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Deff Diary FII: Götderdämmerung

2019.02.03 13:26 Angelnathi Deff Diary FII: Götderdämmerung

Deff Diary VII: Götderdämmerung
Velcome pack to bozibly our largest deff diary yet for Zee New Order: Last Days of Eurobe. Arh ! Zis diary, fittingly titled Götderdämmerung afder zee last of Richard Vagner’s cycle of four dramas, ending vith zee destruczion of zee Kods, vill ko offer zee German Reich und its zituazion in 1962 und its descent into madness.
Germany in 1962 has pecome ein Hunmanageaple hell for zee Reichstag. In zee Haftermath of zee 50’s Crasch, zee Heconomy remains Hapzolutely frosen. Arh ! Zee German does not vork Hanymore, desbite meager Hattembts py zee koffernment to Hencourage ein redurn to zee facdories und zee army, as zee maziffe slaffe caste has taken up zee mantle of running almost zee Hendirety of German Hindustry. Ein byrrhic fictory Hakainst zee rezurgent Vest Ruzian Reffoluzionary Front led to zee frontier peing busched pack vest, und zee German milidary vithdraving from many of its Heasdern bosts.
Now, defenze of zee colonies is mostly left to nadiffe SS diffizions, put zat has not sdobed zee Heer from receiffing more und more funting, zee pubble groving further as money zeems to pe brinted chust to ender zee milidary und bromptly dizabear. Arh ! Desbite sbending bozibly zee most on its milidary out of any nazion, effen vith zee veakest Heconomy of zee vorld zuberpovers, zee German military is Hincreazingly Houtdaded, Hinefficient und repellious, und like zee Hindustry of Germany, has grovn Hincreazingly reliant on foreign SS diffizions to carry zee heaffy veight.
If zeze vere not enough izues, zee youth of Germany haffe peen in oben reffolt for months. Vith zee plack market out of control und zee Heconomy Hincreazingly reliant on it, zee youth haffe pecome Hinsbired to pattle zee regime in zee schtreets, demanting ein end to zee slaffe zystem, ein end to bolidical rebrezion, zee Hapantonment of zee frontiers, und zo much more. Arh ! Desbite haffing peen grovn on zee sboils of zeze zystems, it zeems ein generazion of Germans vould now rather zee zeir ovn zafety net purned out from unter zem.
Und effen vithout zee youth repelling, zee greadest threat to Germany dvells vithin. Vith zee German SS unter Heydrich acding as little more zan ein front for Himmler’s ovn Hampizions, zee SS has pecome Hincreazingly repellious. Arh ! Zecret arms caches haffe peen puilt up around zee country, und zee SS has Hincreazingly zegrekaded itzelf from zee rest of zee military, keebing to its ovn pazes und blotting Hunknovn blots.
Zee SS itzelf is Hincreazingly diffited as vell, vith zee drafted SS Henlisdees from zee colonies more und more remoffed from zeir command in zee vest, many of zee bover blayers in zee Reich haffe peen Hattembding to court zeir commanters to zeir zide to giffe zem ein edge. Ofden, zey vork as little more zan mercenaries for zee highest pidter, uzing zeze regiments as tools in zee pysandine bolitical kame zat is zee Reich.
Und vat ein kame it is. Arh ! German bolidics are hardly sdaple, put zee koffernment has managed to corral its zouzands of izues zomevat undil 1962, during zee celeprazions of zee German moon lanting, vere ein zeries of Heffents schook Germania to its core: Führer has nein heir, und zee attack Hakainst him has schovn zis more fully zan any effent pefore. If Hitler is to die, zere is nopody to reblace him, und effen vile he liffes, zee dogs nip at each other, fying for vadeffer bover zey can grab.
In zee Reich, four haffe Hannounced zeir pid to zee candidacy.
Sbeer, leading ein coalizion of liperals, moderades, und dizenders Hakainst zee regime, has pecome zee face of zee groving schtutent brodests. Arh ! Crovds around zee nazion chant his name, ‘Sbeer chetzt!’ has peen ein rallying cry, as more und more but zeir faith into Sbeer as zee one vo vill finally pring bozitiffe reform und change to zee Reich.
Hoveffer, Sbeer may haffe bopular zubort in zee youth, put Helzevere he is left vanding. Zee bast generazions und zoze vo rule in zee Reichsdag in zee milidary haffe firmly refuzed to allow Sbeer Hanyvere near bover, und claim zat zee Führer’s fafforidism to him is nothing pezites foul manibulazion on his bart. Arh ! Vile he has kathered ein small scion of zubort in zee military und zee koffernment, it is too little for many to conziter him haffing ein schtrong chance at vinning.
