix and a large portion of the ixians had come from.
Niragi had talked with it and learned about Cog-01, the original first human IA. It was said it had seen the birth of the empire. That it had stood by the side of the first emperor and the founders. Yet it was also said it had control over every machine in the empire. Every Cog IAs were its children and as such possessed a backdoor allowing Cog-01 to take over.
This had already rattled Niragi’s nerves back in the days. But the problem did not come from its abilities however, but from rumors that started to spread alongside the grand machine. Cog-01 was said to be labelled as a murderous IA. It had supposedly been sealed somewhere, or so said the current emperor and council representatives to many concerned citizens. Yet the rumors kept running. If it could indeed take control of any machines driven by a Cog iteration, was it truly sealed?
And now, before Niragi, it stood. With blue stylized eyes upon an alabaster mask curiously looking at her.
“Worry: Are you alright? Worry: You’re not having a stroke? Worry: Did I upset you? Worry: Don’t tell me you were sustaining yourself from D’s body?”
Had Remnant lied to them? He had said he would send another machine, but she had expected a secondary unit or a VI driven one. Not this supposed murdering machine.
Niragi closed her eyes. Calm yourself girl. What’s the worse that could happen? Death? Who cares! I should have died years ago! What else? Not much uh?
She opened them again. And scrambled backward again. Cog head was a centimeter away from hers. “Please don’t kill me!” Niragi squeaked.
Cog’s eyes enlarged comically. “Uncertain: You… I… What? Laughter.” Cog fell backward, a thunderous laugher sounding from its mouthless face. It rolled on the ground for a few seconds before looking back at Niragi. It fixed her for a few seconds before a throaty male voice cut through the laugher. “Query: You serious?”
“You… won’t?” Niragi voice was shaking. She had been around death most of her life, as a frontline berserker and mercenary, but the idea of death outside the battlefield left her terrified.
“Query: where did you even get that idea?” Its voice was back to the androgynous tone.
“Interrogation: What do these rumors say?” The voice was far more developed than other she had heard, as Niragi felt it sound colder.
“That you massacred an entire space station? That you tortured them until they all died?” Niragi voice died in her throat.
Cog eyes were becoming more and more static. Gone were the little light changes, gone were the little constant updates of the size. The eyes were still now, simple images on a screen. Cog crossed its arms. “Onomatopoeia: Oh. Interrogation: Who told you that?”
“Humans?” I’m so dead!
“Realization: She still lives…” Cog muttered. Then its eyes regained their life. “Reassurance: Do not concern yourself with these rumors. Addendum: I don’t murder, I execute.”
This did not reassure Niragi.
“Query: Are you still hungry?”
Niragi’s stomach answered for her.
“Suggestion: Then follow me! Addendum: I haven’t cooked for someone for soooo long” Cog moaned.
The android began to walk away. Niragi picked herself up and quickly followed it.
As they exited the bay by the same hallway Remnant and Garu had exited, she began to hear whispers. ‘Who is she?’ Niragi looked around, trying to find the source. ‘A guest! A guest!’ was it coming from that wall? ‘Why is the boss doing the escorting?’ Hey that was a good question!
“Hum… So… are you working for Remnant? Or is it working for you?”
“Surprise: What? Answer: No. Explanation: I AM Remnant… In a way.”
“But he sent you to me, right?”
“Answer: Nah, that was me getting bored and telling the actual bot that should have got you to look at the stocks of meat we have.”
‘Curious guest! Curious guest!’
“What are those voices?”
“Answer: Don’t mind them, just curious maintenance VI.”
They arrived in a glass tube. Beyond it was an ocean. Niragi stopped, awestruck.
They were almost at the bottom. She could see the algae gently waving beneath them. Schools of fishes, most of them a shiny grey, slowly evolved in the endless blue. Other, more lonely figures swam around. She did not know a single species that she saw. She could see reefs afar and what looked like a rift.
Even farther, a large form was slowly moving vertically. As Niragi tried to concentrate on it, a little holographic screen appeared, letting her now she was looking at a humpback whale.
“Personal opinion: It is relaxing, right?”
Niragi managed to not jump. How is it so silent? She had been so absorbed by the sight that she had not noticed Cog joining her in her contemplation. She simply nodded.
“Explanation: This is a stored ocean. Continuation: once the surface is repaired, both land and oceans will be restored as they were four hundred thousand years ago.”
“What happened here?”
“Extrapolation: To the planet? Explanation: Ozlown and Raazhik both tried to access the data storages deep within the planet. Continuation: They failed… mostly, Raazhik did manage to get hold of some important knowledge. Contempt: Remnant chased them… violently.”
Niragi could see how the beows had been chased. The ease with which Remnant had sealed Khair in his own armor was testament enough. For the ixian forces though, she was unsure. What had caused the massive hole was also still a mystery. One she did not really want answered.
“Suggestion: We should get going, the mess hall is still quite far.”
Niragi complied, still looking around the seemingly endless ocean.
They returned too quickly to the austere hallway and its steel walls and floor. Doors were placed at regular intervals, breaking the monotonous hallway. ‘Snake lady! Snake lady!’.
They passed on a walkway high above a large area filled with machinery and conveyor belts. None were active, but the size was enough to tell Niragi this was either a vehicle factory of some sort. ‘Work! Work! Work!’ ‘look out! Boss above!’ ‘Work harder! Work harder’. Niragi did saw the whispering VIs here. They were piloting child sized spider shaped machines working on different parts of the mecanisms beneath.
Finally, Cog stopped at a door. “Fact: We’re heeere!” It exclaimed cheerfully.
The door opened and Niragi gave the room a look. “Of course.” she muttered.
The mess hall was big. Just as everything she had seen from the beows, it was insanely large. Cog entered with a spring in its step. “Presentation: Welcome to the Beow Mess Hall 999. Addendum: you can pack more than two hundred thousand beows in this place!”
“Invitation: Take a-” it stopped mid-sentence “Correction: Wait a few seconds, I’ll have a seat made for you.”
Less than a minute after, a hovering android came from a far away door with a larger chair. It was shorter on the seat, allowing Niragi’s tail to comfortably bend beneath it. the back was also higher, making for a pretty comfortable close imitation to a lamiria chair.
“Fact: As much as I’d like to boast about the ixian data gathering, your specie was discovered during the second emperor reign, so I only have minimal information on your diet and habits. Continuation: I hope you will find what I prepare adequate.”
Niragi simply waited as Cog seated itself opposite to her. Soon after a large cart came rolling from the other end of the hall. It had many dishes covered by shining domes. Niragi tasted the air with her tongue and immediately began salivating. The domes were not keeping all of the fragrances from escaping. Whatever was on that cart was going to be tasty.
“Lamiria: Carnivorous specie. Stored eating habits: Lamirias gobble food not unlike most earth snakes. Continuation: Most earth meats found compatible with lamiria physiology along with most earth eggs.” Cog enunciated from the hovering machine pushing the cart.
Niragi was not surprised by the knowledge, but rather by the scarcity of it. During her down time within planets of the empire, she had found an almost endless source of information on almost every species working with or fighting against it. She realized she had not found much on her own specie however.
“Statement: I have prepared mostly eggs, either boiled or raw, and meatballs of different earth meats, along with some possible accompaniments. Fact: I hope you will find them to your liking.” Cog’s lack of mouth did not hide its smile, its eyes making it quite clear it truly hoped to satisfy Niragi.
Niragi reached for the closest dome. She removed it and was greeted by three large eggs. A little card on the side indicated there was two raw eggs, the hard ones and one boiled, the squishy one. The three were as big as her palm and were indicated to be eggs from an earth bird named an ostrich.
She immediately gulped a raw one, and marveled as the tastes released in her stomach. Lamirias stomachs had many taste buds lining their stomach, allowing them to taste their food as they digested it. The taste was close to one of the bird species on her homeworld. As rich as she remembered, but it had a more buttery flavor and a sweet aftertaste. She gulped the second one and looked at the boiled one. She poked it as the last of the previous egg’s taste disappeared and gulped it. The taste this time came in two times. Going from buttery to a more concentrated sweet taste. She thoroughly enjoyed both.
She lifted the next dome and found more but tinier eggs. She decided to leave these ‘chicken’ eggs for later. The hovering bot removed the plate and brought another one closer. This one had delicious flavors emanating from it. she lifted it and was greeted by meatballs as big as the ostrich eggs. Beneath the meatballs were long greenish thin tubes looking food.
“Explanation: beneath the meatballs are pasta. Addendum: These ones are called spaghetti. Addendum: I prepared them with something called pesto.”
“Oh yeah, I had something like that on Tirsel I once!” Niragi remembered the experience fondly. The human preparing the food had been happy to see her gulp down entire plates of these pasta. He had even offered her a large jar of this pesto sauce at the end. “I always wanted to try it again!”
“Self-congratulation: Nailed it!” Cog whispered, pumping its arm beneath the table.
Niragi thoroughly enjoyed the meatballs and happily gulped the pasta. She found two more plates with the same preparation, although the meat came from different animals: the first one had been mutton, the next was chicken and the last beef. She had enjoyed the mutton the most.
She also found another plate of ostrich egg. She tried the chicken eggs but found them quite bland compared to the ostrich’s ones.
Finally full, she relaxed on her seat. She had not had the feeling of digestion in her stomach for ages. Nutripaste was really the worst. She watched as the hovering bot removed all the empty plates from the table. It then went back to the kitchen at the far end of the room.
“Rating: So, on a range from 0 to 10, what note would you give me? Addendum: 0 is the worst, 10 is the best.”
Niragi considered the question for a few moments. “8, because these chicken eggs were really bland compared to everything else… and it was kind of creepy to have you watch me…” It had not bothered her too much until she had realized. It had then made her a bit too self-conscious.
“Satisfaction: Nice, better than I expected! Apology: I didn’t realize it was bothering you… sorry.”
They sat quietly for a few minutes. Niragi enjoyed quietly the aftertaste of her meal. The more time passed, the more she felt her tiredness wash away.
“Query: Do you have anything else you wish to do? Explanation: D’s body has not recovered everything yet.”
“Dee?” It was the second time Cog had referred to this Dee’s body.
“Evasive: Never mind that! Query: anything you want do to pass the time?” cog summoned a holoscreens. “Listing: I have physical games, virtual ones, some still functional training rooms, movies, music or some books.”
Niragi considered all Cog offered. The first stage of her digestion had finished, and she was beginning to realize just how caloric her meal had been. She needed to move, to burn some energy.
“Does the training option include battle training?”
“Confirmation: As we are talking about beow training chambers, yes I can prepare some opponents for you to spar against.”
“Negative: We don’t have any left here, but we are full on mechanized infantry!” Cog looked at its holoscreen, then back at Niragi, its eyes betraying its anticipation. “Suggestion: Shall we go?”
It got up before Niragi could respond. She followed quickly behind the machine.
“Fact: Good news by the way, we’re quite close to it!”
Indeed, after only short fifteen-minute walk, they reached a door. Cog invited Niragi to enter.
Niragi approached and the door split open. And she slithered into a desert. She immediately looked back to see the door close and fade out.
The desert was large, but as she looked, she discerned the limits. It was a square room, with some dunes rolling in the middle. Cacti were growing randomly here and there. Then she moved, and the entire decor flickered. None of what she was seeing was real.
A tiny transparent Cog appeared before her.
“Explanation: You are in Skirmish Simulation room number 1337! Continuation: It is currently set as a desert both visually and atmospherically.”
Niragi did registered the temperature of this room was hotter than the outside, but coming from a desert world herself, she did not mind the change much.
“Explanation: Your first opponent will be a standard infantry machine. Addendum: just like the one I scared you away from. Continuation: I will only equip them for close combat, as your armor do not seem resistant enough for most of our standard range weaponry.”
Niragi stared daggers at the tiny Cog-01, but knew it was right.
“Continuation: I plan to make this training in stages: each time you triumph, the difficulty will increase.”
“Works for me.” Niragi answered as she unsheathed her scimitars. “I hope you don’t mind if I dent some of them”
“Fact: That is what I expect from you. Addendum: Stages will be considered clear once enemy forces are deactivated, no surrendering!”
“To the death then.” A feral smile crept on Niragi’s face
“Fact: Correct. Suggestion: How about I give you rewards for every three rounds you complete. Continuation: I could give you better weapons or armor, or upgrade your body.”
A cold shiver ran through Niragi’s spine at the last reward. She did not want her body modified in the slightest. It was a shame for lamirias to modify their bodies, even in situations of life or death.
However, the proposition of better weapons and armor was alluring. As much as her pride wanted her to defend her current equipment, what Cog could be proposing was tech from the first emperor era. Maybe beow weapons and alloys. This could be a good opportunity to acquire what she would need to counter the Dark Queen powers. She still had her planet to avenge.
“Warning: Ready? Warning: GO!”
A single coppery machine burst from the ground in a spray of holographic sand. It held a short sword in its right hand and that was all. It immediately rushed toward Niragi.
Just like in the arena, Niragi braced herself. Her two lower arms extended in front of her, the tip of the scimitars she held touching each over. The upper arms holding the two other scimitars crossed before her face, ready to counter the machine’s move.
The machine reached her and jumped. It shifted its grip on its sword, holding it above its elongated head. its left hand extended before him, ready to catch one of Niragi’s arm.
It did not happen however. Niragi’s lower arms shot upward, the extended scimitars impaling the machine as it almost reached her. In a fluid motion, a third scimitar come from the left and severed the machine’s head. It landed in the false sand. Its glowing red eyes flickered a bit before going dead.
“Query: Can I take a quick scan of these scimitars? Explanation: I did not expect you to be able to slice it so easily.”
Niragi simply extended one of her scimitars, waiting for Cog to do its scan.
“Gratitude: Thank you.” A low hum followed. “Statement: I can give these weapons quite the overhaul, but we don’t have blades like that. Proposition: I can recover the blades and adapt them as either energy or vibroswords.”
“I’ll go with vibroswords, they’re more energy efficient.”
Cog snorted. “Fact: We’re talking IXIAN tech here. Correction: No HUMAN tech, energy has not been an issue since the installment of the empire.”
“Uh? I’ve been a soldier most of my life, and every human soldier had to recharge their weapons. Every soldier I fought with actually.”
“Surprise: What?” The tiny holographic Cog reappeared as it looked at a scrolling holoscreen. “Exasperation: Are you kidding me?” its eyes were comically large as it looked at the data. “Denial: They… WHY? Realization: Oh god of course! Continuation: They don’t a true one anymore.”
“A true what?”
“Dismissal: Nothing you need to care about. Warning: The next round will soon begin, get ready.”
With that Cog disappeared again. And two new coppery machines burst from the ground. They both rushed Niragi.
Niragi changed her stance, she crouched low. And rushed toward the sprinting machines. This seemed to surprise them as they both slowed. Which gave Niragi the moment she needed. She accelerated even more, her tail swimming in the false sand. She caught the first one on the side. It did not have time to react as two scimitars cut its head and gutted it.
The other tried to turn catch Niragi as she passed but reacted too late. Niragi had already passed it. She turned around and cut both its arms before slashing its head.
She was smiling. Her body was slowly remembering how to really fight actual foes, not the weakling toromirs or aging warriors from the arena.
Another pair burst away from her. Two more copper ones but one had a silver arm. The copper rushed again, but the silver arm one came slower.
Niragi slithered low to the coppery one, a scimitar cutting a leg as she passed. She turned around and stabbed the machine’s back. She then decapitated it.
She almost missed it, but her body reacted quicker than her though. One scimitar came to her flank, catching the sword trying to stab her. The coppery head snapped up in surprise. And went flying a second after.
“Excitement: Reward time!”
Three large holographic panels appeared before Niragi. On the first was what looked like a metal Lamiria with a black glass visor, on the second a pair of her own scimitars with ‘customizable’ written beneath and on the last was a computer chip with the word enhancement written beneath.
She considered the options and opted for the armor. It validated and the label ‘Part one out of three Acquired’ appeared above it.
“One out of three? I don’t get it immediately?”
“Confirmation: Correct, you will need to clear nine rounds to get it. Continuation: Just six more and it’s yours.”
Niragi cringed at that fact. “Fine, let’s get going.” Th IA was clearly enjoying itself with this ‘game’
“Warning: Launching next round!”
Two coppers, one silver arm copper. Both coppers had two axes instead of the short swords from the first rounds. The silver arm had a two-handed sword.
They did not rush her this time. The silver arm seemed to be directing the other two. As they slowly circled the lamiria, Niragi bounced forward. She reached the silver arm and was impressed when he placed his two-handed sword perfectly to block her two first scimitars, both coming from different direction. But that would be as far as this machine would go. It tried to move his sword to parry the third scimitar but found it actually blocked by the previous scimitars. The third scimitar effortlessly penetrated the head of the machine, snapping most of its internal systems. The body went limp and Niragi retreated as the two coppers rushed her.
With a single strike, she disarmed the closest, the axes flying far behind it. With a second strike, the head went to join the axes.
Niragi turned just in time to catch the second copper’s axes. One scimitar for each, part them out of the way and the second pair of scimitars, held like a pair of scissors finish the job. The headless body crumpled to the ground.
Four more machines, two coppers, two silver arm coppers, same weapons. Let’s roll.
She rushed the closest silver arm. She saw a copper rushing to help on the side. She stuck the longsword between two scimitars and slid them down. She quickly reached the handle, through which she cut, along with the mechanical finger of the machine.
Her tail coiled on itself and sprang forward, punching the rushing copper, sending it flying away. She switched her grip on one of her scimitars. She barely parried the second longsword from the other silver arm with two scimitars. She stabbed the head of the fingerless one and her fourth arm stopped the axes of the second copper.
She swiped the copper with her tail and extracted her scimitar from the dead silver arm head. With two scimitars free, she stabbed at the second silver one and slashed it in two. The first copper tried to approach Niragi again but saw his body fall on the ground as his head went flying from a reverse slash.
Niragi noticed the second silver was still active and quickly stabbed its head to end it. The remaining copper rushed her and ended up cut in two from head to pelvis.
Three machines burst again. All with a silver arm. Two with the long sword, the last with a lance. Niragi swiftly slithered toward the one with a lance, deflecting its attempt to spear her. Its head went flying shortly after.
She then turned to the remaining two. They were both approaching from different direction, wary of her actions.
They both jumped toward her. Niragi caught both of them. One split itself open on an extended upside down scimitar, the other landed on two scimitars and was quickly cut in two halves.
The reward window appeared again and Niragi simply chose the armor again. The ‘one’ became a ‘two’.
Cog did not try to talk and simply made the next round begin. Ten copper appeared, all with a sword and a shield. They approached in a half circle formation.
Niragi simply smashed into the formation. And promptly massacred every one of them.
Twenty appeared next, and Niragi dispatched of them with the same ease.
A single fully silver machine appeared next.
Niragi immediately adopted a defensive stance.
The silver machine crouched and dashed forward, closing the distance to Niragi in seconds. He unsheathed his own sword as he reached her.
She stopped it, feeling actual strength behind the blow. This one was good.
He dodged backward as a scimitar barely missed its head. He came back and tried to land another hit, but was parried once more. A scimitar scraped at its bearing arm and he almost got it cut. Its other arm however got severed. It backed again, trying to rebalance itself but Niragi did not let him. She rushed it and began to strike quickly. It managed to parry the first five, but the sixth severed its remaining arm. Its head quickly followed.
The reward window appeared once more. ‘All parts acquired’ was now displayed above the armor.
“Fact: We’re running out of time girl. Proposal: One last match! Explanation: You win, you get both armor and weapons, you lose, you still get the armor.”
“Alright! Bring it” Niragi’s heart was thumping wildly. Her entire body felt ready to strike on its own. She was in the lamiria battle trance, and it felt good.
She heard the door hiss behind her and turned, surprised.
What she saw made her almost drop her weapons.
In slithered an armored lamiria. It was a full armor, covering from head to tail tip. It held the same long swords the silver arm coppers had used, but it carried four seemingly effortlessly. Niragi recoiled slightly. She had been told dozens, no, hundreds of times that she was the last lamiria still alive.
“Who are you?” She adopted her preferred defensive stance.
“Statement: It’s just your armor. Addendum: It’s empty.” On cue, the large black visor on the helmet slid backward, revealing only emptiness.
“Warning: Last fight of the day! Warning: Go!”
The armor launched itself. Niragi went flat on the ground as both pair of swords closed above her. She dashed upward, her four scimitars extended before her. They rebounded millimeters from the armor.
The armor staggered backward as Niragi arms opened following the rebound.
A tiny green bar appeared above the armor. A fourth slowly turned gray. “Fact: As it is your future equipment, you won’t actually be touching it. Explanation: You just need to empty the bar above its head.” The voice of Cog was coming from the armor itself. “Statement: Also, I have been reviewing all the data I had available on the lamiria, so don’t think this is going to be easy.”
Niragi bared her teeth at the armor. “Knowledge is useless without application!” She launched herself at the armor.
The armor gave a shrilling scream and went toward Niragi. They met and Each scimitar found its sword to parry. But Niragi quickly realized something. The armor was strong. Stronger than her. She was slowly being pushed back. Her tail came swiftly, roping around the armor, lower right wrist. It squeezed and the sword moved out of position, allowing the scimitar the reach the armor’s torso. It rebounded again and slightly less than a fourth of the bar disappeared. She tried to give another hit, but a tingling sensation in her tail made her disengage.
She removed herself just as sparks run along the armor’s arm. “Fact: You’re talking to Cog-01, first ixian IA, and never bested amongst machines! The supposed human murderer! FEAR ME!”
The armor came again. Niragi parried every strike, carefully timing her own movements. Just as another hit from overhead was coming, she swiped her tail. The hit would have been enough to crack the opponent rib, here it simply removed a tenth of the remaining bar and staggered the armor.
Niragi took the opportunity and slashed low, getting beneath the armor guard and coming back behind her. She had quickly adapted to the rebound. The bar had turned yellow. She struck the armor back. The bar turned red, only a tenth remained.
The tail of the armor came tip first, crashing on Niragi’s stomach. Her own armor cracked under the impact, some of the metallic scales falling. Niragi went flying, landing on a dune. She barely had the time to right herself before the armor was once again on her. She clumsily parried the flurry of strikes, still groggy from the impact.
As she fully recovered, she realized another thing. Cog was right, she was one of the best, if not the best, IA to exist. And she had the skill to back that claim. She was adapting frighteningly fast. Niragi could not see any opening. It was getting harder and harder to actually parry the strikes.
Then she saw it. Not really an opening, but a hope. She let go of one of her scimitars and charged forward, holding the opposite scimitar with two hands. One sword missed her, two were deflected, but the fourth struck true, embedding itself on her lower left shoulder, the armor breaking against the blade.
Niragi screamed but the flare of pain did not stop her. She let the sword slide through her shoulder.
She stabbed the armor. Her scimitar did not rebound. It went through. It struck the inside and stopped. The armor had opened itself around the waist, allowing the blade to penetrate.
“Surprise: Well would you look at that! Fact: You could pass the beow culling exam.”
The armor let go of the embedded sword. The slight change in balance sending even more pain in Niragi’s shoulder.
“Apology: Oh sorry! Statement: Here, let me help you.” The armor reached for the sword and pulled it out. Niragi half-screamed. Blood began to ooze from the wound, but quickly stopped as the medical nanites still in her blood went to work. With her stomach full, the wound sealed in seconds.
“Fact: You clearly have earned your reward though.” The human looking body of Cog picked up the discarded scimitar.
Niragi looked at her armor. She had barely had the time to study it before It had attacked her. It seemed custom-made specifically for her. She was reminded a bit of the armor Khair had worn, mostly for the arms and torso. from the waist to her tail, it looked like some sort of flexible bands of purple metal stopping perpendicular to a ventral dark line. The line seemingly ended at the tip of the tail. The armor was mostly purple, just like the one she was wearing, but with less shine. Some of the upper armor parts were outlined in white.
Finally, the helmet was a in two parts. A large, black visor that would cover her entire face, and more purple metal covering everything else. The neck had the same bands of metal and black line, allowing for almost unrestrained movement.
“Statement: you can try it on if you want. Addendum: Just touch the chest area, it’ll recognize you.”
She did as instructed. The armor opened like a flower, the arms extending sideways. And a tangle of black tubes jumped, immediately wrapping around Niragi. She screamed in surprise.
She tried to get the snaking tubes off her but they kept coiling and slowly covering her entire body. Her current armor was unclasped and thrown aside. She felt tiny pinpricks in different parts of her body as the thing extended itself.
“Addendum: Oh yeah, you need artificial muscle fiber to fully use this armor. Reassurance: Don’t worry, it’s not alive, just nano-tipped. Continuation: Easy to put on, easy to remove.” Cog nonchalantly explained.
Indeed, she quickly ended up completely covered by the tubes. She flexed her arms and tail. It felt like a new layer of muscle had been added on her. Which in a sense was what had just happened. The layer ended at the base of her skull, covering up to her neck.
“Instructions: Now copy the position of the armor and let it cover by itself.”
Once more she did as instructed. The armor quickly covered her entirely and closed itself. It made her wave her tail to fully seal. The helmet remained opened for now. The visor was at the back of her head, the sides had descended, letting her ears free.
Once more Niragi flexed her arms and tail. There was no lag, no resistance. It felt like her own skin. She even felt Cog’s pat on her back.
“Question: How does it feel?”
“Incredible! For how long did you have it?”
“Fact: an hour… and a half?” Cog hesitated “Alternative: Or are you talking about the tech? Continuation: In which case, seven and a half million year.”
“You made it just for me? In an hour?”
“Correction: And a half, yes”
This made her realize just how insane the empire at its peak had been. If Cog could whip such a marvel in such a short time, what else could it do? What else had the empire been able to do?
The first iteration of Cog she had met, Cog-255, had complained about the massive regression the empire had gone through after the loss of the first emperor. ‘I wouldn’t even work for them of I could.’ This sentence had surprised Niragi, but now she was starting to understand. The more she learned about the empire at its prime, the more the current one felt like a failed imitation.
Just with Ix, the empire would have been wielding insane strength. Adding to this the fact that it also had the beows as an obedient army, and you could understand just why the simple mention of the empire to certain inhabitant of the galaxy was enough to get them to sign peace treaties with you.
“Fact: The recovery is done, please follow me.”
They exited the training room. Coming back to the metallic walls of the inside of Ix.
“Request: Give you scimitars to this drone. Question: Do you want vibro-scimitars, energy scimitars, or both?”
“Both? You can do both?”
“Fact: The sword D’s body had was a vibrosword and had an energy field on it. Addendum: the energy field generator was broken though.”
“Then both!” Niragi declared. If Cog had told the truth, energy would not be a problem.
“Acknowledgement: Perfect, I’ll get to it immediately.” Cog was rubbing its hands together. “Command: Now let’s go, the operation room isn’t close!”
Cog led her out of a building. Or so it seemed. The scenery went from large hallway to a cavernous space. On either side, the building they had just exited seemed to continue infinitely. In front of her was a highway, and on the other side another, similar building.
She looked up, expecting a low ceiling but found it quite high actually.
“Fact: We’re going to take a grav-cart.”
On cue, a floating platform arrived. It easily accommodated the both of them.
“Fact: the travel time will take about half an hour.”
And so they went deeper into the bowels of Ix
Uuuuuurgh. Why did I decide to give not to give Cog her gender (which would be female)(which does not mean every iterationns consider themselves female). It was a gosh darn pain to proofread, if you see any pronouns misplaced, PLEASE TELL ME (there should not be but one might have slipped between my rereads). Also this is one of the longest chapter I have written since I began this story.
SO, what else to say? Oh yeah! this chapter was more focused on Niragi as I felt I had not really developed the girl. I still do believe this qualify as HFY as we see more of the wonders the humans made (and a lot of speculations wink wink).
Not much more to say, so as always thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. If you see any typo or mistakes, please point them out.
Also, I have lego models of some of the ships (and maybe soon units) from the ixian empire. You can find them here.
Thank you again, I'll get to the next one quick!
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2020.10.11 17:20 Sacron1143 Explaining Captain's journey. (Unfinished)


