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Relationships. Anna Paquin has been in relationships with Kieran Culkin (2005 - 2006), Logan Marshall-Green (2004 - 2005) and Joaquin Phoenix (2001).. About. Anna Paquin is a 38 year old New Zealander Actress. Born Anna Helene Paquin on 24th July, 1982 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, she is famous for The Piano, The X-Men,True Blood.. Anna, who, in her late thirties, has worn a lot of hats throughout her career and has been inspiring a lot of young talents to follow in her footsteps. Personal Life. Anna Paquin was born on the 24th of July 1982, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is currently 37 years old. Anna Paquin, Canadian-born New Zealand actress who, as a child, won an Oscar for best supporting actress for The Piano (1993). Her other notable credits included the X-Men film series, the TV movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, and the TV series True Blood. Learn more about Paquin’s life and career. Actress Anna Paquin and husband actor Stephen Moyer attend the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party following the 91st Academy Awards at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly ... Anna Paquin is revealing why her fans have likely never seen photos of her two children. The actress, 35, is a mother to 5-year-old twins Charlie and Poppy , who she shares with her husband and ... Anna Paquin is the first millennial to have received an Academy Award nomination for acting, and the first to win. She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1982, to Mary (Brophy), an English teacher from Wellington, New Zealand, and Brian Paquin, a Canadian phys-ed teacher.

The Superman: Weapon (My DC universe movie #6)

2019.12.16 12:58 santerton The Superman: Weapon (My DC universe movie #6)

If you have seen my other works you know the thrill. This is sequal to my first "The Superman" story.
Thanks to u/dblade20 for being my co-writer
Okay, here we go:
Act 1:
Story starts at view of Metropolis. Van parks at enterence of art museum. Group of masked criminals raid in and point their guns at people in art museum. Police partners, Commissioner Dan Turpin (Chi McBride) and Inspector Maggie Sawyer (Anna Paquin) get information about robbery and drive there fast as they can. There is also fuzz in Daily Planet going on. Perry White (Vince Vaughn) has odered Jimmy Olsen (Logan Lerman) and Clark Kent (Ian Harding) to report about robbery. Jimmy replies he haven't seen Clark all day. Perry wonders where in hell is he. Criminals are almost out of the art museum but just in right time man from sky drops in front of them. They are in shock as they realize, it is Superman. Criminals start to shoot him, but of course, Superman is bulletproof and walks right in front of them grap all their guns and crush them. Then all criminals surronder. Superman smirks. Right then, police arrive and Superman greets them. Dan does not look pleased
Clark arrives to Daily Planet. Perry is pissed and tells him he is late. Clark apologizes and blames it on "traffic". Perry responds that he can make it up for interviewing robbers at police custody. Clark agrees to do it. At same time Lois Lane (Nina Dobrev) arrives to work. "Sorry I'm late. I had interview with mayor about his war against poverty in this city" Lois says to Perry and Clark, with smirk on her face. Perry praises her. Clark meets with Jimmy and they talk about the robbery stopped by Superman. It is also revealed that it has been a year since Superman showed up to the world and stopped attack of Brainiac. Clark and Jimmy are packing their things and going to police department to interview robbers, but then news come to tell that terrorist named Winslow Schott (Nathan Lane) with three other inmates have escaped from prison last night. Clark is in shock.
In prison, Lois has arrived to interview staff. Warden tells to Lois that Winslow has been model inmate and there has not been any thought of him breaking out in 15 years he has sit in there. Warden reveals that Winslow managed to escape by hacking security cameras, killing four guards and have three other inmates to dress up as guards and escorting him out. Warden is just wondering how Winslow managed to get his hands on such tech, since prison's security is put together by Lexcorp, which is one of the world's biggest tech giants and only geneiuses could crack their walls. Lois is getting suspicious.
Same time, Clark and Jimmy have arrived to police department and are escorted to interogration room by Dan Turpin. Dan tells to duo that those robbers have a lot of sucess in many robberies around country, besides Gotham City since they have not even dared to try there. Group calls themselfs, "Experts". Experts usually rob different museums, banks, labs and factories and sell the product to highest bidder. Experts have been mostly in shadows since their boss and founder of organization died couple years ago, but Dan thinks they finally have new leader, but is not sure who he or she is, but who ever it is, he/she has made more sloppy and unorganized missions than last one. Clark, Jimmy and Dan have arrived to the door. Clark is almost opening it up, but Dan says one last thing before letting him in, "keep your guard up". Clark nods his head and he and Jimmy enter the room.