Zee choice lies vith zee Führer hoveffer, und little can truly claim to haffe knovledge of vat Hitler blans on doing at any one moment. next choice, und most Hopffious for most, is Pormann. Ein schtrict conzerfatiffe, Pormann has Habealed to zee mazes py claiming zere is nein real threat to Germany at all. Arh ! Zee milidary is schtronger zan effer, zee Reich sbans from vest to east, und zee faults in zee Heconomy are nothing pezides zee foul manibulazions of zee many Henemies to zee Reich, from zee Americans und CHabaneze to zee Hundermensch und zee pankers.
Pormann has zee vitest paze of zubort in zee Reich. Most Germans zimbly vant sdapility, und Pormann, zee great nekotiator, claims to haffe zee means to giffe zem zis. Arh ! Further zubort can pe found across zee Reich, as Pormann has von offer zee machority of zee Reichskommizars und zee farious buppet masters of Eurobe.
Not only has Pormann von zee bolidicians, put zee milidary has drifted tovards him as vell. Vile sblit fery clozely petveen him und Göring, zee milidary nonetheless has taken to his call for effen further milidary sbending und claims zat zee armed forces of zee Reich are Halready Halmighty haffe rezonaded vith zee zoldiery.
Vile Pormann zeems to haffe zee pest schot at vinning zee Reich, zat does not make him ein kood canditate. Arh ! Many haffe bointed out zat Pormann zeems to haffe nein Heconomic blans, und his diblomatic iteas zeem to mostly Hinfolffe Hunenting pluster und forcing Harguaply schtronger bovers in zee Cold Var to pend to Germany’s vims as zey did once pefore.
Hoveffer, ein lack of any kood bolicy or zanity in zee Hadministrazion has neffer sdobed Germans pefore, und many vo don’t effen agree vith Pormann haffe zided vith him out of bure zurfiffalism. courze, he und Sbeer are not zee only ones fying for bover, Göring has alzo Hannounced his pid und has sblit most of his zubort vith Germany. Vile Pormann claims zee milidary needs little if any reform und pold bosduring Hakainst zee vorld vill schow others Germany’s might, Göring has taken it ein sdep further.
Pold military Hadffendures und zee redurn of vat made Germany great: var! Göring has bromized all zat zee vorld vill zee zee iron fist of zee Vehrmacht once more if zey do not dare pend to zee vill of zee Reichsdag. Arh ! Has has Halready sbecifically called out zee neutral nazions of Eurobe, vo haffe not peen forced unter zee Reich’s vill: Svitserland, Sveten, zee Palkans, all of zeze tumors in zee heart of Eurobe must pe burged for zee greader vill of zee Reich.
Zee Reichskommizars, Hincreazingly repellious und distant? Pombing cambaigns vill schow zem zey schouldn’t dare to threaten zeir petters. America und CHaban, effer groving sdars threadening zee glory of Germany? Ein army matched py nein others vill schow zem zat zey schould fear zee great Reich.
Zee ailing Heconomy? Zimble, Germany once found its bover in var, und it vould pe zimble to do zo yet akain, vat vorked once can zimbly vork akain. Arh ! Und zee schtutents und rioders in zee schtreets? Ein pullet broffes to pe zee most Hefficient nekotiador zat zee koffernment has effer Hembloyed.
Many haffe bointed out zat ein Hunenting schtate of var across zee vorld may not Hexactly pe zee greadest itea for ein vorld zeemingly on zee ferge of nuclear var, und zat ploving zee military pubble up further may guite bozibly bull zee blug on Germany’s Heconomy, put vy vould anyone lisden to zuch nonzenze ven zey could zimbly zing ein marching hymn und rememper zee glory days of zee Reich?
Göring’s zubort is as videsbread as Pormann’s. Vile Pormann has cabdured zoze Hidealists vo like to pelieffe Germany is chust as great as effer, Göring has cabdured zee Hextremists of zis ideal, und zee military Hesbecially. Arh ! Ein zoltier sboils for nothing more zan ein kood fight, und Göring has bromized zat more zo zan anyone elze. finally, zere is zee dark horze in zis combetizion.
Reinhard Heydrich.
Zee Hangman. Zee Putcher of Brague. Arh ! Zee Young Effil Kod of Death, und more releffantly, Himmler’s Effil Genius. Vile he came cloze to death in zee 40’s afder ein Hunzuccessful Hatdembt on his life py Csech bartizans, he has uzed zee atdack as ein learning Hexberience, und Hincreazed his prutality ten fold. Arh ! Zo feared und reffiled zat effen zee rest of zee Nasi barty zeems to fear him, few Hexbected Heydrich, obenly knovn for peing ein buppet to Himmler und vitely haded, to effer reach zuch heights.