This is my attempt to write the order of events as they happened from Captain's perspective. Since it's his perspective, Honkai Kingdoms Zero is being put after The day you vanished with the stars.
I will write a summarized explanation of the event, while highlighting important or interesting points, and also will write separately things that happened in between the events. Events that span multiple time-lines will be described in detail.
Keep in mind that some events don't have a confirmed order and thus it's impossible to make it 100% accurate. For these cases, they will be positioned based on my understanding, and if you wish to we can discuss it on the comments or in private. I'm open to change it if I believe it makes sense.

The timeline:

  1. In the first attempt, Captain meets Luna Kindred Theresa and helps her fulfill most of her wishes. The timeline ends when Theresa loses control and kills Captain while he attempts to save her from 18yo Himeko and Kallen. This is where his obsession to give everyone a happy ending begins.
  2. In the second attempt, Captain's deja vu gets Himeko bitten and Kallen sees no other choice but to kill her. This timeline ends after Kallen gives Captain her contact info and data about A-872, this world's Theresa.
  3. In the third attempt, Captain can clearly remember the two others. Rita informs Captain that this means this is his last chance to find a future where Kallen survives. Captain makes the timeline go mostly like the first, but he gains Kallen's trust and she gives him a gun with a bullet that can either kill her (and then the frenzied Theresa kills Captain before regaining control) or Theresa (And Kallen dies as well). Even Luna Kindred's character files doesn't make it clear which one is the canon ending, but given Captain's self-sacrificial nature and how much he cared about Tericula, I'd say there is a higher chance that he shot Kallen.
  4. Captain wakes up in his own world again, and Otto greets him. Otto also says "Rest well. The Divine Key will activate in 48 hours"

  1. Holy Schicksal Empire: Captain and the twins join the army led by Fu Hua, the Arch Imperator. Captain manages to pass the trial simply by listing his adventure on Fairytale Rhapsody, but has to help the twins with their trial. Captain also displays his swordsmanship skills and ties with Mei in a fight. In the end Fu Hua entered the portal alone, leaving Captain in that world as revenge for having forgotten about her.
  2. Jormungond: Grey Serpent, the messenger of the Corsair Queen, was killed. The twins want Captain to prove that Cocolia was framed for the murder. Captain eventually manages to discover that the culprit is in fact Bronya (The current Corsair Queen) and that Himeko helped her to become the next Corsair Queen. After the reveal the first Corsair's treasure is actually the HOMU intellectual property, Captain convinces Himeko to give him the wish in exchange for more HOMU types to sell. Since the twins didn't tell Captain about the time loop, the wish to go back to their world doesn't actually work. Grey Serpent is actually an incarnation of the Golem, and revives.
  3. Emberya: The twins tell Captain that there is currently a idol competition and that the prize is having any wish granted, so he becomes the manager of the Vodka Girls. They learn that Rita, the Grand Chancellor, has put up this competition in order to find rivals for Teri-Teri the Magical Girl Emperyus, who has gotten tired of having no competition and ran away, neglecting her duties as the Grand Seeress. Eventually, Captain manages to solve the issue by having Theresa join the Vodka Girls +. I believe this one is the last timeline to happen, as having a scene that happens 3 months after the wish would break the rule of the time loop.
  4. At the time of the wish, the three timelines merge into a true timeline, where everything that happened in the previous ones (Prior to the part where a wish is made) happened the same way despite it not being possible. Now that Captain has regained his memories of the previous cycles, he interrogates the twins and learns of their plan. He then wishes to cancel Rozaliya's wish, thus putting an end to the time-loop. Captain realizes that now they don't have a way to return to their world.

  1. A village full of Sakuras who are looking for their lost sister. Captain defeats one of them in a sword fight.
  2. A treasure hunter Kallen who wants the treasure guarded by the Water Djin (Who got locked outside her own house).
  3. A vampire Theresa (nicknamed Tericula) who was sealed away by her family for being too dangerous and kind to humans. She quickly grew attached to Captain after he "unsealed her".
  4. A wild Rozaliya who wants to kidnap him again. She doesn't manage to.

  1. Helping a Seele find her lost Bronya, who disappeared after sealing away the Colossus.
  2. Meeting a Rita who lives in a igloo.
  3. Saving Fu Hua and Himeko from Nuwa and Fuxi's job on a hot spring, while also solving a murder mystery.
  4. Fighting a very angry Water Djin.
  5. Preventing Tericula from killing the twins by feeding her his blood. Captain's blood appears to have a very unique taste, wich allows her to realize it's him and calm down.

  1. They end up being caught and brought to the kingdom, just in time for Kongming to force Himeko and Fu Hua to fight to their deaths, killing the one who won after. Kongming then shares a drink with Captain and explains what has happened in the three months he wasn't there, but the wine was poisoned. While she is about to die, Kongming says that she believes that Captain is the Mr. Assassin who saved her when she was a 12 year old girl, one thousand years ago. She also mentions that, if he really is the Mr. Assassin she knew, he will be able to wake up Miss Ironfist, and that she might be able to find a way to fix this future. She then dies on his arms. Captain finds Miss Ironfist on Kongming's room, and learns that she is actually a doll sized robot called Tesla Zero. He passes the verification by touching her, but the wake up fails and she enters low power mode. After babbling uncontrollably to her about the current circumstances, she analyses his words and performs a Consciousness Mapping, sending him back in time by 3 months.
  2. Kongming believes that Captain simply showed up in this world at the same time as her, and he manages to convince her to act earlier than she would have otherwise. This allows her to learn about Houdou's location before Rita sacrifices herself, and they manage to catch up to her. Captain learns that when Kongming was 12 she attempted to seal Houdou by herself, but ended up being helped by many, including Mr. Assassin and Tesla Zero. Captain promises to stay by Kongming's side no matter how hard things get. By working together, they almost manage to take down Houdou, but he attempts to do a self destructive attack to take them with him. Captain then lures Houdou into the ocean, where he explodes. Captain is then forced to return to his own time.
  3. When Captain wakes up, he finds that the ancient battlefield has turned into a desert and that the sea is gone. After finding a withered Rita, she explains to him that the Houdou explosion was much greater than expected, bringing Schicksal and Jormungond to near ruin. The two Kingdoms believe that it was on purpose and that they have the soldiers they sent to help with them, thus causing a war against Emberya. Kongming died while protecting her citizens. Rita then gives Captain Tesla Zero, as well as a map of the region marked where the army sent for help was last seen and what their names are. Captain spots two odd names, and goes back in time again.
  4. Captain manages to find the soldiers Vodka Typhoon and Vodka Swordmaster, who turns out to be Rozaliya and Liliya, and learns that both Schicksal and Jormungond's armies are trapped in a monster filled area. They then go to Emberya to meet Kongming so they can plan a meeting. Kongming and Captain then meet Fu Hua and Himeko to make a truce, as well as compensate for their loss. The deal is almost broken, but Captain's lie about a much stronger beast that is yet to come manages to convince them to make an alliance. Captain is once again forced to return to his time.
  5. Captain comes back right on time to enjoy the Qixi Night. Theresa and Rita have to do some traditions, so they leave Captain alone with Kongming, who is sure that he is Mr. Assassin. After spending a lot of money on snacks, Captain and Kongming decide to make a flying lantern to write a wish on, but the city ends up burning while Captain waited for Kongming to return outside of the city. Captain goes back in time again to save Kongming.
  6. Captain and Rita manage to find the culprit, but he kills himself before they can ask any questions. Kongming is assassinated in the middle of the evacuation. Captain goes back again.
  7. Captain tells Kongming about the time travels, and together they want to catch the culprit again. Turns out that one of Kongming's guards betrayed her, but they manage to defeat the guard and the lantern maker who made the explosives. Unfortunately, Kongming dies again when the carriage she was on loses control.
  8. Captain then spends an unknown amount of times trying to save everyone. While he can occasionally save a good amount of people, Kongming's death is apparently inevitable.
  9. After what possibly was thousands of attempts, Captain finally can't take it anymore and has a mental breakdown. That's when Tesla Zero wakes up for good, surprised by how many times he tried. Tesla Zero explains that the Mr. Assassin who saved the 12yo Kongming is in fact the Future Captain, who left her in the past so that his past self (Present Captain) may have a chance to find a better future than his one, and that she was made to wake up after a certain amount of Consciousness Mappings. Tesla Zero also explains that the reason Kongming always dies is because the Golem doesn't have her in it's index of people who made a wish, so it believes Kongming being alive in the current era is a mistake that must be corrected at all costs, even if means resetting the entire world. According to Tesla Zero, the only way for Kongming to survive is if Captain takes her on board of the Hyperion, as leaving the world will count as mission accomplished for the Golem. We also learn that the Consciousness Mappings aren't an ability of Tesla Zero's, but rather something that Captain can do by himself. Since Captain didn't know he had this ability, both in these times as well as on his original world it was being used with the help of a machine to enhance and channel it. He simply assumed they were being done by the machine alone. "Until now, you have not yet grasped the true nature of the Hyperion sailing in the Sea of Quanta. Built by your memory, it's the manifestation of your power and the path leading to tomorrow"
  10. Captain, Kongming and Tesla Zero leave this world, being forced to leave everyone else behind, as even with Tesla Zero's help, Captain can't take away more than one person from the world. It is unknown what happened to the twins.

  1. Captain receives the mission to bring the Princess back to either Prince Kiana, Grand Chancellor Rita or General Durandal. They all don't know her objective is to seal the beast Houdou, and think she has ran away from her duties as the next emperor of Emberya. Captain joins with Tesla Zero, whom he now calls just "T".
  2. Captain and Tesla Zero meet Kongming in a forest. Believing that Captain is an assassin sent to kill her, she begins calling him "Mr. Assassin" and Tesla Zero "Ms. Ironfist", due to her three giant metal hands. Tesla Zero explains that their objective is simply to protect her, not to kill her or bring her to anyone. She isn't fully convinced and keeps calling Captain "Mr. Assassin", but gives him a chance.
  3. During their travel to seal Houdou they come across many challenges. Tesla Zero defeats Raven, an assassin hired by Jackal supposedly by orders of Prince Kiana. Raven ends up traumatized. Captain defeats a samurai Mei sent by Prince Kiana who was given the same orders as him. Captain has once again displayed good swordsmanship and analytical abilities. A Yae Sakura disguised as a tavern owner attempts to poison Tesla Zero and Captain, as she was Rita's informant and was ordered to bring Kongming back as well. Captain convinces Yae to first let Kongming seal Houdou, and she defends Captain from Raven for enough time to Tesla Zero to come and trigger Raven's PTSD. When going trough the ancient battlefield they come across General Durandal, who attacks Captain to bring back Kongming.
  4. Captain wakes up on Durandal's camp, and is called to meet the General. Captain then has a heated discussion with her to convince her to support Kongming instead of forcing her back to the Throne immediately. Turns out that Durandal had been told of the plan to seal Houdou while Captain was still unconscious and agreed to it. This was just a test to see how strong Captain's convictions to protect Princess Kongming is. Durandal has to stay in the camp to defeat any other beasts that may come with Houdou.
  5. Captain, Kongming and Tesla Zero come across an army led by Jackal and Prince Kiana to kill Kongming. Kongming was already aware that Jackal would stage a coup and Kiana just played along to get proof. Thousands have now heard her confess she wants to kill the heir to the throne, allowing them to arrest her. The trio gets on their way.
  6. Kongming has an exchange with Captain and tells that she is aware that he came from the future, from another world, and that the reason he wants to protect her is because he lost someone dear. She had tempered with the food Captain ate as well as some parts of Tesla Zero to knock them out, so they don't have to be involved in a fight that was never theirs.
  7. Unknown to Kongming, Rita saw the sky lantern she released and believed it to be a distress signal. When she arrived there she saw Captain and Tesla Zero, and helped them, and even gives Captain a cool sword... After interrogating him.
  8. Kongming reaches the Abyssal Altar and forces Houdou to come there so she can seal him forever. When she is about to die, the three arrive. Unfortunetelly, Houdou was much stronger then they expected, making Kongming have to cut corners in the sealing formation to seal it in time. This means the formation will have to be reinforced yearly to keep it from escaping. Captain lost the sword and they needed help from Durandal to sent it in the formation.
  9. The wish granting Golem awakens and asks for someone to make a wish and since he knows Captain made a wish in the future, the wish goes to Kongming. She then wishes "For my empire and my subjects to enjoy peace and prosperity forever". The Golem decides that the way to achieve that is by giving Rita and Kongming semi-immortality, and Kongming realizes this means that she will see the future Captain came from.
  10. Tesla Zero used up all her energy on this battle and goes to sleep. Captain then says his good byes and returns to the Hyperion, but not before saying that "We'll meet again some day. After all... The key to that future is now in your hands.". A hint that there is a reason he left Tesla Zero in the past.

Quantum Travels warning:

  1. In Sanka Saga Ferryman says "Luckily, when I was whining, someone told me there were people who needed me, and that I just needed to find them". Tesla Zero never told Captain to recruit the Valkyries, and Captain wasn't whining when Kongming gave him the list of "Valkyrie Personas". This leads me to believe that the person who told him that is most likely Fallen Rosemary Rita.
  2. In Rosemary Floriography Rita says "Though I may not be the same Rita you used to know, I wouldn't refuse if you ever feel like snuggling up to me". While it may be a bit of a stretch, this could imply there are no other Ritas on board the Hyperion.
  3. In Stygian Blooms Rita is the only crew member to not be a part of a flashback. That means she is the only one we know nothing from how her world was.

Back to the timeline:

  1. Raigokumaru, when talking to Kasumi about Ferryman, mentions that "He has too heavy a soul. It's like there are multiple identical beings breathing inside him". At first I tought it could be a reference to how we are Captain, but looking at Fallen Rosemary now, that is probably not the case. Raigokumaru also mentions it can't sense any ill intent, something Luna Kindred had also said before.
  2. The Preta rune is what Captain calls a "divine artifact", and looks like a crystal shard. Most likely it is a Divine Key of some sort, and now it is on Captain's possession. It can "Open up portals to alien realms"
  3. The Herrscher of Corruption was sent to one of these realms. It might show up sometime.