One of the robbers named "Georgey" is sitting on chair and is handcuffed. Dan is looking at them behind glass. Clark introduces himself and sits on a chair. Georgey says he told nothing to cops so he won't tell nothing to media either. Clark asks why, and robber tells he has loyality to his boss. Clark asks what he can tell about his boss, Georgey only awnsers that "he is one of scariest guys out there" Clark listens to his heartbeat with super hearing, indicating that he is lying. "Really? How scary? Is he like, Roman Sionis or Bruno Mannheim type of criminal boss scary?" Clark asks from him. Georgey makes obvious fake laughter and replies that his boss is scarier than any of them. After somewhile Clark and Jimmy come out of the room and Clark says to Dan "You were right. He is one tough cookie. Good luck with him". Dan nods his head and Clark and Jimmy leave.
Act 2a:
Lois is driving her car and parks it in front of gigantic skyscraper which is main HQ of Lexcorp. She walks into HQ and says to clerk she wants to talk to CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor. Clerk replies that Luthor is very busy man and doesn't have time for every little chat. Just when she said that, bald man dressed in expensive suit walks, he is Lex Luthor (Billy Zane). "Lois! Long time no see. How's my favorite reporter?" Lex says as he walks towards Lois. "Hey Lex. Have time for little interview?" Lois asks him. "Of course. Come, let's talk in my office" Lex replies and two walk to the elevator. As elevator doors close, Lex says he has missed her, "Bullshit, Lex. I was just one of your toys", Lois replies. "Not just any kind of toy. My favorite kind of" Lex replies back with smirk on his face. Lois looks pissed, Lex laughs and says he is just messing with her. Lois replies that she has noticed that a lot. Elevator has arrived to top floor and in front of the door stands Luthor's assistant and bodyguard, Mercy Graves (Alisha Wainwright). "Morning Mercy. Could you cancel meeting with Dr. Donovan and move it for tomorrow?" Lex asks from her. "Of course, Mr. Luthor. I get right on it" Mercy replies. "Great!" Lex says to before entering in his office with Lois.
Lex offers Lois a drink, but she refuses. Lex pours himself a glass of whiskey. Lois takes recorder, puts it on and starts interview. "Have you heard that Queensland Prison had prison break last night? Inmates, Winslow "Toyman" Scott, Franklin Atwood, Marcus Hernandez and Tobias Clinton were ones that escaped" Lois asks. "Yes. I'm aware of it" Lex replies. "But how? Your company put 100 million dollars to that prisons security. It should be one of the worlds top quality. You promoted it as "unhackable" and "foolproof"." Lois responses. " I have no idea, Lois. Perhaps Schott was even smarter than we thought" Lex responses. "Unlikely. More plausable is that he got either assitence or right epquipment to shut down your tech" Lois replies. Lex is quiet for while, but then says with frustrated voice "What are you trying to say, Miss Lane?" "Nothing. Only that somehow, somebody either got his or hers hands on your tech and learned how to use it, or it's one of your scientists or... You, you're self" Lois responds. Lex replies back "Nonesense. I had nothing to do with it. Tell me Lois, what man like me gets out of this?". "More money. You brake him out, he does his crimes and you get part some of the earnings" Lois responds. Lex laughs. "What's so funny?" Lois asks. Lex turns again to Lois and responds "Schott is a terrorist. He killed his boss and few other people because they shut him down. He was not motivated by profit. Most likely Schott will keep his head down and stay out of crime till the day he dies. Nothing that I can benefit from. Besides, if you know me, you know that I hate terrorists. Just ask our military". Last question Lois asks from him is "So, what will you do for now?". Lex responds that he will get bottom of the issue and if it is someone working for him, he will bring them to police". Lois thanks for the interview and leaves the office. Lex is shown looking at her and finishes his whiskey.
Later that day at evening Clark has been baffling over robbery case and is trying to think. He is interupted by Lois. Both exchange what have they been up to. Lois suggests they get some food.