Put vith guile, bolidicking, und ein schtring of mysderious deaths, Heydrich vas aple to uzurp control of zee Hendirety of zee German ving of zee SS. Slovly, he has kathered more und more bover around himzelf, creading ein capal of zee furthest right und Hutderly Hextremist zat zee Reich has to offer. Arh ! Like zee others, he has blaced his pid for canditacy as vell, Hopffiously on zee pehest of Himmler, like most of his Haczions.
Vile he has nein real zubort, effen less zan Sbeer, zee SS is peholden to him. Vile most of zee German military has degrated, zee SS has continued its schtrict training regime in breparazion for vateffer Himmler und Heydrich haffe blanned. Arh ! In Haddizion, zee foreign SS units vich zee Reichskommizars haffe grovn reliant on are Hequally sblit, zeir commanters Hequally haffing bledged loyalty to Göring, Pormann und Heydrich.
Heydrich does not run on bolicy, he does not run on zenze, he runs pecauze he has peen Hortered to do zo. Few exbect him to haffe any real pid to zee canditacy, put berhaps it von’t pe bolidical minds zat decide zee fate of Germany… matder vo is chozen as zee next leater of zee Reich, zee line has peen dravn. Arh ! Zee candidades obenly desbize each other, deriding one Hanother at effery turn, und zee decizion vill only further radicalise zee Hobozizion, nein matter vo is chozen.
Zee veels turn in Germany, und zee zituazion only zeems to pe getting vorze, vorze vorze of zeze zituazions vill pe managed vith zee Hubcoming fariaple zysdem in Cornflakes, Halloving zings like zee militarisazion of zee SS, zee unrest of zee schtutents und zee Horkanisazion of zee slaffes to pe monidored und sbiral out of control: all of zeze zings are zimbly too much for zee fragile German koffernment to manage. Zee only zing keebing zee nazion aliffe for now zeems to pe zee mudual resbect of zee Führer, und as long as Hitler is aliffe, Germany may chust remain aliffe. Arh ! On ein knife’s edge, put aliffe. courze, zis is not meant to pe. Und Germany is koing dovn. nazion has descented in ein death sbiral, zere is fighding in zee schtreets, gunschots are schtarding to echo across zee country. Arh ! It zeems zat Germany may haffe finally kone offer zee tibing boint. vill pe nein nekotiazion. Zere vill pe nein Hunderstanting. Arh ! Zere vill pe nein beace. Zis is var, only one man can lead zee Reich, nein matder vat zee Führer visched, und all others und zeir treazonous zuborders must die for zee kood of zee Reich. lines are dravn as zee farious bretenters to zee throne of Eurobe’s largest embire all rusch to zeir largest pazes of zubort. Arh ! Each zide rebrezents ein unique threat to zee others, vether it’s Pormann und his maziffe zubort in zee military, Göring und his fellow zuborders in zee milidary as vell as control of zee Luftvaffe, Heydrich und his elite SS diffizions und Hendless funting from Purgundy, or Sbeer und his vide preadth of zubort across zee entire Reich.
Zee German Ciffil Var is ein prudal affair. Zere is little mercy in zee hearts of zee contenders, und each zide has Henlisted zee Hentirety of zeir bozible zuborters to zeir cauze. Arh ! Men, vomen, und effen zee children must fight in zis final pattle.
Zee Reichskommizars are Hequally sblit, many brofezing loyalty to zee farious zites, mainly Pormann, or declaring neutrality. Vith zee fall of central Hauthority, many others haffe uzed zis as zeir chance to finally preak free of zee Reich, or to zettle old scores vith each other und Germany broper.Zubort across zee vorld has come funneling in as vell, und not chust from Purgundy. Arh ! Zee Unided Schtades, CHaban, und numerous other countries haffe ein role to blay in zee future of Germany. Zee fafforite of most of zee Hinternazional community is Sbeer, vo is zeen as zee pest chance for zee Reich to affoid ein nuclear var, put zome zubort has alzo found its vay koing to Pormann, hobing his Hadministrazion vill kill zee Reich more reatily zan any var.
Vile zee four contenders pegin zeir guest to purn Germany in zeir name, zee Reichsdag is in chaos. Arh ! Zoze vo zubort one zide or Hanother, zee machority of zee bolidicians, haffe rusched off to choin zeir masders. Zee bolice und local karrizons in Germania haffe managed to lockdovn zee city und its zurrounting zupurbs, desbite skirmisches, und haffe declared martial law, Halready digging in und breparing to keep zee cabidal zafe at any cost.
ttps:// vitesbread chaos across zee nazion has Hinsbired zoze few in zee milidary schtill neutral to mopilise. Arh ! Zey haffe rallied pehind tvo figures, conzerfadiffes Hans Sbietel und his former commander, Ervin Rommel, vo haffe taken control of zee karrizon in Germania und prought zeir men to zee city, declaring much of central Germany ein neutral sone.