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2020.10.04 22:02 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #59 - Roll the D1CE - 200410 + Album Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the new girl group keeping bright quirky pop alive, Cignature! This week let's get to know fan-favorite Dreamcatcher's brother group, D1CE!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the thirteenth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: D1CE is a five member boy group under D1CE Company. Their name is pronounced "D-Once" and their fandom is Don1y, which is a combination of D1CE and 'Once'. Pre-debut they were known as HNB for 'HappyFace Next Boys'.
Company: D1CE Company is a group-specific sub-label for D1CE under HappyFace Entertainment much like Dreamcatcher operates under Dreamcatcher Company. HappyFace was founded by producer-duo E-Tribe who were responsible for such mega-hits as Lee Hyori's U-Go-Girl and SNSD's Gee. Current groups include Dreamcatcher, D1CE, and Dal*Shabet (on indefinite hiatus), vocal ballad trio Classmate, and soloist Lee Si Eun. Former artists include R&B group 4Men, soloist Ben, girl group Bebe Mignon, and rappeproducer Nassun.
Full Group Interviews
Debut: August 1st, 2019 with Wake Up (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 17th, 2020 with Draw You (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Special Single Comeback: August 17th, 2020 with One Summer (MV)
Special Pre-Debut Unit: June 14th, 2018 with Falling in Love (MV) Live Stage (Link)
YouTube Channel: D1CE Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: In typical HappyFace fashion the group has a large number of high-quality 'special clip' cover videos, I strongly suggest checking them out. All members have previous survival show experience. Though they pronounce their name 'D-Once' they also imagery of 'rolling the dice' in their song descriptions. Their fandom name was the result of a fan vote. Member Jingyoung has appeared on King of the Masked Singer (link). I don't normally comment on official colors, but theirs are a particularly pretty shade of bronze and brass (link). The group has performed in Japan.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: The former main rapper of the girl group WA$$UP she made her solo debut while still a member of the group and has continued as a solo hip-hop artist since the group's disbandment.
Company: She is now represented by Woldstar Entertainment, a new company formed this year and based in Singapore. The company's CEO Kim Jinseon, also known as Sunny Kim, is a former member of the girl group CST and has a previous company known as PNB Entertainment which seems to have closed. In addition to Nada the company has also signed Dahye, formerly of BESTie, and a number of athletes and actors. They also have a set of female trainees expected to form as a new girl group.
Real Name: Yoon Yejin
Age: 29 (IA)
Solo Debut: December 22nd, 2016 with Seorae Village (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: June 25th, 2020 with My Body (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Other Realeases
YouTube Channel: Nada Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Nada takes her stage name from the Spanish word for 'nothing' and says that it means that "I Am Me". She has competed in Show Me the Money 3 and Unpretty Rapstar 3. She says she was the best member in WA$$UP when it came to twerking. She has been a featured artist on tracks from Pharaoh (link), The Gita, Stephanie (link), and Grey Day (link). She was involved in a dodgeball sports reality TV show with other WA$$UP members and members of 9 Muses. She has a brother who is a cartoonist. She left WA$$UP with fellow members Jinju and Dain over a dispute over lack of payment.
Who were they?: MIDNIGHT was a pre-debut girl-group under H&I Entertainment. While the membership numbers shifted continuously throughout the group's pre-debut period they maintained a hip-hop-oriented style. The group disbanded before it could debut.
First Pre-Debut Release: March 9th, 2019 with Girl Groups Flooded (MV)
Second Pre-Debut Release: April 13th, 2019 with Swish (MV)
Final Pre-Debut Release: August 20th, 2019 with Algorithm feat. Sleepy (MV) Performance Video (Link)
Active Between: 2018-2020
Reasons for Disbanding: The group struggled with membership changes throughout its existence, seeing 15 different girls cycle through the group at some point, some never appearing in any official releases. Their debut date was also postponed multiple times. Eventually the company folded and the group was disbanded.
YouTube Channel: MIDNIGHT Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Member and leader Danvvb was a former dance trainer at JYP and also a backup dancer for groups such as Winner as well as a choreographer. She is now a soloist and as a YouTube channel (link). Member Jiwon left MIDNIGHT to join ANS, which also recently disbanded. Member Yebin now goes by Yoolin and is signed with Purple Entertainment, possibly as a soloist. Member Yudi is now Dabi in the group AREAL. Member Chaewon joined Daydream, which quickly disbanded, and is now signed with Liz Entertainment as a member of project group CHIC&IDLE as Xindy. Member Seyeon is now also with Liz Entertainment as part of CHIC&IDLE under the name Byeolha. Member Yunu, who was previously an actress, appears to be continuing to act after leaving the group and has also recently release a solo song Spit it Out (MV).
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.09.27 16:19 jupiters_finest Youth Trek

Just unlocked my most traumatic repressed mormon memory... trek. Did anyone else have to go on trek? I know a lot of stakes do it, do all of them? That was definitely the pinnacle of mormon bullshittery in my opinion. They really made us wear pioneer garb and hike miles pulling handcarts with nothing but shitty food and Brigham Yuck cocksucking to look forward to at the end of each day (except the one night we had a dance that was actually fun). My first trek was genuinely one of the worst weeks of my life, especially because my trek family was insufferable. The boys in my group literally never helped, they just talked about basketball and threw rocks at each other the whole time. On one of the days all the boys had to go “to war” so us ladies had to push the handcarts ourselves. I guess they were trying to prove some kind of point to us about how we’re useless without men or something. The point was lost on me though, all the girls in my group were athletic queens and we actually did better without the boys there making us stop eight times within the span of an hour because they kept flat-tiring each other on purpose.
A few of the girls in my family were terrible too. I got my period on the second day and had gnarly see-stars stare-jesus-in-the-nostrils level period cramps for almost the whole rest of the week. The last hour of the last leg of the hike was when they hit the worst, I remember trying not to cry as we pulled the carts in and then cutting everyone in line for the bathroom because I had to yack. I knew a girl in my family had a bottle of Advil in her bucket because I had seen her pop one earlier that day but when I asked her for one she LIED AND SAID SHE DIDNT HAVE ANY. If that’s not unchristlike behavior I don’t know what is. Another girl would CONSTANTLY bring up the blisters she was getting, even finding ways to work them into completely unrelated conversations. “I can’t wait to take a long bath when I get home!” “Same.... oh wait that would probably irritate the gIaNt BlIsTeRs on my feet, they’re real bad aha.” Interesting, but I don’t remember asking.
And don’t even get me started on the yee yee pioneer activities they made us do. I was fourfuckingteen when I did trek the first time, I wanted to be in bed reading doctor who fan fiction with a refreshing non-caffeinated soda, not making cornhusk dolls out in timbuktu and getting sunburnt down to my marrow. The best part is, I was in that lucky group of people who got to go twice. I was fourteen the first time so I was still technically a youth for the next one four years later. Fortunately, the second time around was not quite as bad because I convinced (read: begged for months until she caved out of pity) my non-member friend to come with, and the rest of our family was pretty nice. Both of my treks ended in the theatrical circle jerk testimony meeting that concludes any youth conference though. I haven’t thought about it in so long, but I can confidently say that trek was my worst memory out of my entire church experience. I resent the fact that my parents wouldn’t let me flake the morning of, I tried real hard to get out of it. I should’ve faked illness Ferris Bueller style.
Anyway, I just wanted to rant. I am seething that they made us go through that shit.
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2020.09.18 09:23 Psycho697186 Weekly New Release Thread - September 18th, 2020


Knuckle Puck - 20/20
Movements - No Good Left To Give
Into It. Over It. - Figure
Yours Truly - Self Care
Sundressed - Home Remedy
Eastwood - It Never Gets Easy
Conditions - Fluorescent Youth (10 Year Anniversary)
closure. - I Don't Mind
Teenage Halloween - Teenage Halloween
Mercy Music - Nothing in the Dark
Handsome Ghost - Some Still Morning
A. Swayze & The Ghosts - Paid Salvation
The Trillionairs - Hidden Tunes from New Dimensions
Hawser - All is Forgiven
Jeff Rosenstock - 2020 DUMP (EP) -- Bandcamp Link
Better Off - Redone (EP)
Knope - An Exercise in Patience (EP)
Stateside - Havøc (EP)
Fluourescents - Dead End Conversations (EP)


PUP - Rot
Rise Against - Broken Dreams, Inc.
Boys of Fall - Distance
Billie Joe Armstrong - Kids in America (Kim Wilde Cover)
We The Kings - These Nights
Veara - We Have A Body Count (Acoustic)
Elder Brother - Projector
Acceptance - Bend the Light
Hundredth - Somewhere Nowhere
The Damned - Manipulator
The Mountain Goats - Get Famous
We Set Signals - Aurora
Afterlife - Wasting Time
Niiice. - free earl
Aim High (feat. Broadside) - Better Than This
Miss Fortune - Under Your Radar
Eyes Set to Kill - House of Glass
Carrington - Reverse
No Thank You - Enough
Amarionette (feat. Till) - Why Can't This Be Love
Nothing Serious - Blabbermouth
Fit For Rivals - Fake
The Vaughns - All Weekend
Nice Shot, Kid - The Same Way
Middleneck - Head in the Clouds
Early Work - Drink
Will Butler - Bethlehem
KidsNextDoor - Megan
Sarah and the Safe Word - Something is Afoot on Old Man McGrady's River
Karma Kids - Sexual Drugs
Tape. Rewind. Repeat - Not Getting Anywhere
Partner - Big Gay Hands
Kingdom Of Giants - Blue Dream
The Speakeasy - Sunday Blues
Outer Stella Overdrive - Three Piece
Mourn - Men
The Vanities - Reality TV
Project Revise - Borderline
Jimkata - Bonfires
Seven Fly - Dying Light
Project Revise - Borderline
The OBGMs - Outsah
Berried Alive - Figsaw
Static Dress - for the attention of...
War Orphans - Prop up the Polls
KillRadio - Election Year, Pt. 1
Rude Tins - Bitter End
9teez - Be Skappy


Alicia Keys - ALICIA (Album)
Keith Urban - THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1 (Album)
Cults - Host (Album)
Armon Jay - The Dark Side of Happiness (Album)
Ava Max - Heaven & Hell (Album)
Yusuf - Tea For The Tillerman² (Album)
Gus Dapperton - Orca (Album)
Daniel Romano's Outfit - How Ill Thy World Is Ordered (Album)
Fenne Lily - BREACH (Album)
Osees - Protean Threat (Album)
Elderbrook - Why Do We Shake In The Cold? (Album)
Bear's Den + Paul Frith - Fragments (Album)
Anjimile - Giver Taker (Album)
Hayley Gene Penner - People You Follow (Album)
A. G. Cook - Apple (Album)
Mt. Doubt - Doubtlands (Album)
Rob Joynes - Back Forty (Album)
Jealous of the Birds - Peninsula (Album)
Young Knives - Barbarians (Album)
Dig Nitty - Reverse of Mastery (Album)
Deradoorian - Find The Sun (Album)
Bright Light Bright Light - Fun City (Album)
Steve Arrington - Down to the Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions (Album)
Æ MAK - "how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world" (Album)
Napalm Death - Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism (Album)
Fawn Limbs - Sleeper Vessel (Album)
El Ten Eleven - Tautology (Album)
Sarah Davachi - Cantus, Descant (Album)
Lil Tecca - Virgo World (Album)
Semisonic - You're Not Alone (EP)
Casja Siik - Ninjō - Part 1 (EP)
Hidden Mothers - Hidden Mothers (EP)
Bon Jovi (feat. Jennifer Nettles) - Do What You Can (Single)
Deftones - Genesis (Single)
nothing,nowhere. - pretend (Single)
Sam Smith - Diamonds (Single)
LANY - cowboy in LA (Single)
Run River North - Hummingbird (Single)
Future Islands - Moonlight (Single)
COIN - You Are the Traffic (Single)
Smallpools - cycle (Single)
Local Natives - Statues in the Garden (Arras) (Single)
Pendulum - Drive / Nothing For Free (Singles)
Death Valley Girls - Under the Spell of Joy (Single)
Sufjan Stevens - Sugar (Single)
Jenny Owen Youngs - Vampire Weeknight (The One AM Radio Remix) (Single)
Justin Bieber (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Holy (Single)
Action Bronson (feat. Hologram & Lauren Mayhem) - Mongolia (Single)
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2020.09.11 00:43 Smiley-77 Fiancee cheated on me when I was on medical leave from the Army

I hope this story will find some and help. Even though this happened a little over 20 years ago, this still impacts me to this day. Names have been changed to protect identities.
From 96 to December of 99 I was in the army stationed in Texas. I was very young, joining right after high school. Growing up, I had a very sheltered up bringing and hadn’t experienced much culture outside of where ever we were living at the time. After shipping off to basic training and joining a group from all over the country it was a real culture shock. After I graduated basic training I moved onto my advanced training. It was here that I met my soon to be fiancee, we will call her Meownee. She was from Des Moines, IA while I was from Peoria, IL. Knowing we were from similar places helped me feel closer to her right away. In the beginning I was cocky, cracking jokes, and not appearing too interested which I think somewhat attracted her. From there we moved onto dating and became exclusive. Eventually, we graduated our advanced training, moving onto our new unit assignments. We were always around each other. She was the first woman I had ever had "S" with. Early on she told me that she had been with someone else before me. Than later she mentioned she was still a virgin, like me. This should have been red flag number 1. As we continued dating, I grew deeper and deeper in love with her. I quickly was accepted in her social circle and I thought I would be with Meownee forever. As we were dating, I noticed a married soldier was constantly hanging around her, we will call him Penis Muiz. It was very clear that Penis Muiz wanted more than just friendship. This should have been red flag number 2. Meownee and Penis Muiz worked in the same unit. The more and more I was around Meownee the more open and vulnerable I became. I was head over heels in love. Fast forward to the summer of 97 and I had an operation to remove my appendix. After the surgery, I was given 4 weeks of medical leave. Before leaving, I gave Meownee my love and let her use my car as the car she was driving was really old at the time and I wasn’t sure it was reliable. While I am at home, we call each other several times a week and on the surface all seemed ok. Once the 4 weeks are up, I can’t wait to get back home to see her again. When I return, Meownee is cold and distant. It is this time when Meownee tells me she went to a club one night with one of her other girl friends, Muiz, and some other guy. After the club they had sex. When she told me this, I felt utterly destroyed. She told me how much better at sex he was than me and how much larger he was bla bla bla. I wasn’t in my right mind. I was severely upset and Meownee had to run and get the on duty guard to escort me out of the barracks. From this point forward she was extremely disrespectful, cold, and distant. Here was a woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and in one action she destroyed all of the trust and intimacy we had. Later that night I threw up. I lost allot of weight that week. When she told me I was literally in shock. How could she do this to me I thought. As I was in shock, I threatened to tell Muiz’s wife. She all but ordered me not to and I complied. As time progressed, I tried to reconnect to work things out with her. She withheld sex from me and continued to be a cold bitch! I had to beg for sex. Needless to say, things didn’t work out between us and I fell into a depression. I counted the days to when my Amy contract would be up. I saved back vacation to get out earlier. At the time I was really young and didn’t know how to handle it. My friends were there for me and I spread rumors around about how much of a whore she was. To this day, I still think she is a size queen and a whore. I should have told her to f off and never talk to me again. This is the first time I had ever been cheated on. The one nice thing about this is that at least she told me up front. This would have been much worse if she cheated on me after we had married. It took me years to get over this betrayal. It impacted me on a very deep level. For a long time after, I had lots of trust issues with several women during dating not allowing any sort of real emotional connection. Several times I have thought about trying to find Penis Muiz’s wife to tell her what happened but so much time has passed now that it probably isn’t worth it. I hope karma has taught them both a lesson. It wouldn’t surprise me if either have cheated on several others. Anyways, if this ever happens to anyone my heart goes out to you. This was a very important lesson for me to learn about dating and to take my time vetting her before committing. Suppose I am thankful on some level for that lesson. I have forgiven her since then and realize it was nothing I did. This was her decision to destroy everything we had. That tells me she never was really in love with me. There is life after a betrayal like this. Now I am well and have 3 beautiful daughters I would do anything for. Meownee and Penis Muiz if either of you are out there and reading this, F you!
What advice do you have for others who have been in this situation? How should I have handled it? Should I have told Penis Muiz’s wife?
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2020.09.06 12:58 LordDeSeiss Dual Claw Melee Assassin Build - Path of Diablo BoI Assassin guide/overview 3.0

Dual Claw Melee Assassin Build - Path of Diablo BoI Assassin guide/overview 3.0 Twitch Video guide Русская версия (RU version)
Hello and welcome everybody LlordDeSeis here with the 3rd version of my BoI build – lately people really started to catch on to dual claw, so I'm going dual wielding this time around. This build is fully capable of doing all end game content, which are maps (as long as you check for lightning + fire enchant), ubers, and Dclone relatively safely and quickly and is rather enjoyable to play in my not so humble opinion.
Table of contents
· 1) Viability/Leveling/End game Skill Tree
· 2) Gearing/Stats/Merc Setup/Breakpoints/Armory Link
· 3) Gameplay
1)Viability/Leveling/End Game Skill Tree
It is possible to put 1 point in blades of ice once we hit level 30 and get carried by venom all the way to hell difficulty, but I would not recommend it since we get amazing fire traps at level 12 and the first synergy for it in the form of fire blast at level 1. It would be better to put all the points we can into fire blast with the exception of 1, which we will put into a burst of speed and start it as a generic Fire trapper. Which looks roughly like
20 Fire Blast
20 Wake of Fire
20 Wake of Inferno
Burst of speed - the rest
As of now, the late game skill tree looks like
20 Blades of Ice After the nerf last season – still going strong
20 Claw mastery – more damage, attack rating and even some chance to crit
1 Point into Dragon Flight as we are abandoning Chaos runeword, in which previously we would ideally get +1BoI and +1 Dragon Flight
16 Weapon Block Any further investment into this skill I would consider borderline useless as at level 16 you will be getting 56% chance to block and getting this skill to level 26 for example would give us a mere 4% extra block chance
16 (ish) Burst of Speed (It really depends on the weapons that we are going for – more about it in the gearing section.) Always check your attack speed frames over here
20 Blade shield - now we get an extra blade for every 13 skill points so with the gear that I am currently using, we get it to levl 26 for 3 blades (It is possible to get it to level 39 with 2x 2all +3 blade shield Plague runewords and 3 trap skillers but I decided not to go this route)
Rest into Venom (makes us Physical/cold/Poison hybrid also DO NOT try to scale this with poison damage charms as the Damage overtime on those will be converted into 0.4 seconds on venom which will give you virtually no damage at all)
I did put an extra couple of points Into fists of ice - it seems really good on paper, but sadly it is too difficult to maintain all 5 charges.
2)Gearing/Stats/Breakpoints/Armory Link
Helmet: Guillaume's Face (probably the best melee helmet in the game) corrupted with life on hit. With BoI now being 80% cold 20% phys we just do not have enough physical damage to leech our life back quickly enough against the likes of Lilith and Uber Diablo so we have to supplement it with life on hit. Eventually socket it with a ber rune. We will not be using a stormshield so we need to get %Damage reduction anywhere we can. For uber mephisto, I highly recommend getting 3 socketed Guillaume's Face with ums/all res jewels/orts. This helm is mandatory.
Body armor: Don’t ever waste your Lum rune to make Smoke early on and try to get Lionheart (Hel Lum Fal) as soon as you can as this is the item that we will be doing our first uber Tristram with. Our late-game options are Chains Of Honor for a huge damage boost against both demons and undead, and highly valuable all resistance, strength, and damage reduction (My personal favorite) , Fortitude (Which will boost our damage and give us a tremendous amount of flat armor and armor scaling due to chilling armor. Those who previously watched my stream know that I've been really bashing fortitude on BoI assassin until now, but with BoI going from 60% cold 40% phys to 80% cold 20 % phys, we just do not have enough physical damage to instantly leech it back in the situations when it actually matters, one of them being Uber Diablo who does heavy lightning/phys damage so the extra +5 maximum lightning res will come in handy), Shaftstop - which is amazing budget armor and can be taken into the ultimate endgame as a part of our main setup with a 3os corruption (something that I have started with this season) and last, but definitely not least - Guardian Angel. The block from GA does not work with claw block, the only thing that does is soft points. The faster block rate does work and brings our block frames from 5 to 4 which is very significant. +7 max resistances across the board is always nice, and we also get a little bit of attack rating.
Boots: Gore Riders – an amazing DPS boost for comparatively no investment
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp - Considering the number of our attacks this is the best suitability boost due to the Life Tap that procs reliably and almost instantly and has open wounds. If you have some extra currency life on hit is an absolute must to have on these gloves as life tap on its own wont save you vs uber diablo, and you HAVE to have life on hit vs Dclone. Consider Ghoulhide (skipped them myself) for extra damage against commanders in Dclone area. The only corruption that we would want here is life on hit.
Belt: String of Ears to get max or close to max damage reduction, magic dr (amazing for dclone), and is our source of life leech. Also, keep Thundergod's Vigor for Uber Mephisto and Diablo.
Amulet: Angelic Wings for extra life and AR when combined with the ring. Try to get +1 to all skills here as you will need it to get lvl 26 of Blade shield for 3 blades.
Ring 1: Ravenfrost - Personally my favorite item in the game.
Ring 2: Angelic Halo. We are looking for %Damage reduction corruption here.
Shield/Second weapon: We only attack with our main weapon and will not receive ED, crushing blow, deadly strike and open wounds from our offhand. We can however get +skills, damage from facets, faster hit recovery bonuses and resistances. The logical choice here is 3s Jade Talon socketed with 3x15 all resistances jewels or lightning resistance jewels to cap your resistances against Uber Mephisto's Conviction aura. You can also use one with cold facets to increase your damage against other targets. Try to get the highest all resistance roll that you can as ed does nothing.
Weapon: Everything can be started with a Jade Talon that goes for 1 ooc, that can be corrupted for maxed damage or 3 sockets and turned into an ultimate weapon. It also gives us mana leech and a huge resistance bonus. I would highly endorse Bartuc's Cut-Throat as a go to weapon as we will be able to achieve maximum possible attack speed frames without any other attack speed items. Alternatively, a rare claw with 200+ maximum damage, 3 sockets and 1k+ attack rating could be used, yet, this is a highly difficult scenario to pull off. Put in 3 cold facets (The only thing that matters is for it to be -5% enemy resistance
Weapon swap: Lidless Wall + Call to Arms for that little bit of survivability, + Blade Shield claws (3+Blade Shield base with Plague Runeword for + 5) Or my new personal favorite Demon Limb + Medusa's Gaze for enchant and Shiver armor proc.
Strength - enough for items. The heaviest item that we will have is Guillaume's Face so 115 strength is our absolute maximum. Dexterity - again enough for items. Weapon block does not scale with dexterity. The highest dexterity requirement on our items is 105 so invest accordingly. The rest goes into Vitality.
Mercenary: He sadly only survives for a couple of seconds so I decided that it is not worth to invest into him. If you do use one, get one from act 2 with Blessed Aim (Offensive) as attack rating is rather crucial for us. Infinity if you want some extra damage. Kelpie Snare is the best defensive option, even if the merc will only be able to hit once, the slow will still be applied for the next 30 seconds. Insight (My personal favorite) for a little bit extra utility. Treachery is a good body armor for fade proc and extra attack speed. Lastly Steel Shade with Melee Splash/15 attack speed jewel might be able to keep him alive a little bit longer.
Faster Hit Recovery Breakpoints:
For the Faster Hit Recovery break points, we get an easy 86(4 frames) with Jade Talon, Bartuc's Cut-Throat and Guillaume's Face so our girl will bounce back VERY quickly.
Attack speed Breakpoints:
ALWAYS USE ATTACK SPEED CALCULATOR - there is a number of common combinations that I have recommended. Make sure to put Jade Talon (Wrist Sword) as your secondary weapon. Do remember that +50% attack speed on burst of speed is completely different from +50% attack speed on geaoand weapon. Think of it not as attack speed increase, but as a breakpoint decrease. With Bartuc's Cut-Throat (Level 16 Burst of speed) we are getting to maximum Attack speed by default.
Armory Link:
Pre buff with CTA+ Lidless Wall (won’t have enough strength for Monarch Spirit on swap) or 2x+5 blade shield claws for that extra blade at the beginning of every run. To sum up our buffs - Battle Commands, Battle orders (from CTA), Blade Shield, Venom and Burst of Speed. I highly recommend getting Demon Limb + Medusas's Gaze and casting enflame and shiver armor before any serious fight. We have to drop cloak of shadows this time around due to mind barrier being buggy.
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2020.09.05 06:36 KonaCoffeeYogi [Finds] My Essential RepLadies Taobao Starter Pack + Bonus Items!