Clark agrees and two head out. Lois and Clark are walking towards chinese restaurant and are talking. Lois tells Clark that she hage huge doubts about what Lex told her and that he at very least knows something. Then Clark hears something watches over him with side eye in slow mow and then tells Lois to take cover as drone with machine gun start to shoot at Lois and Clark. "What the hell?" Lois shouts as she keeps her head down. Clark finds a pipe and sneaks behind drone and smashes it and finally stomps on it. Drone is destroyed. "Are you okay?" Clark asks from her. "I'm alright. Thanks Smallvile" Lois says while smiling. "Don't get offended by this, but I didn't know you had such heroism in you" Lois teases him. Clark smiles and replies "Not just a boy scout". Both laugh. Then she starts to investigate the drone. Lois regonizes it as similar drone that Winslow Schott used for killing his former boss. It has no label or outstanding color to link it. Clark puts gloves on and picks up smashed drone. He tells Lois to calm down and that he will bring drone to police. Lois thanks him and walks away. Clark runs to alley and opens his shirt revealing his Superman suit. He flies trough night sky.
Same time at Lexcorp's Reascher Center Lex and Mercy enter labarotory to check on something. Mercy asks from Lex about trouble that Lois might bring to him, Lex says he has got it covered. Then he enters code to even more secret room and in it is Brainiac's ship. He has had it since Superman stopped Brainiac from destroying Earth about 6 months ago. Even that he had ship with him for that long, ship is so large and Lex has not had much time, he has not studied everything on it or in it. He walks in the ship trying to find something to study. He has been studying Brainiac's native language, Coluan and understands most things that are written. He finds room where "Yet to be studied materials" is hold. He looks around and one material catches his eyes. Green glowing rock. Text info about it says that it was found on planet Kautnom and that it's place of origin is from Krypton, Superman's home planet. Lex wants to study its secrets.
At North Pole, Superman arrives to Fortress of Solitude. He puts smashed drone in front of supercomputer's scanner and asks it to analyze the fingerprints and drones material's place of origin. Computer can not analyze fingerprints, since its maker wore gloves, but it does regonize that drone was flew from one of Metropolis warehouses. Superman flies at high speed towards warehouse. He arrives to warehouse and x-rays it and sees short chubby man working on desk and regonizes it as escaped Winslow Schott. Superman brakes the door open and shouts "It's over Winslow! Give yourself up now and I don't need to hurt you!" Schott chuckles and turns around in his chair and responds "Not a chance. I still have huge plans for the city that turned on me" and then dozen machine gun drone appear and circle around Superman. Winslow then pushes a button on his laptop and drones start to fire. Superman destroys all drones with heat vision. Winslow is in shock. As Superman starts to walk towards Winslow, someone shoots powerful energyblast at Superman which sends him flying against wall. Superman stands up and sees someone in robotic armor, it is one of the other guys that escaped from prison. Winslow laughs and introduces one of his new inventions. Superman asks while catching his breath "That thing hurt me.. But how?" Winslow responds "Shhhhh.. Magican never reveals his secrets" and laughs. Superman tries to fight a man that shot him and maneges to punch him few times, but is again shot by energyblast. Superman is again on the ground. Winslow himself gets into his own robotic armor and before flying away he says to Superman "Stay out of my way Superman or I have to kill you as I will the entire city". Two fly away, as Superman looks at the night sky, feeling humiliated.
Act 2b:
Next morning Clark arrives at work and sits on his chair and sighs, still in pain from last nights fight. "You okay, Kent?" asks colleague of Clark's, Dirk Armstrong (Bruce Campbell). Clark responds he is fine and only didn't have much sleep. Dirk nods his head and tells he has had same thing for a while and goes on a rant about, what he thinks are stupid decisions made by Senate. Lois arrives at work and Clark asks her how she is, Lois says she is fine now and asks from Clark have police found out anything. Clark thinks for few seconds and responds investigation is still on process and will inform if they find out anything. Dirk asks what they are talking about. Lois tells about drone that attacked her and Clark and how Clark destroyed it. Dirk laughs and couldn't believe Clark had it in him. Clark responds he is man full of surprises. Perry White comes out of his office and shouts "Clark, Lois pack your things! There is situation in Lexcorp!" Lois asks what is going on and Perry responds that "Experts" are trying to rob it.