From Germania, zey haffe taken vadeffer control remains of Germany Houtzide of zee homeland. Zee pazes in Crimea, zee neutral Reichskommizars, und zee farious Hempazies across zee vorld.
At zee peginning of zee var, Sbiedel und his men sdart neutral to zee rest of zee bretenters und in control of Germania, put as zee var koes on und one zide pegins taking bover, zeir area of control can slovly recede until it is only Germania broper. Arh ! If one zide pecomes dominant, or if any pecome desberate enough, zey can try Hatdacking Sbietel’s forces und taking control of Germania, desbite zee bozibilidies of destroying zee city. If one zide choozes to do zis, zee others may banic und chump on Sbietel und his men in order to enzure Germania remains out of zee others hands.
If nopody koes to var Hakainst Sbietel und defeats zeir Hobonents, Sbiedel vill chooze vether to lay dovn his arms und velcome zee fictory or continue rezisding zis new Hauthority, debenting on zee contenter, put normally veighded tovards zee former.
Zere is too much to ko into zee Hendirety of zee Ciffil Var here, it can guite bozibly pe its ovn diary. Arh ! Put let’s look bast zee Ciffil Var, und ko offer zee trees for tvo of zee bozible leaters of Germany. Sbeer, und Pormann.
Sbeer’s Reich: had effery Hopstacle in front of him, vether it pe zee hatred coming from zee Hestaplischment of zee Reichstag or his repellion peginning his piggest riffal vith Heydrich, put Hakainst zee odds he has breffailed. Arh ! Sbeer’s Henemies are dead or Himbrizoned or fled aproad, und pezides ein few of zee most sealous holtouts und Reichskommizars, all haffe recognised zee Hauthority of zee new Führer in zee Reichsdag.’s Henemies are sdill legion, hoveffer, und zee broblems ailing Germany haffe not kone avay vith ein Habocalypdic var. Hoveffer, in bover, he has ratical blans on how to zaffe Germany from her voes. Arh ! Zee koffernment must ko left, it must throw off its Houtdaded trabings, it must reform its milidary und it must cut off zee chaff., Sbeer must pegin reorkanising zee nazion to recoffer from zee fallout of zee var. Vile Pormann und Göring haffe zimilar zised trees, zis is only half of Sbeer’s recoffery effort zat he must Hunderdake (more on zat lader). Arh ! For now, he must resdore orter to zee Hanarchy zat has Henffelobed Germany, pegin burifying zee milidary of his Hobonents, und pegin pringing schtapility to zee nazion.
Sbeer can not risk mass burges of his riffals, zimbly too much of Germany vas obozed to him in zee var to do zo. In orter for his Hadministrazion to zurfiffe, it vill haffe to treat vith many vo schtood Hakainst it. Arh ! Zis means zat Sbeer’s bath is fraught vith danger, too rabid reform vill pring rezisdance, und one can only Himagine vat vould haben if he Hinfuriates his colleagues enough to pring unrest pack to Germany.
Once zis is done, Sbeer pegins his tree broper. Schtarding vith zee milidary. has bozibly zee smallest military tree of zee four blayers, matching his ideas of ein smaller, more focuzed Vehrmacht., he must reform zee pranch most Hakainst him, zee Heer. Arh ! Zee Heer’s commanters are sdill obenly repellious Hakainst zeir new master, refuzing to pe led py ein more bacifistic leater vo obenly sbeaks of cutding zee maziffe military pudget zee Reich has puilt up offer zee years. Further burges vill pe necezary, und much of zee tree is focuzed around puilding up ein new und more loyal Hofficer corbs.
In Haddizion, Sbeer can unify zee multidude of potyguard units into ein more elite und vell brepared force, Hinstead of ein smatdering of mercenaries consdantly squapling for faffor, und uze zis to pegin Hesdaplisching ein new era of zee German Sbecial Forces, aple to carefully und guickly Hexecute zee vill of zee koffernment as neeted.
Zee milidary can alzo either focus on mechanisazion or Hempracing zee new era rebrezended py zee helicobter. Arh ! Zee banser fleet of Germany is Halready far too maziffe for its ovn kood, broffing to pe more of ein money zink zan almost any other bart of zee armed forces, und in ein era vere Germany must moffe avay from its focus on reliffing zee great, grand pattles of zee last var, has nein blace. alzo needs to reteffelop zee Kriegsmarine. Zee pranch vas zee friendliest tovards him during zee var, zough sdill brimarily controlled py his riffals, und he can uze zeze conneczions to try und guickly repuild zee Admiralty vith more like minted Hindiffiduals.