If you've been on this sub often enough, you've more than likely seen the term "RepLadies Starter Pack" thrown around. It refers to the most popular and frequently recommended items on here; things considered an essential part of every RepLadies' wardrobe. Everyone will have a slightly different variation of what that starter pack consists of, but these are the things that would make up my list~



Not exactly part of the RepLadies Starter Pack, but here are some other finds I liked and wanted to share:
Hope you found some things that are worth adding! What would you include in your RepLadies starter pack? What are some of your all-time favorite TB finds?
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2020.08.25 17:46 Konchew Summer Abby's Lines

Abigail Williams (Ascension 1) [CV: Ōwada Hitomi]
Battle Start 1 I will let the gate be known. It is impossible for you to close it. ...Fufu.
Battle Start 2 Ia! Ia! ...Ahahaha!
Battle Start 3 The white ship unfurls its sail.
Skill 1 Open, O gate...!
Skill 2 The cats will judge your sins.
Skill 3 Right here, Father.
Skill 4 Ia! Eh-ya-ya-haah fhtagn! [1]
Command Card Select 1 You're right.
Command Card Select 2 It's becoming clear.
Command Card Select 3 Impossible.
Noble Phantasm Select 1 Even if it becomes painful, endure it, okay, Master?
Noble Phantasm Select 2 Aah, the Silver Key is inside me.
Noble Phantasm Select 3 Fear the abyss of the endless dream.
Attack 1 Let's wrench you open. Go play.
Attack 2 How about some indignity?
Attack 3 Don't avert your eyes.
Attack 4 We've got guests, let's entertain them.
Attack 5 Go play.
Attack 6 Being picky is a no-no.
Extra Attack 1 Come forth from the impure garden!
Extra Attack 2 Ahahahahahahahahaha!
Noble Phantasm 1 Beyond the gate of deep slumber, you'll descend and reach the land of dreams. The disastrous capital of evil, the hidden wasteland of intense cold, the sole peak of the foreign gods, the absolute summit of the unknown. If you are to enter, it will be impossible to leave. Dreamlands.
Noble Phantasm 2 Stairs of seventy, seven hundred dreams. By descending, you'll reach the land of dreams. The disastrous capital of evil, the hidden wasteland of intense cold, the sole peak of the foreign gods, the absolute summit of the unknown. It won't be satisfied while it dreams. Dreamlands.
Damage 1 Aah...violent, aren't you.
Damage 2 Ufufu...
Damage 3 Father...
Damage 4 Kuh...
Defeat 1 Master...I can't, see you...
Defeat 2 Open this place...
Victory 1 Foolish, aren't they. Hindrances will die.
Victory 2 Can you hear the song of the nightjar?
Level up 1 Haah, it's delicious, Master.
Level up 2 It's just not enough... Please. Give me more, enough for me to bathe in it.
Level up 3 Let me protect you.
Bond 1 I am going to pluck the wings of the butterfly. While it lives, solemnly as if it were a ceremony... With pity and prayers...despair and rapture... Is there any person who wouldn't be charmed by such a sight?
Bond 2 Let's swim in the waters of the night, shall we, Master? Relying only on the scant light of the stars. ...Before we notice, even that will disappear and only the sensation of our intertwined fingers will remain in this pitch-black world. Would this witch me float in the water? Or would I sink to the bottom of the water as ephemeral bubbles ascend to the surface...
Bond 3 Duudududuu~♪ dududuu~♪ du duu~♪ Glo~~~~ria in Excelsis Deo♪ ...What a beautiful melody...
Bond 4 Do you want me, Master? Or do you fear me? ...Or perhaps, you want to wreck me and turn me into a mess? If a heretic witch disturbs the calm of your heart, it is fine to never look at me. If you just let me accompany you from behind, that will be more than enough for me...
Bond 5 The true self, ideals to be fulfilled. Fu...fufufufu, don't mind such a fickle thing in the least, okay? Everyone just wants to connect with someone and echo empty words... Instead of that, would you let me see your dream? The land of dreams that only you can reach. I want to protect that place.
Dialogue 1 What place should I open a gate to today?
Dialogue 2 I'll become a gate that ushers you in.
Dialogue 3 Pray and knock. Even if it's at the farthest ends of hell, I will respond.
Dialogue 4 There are times when I find my other self unpleasant and I can't look at her. This is undoubtedly self-loathing. This is the only way I can reflect on myself... As expected, I am nothing but a child. (If you have Abigail Williams (Non-Summer))
Dialogue 5 Gilles de Rais-san in the black overcoat? Yes, he is a kind person. He uses straightforward words to advise me which is a great help. He lends me his precious book and tells me stories about interesting mysteries. It's still difficult, but I am starting to understand what he's saying. The only fly in the ointment is that sometimes his stories are all over the place, and when it comes to the topic of the best way to offer sacrifices, he goes into every minute detail and it turns into a very specific and long sermon. (If you have Gilles de Rais (Caster))
Dialogue 6 Ufufu, Heroine XX-san. If you get hungry late at night and sneak into the kitchen, you have an 80% chance to run into her. As you slurp noodles together, she'll get mad at your teasing then calm down and her cheeks will loosen as her eyes start sparkling...she is a very boisterous person that I can't get tired of. (If you have MHXX)
Likes Something I like, something I like...As expected, it has to be a thick steak dripping with blood! Sinking your teeth into with a knife in hand without caring about how you look is just irresistible! ...that was just a jest. Since you asked, I'd like to have a taste of an adult ice cream. Vanilla ice cream with a bit of brandy dribbled on it. Should I pay a visit to the place of a certain somebody who'd let me eat it in secret, I wonder.
Dislikes Something I dislike... Hmmm. If I had to pick something other than barking dogs...Aah, when I find an alarm clock, I smash it into pieces with a hammer. Disturbing one's wholesome sleep is absolutely unforgivable. Right?
Holy Grail Relying on the power of dreams is nonsensical... Fufu, fufu...really, just what should I do. Fufu, ahaha...Aah, I'm sorry, Master. Truly, how laughable... To be crying...
Event I've received news of something sinister, Master. In other words, my time to take the stage has come, right.
Birthday Today is Master's birthday, right? I'm sorry, a present from an abominable witch will surely ruin such a fine day. If you don't mind, I would like you to allow me to say a modest prayer. God is with us. May Master and your beloveds be given tranquility and may tears never wet your cheeks. May only a gentle dream await you.
Summoning Good day, Master. I'm Abigail Williams of the Foreigner-class. ...Are you frightened of me? A girl in the prime of her youth is like the unsettled chrysalis of ethos. Please accept this me who changes constantly like the pupil of a cat. Let's make beautiful memories together, okay...
Abigail William (Ascension 2) [CV: Ōwada Hitomi]
Battle Start 1 Strife is wrong.
Battle Start 2 I won't let you suffer so...please.
Battle Start 3 The cats remember even the lost wisdom of the Sphinx.
Skill 1 What kind of dream do you wish for?
Skill 2 Kyah! Ah...that surprised me.
Skill 3 "Reconcile with the cats"?
Skill 4 Lthar! Even Nosh! ...Sheesh.
Command Card Select 1 Yes!
Command Card Select 2 As the Lord wills it.
Command Card Select 3 While I'm a bit anxious...alright!
Noble Phantasm Select 1 Aah, cruel Master...
Noble Phantasm Select 2 Now, here's the splendor of the stars.
Noble Phantasm Select 3 O God who does not know all...
Attack 1 Here, take this!
Attack 2 Ei! Yah! Taah!
Attack 3 Hwaah, I'm sorry! Let's give them a greeting, okay?
Attack 4 "Cast your cares on the Lord"?
Attack 5 Now, Nosh! Now, Lthar!
Extra Attack 1 Summer, the Sun, pancakes!
Extra Attack 2 Come, O sweet dreams... Ah, uh, this may be improper...
Noble Phantasm 1 Beyond the gate of deep slumber, there are thousands of wonders and every mystery to journey through. The lost City of Gold, the magnificent and eternal City of Flowers, the Throne of the Gods, the Gate of the Utmost Limits where dreams come to an end! If you are to enter, it will be impossible to leave. Dreamlands.
Noble Phantasm 2 Stairs of seventy, seven hundred dreams. There are thousands of wonders and every mystery to journey through. The lost City of Gold, the magnificent and eternal City of Flowers, the Throne of the Gods, the Gate of the Utmost Limits where dreams come to an end! Come, break the taboos and dive into the dreams. Dreamlands.
Damage 1 I can still go on!
Damage 2 Kyah.
Damage 3 As long as there is life left in me, I won't fall...
Damage 4 It hurts.
Defeat 1 Master, forgive me...
Defeat 2 Am I a witch, I wonder...
Victory 1 The lord of the enchanting light has come.
Victory 2 Are you okay, Master?
Level up 1 Don't push yourself, Master.
Level up 2 Thank you! I'll do my best!
Level up 3 Um...just a bit more... Ah, n-no! It's nothing!
Ascension 1 Between madness and sanity. Beyond dreams and reality. Crossing through the slumber of the roses, guided by the throne of the ancient ones, now, I manifest here. My Foreigner Saint Graph has been updated once again... Is that a good thing? Or is it bad? Sigh... Will this expose my precious Master to dangers that we won't be able to recover from, I wonder...?
Ascension 2 Look! Cute, no? Eh...n-no! Not me! This one riding on my shoulder is Nosh. The pudgy one at my feet is Lthar! They get along swimmingly! Right? ...Right? ...If you don't reply with yes, something terrible will happen...Yeah! Good!
Bond 1 While I can't dream, I can connect to them. Even to pleasant but dangerous dreams which if you enter you'll never return from again...
Bond 2 Hn...this? Fufu, this isn't a swimsuit! These garbs are the ceremonial dress of an adept, a bishop who spreads the teachings of God! That's how it is, but...I'm at my wit's end from having to lug around this heavy pedestal... I wonder if it's a backlash from fiddling with the design to make it more Summer-like... Eh, no, I didn't say anything!
Bond 3 (Humming)~~~~♪[2] Oh my, Master. I just felt like humming. It's a sad-sounding song...that's why I like it.
Bond 4 (After clearing Salem) The Abby from Salem? The girl who called you "Troupe Master-san"? I'm sorry, but, unfortunately, that hasn't been passed down to me... Strange, isn't it? It's a story about the same me so just why am I so envious... But still, if you feel inclined to, please tell me about it again.
Bond 5 Please, stay there, okay? Stay like that, won't you, Master? You mustn't become someone like me with a fragile heart and a fervent gaze... That's why...
Dialogue 1 Let's fulfill our daily responsibilities, Master.
Dialogue 2 I am me, Master. The villager girl ignorant of the ways of the world that you've found, Abigail. I'll remain that as long as this temporary existence continues, always...
Dialogue 3 Your comrade on your journey...the taboo witch... Your small...l-lover... I want to become who you wish for.
Dialogue 4 Maybe the me who remains earnest even when she's in doubt is stronger than the me who wanted to increase her intelligence and become wiser... Haven't I become weaker as Master's Servant, I wonder? (If you have Abigail Williams (Non-Swimsuit))
Dialogue 5 T-the valiant King David... The irresponsible King David... I must have a proper talk with that person, yes! About God...about a tranquil heart...and also what he thinks about Abishag-san whom he talks about in such a relaxed manner... (If you have David)
Dialogue 6 Once again, I couldn't help thinking that she is an amazing person! Yes! I meant Katsushika Hokusai-san! The works she paints with her brush gliding across the canvas turn into dreams. Dreams you can see while awake, yes, they are a dream come true! Also, Servant or no, she can even stand on equal ground with magicians and enemy monsters! (If you have Hokusai)
Dialogue 7 For example, when we are in Chaldea, you see? I feel that sometimes "something is interfering with the power of dreams". Yang Guifei-sama, yes, it's Yuuyuu-san! She is connected to the land of dreams that surrounds Fomalhaut. That's amazing, it is beyond the stars! She said it is the inner palace attended to by her maids, but... If she'd give me her permission, I'd like to pay it a visit. (If you have Yang Guifei)
Likes Recently, I've been having fun reading books! I get so absorbed in them that I end up staying up late by accident... Phew, before I noticed, I've been rushing with the praying! I'm a naughty child, aren't I? Fufufu.
Dislikes Something I dislike...or more like, there is something troubling me. Before I notice, I find myself in some kind of temple surrounded by people of advanced age who are completely wrapped in robes. They treat me kindly and lavish me with things like old-fashioned confections, kelp tea and...tuna candies? However, I don't understand anything they say... Furthermore, it seems like these children (referring to the cats) understand what those people say, but they are being all whimsical and won't tell me anything. Geez...
Holy Grail I am sure the Holy Grail doesn't have the power or the capacity to fulfill my wish. This also means that I myself am inadequate...
Event According to my dream fortune-telling..."Traveling to an unfamiliar land will bring you happiness"! If you don't mind, please, let me accompany you!
Birthday Master! Happy birthday! Seeing you off with a lively song in celebration would be nice too, but, if you don't mind, how about we hold a relaxing tea party? Let's talk a lot and tell me about your family, your beloved hometown, and the dreams you picture in your mind!
Abigail William (Ascension 3) [CV: Ōwada Hitomi]
Battle Start 1 Ufufu, Ma~ster~!
Battle Start 2 Sheesh, what hopeless people!
Battle Start 3 Let's turn this into a memorable experience, shall we?
Skill 1 How about this?
Skill 2 Fluffy and dreamy!
Skill 3 Shall we have a swim?
Skill 4 Fufu, we are getting closer to the land of the cats!
Command Card Select 1 As you please.
Command Card Select 2 Yes, I know.
Command Card Select 3 Really?
Noble Phantasm Select 1 Let's make this the best vacation, shall we?
Noble Phantasm Select 2 The comet twinkles brightly.
Noble Phantasm Select 3 The aroma of the roses...fills this place.
Attack 1 Swing! Fufu, that was pretty good!
Attack 2 Please, excuse, me!
Attack 3 Ahaha, how delightful!
Attack 4 Ei! Yes, like that!
Attack 5 There! Nice kill![3]
Attack 6 Lthar.
Extra Attack 1 Now, come, Master! Ufufu, ahahahaha!
Extra Attack 2 A temporary Summer dream! Woohooo! Ahahahaha!
Noble Phantasm 1 Beyond the gate of deep slumber, what comes and goes through the sky is the ship of the stars, the skyscraper of the cloud curtain, the village where cats frolic, the palace of the gods, the picturesque scenery of the frozen wastelands! Those who visit won't even dream of leaving... Dreamlands!
Noble Phantasm 2 Stairs of seventy, seven hundred dreams. What comes and goes through the sky is the ship of the stars, the skyscraper of the cloud curtain, the village where cats frolic, the palace of the gods, the picturesque scenery of the frozen wastelands! The hunting tiger waits eagerly but won't strike that doorway. Dreamlands!
Damage 1 What a bad person.
Damage 2 Wah.
Damage 4 Are you satisfied?
Damage 5 Geez.
Defeat 1 I have to...wake up...
Defeat 2 Everyone...will die...
Victory 1 Ahaha, I'm a little tired.
Victory 2 Let's have some tea, shall we, Master?
Level up 1 Waah, I'm happy. This will make me useful, right?
Level up 2 I want to become an adult.
Level up 3 Ufufu, does Master like me?
Ascension 3 Ufufu, I wonder if this swimsuit suits me? In truth, it is quite embarrassing, but it would make me happy if Master took a liking to it. Swimming at the waterside and basking my bare skin in the crystal-like sunlight; I have never even dreamed of being able to experience such joy! It would be so nice if this wonderful time could continue for eternity.
Ascension 4 Even if that time comes one day, don't be sad, okay, Master? Even if you forget, even if we will be separated and won't be able to meet. Everyone is a gift given by God. Our heart, which cherishes the passing everydays and treats our modest happiness with tender care, is our gospel, our true treasure. That's what I think...
Bond 1 Swimsuits are so wonderful! It makes people realize that they are only wrapped in their thin common sense and in truth are always naked, doesn't it?
Bond 2 Since we came here and all, should I try getting a tan? I feel like if it is my current Saint Graph, I could pull it off. I am sure the tanned me would be able to smell the scent of the Sun in her bed even in the dead of night. How about we try it together, Master?
Bond 3 (Humming Nearer, My God, to Thee)~~~~♪[4] It's a lovely song. It's like both my body and mind are becoming clear.
Bond 4 I saw a dream like this. I wonder if I intruded on Master's dream? On a hot midsummer day, I was enjoying a nice and cool pancake while being rocked by emerald green waves. Fufu, even though I've never eaten something like that! The cranberry relish was super sour, but also very delicious! Perhaps, because I was together with someone. ...What a dream.
Bond 5 Hey, Master. If you were to bring me along and indulge in a secret dream, I would be filled with happiness too. It doesn't matter what dreamland it is as long as I am with Master. But, see? When it becomes daylight on this planet, when the true dawn arrives, can you swear that you'll properly return from the dream? It's a promise...
Dialogue 1 Won't you take me to a pure white beach, Master?
Dialogue 2 Me, the Servant who faithfully serves you. Master who kindly inquires about my mood. Just who is the lord of your heart? ...It is surely something ambiguous in the world of dreams. Besides, you see, our true masters might be the "cats". Fufu.
Dialogue 3 If Master alone can spend their days in peace, I'll be content. However, you will surely choose the harshest path to tread. That's why, even if it is only for a moment, I'll become a dream that will heal you.
Dialogue 4 The Foreigner Abigail... Since we are the same person if we were to switch clothes, I think Master would be in quite the fix since you wouldn't be able to tell the difference at all. My, you're saying that wouldn't pose a problem for you...? Fu~n, in that case, which Abby am I right now? Ufufu, if you can't give the correct answer, you might get some small punishment from us. (If you have Abigail Williams (Non-Summer))
Dialogue 5 That Hokusai-san and I are both wearing swimsuits! To think that would make me so happy! Ah, would it be better to call her "Oei-san" when she's wearing a swimsuit, Master? Fufu, it seemed like Oei-san couldn't calm down and was all fidgety when I was in my adept's garbs. I tried telling her I wasn't a fairy, but she went "That angel's feathered robe is irrefutable evidence!". Fufu, Oei-san was a very adorable person in her youth, wasn't she. (If you have Katsushika Hokusai (Saber))
Dialogue 6 You smell something soft and mysterious? Fufu, that would be this here! Pancake ball, also known as pancake bowl! I tried making based on what Jaguarman-san taught me! She told me it was Zipangu's traditional food! Originally, you are supposed to put okonomiyaki on a bowl of rice... But then Jaguarman-san said, "What, there's no difference even if you use pancakes"! ...It's just that, the bowman Emiya-san and Her Majesty King Artoria suddenly appeared and dragged said Jaguarman-san away... Those two were making a somewhat indescribable expression... Right, just like the one Master is making right now... D-does Master want one too? (If you have Jaguarman, Emiya, and Artoria)
Likes Speaking of something I like...that would obviously be pancakes! Ufufu, I've also learned of it! In this modern age "people can't live without pancake"! Soft hotcake, stylish crêpe, rectangular galette, bliny, okonomiyaki! Wonderful, the world is filled with wheat flour... Oh, huh? The last one alone belongs to a different class? ...Ngh, it's a precious cake from Master's country so it's so pitiful for it to be left out...
Dislikes I like what I dislike, I dislike what I like. They keep something at a distance or desperately hide it from one's eyes, and yet, they are charmed by it. Dreams reveal such selfish schemes. Ephemeral dreams can also show the truth. That's why, I am, dreams are...
Holy Grail I wish the whole of this planet could become a part of the Dreamlands. That is the desire I would entrust to the Holy Grail. It might be an unforgivable sin, but that is precisely why I end up wishing for it.
Event Lthar, Nosh, we're heading out!
Birthday Happy birthday, Master! I was frantically racking my brain, thinking about what to give you. Well, even if I say that, what I can give you are truly just meager things. Please, pick the one you'd like. One, I'll become Master's mother for today. I'll spoil you plenty. Two, I'll treat you to the pancakes I've made. Fufufu, let's add as many berries as the number of your age is as toppings. Three, without exchanging any words, we'll take a quiet walk on the beach. Ah, somehow, I ended up just listing things I want to do. Ufufu♪
Translation notes: [1] No clue how to translate this. The original is "イア!エエヤヤハーフタグン!". It's not "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" since that would be "フングルイ ムグルウナフ クトゥルウ ルルイエ ウガフナグル フタグン". Okay seems like it has parts of what the Dunwhich Horror screams while it is being killed ("Eh-ya-ya-ya-yahaah—e'yayayayaaaa...ngh'aaaaa...ngh'aaaa...h'yuh...h'yuh...HELP! HELP!...ff—ff—ff—FATHER! FATHER! YOG-SOTHOTH!...") and, well, the ftaghn from the Cthulhu chant thing. Idk, I'm not knowledgeable about Lovecraftian lore. [2] Abby appears to be humming a Christmas carol, "What Child Is This?" here. [3] Original has "ナイスキー" which is an abbreviation of "ナイスキル" (nice kill). It's a volleyball term or what and means "nice spike". [4] Here she seems to be humming a Christian hymn, "Nearer, My God, to Thee".
I translated most of the lines by ear so there might be mistakes. If you think I messed up something, be sure to point it out.
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2020.08.24 15:14 MichCouple Apartment Complex Wanderer