Cut to Lexcorp, armed men are raiding it and telling everyone to stay on the ground. They are dressed in militia like suits and are heavily armed. Their boss is finally shown. He is big, buff guy who wares similar milita armor than rest of them and huge navy blue trench coat. He takes of his biker helmet and reveals his face (Conan Stevens) and starts his typical bad guy monolouge to camera "Metropolis! Today we have gathered here to witness history! Experts will take down Luthor and take his wealth! Nobody can stand in our way! Experts are more powerful, more fierce than ever before, thanks to me! It is time for me to introduce myself. I am Big Sir! New king of Metropolis!". Criminals start to chant his name. "Hands up in the air!" shouts police officer. Group of police and SWAT's lead by Dan have surrounded Lexcorp. Criminals turn thrir guns at police and start fire. Police and criminals gun fight begins, meanwhile Big Sir with 4 henchmen get into elevator and are heading to laboratory. Big Sir makes radio call and commands drones to send backup for his men. On other end of the call is Winslow who does just that and dozen drones are flying towards Lexcorp from harbour.
Jimmy arrives to Lexcorp with his scooter and opens his camera back, taking of his camera and walks towards Lois to talk with her, Clark is interviewing Maggie. Soon, loud bang is heared and 2 cops are carrying injured SWAT man. Maggie contacts Dan with radio phone and asks situation. Dan tells they need more men while managing to shoot two henchmen. Clark quickly thanks for the interview and runs somewhere. Lois calls for him and is sucpicous.
Big Sir with henchmen are searching laboratory trying to find something to steal and trying to find Lex. Same time Winslow's drones have arrived as back up, but one of them is flying up. Jimmy is filming it. Drone smashes trough window. Drone is in some hallway. Big Sir finds locked door that could have been hacked by Winslow, gets destroyed by Big Sir instead. In secret room there is some epquipment and Lex Luthor. "Oh, Hello Mr. Ratchett" Lex says to him. "Give me all your money or get smashed into red paint, tweep" Big Sir says to him. Lex laughs and says "I don't think so". Big Sir is almost ready to punch Lex, but is killed by Winslow's drone. There is speaker in drone where Winslow declares he has overthroned him "Sorry David, but I can't let idiot like you run this organization. It has so much potential, but your small brains can't control it. From this day on, Experts is lead by me, Toyman". Big Sir dies. Drone then commands henchmen to escape by secret escape enterence. Drone flies away. Lex is shown smirking as Experts leave.
Same time men having fight with police get order to flee. Men obey the order and try to retreat, but then Superman appears behind them and is like "Going somewhere?" with smirk on his face. One of the men try to hit his head with rifle, but this nothing to Superman. Superman knocks all criminals out with one punch. Then Superman goes to talk to Dan. "Are you alright, Commissioner?" Superman asks from him. "Yeah yeah" Dan replies, but continues with "We had this covered. We don't always need your help". Superman replies that he doesn't think so and if criminals wouldn't have tried to flee, they could have taken all the police down. "I have been cop for 25 god damn years! I always have defeated every single crook in this city. Even some of those freaks from Gotham were handeled by me. I know I can take down Experts. Regardles are you helping or not" Dan replies and walks away. Maggie comes to talk to Superman and apologizes for his outburst and says that he is having hard times right now. Superman is understanding and says he will do anything he can to help. Maggie appriciates it. Then Maggie calls out that has anyone seen Lex Luthor. Superman is also watching around him. Then he sees how Big Sir is carried in bodybag and wonders who killed him.
Meanwhile, Lex is working in research center. He is studying piece of green rock he found in Brainiac's ship. He makes some notes at same time and one of them reads that it could be used as some sort of energy source, even for weaponry. He also has found out even it has radiaton like properties, it is not harmful for humans. Then one of the scientists bring suitcase in to Lex's table. Lex opens it and there is tube of blood in it. Lex pours little bit blood under microscope and out of curiosity let's rock radiate sample of blood. He notices how little by little blood just boils to nothingness. Lex smiles and says "Bingo".