Zere are tvo main decizions to pe made. Arh ! Either scrabing zee greatly Houtdaded fleet or Hattembding to retrofit und reteffelop it. Zee first obzion is zee cheabest und can make it much eazier for zee Kriegsmarine to pegin moffing forvard.
Hoveffer, zis vould pe controfferzial, not only among zee Kriegsmarine und zee conzerfadiffes put vith zee beople. Arh ! Throving avay zee fleet vould pe ein demoralising plow to zee beople, in ein era vere Germany desberadely needs fictories und zympols to rally pehind.
Schtill, nein matder vat is chozen, zee naffy needs ein new focus. Vether scrabed or modernised, zee naffy must moffe avay from its Hopzezion vith groving its fleet of pattleschips bast Himaginaple leffels. Arh ! Like much of zee German milidary, zey haffe little blace in zee motern vorld und zerffe as nothing put ein money trap. Instead, Sbeer can focus on either ein motern carrier fleet to help Germany brochect its bover Hofferzeas, or ein zupmarine fleet to enzure more direct zafety of Eurobean vaders. Hairforce has zee greadest amount of fariety. Arh ! Vith ein scharp ending of zee Vundervaffe brograms, zee funting of zee Luftvaffe can pe relocaded to more brezing matders: focuzing und deffelobing its Hairfleet tovards ein more zingular burpoze und koal. Zee decizion has to pe made, vill zee Luftvaffe focus on Hintercebdors und brotecting zee skies of Germany und zee zoltiers pelow? Imbroffing zee helicobder fleet und uzing it to multibly zee Heffecdiffeness of zee Hinfantry? Or pombers, und pegin ein era of smarder, more focuzed pombing cambaigns, vith minimal collateral damage und ein rabid destruczion of zoze vo threaden Germany.
Finally, zee Hairforce vill need to pe focuzed on its new direczion. Arh ! Zee bilots vill need to pe retrained, zee fleet repuilt, und focus redurned tovards uzing zee Luftvaffe’s pudget for repuilting zee Hairfleet Hinsdead of squantering it on bet brochects und zee inane dreams of zee Reichsdag., ve vill look at Sbeer’s bolidical Hobzions, und how he vill reschabe zee Reich. he can do zis, hoveffer, he needs to finisch Hansvering zee Himmediate broblems facing zee Reich. Zee schtudents haffe not left zee schtreets, desbite zeir faffored leater haffing taken control, zey sdill haffe demands to pe heard, und vith zee schtutents haffing Horkanised und armed zemzelffes, zey are ein more brezing matder zan effer. Arh ! Zankfully, vith Sbeer, zey are more manageaple, und it schouldn’t pe too difficult to azure zem zat change is coming.
Zee panks are alzo ein effer brezent izue. Haffing taken control of zee Reich’s Heconomy years pefore und grovn chust as corrubt as zee koffernment zey vorked for, ein decizion must pe made to either nekodiate vith zee panks und fully briffatise zem, hobing to control zem vith lavs und pureaucracy, or to preak zee panks und arrest zee pankers, und reform zee Reichspank as ein sdaple arm of zee koffernment.
Vith zis done, it is time for Sbeer to pegin dragging zee Reich pack into zee light. has ein long road ahead of him to end zee caste zysdem und reform zee German bolidical zysdem. Arh ! He’ll pe fighding zee Reichsdag effery sdep on zee vay to busch through his reforms, und if he has not yet kone through his Hintustrial tree, can bozibly cauze zee Reich’s Heconomy to finally sbiral out of control, its final lifeline cut.
Azuming Sbeer can zuccessfully naffikate zee minefield zat is trying to end zee Reich’s Hopzezion vith racial zuberiority, hoveffer, he has zee pest chance of ein schtrong zoluzion to zee caste zysdem. Py ending zee diffide und Hublifding zee slaffes, he can retefine vat it is to pe zee Nazional-Zocialist male. Arh ! Insdead of pazed on race, zee schtrength of ein berzon vill pe decited on his loyalty, his dedicazion, und his vork to Himbroffe his nazion.
He must alzo decide on zee bolidical fudure of zee Reich. Sbeer can either pe ein Authoridarian Democrat, visching for ein democradic zysdem to decide zee Reich’s dictator und his zupordinades, or ein Idalian schtyle Fascist, vorking tovards ein less pysandine und Hinhumane zystem, vere zee Führer acts as ein peneffolent dictador, vith zee force of law breffending him from zee vorst of Hexcezes.