I have seen a few creepy encounters on this sub that involve apartments and rentals, so here is my milady creepy tale.
This apartment was the the first place that I could call "my own" out of college. It was a moderately nice place in the rural-suburban city that I was living in. The complex had a pool, dog park, and was close enough to work. At the time I thought the rent was high at the time, 2008ish, but it was moderately priced so it was well maintained. Friendly ppl, mostly professionals and young families.
I lived alone in a one bedroom with a basic three room set up. Bedroom, bathroom, living room. The only cool thing about it was that the balcony faced the pool and center of the community so I could see most of the goings on of the place if I chose to.
One nice evening, I had the balcony door ajar so I could let in the cool air. I could hear ppl at the pool and indistinct conversations either from the neighbors above or below, or the open stairways that joined the places together. As the night goes on I keep hearing the same voices, sound like they are getting louder, or maybe just too loud for the time of night. I keep hearing ppl walk out to the car, and walk back into on of the apartments on the first floor. Louder each time like they are having a party or doing some drinking. Unusual for this crowd on a weeknight. The voices finally each a crescendo, I hear the door close as I getting ready to close up for the night. There is a skinny, blonde woman walking to her car parked in front of my balcony just one story down. As I push my patio furniture back to avoid possible rain, I notice she ia just sitting in the car. Due to the angle i couldn't really see her face, but she could probably see me. I finish up, close the door, and call it a night.
The next day, I was off work with nothing specific planned. I slept in until 9 or 10. Was lazing around about to eat a small breakfast I prepared when I thought heard a knock on my door. Unusual because I don't know anyone that would be knocking, I brushed it off until I heard it again. I thought that's weird, maybe maintenance needs to get in. I peered through the peephole to see what appeared to be a skinny blonde woman about my age. I was still confused and she didn't appear to be threatening in any way. Maybe a solicitor selling door to door? Not supposed be but sometimes it happens. I open the door, and say hello. There is a pause like she is waiting for me to ask her something, as I am waiting for her to say something. I can tell now that she appears to have last night's close on, causal evening wear, I guess.
After she looks me up and down she says something like, "Um, hi, my boyfriend and I had a fight and he put me me out. I don't feel safe waiting and I don't have a ride or anywherr to go and don't wait to wait outside so can I wait with you?"
As I am processing all that information, I am looking at her for any credibility or any signs of trouble. I kind of look down the hallway both ways to see if anyone is chasing her or if this is like a prank it a trap. She doesn't look in danger. She is pale, skinny, looks disheveled but not really scared. She wasn't ugly but wasn't really pretty either. She had blue eyes that were easy to look at but seemed a bit sunken and distant. Her face was like the girl next door with slight acne and blemishing. It all felt rather clinical.
I responded with, "Is there someone you can call or do you need to use the phone?" I still undecided if I wanted this woman in my apartment. Something wasn't right and I couldn't place it.
She replied, "I don't know who I would call. Maybe if I came in and got calm I could think of someone. And wait." This was said with the insinuation of "I would make it worth your while."
Being a single man at the time, I could lie and say i wasn't interested in the proposition, but I think that would be an obvious lie. I thought about it for like .5 secs and told myself this is not a woman you want to be alone with your apartment for any amount of time.
I said, "Sorry, I am not going to let you in but if you need me to call someone, I will." She seemed offended that I would turn down her offer, like how could I deny her. I shrugged and said "ok?". Half asking, half telling her the interaction was over. And closed the door.
I made sounds like I was leaving the door but I was still curious as hell, so I wanted to see what happened next. She stood there for what seemed like minutes staring at the door, then a few more with her back to the door. At that point, I was trying to find my phone. Before I got back, to the door I could hear her in the hallway knocking on the door across and further down. I started dialing the property manager and thought I could hear a similar conversation taking place.
The manager answered the phone, and I described my encounter. She sighed and said something along "Oh its her again" or "yeah, we dealt with her before" not really giving any explanation which made it more creepy in my mind.
When I went back to the door, she was gone. Never saw or heard her again. One of those creepy moments in time.
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2020.08.16 21:36 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #52 - Always bet on BLACK6IX - 200816 + Album Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the ever-growing girl group ANS. This week let's check out the boy group with 6IX in their name that actually has six members, let's get to know BLACK6IX!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the seventh Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: BLACK6IX is a six member boy group under Black Hole Entertainment. Their name means 'A six member boy group with infinite possibilities'. Their fandom name is Black Pearl, which comes from the name of the ship in the Pirate's of the Caribbean movie, and means that they'll travel the world with their fans.
Company: BLACK6IX is the only group signed with Black Hole Entertainment.
Full Group Interview
Debut: April 6th, 2017 with Please (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: February 12th, 2020 with Call My Name (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Other MVs and Releases
YouTube Channel: BLACK6IX Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group has toured extensively internationally, including performances in Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Brazil. The group's fandom name of Black Pearl was also used by the girl group Tahiti, but who had stopped promotions before BLACK6IX debuted. The group's name in Hangul is used in Korea as a portmanteau by combined fans of BlackPink and Day6. Yongseok, Ziki, and Yey trained at the RBW/Cube Modern K Music Academy.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: A female soloist under Dorothy Entertainment. Her stage name come from 'Dorothy' and the name of the company that represents her. Her fandom name is Blooming.
Company: Dorothy Company represents two artists, Rothy and singecomposeproduceCEO-of-company Shin Seung Hun, a legendary ballad singer who regularly sold millions of albums per release in the early '90s and collected 12 coveted Golden Disc awards in addition to settings records at the time for 14 weeks topping the charts. Shin Seung Hun has been Rothy's mentor and teacher as she's developed her career.
Real Name: Kang Ju Hee
Age: 21 (IA)
Debut: November 8th, 2017 with Stars (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: August 13th, 2020 with Ocean View (MV) Acoustic Live (Link)
Other Releases and MVs
YouTube Channel: Dorothy Company
Random Stuff
Trivia: Rothy trained with Shin Seung Hun for three years before debut. He originally had 8 pupils but in the end Rothy was the one he felt would best represent the company. She has been learning to write her own music and contributed to the composition of Bee, and has also been learning to play the guitar and the piano. Shin Seung Hun has said that Rothy became his muse and inspired him to take on the second act of his life in music as a producer. In return Rothy says she looks up to Shin Seung Hun as a father. Her favorite musicians are IU and Sam Kim. Rothy originally auditioned to be part of girl group and had passed the audition but decided to become a soloist after speaking to with Shin Seung Hun. Rothy's sister is a singer as well and her father is an avid music lover and record collector so she says there was no opposition from her family for her career path. She can drink a couple of bottles of Soju and especially likes to eat chicken feet when doing so.
Who were they?: A four-five member girl group under Cartoon Blue Company which was founded by Korean-American R&B singer Johan Kim.
Active Between: September 2015 - September 2017
YouTube Channel: Unicorn Official
Reasons for Disbandment: The company had little money to work with, and took on an ambitious and expensive project for the group's second EP. Main vocalist Winnie withdrew from the group following their Blink Blink comeback due to health concerns and the group never released more music.
Trivia: The group took on an ambitious project for their 2nd EP, wanting to show a variety of colors by working with a wide range of top domestic producers and releasing the EP with expensive and luxurious packaging including over 40 high-concept artistic postcards shot by noted Korean artistic photographer David Byun. Unfortunately sales did not meet expectations and the expensive concept turned into a failure for the company. The group was on the older than average at debut, with members ranging from 20-23 at debut. The group featured in a Naver TV web-show called "I Am in a Girl Group". Member Sally is now a soloist going by shuuubabe (soundcloud) (YouTube Channel) in the 'future funk' style.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.08.08 13:35 youto2 House Party 8/03/20 - Part Two