At night time, Clark, Lois and Jimmy are spending night in bar. While having their drinks and joking around. They see from tv, how Lex thanks Superman and police for saving his HQ from destruction and also saving lifes of his employees. Lois says to Clark she forgot to ask, but where did he disapper at one point. Clark thinks for a while and replies he tried to find better camerashots. Somewhat after that, Dan gets into bar and orders a beer. Clark asks how is he. Dan responds "Could be better". Lois asks about drone that attacked her and Clark. Dan gets confused, but then remembers that Superman brought it to station. Lois turns on Clark and he says that he run into Superman while he was on way to station and offered to help. Lois is getting little suspicious. Dan continues that they didn't find any fingerprints on drone, so they can't do much, but Dan is almost certain that drone belongs to Winslow. Lois is wondering why would he want to kill her. Clark doesn't know what to say.
Later that night, Clark and Lois are walking on streets of Metropolis. They get inside apartment house where Lois lives. Lois thanks for their night out. Clark says he had fun time with her. Both smile. Then suddenley Lois kisses Clark. Clark is bit stunned, but kisses back and both of them enter Lois' apartment.
Next morning at Daily Planet, Jimmy is editing pictures he took to look little better and Lois comes in very happy and saying "Wonderful morning" to everyone at building. Jimmy asks why she is so happy at morning since usually she is very cranky at mornings. Lois replies it is woman's secret. Jimmy is confused. Then Lois tells Jimmy to pack his camera, because they need to get in press conference held by Lex Luthor.
Meanwhile, Clark goes to Smallvile, to visit his adoptive parents, Martha (Mary Steenburgen) and Jonathan Kent (Don Johnson). It is revealed that Clark has day off and that is reason why he is in Smallvile. Clark, Jonathan and Martha are sitting and talking in living room. They ask about his job, his "another job" and when Martha asks about his love life, Clark goes akwardly quiet. "God damn, son. You have found someone?!" Jonathan asks from him, all excited. Clark stutters while and says its nothing serious yet. Martha replies to this "What are you waiting for? You clearly like this woman. Do something before someone else takes her". Clark says he would want to, but is afraid can he be both good boyfriend and a Superman. And that how would she react if she knew the secret. Jonathan starts to explain to Clark that one of the most important things in relationships is honesty. If Clark truely wants to be with that woman, he must trust her.
After that it is shown that Luthor's press conference is being televised. He sees Lois in crowd. Lex walks up to his stand and starts his speech "Ladies and gentemen, representives of medias. Thank you for coming here today. As you know, for years, Lexcorp has being huge supporter of our military. Last year, we have donated 200 million dollars to our military. I may not be a soldier or any kind of officer, but I know this. Best way to end conflicts is to prove that we are stronger than our enemy. When our enemies see, that we have more efficent arsenal than them, they will show a white flag. Militarily, USA is one of the biggest countries and still, small incets bite on us. Today, I will present to you repeal against it. This is my offer to both Senate and our military to think about. This, is our future. Ladies and gentemen, I present to you, Lexobot!", Lex takes of curtain and reveals 8' tall robotic armour. Clark is in shock. He remembers that. Winslow and his goon used that to beat him. Same time, something strange is happening in press conference. Laughter is heard on speakers and Clark regonizes it, it is Winslow. He starts to speak. "Hello Metropolis, Toyman here. Sorry to interupt, but I need to step in. That Lexobot belongs to Experts!" and then five Lexobot armoured men, including Toyman himself fly to the scene. Lexobots coloring is just bore brighter and multicolored than one that Lex presented. Police open fire, but Toyman blasts one of the cops to ashes. "Anyone else wanna try?" Toyman says and laughs. Crowd screams in terror and Lois is scared. Clark stands up and says "Those people need me". Martha wishes good luck and Jonathan says to give that psycho a hell. Clark nods his head, opens his shirt and starts to fly towards Metropolis.