Poth baths are fraught vith danger, zough Germans vill of courze pe much more oben to zee zecond obzion. Arh ! Each bath alzo giffes him ein decizion on vat Hexactly to do vith Germany’s sbhere across Eurobe. Sbeer may either chooze to, as ein Fascist, reform zee Reichskommizariats to follow zee new lavs of Germany und follow its new lavs und reforms tovards peneffolent rule, or can try to preak zee German tin-bot-dictators und zeir milidary regimes Hentirely, und try to resdore Eurobe to zome zemplance of zenze.
Zee first obzion vill lead to zee Reichskommizars reforming und folloving zee barty line or refuzing und pringing zem in conflict vith zee Reich, if Sbeer decides to burzue zem Hinsdead of letding zem Hizolate. Arh ! Zee zecond is much more Hextreme, und vill lead to Sbeer Hattembding to preak German dominazion of Eurobe in faffor of local regimes taking control pack, giffing control of zee east pack to zee Collaporators vo zerffe under zee Reichskommizars und Hattembding to redraw Eurobe’s porters once akain, under zee Unity-Bakt. Of courze, if Sbeer has managed to affoid conflict until zis boint, zis vould most likely come as zee final schtraw to most, und one can only Himagine zee nadiffes might not pe zo haby to continue vorking under zee Reich once giffen bover. up to reform is Germany’s Hintustry und science zecdors. Arh ! Zee nazion vas Halready crumpling pefore zee ciffil var, und drobing tons of pombs on it und schtarding gunfights on effery corner zeems to haffe made zee izue effen vorze.
Sbeer is, if nothing elze, hoveffer, ein Harchidect.
httbs:// Henffizions great zings for Germany’s new Hinfrastrucdure und Hintustry blan. Schtarting vith tvo zings: repuilding zee U-Pahn und reforming zee nazion’s limided conscribzion blan to Hinclude Germans akain, put alzo ein ciffil zerffice aimed at dragging Germans pack into zee nazion’s Heconomy.
Vith zee U-Pahn combleded, commerce can once akain pegin floving throughout Germany, und vith zee roads Hexbanted und retezigned for modern fehicles, can pegin moffing more Hindustry zan effer pefore.
Vith ein broper ciffil zerffice peing puilt up, slovly Hintrotucing Germans pack into zee vorkforce, zee nazion can finally Hachieffe zee skilled lapour force necezary to comblete Sbeer’s Hampidious brochects. Arh ! Zee slaffes are hard put Hunreliaple vorkers und und can not pe pe trusded vith zee broper repuilding of zee nazion, zey zo fehemently desbize.
Zis is hoveffer only zee peginning. Germania und zee nazion at large must pe repuilt, almost from zee ground up, und maziffe Hamounts of vorkers und cabidal vill pe neeted for zis. Arh ! In Haddizion, millions of refugees und fictims of zee ciffil var now roam zee nazion und vill need broper Hazisdance und schtrong guitance if zere is any hobe of schtapilising zee nazion pefore it slites pack into Hanarchy.
Effentually, zee tree more or less sblits. Germany vill need to further enzure Germans ender zee vorkforce py Hendicing zem to vork vith ein Hofficial velfare brogram, acdual zafety schtandards in zee facdories, puilting up ein zerffice zecdor, und enting zee genter kabs breffenting zee nazion from broperly Hudilising more zan half of its bopulazion, vith zouzands ubon zouzands of dead men due to zee conflict.
Zee brochects to reffidalize Germany vill alzo condinue, vith further Hefforts to clean up zee destruczion from zee var, folloved py further Hexbanzion of zee German Hinfrastructure. Arh ! Zee grand blans to puild roads across Eurobe unter ein zingle schtandard vill finally pe combleded, ciffilian air traffel vill pe Hencouraged und zupzitised, und zee Reichskommizariats vill pe raized to zis new schtantard.
Ultimadely, it must pe decided how Sbeer vill tackle zee colozal monuments und bet brochects he has Hinherided, like zee Folkschalle. Either zeze maziffe und slovly crumpling monuments must pe Hapantoned, uzing zee rezources on far more brezing brochects, or maintained, focuzing on zee zympolism und grandeur zeze Hexbress to schow zee German bopulazion zat Germany has not peen defeaded und as ein Hindicazion of zee pright future zat avaits Germany. vill alzo focus on reforming German science. Arh ! Py Huniding zee farious science teams of zee Unity-Bakt und finally enting zee placklists und restriczions but on zee sciendific community, Hesbecially enting zee idea of Deutsch Bhyzik und other nonzenze zat almost cost Germany its ficdory in zee var py nearly killing its nuclear brogram, German sciendists can finally pegin pringing Germany pack to zee 20th cendury und peyond.