Blackheart writhes on the mat holding at his face, as Baker lays on the mat for a good moment, the pain coming back through him as the rush of adrenaline wears off, but eventually, both men begin to rise to their feet. Pushing themselves up, getting up at nearly the same time. As we see Blackheart reach out to grab the chin of Baker, and pull back to attempt another forearm shot, but Baker knees him in the gut before he can do so! Double Blackheart over, as he sets Blackheart between his legs, and lifts him up! Bringing Blackheart up before tossing him back down to the mat with a vicious powerbomb! Blackheart landing roughly on the whole back of his body!
No! Kickout from Blackheart!
Baker has a look of frustration on his face, as he pushes himself to his feet, wobbly on them for a moment, before gaining his balance, as he grabs the mostly limp body of Blackheart on the mat. Only showing basic signs of life, as Baker then goes to grab him for a scoop slam, but Blackheart’s limp body involuntarily drops to a knee, interrupting Baker’s attempt. Baker then brings Blackheart back up in order to scoop him up, but his body involuntarily dropping gave him just enough time to heal and be able to consciously fight back! Blocking Baker as he attempts to lift him! Baker tries to lift again, but Blackheart once again blocks, and now begins to fire body shots ito the gut of Baker! Pummeling into Baker into he’s forced to release! Then Blackheart himself hooks Baker’s head, scoops him up, then drops him on his neck and shoulders with a Michinoku Driver!
Baker lays limply on the mat, as Blackheart collapses following delivering the driver. Neither man moves much for a good while, before Blackheat begins to stir, heading to the ropes and pulling himself up, eventually getting to his feet, as he stumbles back into a corner, and eyes Baker down.
Paisner: Blackheart staring down Baker from the corner….and we’ve seen what comes next here….and I wish we hadn’t...
Blackheart calls for Baker to stir, as Baker is out on the mat for a while, eventually though, we begin to see some signs of life. Baker beginning to crawl, trying to push himself up, giving Blackheart exactly what he wants, as he charges out the corner, and punts Baker in the head!........except no! Baker catches the foot of Blackheart, and uses it to trip him onto his back!
Woodbridge: Wonderful from Baker! Avoiding potentially being put on the shelf, and now he can jockey his way into advantage here! But does he have enough to pull it off?
Blackheart tries to struggle out of Baker’s grasp, but Baker twists and bends the leg in his grasp! Shooting pain up it, and managing to subdue Blackheart long enough for Baker to force himself up to his feet! Blackheart recovers enough by then to continue struggling, trying to force Baker off of him, but Baker counters as he willingly releases one leg, in order to drop down with an elbow drop to the other! Blackheart grunts out in pain, as Baker then proceeds to do it again! And again! Before re-grabbing the other leg, and the hurt Blackheart unable to struggle as Baker turns him over into a boston crab!
Paisner: Baker with the Boston Crab on Blackheart! He passed Cam’Ron out with this last week!
Blackheart grits his teeth in agony, trying to not let out wails of pain, as he tries to make his way out. Beginning to crawl toward the ropes! Digging his hands into the mat as he inches his way towards them! Stretching his arms out to try and touch them, as he can feel himself getting closer and closer!.....before Baker decides to use everything he has left, and sits down as far as he can in the crab! Bending Blackheart’s body at a grotesque angle, as Blackheart can’t help but yell out in horror!
Blackheart puts his hands on his head, his face strained in indecision, as he desperately stretches his arms out to ropes just out of reach! Baker’s face is straining as well, sitting this far down clearly putting strain on him as well, as it’s a battle to see who cracks first!
Blackheart yells out, as he tries one more time to crawl even with Baker sat down as far as he can, as he painstakingly slowly inches his way forward, but forward nonetheless, as he reaches out for the ropes yet again!.....but we see Baker quickly stand up, and before Blackheart can take advantage of the loosened hold, Baker begins to stomp on the back of Blackheart’s head to subdue him!
Baker keeps repeatedly stomping and stomping on Blackheart until he’s barely moving, upon which he drags Blackheart back to the center of the ring, and once again sits down deep! We hear barely audible grunts of pain from Blackheart, as he stares out into the distance, his face looking deeply pained…..before we see him begin to tap!
Javier: And your winner via submission, in 16:31, JIM BAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEERRRRRR!
Baker releases the hold, as he collapses onto his knees in tiredness for a good moment, before he delivers a HARD slap on the mat and a loud roar of pure intensity!
Paisner: AND JIM BAKER HAS DONE IT! Finally in his second month here, Jim Baker picks up his first ever win in WiR! Battling through a hellacious effort by Blackheart, and showing he can throw it all back then some more!
Woodbridge: And over a DEADLY competitor in Seth Blackheart, coming off of punting both Jericho Style’s and a former champion in Ikbal Rizwan’s damn heads off! He’s both directly talked on his anxiety about his job, as well as let it slip unwillingly. That retirement may have fake, but the frustration over the lack of success he had seen was deeply, deeply real, the burdens and expectations that come with being a former wrestler in larger promotions piling into that…..but now it’s all just dust blowing away in the wind. Jim Baker, finally proving to a WiR audience just how damned good he is, and Blackheart looking vulnerable for the first time in the process!
Baker lifts his head up with intensity, his hair flying around as he does, as he heads over to the corner, and pounds his head on the turnbuckles in excitement, before standing on top of the them as he yells out how good he is to the audience, while meanwhile, we see ringside crew take Blackheart out of the ring, but as they take him to ringside, he pushes them away and goes to head out on his own power. Stumbling and falling his way to the back, but all on his own power.
Baker then steps down and begins to head out himself, as he talks and boasts the whole way back to the entrance, bragging to every single fan in the audience, as he makes his way to the top of the entranceway, and strike one final pose before heading through the curtain.
We open our scene, as we come back to the ring for more action! Quickly followed by…
I Am The Fire by Halestorm coming through the speakers, as Oona Slash comes out on the entranceway. Chomping on some Big League Chew, and practicing swings with her bat as she makes her way down to the ring. Beginning to blow a bubble with her gum as she does so.
Javier: And introducing first, From Rahway, New Jersey, weighing in at 143 pounds, Oona Slash!
Oona heads down to the ring, as she notices a young girl in the crowd who seems very excited for her, Oona heads over to her to give the girl her baseball cap, and signs it, before heading to the ring, awaiting her opponent.
Rock’N’Roll Train by ACDC sounds throughout the venue, as a massive lad in Hugo Ironblood steps out from behind the curtain, an intense look on his face as he stomps down, and slaps hands with fans.
Javier: And introducing next, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 381 pounds, Hugo Ironblood!
Ironblood’s stomps can be felt by those near him, as he gets to the ring, and steps over the ropes into it. Itchicock signals to both competitors to see if they’re ready, and getting two nods, calls for the bell!
As soon as the bell rings, Oona launches herself out of the corner at Ironblood! Going for a shotgun dropkick to Hugo! But Hugo seems to have been prepared for this, as he sidesteps and catches Oona out of the air! Beginning to spin her around in deep six like move! But Oona manages to pull out a counter herself, overextending her momentum so she slips out of Hugo’s grasp, and grabs his arm to pull him down with an arm drag! Oona being lightweight, isn’t able to pull with much force, so Hugo lands softly and is able to push himself up relatively quickly for a big guy. But still, this is just enough time for Oona to jump up and clock him in the head with an enziguri! Stunning Hugo on his feet, before she swings herself around for a spinning backfist to his face! Hugo taking a step back as just a brief moment he’s off balance. Before Oona lays in a stiff kick to Hugo’s leg! Then another! And another! And another! Before he finally drops to a knee, where upon Oona goes to run the ropes, and comes back at Ironblood…..but Ironblood comes up and catches Oona in a snap powerslam! Absolutely planting her into the mat, as he keeps it for a cover! Getting a 2 count!
Ironblood then continues going in on Oona, picking her up in tossing her into a corner, where he rushes her with a stiff lariat! Dropping her halfway down in the corner, before whipping her into the opposite corner, where he repeats the process! Then back into the original! Then back into the opposite! Then back into the original! This final lariat fully dropping Oona to the ground! Leaving her seated in the corner! Ironblood then backs himself off to the opposite corner, as he charges Oona with a running knee in the corner! Connecting with her, and leaving her limp on the ground from the impact of the knee, as Hugo covers for another 2 count!
Hugo then grabs Oona once more, where he hooks her head, and goes to lift her up and drop her with a brainbuster!....but Oona extends her momentum to slip out of Hugo’s grasp behind him! Her hurt state causing her to nearly fall right back over, but gets her bearings. However this buys enough time for Hugo to turn around, and goozle Oona by the neck! Looking for a chokeslam! But Oona manages to drop down to escape his grasp, and land a dropkick to Hugo’s knees! Causing Hugo to bend down clutching at them! Giving Oona a moment to lay on the mat, catch her breath, and collect herself before kipping-up to her feet, and laying in the roughest uppercut she can to Hugo’s jaw! Absolutely CLOCKING him, as he stumbles back a good distance, nearly falling off balance, before Oona follows up by charging with a flying forearm shot! Sending Hugo stumbling back even more, all the way into the ropes!
Oona then lets out a roar of determination, as she goes to run the ropes, and comes back to jump high with a dropkick to the face of Hugo, looking to send him tumbling, but doesn’t quite get that, instead sending him bouncing off the ropes loopily, and stumbling towards the center of the ring! Oona then adjusts, as she runs the ropes again, and on the left side, steps in to deliver the “Lefthander” superkick to the face of Hugo! But still he does not go down! Very wobbly on his feet, but just managing to stay up, so Oona runs again, and comes back to land a second Lefthander on Hugo! This time, knocking him onto a knee! Oona’s face flushes with intensity, as she runs the ropes one last time, and this time, slides in for her “World Series ‘08” absolute HAYMAKER of a punch! Finally taking Hugo down! As she then goes into a cover for a 2.5!
The force of Hugo’s kickout sends Oona bouncing off of him, as sensing he may recover quickly, she barrels herself towards the turnbuckles! Running up them, and going for her “Valkyrie Splash II” low-angle moonsault! But at the last moment, we notice Hugo rolling out the way! Oona senses this and adjusts, changing her angle just enough to land in a three-point landing rather than on her face! She sees Hugo beginning to make his way up, and so goes to run the ropes to come at him right as he makes it to his feet, but as she makes her way back to him as he does so, Hugo instead catches her by the neck, and quickly lifts her up to chokeslam her hard back into the ground! The light weight of Oona causing her to bounce up off of the mat! Hugo then quickly follows up, grabbing Oona, lifting her for a spinebuster, then dropping her onto his knee with it! Bending her in half with the Stratofortress! Which he covers off of for a three count!
And Hugo Ironblood takes the win via pinfall in 7:12! Wiping his sweat off and celebrating with the fans, as ringside crew help Oona to the back.
We cut to backstage where, in front of some black curtains and a small shirt rack. In front are both Mark Dutch and Louis Blackwater, both shirtless as they look towards the camera.
Dutch: Hey there WiR Fans! I’m Mark Dutch!
Blackwater: And I am Louis Blackwater!
Dutch: And we are here to prove that we are not only a great tag team..
Blackwater: But also great salesmen!
Dutch turns towards Blackwater and raises his eyebrow.
Dutch: Really? Well, show them what you got!
Blackwater immediately turns around and grabs a brand new Buster Braggadocio “BB”shirt, holding it in front of the camera.
Blackwater: Like take a look at this… BB shirt. If you buy a WiR shirt on, you can show support your local small titty having neighbor that you support two B cups!
Dutch: I think that’s Buster Braggadocio’s shirt. But that doesn’t make it less of a cool shirt to wear! And yes, it can have a double meaning for it!
Blackwater: Won’t Buster hate that a mainland European guy is promoting his work? Considering his ehh.. opinions?
Dutch: We are putting money in his pockets! What does he have to complain about?
Blackwater: Probably a lot but ehh.. fair enough!
Dutch: Speaking of fair.. do you want to support your local ebegger and show to the entire world that you are a simp?
Blackwater: I don’t, but i’m sure that you do!
While Blackwater points at the camera when he says that, Dutch turned and grabs a bright pink GiGi Gaming shirt and shows it in front of a camera.
Dutch: We got this shirt going in 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and even 6XL! Blackwater, try it on!
Blackwater: No, thank you.
Dutch: Your loss is the people’s gain! That means 1 more on the market that you can possibly have!
Blackwater throws the Buster Braggadocio shirt out of frame and grabs a Stephen Romero “shirt” shirt, proudly holding it in front of in.
Blackwater: Sometimes you want to keep it old school. Some shirts never go out of fashion, and the fashionable Stephen Romero knows what’s up because if you think you’re wearing one shirt BAM! You’re wearing two!
Dutch: I am perplexed!
Blackwater: As you should!
While Blackwater stares at the shirt in delight, Dutch turns around and reaches around for a shirt, but stumbles across something familiar.
Dutch: The fuck is this?
Blackwater: Don’t worry. It’s my sweat rag! I swear, it’s perfect to wipe my taint and asscrack!
Dutch: Nice. Hope we don’t piss anyone off with that.
Blackwater grabs the shirt from Dutch and wipes it across his forehead. Dutch winks at the camera before Blackwater makes a giant ball of the rag and throws it into the distance.
Dutch: Last but not least.. we got a special shirt we want to debut tonight!
Blackwater: We do?
Dutch: Yeah! And you can order it on! Why did you think I wanted you shirtless here as well? To try it on!
Blackwater: I thought you just liked looking at my nipples.
Dutch: I almost do, but I don’t. So cover them up with this!
Mark Dutch hands the D&B “Western” shirt to Blackwater who giggles in joy and immediately puts it on as Dutch does the same, both men wearing the shirts.
Blackwater: Wow.. it’s so comfortable! The fabric is amazing!
Dutch: I know right?! Should others wear this?
Blackwater: Hell yeah!
Dutch: Well, they are in luck! Go to and buy two shirts, and get the second shirt for half the price!
Blackwater: That’s a bargain!
Dutch: Indeed! You can buy two D&B shirts and give one to that special tag partner in your life. Like I did with Blackwater.
Blackwater: Aww.. thank you! Now go buy that shirt, ya scallywags!
Both Louis and Mark, while wearing the shirt, wave to the camera as we fade back to the ring. With Javier ready to go.
Javier: The following is a singles match set for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit, and it is tonights MAIN EVENT!
A change of pace arrives in the form of calming jazz music and the crowd cheers as Dexter Flux’s music hits. Flux emerges from somewhere in the crowd, rocking a jacket of The Horde that he picked up off the ground in the previous week as bewildered audience members turn around to see the bizarre looking man walking past them asking where the ring is.
Paisner: These kind fans are currently pointing Dexter Flux towards the direction of the ring, which was seemingly impossible to miss but I guess I was wrong.
Woodbridge: Dexter doesn’t know the meaning of impossible!!!
Paisner: Or the meaning of social cues.
Javier: Slowly making his way to the ring, from Orange County, California, weighing in at 180 pounds, DEXTERR FLUUUXXX!!!!
Crowd: WOOO!!!
We now see Flux staring at a fan who is eating a tray of nachos, and the two make disturbingly long eye contact before the fan asks Dexter if he wants any of the nachos.
Flux: No, just looking, thank you.
Flux finally turns to the ring after what seems like an eternity of trying to find it and the crowd cheers amusedly as he does a celebratory air guitar to the very guitar-absent song on the outside of the ring.
Woodbridge: I’d say he has a few screws loose but I don’t think he ever had any screws to begin with.
Flux gets on the apron and attempts to push the top rope down to step over the top rope, but can’t quite get over it so he does the same thing but for the bottom rope and successfully enters the ring.
Now, a song that could only belong to someone who can’t afford music rights begins to play, and from behind the curtain steps Tony the Milkman. But instead of his usual suspenders, tie, and milkman’s attire, he is wearing a leather Horde jacket, aviators, and a strip of eye-black underneath his right eye.
Javier: Making his way to the ring, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 181 pounds- TONY “THE MILKMAN” STEEVENSSS!!!
The Milkman slowly walks to the ring alone, not a milk maid in sight, keeping his eyes on Flux, before stopping in front of a small child in a Horde T-Shirt, taking off his sunglasses, and placing them on the forehead of the child.
Paniser: And an uncharacteristic entrance for Tony the Milkman, usually full of life, but right now it seems that he is entirely focussed on Dexter Flux.
Woodbridge: And Tony said that Flux needs to earn his respect, and he’s looking for a big win here before his Independent title match.
Tony the Milkman makes his way into the ring and keeps his distance from Flux, and the referee Tai Ni Wong checks Stevens for foreign objects, then checks Dexter Flux and his Horde jacket, before calling for the bell.
Flux starts off the match offering a handshake, but the crowd begins cheering as we see Flux is offering a handshake to Tai Ni Wong!
Wong shrugs his shoulders and accepts the handshake!
Crowd: YEAAAA!!!!!
Milkman now steps forward, yelling at Wong.
Tony: Don’t be impartial now, Tai Ni! You gotta shake my hand too!
Tony Stevens reaches out to Wong for a handshake, and he hesitates to accept, the pressure of an accusation of impartiality weighing heavy on his shoulders but before he can accept, Flux reaches out and accepts Steven’s handshake instead!
Crowd: WOOO!!!
Paisner: The crowd here in Tennessee very receptive to handshakes tonight!
Woodbridge: Southern hospitality, Pais! We love ourselves some respectful gestures.
Wong looks relieved he didn’t have to shake Tony’s milky hand but Tony seems pissed Flux stole his handshake as he pulls in the arm of Flux and swings a clothesline, but Flux ducks, holds onto the arm and hits Stevens with an arm drag, and as Stevens gets to his feet Flux hits a 360 discus chop to his chest!
Crowd: WOO!!!
Stevens now retreats to the ropes and the crowd cheers Flux’s outdoing of the brash milkman! Milkman quickly returns back to the middle of the ring however, and now both competitors meet and collide in a collar and elbow tie up that Flux gets the better of as he pulls Milkman into a headlock and squeezes tight. Milkman seems to struggle for a short bit before just stomping on the foot of Flux, then launching an elbow into the gut!
Crowd: BOOO!!!
Flux lets go of the hold and Milkman launches a kick into the leg of Flux! Tony Stevens launches another kick and this one lands with a whack as Flux now clutches at his leg and leans over to the ropes, but Stevens continues to launch kicks onto the thigh of Flux!
Paisner: Stevens softening that leg up for the one legged Boston Crab he calls the Full Churn! Flux also needs those legs to be able to perform the athletic, high flying moves that he possesses in his arsenal.
Tai Ni Wong now begins scolding Stevens for not holding back the strikes while Flux remains on the ropes, but Stevens ignores him as the count begins to be applied, and Tony continues to launch hard kicks into the thigh of Flux!
Paisner: Tony doesn’t seem to be messing around tonight, he’s coming out the gate with whatever it takes for a quick advantage.
Woodbridge: Despite the lack of respect, I think Milkman is revealing how much of a threat he thinks Flux is with what he’s resorting to!
Wong starts to admonish Tony for not letting up, and Milkman now pulls Flux off the ropes and slings him towards the opposite ropes, and Flux bounces back and is suddenly hit with a hip toss takedown in the middle of the ring and Milkman holds onto the head and wrenches in a headlock as Flux lay on the ground in pain. Flux struggles in the hold, flailing his arms trying to get out before suddenly going completely limp, and Stevens looks surprised as he lets go of the hold to look at Flux, whose tongue flops out of his mouth dramatically.
Woodbridge: Oh, look Pais. He’s dead. Tony killed him.
Stevens gets to his feet and yells at Wong in an irritated tone.
Stevens: Would you please tell him to quit playing dead and fight Tony Milk-Man, Damnit?
Wong looks at Flux and bends down to grab the arm and lift it, and Dexter’s arm drops!
Woodbridge: Uh oh!
Wong lifts the arm again, and it falls again!
Paisner: Is.. is this really happening right now during our main event?
Woodbridge: Have some faith, Allen, the man could be knocked out cold from that brutal headlock!
Wong lifts Flux’s arm once more as the crowd starts quietly and builds in volume and suspense as Wong lets go of the arm… And Flux instantly kips up and launches himself at Tony, clinging to him and flinging him with a monkey flip!
Crowd: OOHH!!
But Stevens lands on his feet!
Woodbridge: LOOK OUT FLUX!
Flux looks proud of himself for the fake out, arms outstretched in pride towards the crowd as Milkman runs and launches a bicycle kick right into the back of the head of Flux!
Crowd: BOOOOO!!!!!
Paisner: That kick snapped Flux’s head forward so sickly there! Now Flux may actually be unconscious!
Stevens falls for the cover but Flux rolls out the way, and Stevens tries to follow him but Flux rolls all the way out the ring! Flux takes a breather on the outside, pulling a carrot from a jacket pocket and munching on it, but Milkman suddenly runs the ropes and jumps over the top rope, suicide diving onto Flux and knocking them both down to the floor!
Flux is down and so is Milkman, and the count begins as Wong reaches 4 before Milkman starts to stir and get to his hands and knees. Flux is still down by the time the count reaches 8, and Tony Stevens has now pulled himself up with the ring post. Stevens climbs up onto the apron, but now Flux has got to his feet and dragged himself to the apron, and begins pulling himself up, but Tony launches a soccer kick in the chest that causes Flux to fall onto the hardwood floor with a THUD as the count reaches 10!
Crowd: OHHH!!
Tony doesnt look finished, as he now grabs the top rope, and comes off it with a moonsault!
The thud of Milkman’s body colliding with the floor sounds heinous as Flux barely manages to roll out of the way! Milkman is writhing on the hardwood floor of the venue, holding at his head as we see blood trickle down his forehead from where his head bounced against the floor!
Paisner: Milkman busted open from that wicked fall!
Woodbridge: He may be fond of milk but I hope he likes juice, cause God Damn that is a gash!
Milkman looks disoriented on the outside as Flux has now started to attempt to return to the ring, grabbing at the apron and then the bottom rope as Tai Ni Wong has reached a 12 count. Flux, however, looks back at Milkman and instead decides to try and bring him into the ring, walking over to Stevens and trying to pick him up to his feet. Flux has begun to start bringing him towards the ring when Tony suddenly grabs Flux and barrels him back into the ring post, resounding with a thud!
Paisner: The impacts these men are taking against the environment in this match have been nothing short of brutal to watch! They are going to be remembering this match for weeks to come whenever they feel the bruises and contusions on their bodies!
Flux has fallen to the floor and Milkman manages to barely stay on his feet by holding onto the ring post as Wong’s count has reached 15, and Milkman looks groggy as he hobbles over to the apron and lays against it, rolling into the ring as the count reaches 16 and the crowd begins to get loud for Flux to make it back to the ring! They are chanting for Dexter Flux as the count reaches 17 and 18, and Flux has made it to one foot but still is stumbling as he doesn’t seem to have a firm grip on where he is! Milkman is looking on from the middle of the ring, seeming to be content with the countout win as the count reaches 19, but Stevens touches at the blood on his head, and seeing Flux disoriented on the outside, he makes a the last second decision to roll back to the outside and restart the count!
Crowd: WOOO!!!!
Woodbridge: Thank god Tony reconsidered here, and we get to see these two men’s fight continue!
Paisner: Tony almost seemed willing to win however, but Milkman’s taken a beating and he wants to dish one out to win this fight in the ring!
Milkman rolls Flux into the ring, and now Milkman brings Flux up to his feet, but Flux hits a strike under the chin of Milkman that sends him stumbling back! But he stays on his feet and strikes back with a kick to the leg of Flux that nearly brings Dexter to his knees, but Dexter stays upright and hits a chop to the chest of Stevens! This only seems to fire up Tony, who hits a hard right to the face of Dexter! Dexter Flux fires back! By bending down! And… tying his boots? After he’s done he pops right back up and smacks Stevens across the face!
Crowd: OHHH!!
And Stevens responds with a standing 360 forearm to the face of Flux that sends him falling back into the ropes! But he bounces off them and comes back with a running crossbody that sends Milkman to the floor! And falls on top for the pin!
2- Kickout!
Stevens tries moving to the corner, pulling himself up to his feet by the turnbuckles, but Flux has now come to life with a fire as he comes charging from the other corner with a running dropkick that grinds Stevens into the turnbuckle! Flux then runs back to the other corner again, bounces off, and then hits a flying cannonball senton onto the seated Stevens! Flux now pulls Stevens closer towards the middle of the ring, and Flux lets out a screech to the sky as the crowd gets loud when he begins climbing to the top rope!
Paisner: Flux going up high! Milkman is in trouble of being Spilled Milk here!
Dexter Flux points both arms to the sky and then comes off the top rope, but Milkman narrowly rolls out the way, gets to his feet, and attempts to wrangle Flux into a boston crab position, but Flux quickly quicks Stevens away, trying to retreat to the nearest rope but Milkman is quick to get right back on him and wraps his arms around Dexter’s torso from behind and hits a picture perfect German suplex, and bridges it!
2- No! Kickout!
But Tony kept his arms around Flux, and now wrenches the gut of a seated Flux, lifting him straight up and looks to set him up for a Belly to Belly! ut Flux thinks quickly, stomping on the foot of Tony and forearming him in the forehead, opening up the bloodied wound on Tony’s forehead and causing him to release the hold, and Flux takes off towards the ropes, and as he comes off them, he flings himself at Milkman with a running crossbody, but this time Milkman catches him! And he throws the equally sized Flux onto his shoulders, before planting him with a Milky Way Samoan Driver!
Crowd: OHH!!!
Paisner: How he managed to catch Flux with that blood dripping in his eyes is beyond me! But he’s managed to turn this match in his favor yet again, perhaps through pure heart and instinct!
Tony is on the mat next to Flux, the Milky Way taking everything Tony had to hit as The Milkman now drapes on arm over Flux!
Fainter cheers are heard for The Milkman, but the crowds praise for Flux is loudest and evidenced by the venue of fans who stomp on the ground to rally Flux back to his feet! But Milkman is yet again the first to his feet, and Milkman stomps on the leg of Flux, who yells out in pain! Milkman stomps again and again, and then lefts the leg up and slams it into the mat! Flux writhes on the mat in pain, grasping at his leg, and Milkman now moves backwards to get a running start and swing a kick at the leg of Flux but Flux rolls out of the way behind Stevens and rolls him up in a schoolboy! Wong drops down for the pin!
3- NO!
Milkman kicks out and now steps back again, and as Flux gets back to his feet Milkman charges with a clothesline that Flux ducks! Milkman comes off the opposite ropes, gaining speed but Flux then jumps up with tremendous height and dropkicks Tony, bouncing off his chest and landing on his feet as Tony is blasted backwards into the ropes and he falls through them but hangs onto the apron!
Paisner: El Backlfip by Flux, sending Stevens flying nearly out of the ring with such force he’s able to flip back onto his feet!
Flux runs at the corner, then bounces off the adjacent ropes before attempting a disaster kick to the head of Stevens, but he ducks, and as Flux lands in the ring next to the ropes, Stevens attempts to jump on the springboard to launch his own top rope strike, but Flux sweeps Steven’s legs before he gets a balance on the ropes and Tony lands on Flux’s shoulders!
Woodbridge: UH OH!!!!
Crowd: YEEAAAA!!!!!
Flux brings Milkman into the center of the ring atop his shoulders, and he starts spinning!
Paisner: The Super Incredible Oh My God No WAY Unbelievable Undefeatable Critical Mass AIRPLANE SPIN!!!
Milkman looks unbelievably uncomfortable in the spinning firemans carry as Flux spins and spins around and around! Blood from Tony’s head is flung onto Tai Ni Wong’s eyes! Wong looks disgusted as he leans over the ropes to ringside staff, who hand him a handkerchief but while Wong is turned around Milkman manages to wriggle out of the hold and grabs Flux and pulls him into a small package pin! The crowd counts!
Crowd: 1! 2! 3! 4!
Flux kicks out at about 4 and Milkman lets go and looks up, disoriented but he makes out Wong wiping blood off his face and missing the count!
Paisner: Ohh no, nobody make a Asians being blind joke-
Woodbridge: I sure hope El Hijo Del Milkman isn’t El Hijo De somebody with HIV, cause that blood got right in his eye!
Paisner: Shame on me for setting such a high bar.
Tony Stevens almost blindly stumbles towards Wong, stealing the handkerchief and wiping his own eyes off of blood before throwing it into the stands, and he turns around to Flux but is met with a hurricanrana that sends him down to the floor! Flux, still seeming dizzy, stumbles over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles as he takes off his Horde jacket, throwing it on the apron, as he now takes a second to locate Milkman on the ground, but when he looks down Milkman is off the ground and dropkicks with crazy elevation, taking out the knee of Flux as he now falls all the way from the top rope to the mat!
Crowd: OOOHHH!!!
Flux clutches at his leg, yelling in pain but Milkman is on him quickly and grabs the legs of Flux, flipping him over and locking him in a One Legged Boston Crab! And he wrenches painstakingly at the leg of Flux!
Flux grabs at his blue hair and yells, trying to search for the nearest ropes but they are nowhere in sight as he sees no choice but to tap the mat in submission!
Crowd: NOOOO!!!!!!!
Javier: Your winner of this match via submission, at a time of 13:50: TONNYY “THE MILKMAN” STEEEEVENSSSS!!!!
The venue is filled with a loud reaction that is filled with cheers and mixed with sparse boos but mostly respectful cheers for the match that was put on as Milkman has his hand raised by Wong, and Milkman smiles as he wipes the excess blood on his brow and hair as he soaks in the reaction.
Woodbridge: These two had a crazy match, with both men being hit in ways I didn’t expect them to get up from, but each time they both got back up and kept at it giving each other a fiery fight!
Stevens goes to the apron to pick up the Horde jacket that Flux had found last week and had been wearing. He gets back in the ring as Flux is getting to his feet, and there is a moment of eye contact before Tony Stevens hands the jacket back to Flux! And Dexter with a smile on his face accepts!
Crowd: YEAA!!!!
Paisner: Dexter Flux gained the respect of Tony Milkman here tonight!
Woodbridge: And how could he not, after the beating they both gave each other!
Flux now outstretches a hand for the handshake! And Milkman obliges.
Crowd WOOO!!!
But when Milkman turns around, Flux maintains a grip on Milkmans hand!
Crowd OOO!!!
And Flux now lets go and outstretches his other hand for a second handshake!
Crowd: YYEAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Woodbridge: Double The Respect!!!
Milkman shakes the other hand with his opposite hand as the two exchange a respectful nod, and Milkman motions for his Milkmaids to throw in milk as Tony Stevens masterfully catches an entire jug of milk, hands it to Flux, then catches another one as the two share a chugging of milk in the center of the ring, Milkman using some of it to wash milk off his forehead as a mixture of blood, sweat, and milk fall down his face and Milkman chugs the whole entire jug and tosses it to the outside! Flux offers the rest of his milk jug to Tai Ni, who takes it and respectfully sips from the jug with one pinky out as Flux and Stevens watch him take one small sip after another before he hands it back to Stevens, who chugs the rest of it in celebration before tossing the second jug out to the crowd as the WiR logo fades onto screen.
© 2020 Wrestling is Reddit All Rights Reserved
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2020.08.05 02:04 Highlow9 Night is Short, Walk on Girl (Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke yo Otome) OST/Soundtrack release

I recently watched Night is Short, Walk on Girl and liked it. So now I am trying to find the soundtrack/OST but sadly I can't find a release of it anywere. I tried searching for it on places like Google Play and Itunes but also some slightly less legal places.
I also tried searching for it on the internet for more information about it (for example maybe the OST album has a different name from the movie) but the only thing that I can find it the ending theme by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (which is also nice but not the OST/soundtrack).
Can anybody point me towards a place where I can buy the OST? Or even just some more information about the soundtrack?
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2020.08.02 17:22 Trowaway67891234 My boyfriend (17M) and I (15F) are is a secret relationship and I don't know what to do

I am new here and english is not my first language so forgive me. :)) I know this may sound childish and I know that I am really young but please give me a serious advice because I need it.
A little backstory: My BF and I have met a year and a half ago. He liked me back them but I had stuff to do and I didn't like him at that time (he was practically a stranger) so when he asked me out I refused. A year later, it was his birthday and I texted him, and wished him a happy birthday. And since then we started talking through snap (this was 3 months ago), and became really good friends. We talked everyday for hours, like non stop. After a month I started to like him because he was really sweet and we even met like 4 times (behind my parents back).
Almost a month ago he said that he liked me and asked me if I want to be his GF. I was confused because I knew my parents don't let me have a BF and I am not a confident person, but I liked him and I said yes.
This month was really nice, we went out and kissed a few times, and talked a lot. I like him because he is the type of boy likes to cuddle and give forehead kisses and he likes me the way I am. He makes me feel loved unlike a previous boyfriend that mostly like me because of my body. He gives me a lot of compliments and he is really sweet.
A few things that I don't like about him are that his friends are not a good influence (and one don't take me wrong, I am not trying to control him or who he hangs out with, that is his problem but his friends are the type that go out at night until idk how much AM and drink, smoke, swear etc., Idk how he acts with them but with me he is a soft, sweet boy), we don't share many interests or hobbies, and his life is different from mine because he grew up without a father. He told me he loved me really soon and I told him I loved him back because I didn't want to make things akward but I don't think he loves me so soon and I don't think I love him yet, I mean, maybe I am in love with him, but love him, idk.
The problem is that when I am with him I feel really stressed and uneasy because I am going behind my parents back and my dad had a lot of friends in my region that like to report everytime they see me with somebody to my dad. (Once I went out with some friends but they all ditched beside a boy so we went just the 2 of use to a mall and some friend of my dad saw us. When I got home, I find my dad VERY mad at me because he got a phone call from that friend of his that reported to him that he saw me at the mall with a boy. He started yelling and was really angry.)
Because I am doing everything in secret, I feel like I am doing something wrong. I am the good girl type and this kind of things make me feel like I am breaking a rule. When I go out with him I feel really good and I like spending time with him but I always look around to see if someone familiar is around.
A few days I decided to confess to my mother (she isn't as strict as my father) that I like a boy and he likes me back (that is all I said to her) hoping she would somehow help me but she said: "What do you want me to say? Congrats? Now go tell your father and see how he reacts. sarcasticaly ". She only scared me more.
The only one that know about my secret is my cousin, L (17F), that is like a sister to me and my BFF. She always helps me with this kind of stuff and gives me a lot of advices. She is the one that said I should ask some help from Reddit.
She said that my dad will find out one day sooner or later and it ia gonna be messy. She also said that If I don't want a really big scandal then I should break up with him but if I really like him that much then I should tell my dad before he finds out on his on. I know she is right but I am still unsure.
TL;DR : I have a relationship with a 17 yo boy behind my very strict dad and strict mom and it really stresses me out.
Can you please give me some advice? What should I do? Please treat this seriously. :))
Edit: He told his mom and his sister about me. They don't have a problem with his dating. This only makes it harder to break up with him, if it gets there.
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2020.07.30 18:51 Grotesquette Episode 5, "Screen Queens" [POLL]

The queens return back to the werk room. Slim has just left, and everyone is a little shaken.
"Oh my God..." Rat breathes as she stumbles back into the werk room. The other contestants follow.
The girls gather around the mirror to read Slim's leaving words. The mirror reads, "Remember your words have meaning <3, and Congrats Spencie!!”
Ezidro gasps. "Congrats Spencie... What's that supposed to mean?"
Ketty glowers at the lip sync message.
Talking Head, u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend: "Why is she congratulating u/Spencerietta?! She didn't even win the lip sync!"
Ketty rolls her eyes and scoffs. "I hate that type of attitude. It's literally anyone's game at this point of the competition. And by anyone's I mean mine."
Ezidro rolls her eyes. "Of course fresh off of my lip sync win you have to make things about yourself. Why are you acting like this over a lipstick message?"
"I want this more than anyone!!!" Ketty screams. "I've worked my ass off to get where I am today. You could NEVER walk a mile in these Louboutins!!!"
Spencer narrows her gaze at Ketty. "Listen Greek slur, this is a competition and implying that I or anyone else here wants this crown less than you just because we're not constantly screaming about it makes you no better than... Well... Jan Sport!"
The girls gasp in shock at Spencer's harsh words. Ketty shakes with rage, and grabs a towel. She begins to smear Slim's lipstick message all over the mirror. Everyone watches in silence as she dirties up the mirror.
Finally, Erika breaks the silence. "I think you're supposed to spray the mirror before yo-"
"SILENCE, VERMIN!!!" Ketty roars. "I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!"
The dramatic music reaches a crescendo as the camera zooms in on Ezidro's face.
Talking Head, u/Ezidro3: "Wait, I won the lip sync... Why is Ketty wiping away the message? I hate it here."

🆂🅳🆁🅳🆁 ▅▀▅ █▄ █▄ ▄█▀ ▀█▀ ▅▀▅ █▀ ▄█▀TONIGHT, WITH JUDGES u/Grotesquette, u/KingKabs, u/Rupertonian, and u/VioletDior!


It's a new day in the werk room and the contestants trot in. Spencie and Ezidro are arm in arm. "Season one stays winning!" Ezidro yells.
The girls gather around a table. They notice someone's missing. "Where the fuck is Erika?" Ketty wonders.
Automoderator: "In the golden age of television and film, in order to be Queen B you need to be an emmy nominated actress! Any real beauty queen knows that life is on the TV screen! Whether you're a Lea Michelle type of crazy, or a Patty Duke of a gal, the silver box is where it's at. But make sure you don't funk it up, and end up trapped in box!"
u/Grotesquette walks in. "Hello, hello, hello!" She says. She then begins to walk down the stairs, but trips and falls, and rolls down the stairs. She hits her head on the ground, and lies there motionless. Two hours later, she wakes up, smiles, and gets back up.
Grotesquette: "Today I have a special challenge for you ladies. We're gonna make... Puppets! Because, why?!"
"Because everybody loves puppets!" The girls all chime in unison.
Grotesquette: "Step up to the big pink hole, and grab your new puppet pal!"
The girls grab their puppets. The assignments are as such.
Spencer - Ezidro
Ketty - Spencer
Rat - Ketty
Ezidro - Rat
"First up, u/Spencerietta!"
Spencerietta: Omg hi Ezidro!! :)
Ezidro: Hey girl!
Spencerietta: You know you’re my season 1 bestie, so it really warmed my heart to see you win last week!
Ezidro: Aww thanks girl!
Spencerietta: And now it’ll be even more sad to see you in the bottom again this week.
Ezidro: Oh girl you know me, qUeEn of the bOtToM!!!
Spencerietta: That’s right! Why don’t you share some other interesting stuff about yourself?
Ezidro: Well… I…. umm… did I mention I’ve been in the bottom a lot?
Spencerietta: I guess that’s it. 🙂
"Next up, u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend!"
Ketty: Hi I'm Ketty and this is Sp-
Spencer: sobs
Ketty: Spencie why are you crying?
Spencer: Fart I let out physically hurt.. Poppers is now. Have I ever told you about the time I overdosed on crack and met Adolf Hitler? He's bestie methinks
Ketty: I don't think he's a good person like, he killed millions of pe-
Spencie: IT'S ALL JAN'S FAULT. Anyways I gtg my uber driver is here. Did you know he's Indian? I love ethnic food.
"Next up, u/DrownedHarassedRat!"
Rat: Omg! It's nice to see you Phi Ph- I mean Ketty!
Rat: So for those of you who don't know, Ketty here is my drag mothra!
Ketty: Yes, Rat is my favorite dorter! I adopted her so I can finally be a winner!
Rat: Thankfully, our relationship expires after AS3. Anyways, a lot of people don't know, but the Haus of Ketty is actually a really good haus!
Ketty: Nyaaas, we lose SDRDR often and on a good day, Violet gets to eat! Rat: I even have some family videos!
Rat: Well, it was nice talking to you mothra! I hope you lose <3
"Last up, it's u/Ezidro3!"
Ezidro: Hey Rat girl, how you doing?
Rat: Oh you know, just coasting by as usual!
Ezidro: Stunning! Well to get straight to the point, why are you back for All Stars 3? I mean, you won a crown on Fagula girl, you don’t need another one..
Rat: I’m just here for the exposure! I mean you obviously know that Fagula doesn’t get as many views as SDRDR, so I accepted the invite to show the world that I’m not just a S4 flop like Erika!
Ezidro: Oh I see, yeah you’ve definitely been doing at least something here, but also a dying person is doing something as well so I don’t know where that’ll take you but I guess we’ll see! Speaking of S4 flops, how do you feel about your castmate u/violetdior becoming an AS3 judge after the overturn of a certain... phile?
Rat: Oh I think it’s lovely charity work! I really appreciate Grot giving chances to under-represented queens in the media… I’m so proud of white people finally getting a chance to prove their worth!
Ezidro: Ugh, aren’t we all? Well thank you for this little kiki we had!
Grotesquette: "Wow, you bitches are crazy! Ugh, I love it. You girls keep me young!"
Spencer: "I'm older than yo-"
Grotesquette: "Anyways, there can only be one winner..."

u/DrownedHarassedRat Condragulations, you are the winner of this mini challenge!

Grotesquette: "You girls are funny. And now you get to flex that funny bone during our next maxi challenge! Each of you will need to create your own television pilot that reflects who you are as a queen! Make us laugh, and don't fuck it up. All Stars, start your engines! And may the best women... Win!"
Lights... Cameras.... Action!!!
u/Grotesquette struts the runway in her runway look.
u/Grotesquette: Welcome to the mainstage of SDRDR All Stars 3! KingKabs, ready to see some TV shows?
u/KingKabs: I'm over it... Like, so over it...
u/Grotesquette: Awesome! Rupertonian, have you ever been on the silver screen?
u/Rupertonian: We're literally filming a TV show right now dumbass...
u/Grotesquette: Awesome! And finally, VioletDior! Everyone loves telivision, right?
u/VioletDior: You know what's on a television? Spoilers. Does that sound like love to you?! DOES IT?!
u/Grotesquette: And finally, tonight's special guest, the host of Fagula and the robbed legend of AS1, u/mattisnotvegan! How does it feel to be back home?
u/mattisnotvegan: Õym fêélïn gëw-" coughs "Um- I'm feeling good thanks to Sugar Bear Hair! And no, to everyone watching at home, I definitely didn't agree to do a sponsorship because I'm out of money, I get enough money from ghostwriting for Jush!
u/Grotesquette: Tonight, I challenged my girls to create their own TV show pilots that show us their unique drag perspective! And tonight on the runway, category is "Clowning Around!" Serving up our best clown couture! All-Stars, start your engines! And may the best woman... Win!!!


Grotesquette: First up, u/Spencerietta!
Tonight I am bringing the circus to life, literally. I have a whole carousel on this dress and I am walking down this runway channeling the biggest clown I know: Xtinct!
Grotesquette: Up next, u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend!
I'm Clowning around in a beautiful Coca Cola runway. I love my look because it's so campy and high fashion. I am serving the actual Leigh Bowery and that dumb bitch Mimi Imfurst could never! I may be getting Coke-ey but it's what I deserve.
Grotesquette: Is the plague still running? It's u/DrownedHarassedRat!
Today, I am dressed up as my true self. It's been so hard to live with this reality and I've had a hard time admitting it, but I am finally at a point in my life where I can proudly say that I am a clown.
Grotesquette: Who's that? Oh, it's u/ErikaGenerika!
I'm serving you clowning around realness! My pastel harlequin inspired look has the judges gagging. I'm entertaining the monarchs as I strum my instrument, serenading the king with the sweet nothings of imagination. Are you not entertained?
Grotesquette: Last but not least, it's u/Ezidro3!
Now this is what you see in the mirror after deciding that you were sober enough to turn out the party and not accepting that you’re drunk out of your fucking mind. Guess what, you ended up embarrassing yourself, so now you look like me. A fucking joker. We really do live in a society.

🎶 Battle for your Life, Babylon

Grotesquette: Welcome All Stars. Now, it's time to view the television shows each of you designed. Starting with... u/Spencerietta!
Hi, I’m Spencerietta. You know, in this big, lonely world, I often find myself looking for someone that I can call more than just oomf. Someone to be my right hand arm… man. My confidant, my silly rabbit… I’m looking for a best friend. And maybe that someone is you… Spencie’s Next Bestie is a brand new reality competition show where I am searching to find myself my next best friend! Ten contestants will participate in challenges to prove that they have what it takes to be my newest bestie. Each week, the bottom twoomf will face off in a last-minute challenge and have their fate decided by the panel of extra special judges: mixedanxiety, WhiiteMustang, and Gigi Goode. 10 oomfs will enter, but only one will leave with title of Spencie’s Next Bestie! Think you got what it takes? Send in your audition tape today at
Grotesquette: Coming into this challenge, there were high expectations for you because graphic design is, for lack of a better word, your passion. And I must say, tonight you exceeded our expectations. It's a great idea for a show, and clearly references iconic reality television such as RPDR and The Simple Life. It's clear you put a lot of attention to detail into this project, and that's what we're looking for at this point of the competition. Tonight on the runway, I love this look. It's clean, streamlined, and still campy. Another great body of work from you.
Ruppi: Your runway look is spectacular. Though it reads slightly more carnival than clown, yes I know carnivals have clowns, I would have like to see more clown in the face department. Your show was great, it was classic you, the judges panel, the description it just went together. Your moodboard was just so aesthetically pleasing to look at. The Slayyyter esque pink was amazing, and overall you sold it for all of us. The explanation, it was just filled with so many jokes, but were classic you and that’s what made this moodboard so amazing. Also, anytime you put Whiite in that wig to make him look like that you know I stan.
"Next up.... u/Ezidro3!
“Hi! I’m Bryan, and I’m just a student heading back to school, but while other kids are living their lives to the fullest, getting drunk on the weekends and not doing their work, I have to deal with the overarching torment of my bully, Rupert. Ever since we were put into class together in kindergarten, he’s made it his mission to tyrannize me anyway he can. He’s spit on me, called me a faggot, and shoved me into a locker on multiple occasions. But the thing is, I love it. Just the feeling of being dominated by someone is just so hot, but I couldn’t mention it or else I knew he would’ve made my life worse. That is, until one day… We started wrestling in gym class and the teacher paired me and him together. Now I was terrified because I thought he was gonna kill me. When we started, he pounced on me immediately but once I was on the floor, I felt something… literally. At that moment, everything changed. He started looking at me as a person and not an object. We connected on a certain dating platform, you know the one, and after going at it with a harder ferocity compared to that wrestling class, we realized that this is what we were meant to be doing. Now instead of talking shit to me directly, he instead does it to other people online! Stunning! We even made it into the yearbook as the cutest couple! Funny how everything turns out in the end.”
Matt: I like the idea and it generally works - or at least it would if it was remotely original. Isn't the closeted bully trope a little cliché at this point? Remember Kyler Hummel and that ogre on Glee? I think you did a good job but I think you could have gone a lot further with it. As for your runway, I think you look great. My issue with it, however, is that it only vaguely reads as clown to me - I think it more so reads as masquerade ball."
Ruppi: Hi, Ezidro! I’m gonna kill you, bitch. No, seriously though. You did do fantastic. I loved the idea behind the entire moodboard, however, we are getting to the nitty gritty of things, so like, as much as I liked the idea it didn’t stand out in terms of comedy as much as the rest of the people did. Which is disappointing cuz I knew what you were trying to go for. The element of humor and capturing my personality was perfect, but it just felt more so like a slightly exaggerated retelling of my life story rather than going over the top and making it funny. All in all, listen, you didn’t do a bad job, it just didn’t stand out as much as I would’ve liked it, but you should still be proud of what you did. Your runway, I adored. I mean, a mask over clown makeup, that’s already brilliant. I love the shape and color, and even with a few marks missed from the moodboard, it was still a wonderful night for you.
"Now, time for the judge's daily dose of u/KatyaIsMyBestFriend!"
In 1998 on the back of my local 7/11 Dick Clark asked me: "Kettisha what's next?" to which I answered with "Idk I'll probably take a plan B tomorrow?" which I completely forgot. Hi Violet. But that's a story for another day . Anyways I'm happy to announce my new exciting, amazing, sexy, groundbreaking TV Show called "Camp Wannaphipic." My new amazing show is just your average 80s horror tv show but unlike shows of the time, this one has sound! In 1932 a young kid's show starlet died brutally on her date with a producer. Now she's back with the vengeance. The show is set on a christian camp named Camp Wannaphipic during the 80s where things get dark after a young not so smart girl gets possessed by the actress's spirit. Her best friend, a wild curious slutty girl who's convinced she's a hippo and the shady camp councilor who definitely did not electrocute all those horses during the 70s try to lift her curse. Camp Wannaphipic, crying and cumming this August
Violet: This was hilarious and honestly one of my favourite performances from you in this competition. You managed to reference SDRDR without relying on it too heavily, and it stood out because where others did competitions you went down the route of campy horror which I loved. This was a great episode for you - your runway and mood board are immaculate, and your playlist is.... legendary. This was an incredible week for you and I loved it!!!
Kabs: Miss Ketty dear you brought your A game to the challenge this week. There were clear and concise references to previous SDRDR related circumstances all infused into a brand forward slasher film camp call. This does a proper job of standing out against a sea current of Game Show moodboards! I dont have much more praises to sing cause I simply believe the work you've done really speaks for itself this episode. Your runway is stunning in addition to this well served TV product you've provided I think you've commanded this turkey leg I put up inside my pussy to come out and cluck for Jesus with this.
"Alright, now let's see what u/ErikaGenerika came up with!"
A girl born with a generic name, with a generic life, to a generic family. She always longed for something bigger, something better.... But when you speak of the devil, she will appear. The writing was always on the wall, but no one ever saw it coming. The words that the ghosts would whisper in her ear, they guided her. They were were friends. And she used those words to gain power, influence, and love. But sometimes the ghosts in the attic would try to escape. And she couldn’t have that. People could never know. Hammer in trembling hand, she did what she needed to do. They could never leave. Find out how Lady Bonkitha warned her name in the thrilling television saga, “Bonk She Wrote”. Coming to a redbox near you.
Violet: I.... Erika, I cannot put into words how beautiful your artistry is tonight. Everything you have produced is immaculate. I feel like you were blessed by a higher power - this is perhaps the greatest performance in AS3, if not the entire SDRDR franchise. I am in awe of your work. I cannot find a single flaw, and it stuns me beyond belief. To quote my role model Ross Matthews, this is how you WIN this competition. My only regret is that I do not think I was worthy of seeing and witnessing this talent. I do not think anyone is.
Matt: Erika, before I get onto critiques I have to make one thing clear - you are a repulsive cunt and a LIAR!!! These bitches all think you're so innocent but don't think I forgot about the time you pinned me down and turned my foetus into scrambled eggs with your french tip nails!!! You should be ashamed!!!! Anyways, I think your moodboard gave me herpes cos now im itchy-itchy palante. Your runway is ugly too, you'd think you would have looked into the reflective fabric and clocked the salad stuck in your teeth and I'm not talking about the ones in your mouth.
Erika: I'm not gonna take this from a horse-faced lesbian!
Matt: ....What?
Grotesquette: Erika, the judges and I don't like your attitude. It's something you're going to need to work on if you want to survive in this industry.
"Last but not least, u/DrownedHarassedRat!"
Following the success of the hit video game "Danganruppi", SDRDR Discord presents "Danganratty"! This brand new television show will test the SDRDR members' ability to lie, act as an alt, and spread negativity! Hosted by the one and only Ratty Pie, contestants will leave or be kicked from the discord every week until there is one contestant left. Who will be the Ultimate [redacted]? Watch to find out. Danganratty premieres on VH1, Discovery Channel, and Disney Channel at 6/9c.
Kabs: Girl you turnt this shit out girl. Why do we have to put you in the bottom every time we wanna get you in the top? The vers-atry of it all I-
Ssksksksksksksksksssk- oop...
Sorry, my u/-_-Whodat snatch game for All Winners has a mind of its own sometimes... Kabs help .
Chile, anyway, the audacity of you to make references to some of the most gaggy moments in this shows herstory while keeping it referential to the events of AS3 at the same time. You knocked this out. I just got a call from my homegirl u/KimmaeMoores and she's living for this as well Miss Thang.
As for your runway it was hands down my favorite of the night. I've seen this girl. I know this girl. This girl is u/Spencerietta coming home from a night out after some bad dick but she still feels like a fierce clown bitch.
Grotesquette: This is the television show that made me laugh the most. The description is immaculately written, and I love the reference to Danganronpa, as well as the fact that you included the baddest bitch of all type, Grotyoko Kiritesquette. The fact that you included references to all of your fellow castmates shows just how mindful, humble, and self aware you are. This was a complete annihilation of the challenge, and you should be very proud of yourself. Tonight on the runway I love that you went in a creepy clown direction. You've been on a roller coaster all season long, and this is another high point for you.
Grotesquette: Thank you ladies. Now, based on the judges' critiques, I have made some decisions.



You are the top 2 All Stars of the week.


Great job tonight. You're safe.

This means



You are in the bottom 2.

Neither of you two did poorly. Erika, you're in the bottom because of your terrible behavior, and Ezidro you're here because we needed a second person. Sorry girl.

u/Spencerietta and u/DrownedHarassedRat, each of you need to decide which of the bottom two you will eliminate if you win the lipsync. So, while you queens deliberate in the werkroom, the judges and I will be... watching Legendary on HBO.


Who should win the lipsync? Vote here! Voting closes soon.