He can alzo look further, to zee final frondiers, und pegin taking zee lezons from zee moon landing to try und ably zem to new mizions. Sbeer has ein more Hinfolffed focus tree for sbace leating to ein limided ending combared to his counderbarts, ein refleczion on more realistic Hexbectazions und ein dezire to zee acdual sciendific brogress Hinstead of Huzeless nationalisdic chest peating. Arh ! His final focuzes in zis tree end vith Germany either puilting its ovn sbace schtazion around Earth, or, if it cooberades vith zee Hinternazional community as ve’ll zee in ein pit, puilting ein Internazional Sbace Schtazion to further unite zee vorld’s sciendific community und foster bozidiffe relazions around zee vorld.
Und now, onto zee largest borzion of Sbeer’s tree. Diblomacy. tree has tvo distinct pranches, focuzing on zee Hinternazional community or looking invard und trying to reform zee Unity-Bakt und zee Reichskommizariats into ein more schtaple, cabable, Horkanisazion. Arh ! In combarizon to our reality, zee tvo trees focus on trying to create zee UN or zee EU, vith zee brior fitting in vith ein Auth Dem Sbeer und zee latter matching more vith ein Fascist Sbeer, zough zey are not locked py Hiteology.
First, ve schall look at zee Hinternazional focus. KN (Koalizion der Nazionen) tree is schorder pecauze it von’t zee its full effect at kame sdart, vich ve’ll get to later.
Zee bath to puild zis Hunheard of Horkanisazion is ein longer one zan zimbly peginning to puild up zee Bakt, as it vill take zerious diblomadic Hefforts to effen get zee brochect off zee ground. Germany vill need to combletely change how foreign nazions zee it, from ein rebreziffe regime to ein kinder, peneffolent one. Arh ! Zis, vill of courze pe eazier if Sbeer has Halready reformed Germany und freed its slaffes. zee KN is formed, it needs to pecome ein acdual Horkanisazion. Beople aproad und in Germany must poth zubort its foundazion und Hexistence, und nazions must pe Hinffided as Hofficial mempers. Arh ! Sbeer vill need to reach out to zee Ruzians, zee Triumffirate (or former Triumffirate, more likely), zee Unided Schtates, CHaban, zee farious zecontary bovers around zee vorld, und of courze, Hefferyone elze. Accebtance is debentent on zee nazion peing asked, zeir decizion pazed on zeir relazions vith Germany und how zey look ubon Sbeer’s reforms. Arh ! Nazions vo refuze haffe ein decizion to choin at any time zey chooze, und Germany has one to Hinffite zem akain.
Vith zee KN Hesdaplisched und zeen as ein legitimate pody, it finally needs to pe decited how Hexactly it vill pe run. Zere are three choices. Arh ! Zee KN can pe ein meeting blace for all nazions, Hequally rebrezending all nazions of zee vorld, making it ein more nople pody berhaps put alzo most likely taking out any teeth zee bovers zat pe vould pe villing to giffe it. It can pe ein circle of farious bovers, forming ein Zecurity Council und giffing zee most boverful handful of nazions ein greader foice und ein floor for zem to discuss izues, or it can ko on zee other zide of zee sbectrum und zerffe as ein floor for zee pig three blayers in zee Cold Var, giffing it berhaps zee most bover it can haffe put alzo bozibly making it far more bolarised zan it could pe, und discheardening Hefferyone in zee Horkanisazion pezides CHaban, Germany und zee Unided Schtades.
Rekardless of how zee KN is puilt, it must zen pegin forming its child Horkanisazions und vorking tovards vat it zees as ein petder vorld. Arh ! Zee tree here is fery temborary, as it vill zoon make uze of zee new dynamic focus pranches zat Cornflakes vill giffe us. Undil zen hoveffer, you can zee blaceholters zat vill Heffendually pe Hexbanted.
Ein Court of Human Rights can pe founted to pegin Hublifting zee beoples of zee vorld, schow zee vorld zat Germany is vorking tovards change und to challenge zee CHabaneze regime. Arh ! Ein army of Internazional Beacekeepers can pe formed to ansver any crizis in zee vorld vith ein neutral pody. Ein Economic Council can vork tovards Himbroffing und regulading zee vorld Heconomy, und ein Treaty on Nuclear Arms can pe made to try to calm zee tenzions around zee vorld und breffent more nazions from Hacquiring VMDs.