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2020.07.26 21:17 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #49 - You Can Leave Your Mask On - 200726 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the rising boy group ONF. Since we're still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic let's spend some time down the with a group that's been prepared to go out responsibly since day 1, let's learn about High School!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the fourth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
High School
Who are they?: A four member girl group under RichWorld Entertainment. They are known for wearing facemasks in all of their MVs, videos, and public appearances. Their fandom name is High Class. The group name is supposed to evoke the members' high school years when they were innocent, enthusiastic, reckless, uncompromising, and with unwavering energy and individuality.
Group Interview
Company: RichWorld Entertainment was founded by singer Lee Dae-Yong, a former member of the 1st-gen boy group Eagle Five, known for their hit Alien Squid (MV) (which he wrote). He later went solo under the name Rich and released the breakout hit I Love You, That's My Only Word (link). While sustained success a singer would elude him, he made a name for himself a producer and launched High School as his first group. RichWorld also represents soloist Kim Hyung Jun.
Debut: April 30th, 2019 with Baby You're Mine (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: February 17th, 2020 with Timing (MV) Live Stage (Link) Choreography Video (Link)
Other MVs and Releases
YouTube Channels: RichWorld Entertainment and High School Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group has performed abroad in Thailand and Brazil and seems to have a large Brazilian fanbase. Thailand was their first time performing in front of a live crowd. They wear the masks because the concept of their group is that talent should be recognized before their visuals. The company has also chosen not to reveal the birthplaces, ages, or other personal background details of the girls. The group will be in a web drama that's supposed to debut next month called 4Teen: Mutant Mask Girls.
Soloist of the Week
Jin Longguo
Who is he?: A Chinese male soloist under Choon Entertainment. He is also part of the duo Longguo and Shihyun with Shihyun of We In the Zone and was a member of the post-Produce eliminated contestant project group JBJ.
Company: In addition to Longguo Choon represents the boy band We In the Zone and the duet/band 7th Street plus DJ/singer Bay.P.
Real Name: Jin Longguo (Korean name is Kim Yong Guk)
Age: 24 (IA)
Solo Debut: June 13th, 2018 with Clover feat. Yoon Mirae (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: Auguest 29th, 2019 with Irresistible (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Other Songs and MVs
YouTube Channel: Jin Longguo Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: He is from the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Zone in China, a specially administered area in China bordered North Korea that is allowed to self-govern due to a large number of ethnic Koreans who live there. He originally came to South Korea to audition when he was 19 but was unable to pass an audition and gave up after a while returning to China. He was contacted by LOEN about Produce 101 and returned to Korea to compete. He placed in 21st place in Produce 101. He can speak Chinese, Korean, and English. He faced controversy in late 2018 after being seen in public with Sonamoo's Nahyun in what people assumed was a date, and for giving up once of his cats to a new owner which then ended up in an animal shelter. His Instagram account was also hacked at around the same time and unflattering messages regarding JBJ promotions and fan interactions surfaced.
Yellow Bee
Who were they?: A five member girl group under Addiction Entertainment. They originally debuted in 2017 and had a complete line-up change in 2019.
YouTube Channel: Yellow Bee Official
Active Between: November 23rd, 2017 - June 12th, 2020
Reasons for Disbanding: Their company released a statement in May that the group would be going on hiatus due to COVID-19. On June 12th, 2020 the company released a statement that due to irreconcilable personal differences between the company and the members the group had been disbanded.
Random Stuff
Trivia: As of yet none of the new members or the original lineup seem to have found other places in the industry. All but one of the new members have set their instagram accounts to private.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.07.12 21:14 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #47 - I Saw the Sign - 200712 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we spent time with an established band under a new name, OneWe. This week focus on a group founded on social responsibility who uses their music and promotions to bring light to important issues - let's get to know Flor_us!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the second Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Flor_us (also sometimes
Who are they?: Flor_us is a four member girl group under YEOM Entertainment. Their name comes from a combination of 'Flor' for Flower and 'Us' meaning 'Us' and shows their intention to address issues to help the world bloom through their music and dance. They recently announced their fandom name as 'Of You'.
Company: Flor_us appears to be the only artists under YEOM Entertainment. The company's statement about the group is "YEOM Entertainment rejects the idea of manufacturing idols and chose these girls to debut based on their values instead of on height, weight, visuals or idol experience. As a social enterprise we want to promote good values." YEOM is classified as a Social Enterprise, a special class of business in South Korea.
Special Note: I'd wanted to do this group previously, but had been putting it off due to a lack of English content on them. I decided to go ahead this week because this group is something special and I've really fallen in love with them, but many of the linked interviews are in Korean without subtitles, so I suppose the Korean speakers here can enjoy them (and it was a good reminder that I need to get back on the horse in my goal of learning the language).
Group Interviews
Debut: December 24th, 2018 with Masquerade (The Party is Over) (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: February 11th, 2020 with Alive (MV) Live Performance (Link) Dance Practice (Link) Choreography Video (Link) Official Color Coded Lyric Video (Link)
Other MVs and Releases
YouTube Channel: Flor_us Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group members were all over 20 when they joined the company and met for the first time, which is older than most groups start, but they say it benefits them because they can get along with each other better being more mature. All of the members experienced school violence, either as victims or as bystanders, and that was the inspiration for the theme of their first album. The members say that YEOM is not imposing trainee debt on them, does not require or recommend any plastic surgery, and is teaching them English and Japanese so that they can reach more fans across the world. The group promoted heavily by busking during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Soloist of the Week
Who is he?: A male soloist under V Entertainment, he is also the vocalist of the pop-duo Martin Smith.
Company: V Entertainment, based in Hongdae, Seoul (an area known for live music) is a young company focusing on more independent artists. In addition to Eldon they represent his duo Martin Smith and the electro-rock-hip-hop group BEATBURGER.
Real Name: Jung Hyuk
Debut: January 11th, 2019 with Ghost! (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: February 14th, 2020 with Fighting! (MV) Live on KBS Radio (Link)
Other Releases and MVs
YouTube Channel: Eldon Official & Martin Smith Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Eldon first appeared as part of Martin Smith in 2015 during Superstar K7 where the duo made it into the top 5 in the competition then later released their first music in 2016. Special thanks to u/gingergarlicgoodness for turning me on to him.
Who were they?: A six (originally seven) member boy group under WYNN Entertainment. Their fandom name was LANTANA. Their name came from the seven colors of light that make up the spectrum.
Active Between: May 9th, 2018 - July 10th, 2020
Reasons for Disbandment: WYNN Entertainment, the group's company, announced that due to COVID-19 the company was no longer able to support and maintain the group and was thus terminating all of their contracts.
YouTube Channel: SPECTRUM Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: All of the members of the group competed in MixNine which ended up delaying their debut by about half a year. Member Dongyoon made it into the semifinals. In an amusing anecdote from their debut the group apparently ravaged the foods that were provided for them in the waiting room, eating 14 hotteok (sweet stuffed Korean pancakes), 40 dumplings, several orders of tteokbokki, 20 drinks, 12 bottles of water, and a tray of Subway sandwiches that fans brought for them.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.07.02 16:30 AryanIsDaBest 15-20 fps hit when I use enb, same with reshade?

I'm relatively new to PC gaming, and new to modding in general. My Skyrim runs mostly on 60fps but the moment I turn on a low weight ENB (Re-engaged Skyrims performance preset) or a reshade preset my fps drops from steady 60 in vanilla to low-mid 50s inside Whiterun alone, and down to 43-53 in the main world. I feel like it isn't supposed to be this bad, especially on reshade. Any suggestions on how to improve performance without too big of a quality loss or am I going to have to run with no ENB or Reshade? As I said, I'm new to PC gaming, so I'm very fps hungry.
I have a few texture packs, mainly Noble Skyrim performance pack, and a mod with HD LOD textures. Nothing over 2K, although when I play without an ENB or reshade I can go over 2k just fine with no major performance hit. I'm also running SMIM, Enhanced UV Tweaks, ELFX, LeanWolfs Better shaped weapons, and Legacy Of The Dragonborn, Cathedral Waters. I also use SSE Engine fixes, and Beth INI on High (with ENB/reshade, Ultra without)
if you want, here is my load order (sorry if it's badly sorted, I use vortex)
0000: Spells Emit Light
0001: Gildergreen Regrown
0002: elfx enhancer tweaks brighter
0003: DBM_CRF_Patch
0004: aMidianBorn_Book of Silence
0005: 360WalkandRunPlus-RunBackwardSpeedAdjust
0006: Cathedral - Water
0007: WeightLessTrueGems
0008: WeightLessLegacySoulgems
0009: WeightLessLegacyPickAxe
0010: WeightLessLegacyDragonParts
0011: WeightLessLegacyBYOH
0012: WeightLessLegacyAll
0013: SMIM-SE-Merged-NoRiftenRopes-NoSolitudeRopes
0014: Serana
0015: Run For Your Lives
0016: RSC_USSEP_AventusFix
0017: RSC CRF Patch
0018: Realistic-Voice
0019: RDO - USSEP Patch
0020: RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch
0021: RDO - AFT v1
0022: Qw_ISC_CRF Patch
0023: Qw_CloaksOfSkyrim_CRF Patch
0024: Qw_CACO_RDO Patch
0025: Qw_CACO_ArsMetallica Patch
0026: Qw_BarenziahQuestMarkers_USSEP Patch
0027: Pampas Set
0028: OSA
0029: HD Lods SSE
0030: FlowerGirls SE
0031: FasterSkillLeveling2017
0032: Dolomite Weathers
0033: Cutting Room Floor
0034: CRF_RSChildrenPatch
0035: CACO_USSEP_Patch
0036: CACO_Ordinator_Patch
0037: Bijin Wives
0038: Bijin Warmaidens
0039: Bijin NPCs
0040: BarenziahQuestMarkers
0041: Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch
0042: AmazingFollowerTweaks
0043: XPMSE
0044: VioLens SE
0045: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
0046: Unique Uniques
0047: SR - USSEP patch
0048: SR - Tweaks
0049: SR - LOTD patch
0050: SR - ICAIO patch
0051: SR - ELFX patch
0052: SR - CACO patch
0053: SR - Amulets of Skyrim patch
0054: Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim
0055: SL01AmuletsSkyrim
0056: SkyUI_SE
0057: Skyrim Better Roads and Bridges - All In One - Merged
0058: Sanctuary Reborn
0059: RSkyrimChildren
0060: RSChildren
0061: RichMerchantsSkyrim_x5
0062: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
0063: RaceMenuPlugin
0064: RaceMenuMorphsCBBE
0065: RaceMenu
0066: Phenderix Magic World - KS Hairdos Add-On
0067: Phenderix Magic World
0068: Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
0069: OpulentThievesGuild
0070: Opulent Thieves Guild - ELFX Patch
0071: No Leveled Uniques
0072: MagicalCollegeofWinterhold
0073: LegacyoftheDragonborn
0074: Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main
0075: LADX_SSE
0076: KS Hairdo's
0077: JKs Skyrim
0078: Jarls Re-Imagined
0079: Imperious - Races of Skyrim
0080: Immersive Wenches -Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Patch-
0081: Immersive Wenches
0082: Immersive Weapons
0083: Immersive Sounds - Compendium
0084: Immersive Patrols II
0085: Immersive Citizens - ELFXEnhancer patch
0086: Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
0087: IcePenguinWorldMap
0088: Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation
0089: Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra
0090: FNIS
0091: EnhancedLightsandFX
0092: ELFXEnhancer
0093: ELFX - Exteriors
0094: DiverseDragonsCollectionSE
0095: dD - Enhanced Blood Main
0096: DBM_SMIM_Patch
0097: DBM_RSChildren_Patch
0098: DBM_JKSkyrim_Patch
0099: DBM_IW_Patch
0100: DBM_ISC_Patch
0101: DBM_IA_Patch
0102: DBM_ELFXExteriors_Patch
0103: DBM_ELFX_Patch
0104: DBM_CloaksofSkyrim_Patch
0105: DBM_CACO_Patch
0106: DBM_ArsMetallica_Patch
0107: DBM_AmuletsOfSkyrim_Patch
0108: Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
0109: Cloaks - USSEP Patch
0110: Cloaks - Dawnguard
0111: Cloaks
0112: CBBE
0113: Bikini Armors
0114: Bijin_AIO 2018
0115: Beards
0116: Ars Metallica
0117: Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
0118DLC: HearthFires
0119DLC: Dragonborn
0120DLC: Dawnguard
my specs are: NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB, Intel Core i7 9750H, 16GB RAM, I'm also running Skyrim on an SSD if that helps.
Also any suggestions for other mods would be nice
submitted by AryanIsDaBest to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2020.06.30 12:00 thecptawesome First time through the series: Episodes 23 and 24 - THE END

I'll do an overall series post after this.
Episode 23 – “Meh. Hur Dur Mr. Giant Roboto”
· It’s about time Wave turns to good.
· Only 4 Night Raid left… bold of them to assume they’re all surviving this.
· I guess Najenda as a general will also be leading some normal troops. I had assumed she would be Night Raid-ing it up along with the rest. So there’s actually only 3 for the palace assault.
· Once again, Run is the worst. He doesn’t determine policy. Did he expect to become emperor or something? Also, now that the revolution is nearly complete, this would be a great time to say “oh this bloodshed is almost over anyways. Might as well help take down Honest.” Does he do that? No, of course not. Speaking of bloodshed, which Run cites as his reason against open rebellion, how many do you think Esdeath killed this month alone vs the entire rebellion?!?!
· So, to be clear, Run slowing them down in the hallway means they didn’t get to the emperor in time. Run’s actions quite directly allowed for the massacre of the populace carried out by the mega-emperor.
· Really? A giant humanoid final villain? Initial impression: supremely lame. I guess it’s cool that an IA was designed exclusively for the royal line.
· Emperor child going full mad queen.
· By God I will riot if you try to pull some giant Incursio Tatsumi Jaeger v Kaiju Pacific Rim nonsense!
· Oh, he’s got wings… that better, I guess
· Nice to see big bro Bulat again. Been quite a while
· Alright, I’ve got some serious problems to list out about that ended.
o Not a big fan of the yell louder, get stronger method of fighting.
o Not a big fan of the villain as a big, lumbering giant. The laser wasn’t too terrible, though.
o Not a big fan that, while most IAs that magically appear (or in some way manipulate space) completely disappear when their user is incapacitated (e.g. Tatsumi’s and Wave’s IAs), the emperor’s behemoth falls down for the sole purpose of killing Tatsumi (writers, y u do dis).
o Not a big fan that Wave ended up doing close to nothing for the side of good when he was teased so long as not being a total douche of a Jaeger.
o Not fan of the choice to kill Tatsumi, but that’s more personal/subjective and not really a good critique.
o Am a fan of Tatsumi dying for the common folk. That’s his shtick, and the writers didn’t betray his character.
o Am a fan of Akame’s staggering toward him, the embrace, screaming about his promise, tears, etc… I’m a sucker for emotional moments. My girl just injects her sorrow into my heart in the last few episodes.
o Am a fan of Esdeath knowing that Tatsumi be dead, but where was she this episode? Either she was in the city and did nothing or came from fighting outside, in which case we should see ice cemeteries all over during the aerial shots of the city. Esdeath is not a subtle killer.
More than on most episodes, I want to hear y’all’s opinions on what happened in this episode. I imagine there are opinions on both sides.
Episode 24 – “Way better than the emperor fight”
· As I called way back when, Esdeath turns out to be the final one to go down
· This is not a drill. Akame has a trump card. Hadn’t thought of it before now.
· Why does every character in media cut themselves on the palm? That’s almost the worst place to do it.
· Do we have a fandom name for this Akame? Dark Akame. Blood Akame. Demon Akame. I was about to make a “Hot Akame” joke and I realized most of Night Raid are teens? Leone and Najenda can’t be. Lubb and Bulat were soldiers, so maybe not them either. Lubb still looks young. How old are these characters? I might need to revisit some earlier things I’ve said in these posts…
· This souped-up Akame is baller to the max.
· She got a touch in! Esdeath is toast, yeah?
· I’m in love. I can’t believe she just cut off her arm. She never disappoints.
· Use your severed limp to splash blood into your opponent’s eyes? Achievement unlocked. That was so unexpected.
· Freezing time and space is a cheat code.
· But. Not. Enough. To. beat. Our. Girl. AKAME
· Who just coughed up blood. Hematemesis is never a good sign.
· Freezing her body with Tatsumi’s feels like kind of a slap in the face to Akame, but is also really touching and poetic. I’m very ok with it.
· Kind of weird for Honest to go out in some random back hallway, but I guess he was a politician antagonist and not a warrior.
· But for the love of God, Leone, attack the man. It’s not like he drew his pistol quickly.
· And killing him quickly instead of talking would have save you shots 3-7 to the abdomen. Just kill the dude Leone.
· Then you give me hope with her chilling on a wall with Akame. Damn you.
· Big fan of this emperor being beheaded
· Why is Run a part of the new government? He should have been killed or captured. You don’t get to play for the bad guys literally the entire story and half-way through the final battle and then finally turn (to help citizens only, not even fight back against the government). If you hadn’t held them up in that big hallway last episode, maybe they would have gotten Honest and the emperor in the throne room and prevented the gigantic laser robot debacle.
· Yeah… tiny village… your three heroes aren’t coming back. RIP. Just realized that Akame probably sent that money to the village, and she was holding the statue Tatsumi had.
· Very cute that Najenda still carries around Lubb’s goggles. Maybe she knew some of his feelings for her (and maybe would have returned them)
· Pretty good send-off sequence. Interested to see what future Akame could have. She’s only ever been an assassin. She’s the dark knight the kingdom needs. But not the one it deserves. I hope she finds love and peace.
· I’m going to pretend that there was no after-credit sequence. So dumb. After this moment, I’ll strike it from my memory because it was so bad it left a gross taste in my mouth. In my mind, she went off and found some peace for the first time in her life, shouldering the blame for crimes committed by the rebellion that couldn’t be covered up.
submitted by thecptawesome to AkameGaKILL [link] [comments]

2020.06.28 20:51 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #45 - Happy Little Trees - 200628 + Album Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we took a look at a number of groups who never made it to their first comeback. This week week let's look at a group that hasn't had an official comeback in quite a while, but who reportedly has one in the works, let's get to know Sonamoo!
Look at the first comment below this post for details on the first Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: Originally a seven, now a five member girl group under TS Entertainment. Their name in Korean literally means Pine Tree, which, along with a half-cute/half-menacing squirrel (named Myumoo) is used in their logo. Their fandom name, SolBangOol, means Pine Cones, and their official color is a refreshing shade of green reminiscent of pines.
Company: TS Entertainment is known for current group TRCNG, former groups B.A.P and Secret, rapper Sleepy (now with another company), and for being sued by nearly all of their artists.
Group Interviews
Debut: December 28th, 2014 with Deja Vu (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comebacks
Other Releases and MVs
YouTube Channels: Sonamoo Official, TS Entertainment, TSENTGIRLS
Random Stuff
Trivia: The members trained for about four years prior to debut. Their positions are unique in having two dedicated rappers - one high and one low, as well as two main vocalists. The group has performed in Japan and Taiwan. In late 2019 members Sumin and Nahyun filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment to terminate their contracts, shortly on the heels of rapper Sleepy from the agency and shortly before two members of TRCNG. Common complaints against the agency are failure to pay earnings, abusive practice schedules and actions from staff, and sub-par living conditions in company dormitories. Following complains by the members of their company-provided lodgings they all now live separately. TS Entertainment has stated that the group will continue as give and was supposed to have a comeback earlier this year, but as of yet it has not materialized, possibly due to COVID-19. TS Entertainment is also known as the first agency to completely fail to provide goods after a successful Makestar campaign. Newsun and D.ana have written lyrics for songs for the group. The group has run international video dance contests for some of their comebacks. Sonamoo have said that they don't want to be tied to a specific style of music and want to take on a variety of concepts.
Soloist of the Week (well, actually a duet)
Who are they? Keembo is a duet made up of Kim Boa and Kim Bohyung, former members of the girl group SPICA. The name of the group comes from their family name combined with the first syllable of their given names.
Ages: 33 (IA) Kim Boa, 31 (IA) Kim Bohyung
Debut: April 10th, 2020 with Thank You Anyway (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: May 23rd, 2020 with Scandalous (MV) Live Stage (Link) Choreography Video (Link)
YouTube Channel: KEEMBO Official Channel
Instagram: Korean, Japanese
TikTok: Keembo
Random Stuff
Trivia: The members say they got the idea to start their duet after Kim Boa made a guest appearance with Kim Bohyung while she was performing a live set at the Jarasum Rainbow Festival. Kim Bohyung was the overall winner of Girl Spirit when she was with SPICA, and both Bohyung and Boa were finalists on King of the Masked Singer. Boa was a vocal trainer and guide singer for sweet tune and worked with Infininte, Kara, and Rainbow. Boa was a Loen trainee and became friends with IU back in that time.
In Memorium
Who were they?: A three member boy group under Banana Culture Entertainment.
Active Between: August 28th, 2017 - Sometime in 2020
Reasons for Disbanding: Their company, Banana Culture, imploded after the founder and major shareholder from the Chinese side of the business lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit and had court-imposed restrictions placed on his finances. According to reports the entire executive team and the vast majority of the staff left the company earlier in the year, leading the company to effectively shut its doors and wrap-up the contracts it had with all of its artists. In June of 2020 it was announced that all three members of the group had left the company and would be going their separate ways.
YouTube Channel: Trei Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group had an occasional other name used TRiNiTiOPUS. Member Lee Jae Jun was a former member of hip-hop group C-Clown. Lee Jae Jun and Chae Chung Hyun both participated in Mixnine. Member Chae Chung Hyun participated in the composition of all of the group's songs in their debut EP.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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