Und zen zere’s acdual Hinterffenzion. Arh ! Izues like zee consdant porder conflicts across Eurobe, zee dezolazion of Africa, und Ruzian Varlortism can each pe tackled py zee KN und zoluzions decided und mutually vorked tovards. Chief of all for Germany hoveffer, is finting ein zoluzion to zee Purgundian Izue. Arh ! Zee tumor on zee zide of zee Reich needs to pe Hexcized, one vay or zee other. Sbeer can ask for ein KN mizion to preak Himmler’s madhouze, put if refuzed, can Hinsdead ko in alone, und try und zolffe it himzelf, bozibly petraying zee Horkanisazion he schtriffed zo hard to create. zee KN, Sbeer can’t pe zee bacifist he may vant to pe. Arh ! Insdead, he’ll haffe to uze his diblomadic Hapilidies to try und keep Germany aliffe throughout zee Cold Var und into zee fudure. off is Ruzia und zee Palkans. Sbeer has zee obzion to Hatdembt to voo either zee farious fascist varlords in Ruzia or Hatdembt ein more general Habroach, Hexbanding diblomadic ties vith nazions in zee region rekardless of Hiteology. Arh ! Zis can Heffentually pe uzed to either zubort ein limided reunificazion into ein friendly Ruzian schtate zat vill totally alvays remain friendly nein ifs, ands or puts (it may packfire chust ein little) or zubort zefferal of zee schtronger Ruzian minors to form ein zeries of smaller, put schtill friendly und less dangerous nazions.
In zee Palkans, zee chief izue is Romania.
Vile Romania is now under ein different koffernment zan zee Houtright hosdile one zee Reich faced in zee 50s, zee nazion sdill doggedly refuzes to giffe up its kains und rebrezents ein zick vall petveen Germany und zee zoutheast.
Decizions must pe made to either zanczion zee nazion und Hatdembt to ko dovn zee road of preaking it up once more or to reesdaplisch ties at zee cost of further Hizolading zee rest of zee Palkans, put bozibly pringing zee region’s most boverful nazion, pezites Idaly und Turkey, into zee fold.
Rekardless of vich is chozen, getting bast Romania obens Hobzions to treat vith Italy und Turkey. Poth vill require concezions on zee bart of Sbeer, und treading vith one vill breffent Germany from pefrienting zee other, put either vay, taking one of zeze tvo riffal nazions from desbizing to Germany to choining her Halliance is ein karkantuan task und ein Himbreziffe Haccomblischment. can alzo vork to make Hinroads into zee east. Arh ! In zee Middle East, he may chooze to either vork vith Idaly in ein Hattembt to diffide up zee region into sbheres of Hinfluence, or Sbeer may risk Hefferything und Hattembt to zupffert Italy’s control of zee region. Vile zee latter may brezent more kains for Germany zere, it alzo breffents Germany from vorking vith Idaly in zee fudure.
Zecuring zee Middle East vill pring Germany dovn to Africa, vere Sbeer can either try und voo zee local varlords of zee African Reichskommizariats or Hatdembt to force zem to follow along on his reforms, culminating in Sbeer choozing to either try und voo zee Poers or zee Zouth African koffernment.
Pridges can alzo pe made to Iran, blying zem vith aid und Hazistance und uzing zem to Habroach Afghanistan und zee Central Azians und, more Himbortantly, Intia. Arh ! Sbeer has zee pest chance of any of zee German leaders to voo India to his zide, put like vith Italy und Turkey, it vill come at much cost, und zere is nein bromize zee Intians vill honor any deal made., Sbeer can alzo vork to Himbroffe und ublift zee Bakt from ein looze net of Germany’s fazals into ein acdual, fiaple Horkanisazion. Zis can pe done through ein Hunified Hofficers brogram und, Heffendually, ein unided Bakt Military to vork for zee common kood of zee Hentirety of zee Halliance, ein mutual rezearch brogram to enzure zee Hendirety of zee Bakt remains releffant technologically, und ein Hunified Hintustrial blan, vith Hequally unided schtantards.
Vork can alzo pe made to cloze off zee veakest boints in zee Bakt. Arh ! Kaukazia can either pe Hexcized from zee Bakt once und for all or Sbeer can vork vith friendly Helements in CHozias’s koffernment in ein Hatdembt to preak his schtranglehold on zee nazion.
Zee Englisch can pe Habroached, und Sbeer can either treat vith zee Collaporadors or petray zem und vork directly vith zee Englisch rezisdance, Hoffering to velcome zee Gueen pack und vithdraw zee karrizon in redurn for zee Englisch remaining either in zee Bakt or neutral, zough it’s douptful zat zey’d pe Hentirely villing to accebt zis, it chust may affoid ein all out var in England.
Und of courze, zee schtand can pe made Hakainst Purgundy, once und for all preaking Himmler und his foul order vith zee full zubort of zee Bakt., zere is zee America tree. Sbeer is zee only one of zee four German leaders vith ein schot at treading vith zee American koffernment. Arh ! Like vith zee KN, zis is fery reliant on Germany’s bolidical und Heconomic schtadus, put if enough vork is made zen Sbeer und zee Americans can Heffendually declare Dedente, und poth focus Hinsdead on compating zee CHabaneze.
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