Act 3:
At conference, crowd of people are running in fear, Lexobots are fighting police and Toyman is talking to Luthor. "I hope you don't mind recoloring. I just needed to suit me better" Toyman says abd continues "It is the end of the road, Lex. Finally I get my revenge on Luthors!" Toyman says to him. "What the hell are you talking about?" Lex asks from him. "Didn't you know? Your uncle was on lead board of company I worked in! He was the one who suggested to my boss to fire me!" Toyman angrily responds. "I thought you already moved on from that! Besides you already killed him all those years ago, why kill me!?" Lex asks from him. "Because I don't want Luthor blood line to continue. You stole my idea.." Toyman responds. Lex is confised. "Lexobot was my idea, only in smaller scale. It was meant to be a toy, but it was reason I got fired, because "It is too dangerous" Hah, few electric shocks here and there" Toyman continues. "You and your sister are last of your family and I will kill you both!" Toyman says and laughs. "Keep your filthy hands away from my sister!" Lex furiously shouts at Toyman. Toyman just smirks. Then Lex says to him calmly "This.. This was not part of the plan". Toyman says he is not his master and will do what ever he wants. Just before Toyman could blast Lex to ashes, someone quickly saves him. It is Superman. "It is over Winslow. Leave those citizens and police alone. I'm here" Superman says to Toyman. Lois and Jimmy are watching in distance and Jimmy is recording. Toyman tries to blast Superman, but he blocks it with his heat vision. They go at it for while, but they are evenly match. Superman asks from Lex, how Toyman got his hands on Lex's bot. Lex responds he has no idea, but speculates that Toyman had insider working for him. Superman is suspicious. He doesn't know why, but he just is. Before he can think any further, Toyman calls his name and Superman sees how Toyman with 2 other henchmen try to attack to the crowd. Superman saves a lot of people and tries to keep bots away. Just as Toyman almost kills a little girl, Superman gets into blasts way and gets hit himself. He gets slammed against police car.
At same time Dan and Maggie with SWAT team arrive. Maggie goes to ask is he alright. Superman gets up on his own. Same time Lex tries to run towards his own Lexobot, but it gets destroyed by Toyman's henchman. Henchman is nearly ready to punch Lex, but gets hit by bazooka in bot's back. Bot is critically damaged. Lex manages to run away to safety with help from Mercy. Superman realizes it. Bot's weak spot is in its back. Before he can tell it to Dan, he his confronting Toyman. He is wearing SWAT uniform and firing Toyman with machine gun. This does nothing to Lexobot and Dan runs out of ammo. Instead of using energy blast, Toyman tries to kill Dan with missiles. He is locked on to him and before firing, he asks "Any last words?" Dan responds to his "Do it, you bitch". Toyman gets angry, shouts and fires the missiles. Dan closes his eyes, ready to face his death, but Superman saves him just in time. Superman shouts "Now!" and SWAT with police are firing behind Toyman's bot, causing minior damage. Superman asks if Dan is okay. Dan replies he is and before Superman goes continue the fight. Dan says "Thanks". Superman nods his head and swoops back into action. Toyman kills all the police that shot at him and then tries to attack the crowd, but is hit back by Superman's heat vision. Toyman then yells "Forget the police and citizens, men. Our top priority is now Superman. Kill him!" All men start to fire at Superman, but he quickly dodges them and one by one destroys Lexobots by blasting heat vision in bot's backs, leaving Toyman for last. All henchman are down as Toyman himself. Superman rips Lexobots front open and stands over Toyman. "You have lost, Winslow. You are going back to jail" Superman says to him. Toyman laughs, takes his phone and says "Just one more kill" and presses phones button. One drone appears and it flights towards crowd. Going towards Lois. Just before Lois is getting shot. Superman punches it to ground and stomps on it. Right in front of Lois. Lois regonizes that somewhere. She looks closely at Superman and then she realizes it. She hugs Superman and whispers to his ear "Is It really you... Clark?" Superman gets stunned, but then returns back to talk with Toyman.
Superman is asking why he tried to kill Lois. Toyman responds, because he wanted to see if he could make Superman fail and just as Toyman tries to says something about Lex and how he should get after him, all Lexobots explode, killing all henchmen and Toyman. Superman is shocked and feels bad for not being able to save them.
Later at evening, remaining Experts surrender and team is dispatched. Dan and Maggie are arresting them. Lois writes article about Toyman's defeat and death. Clark walks up to her and greets her. They start talking when everyone except them have left Daily Planet. Lois asks from Clark why he has not told her, he is Superman. Clark responds because it is the only way to keep people around him safe. Lois asks could that be reason why Toyman knew to attack her and Clark responds it could be, but he is not sure. Then Clark asks Lois to keep what she found out as secret and Lois promises it. Both smile and then kiss. Lois asks could they have something more than friendship and Clark responds sarcasticly "Maybe" and they laugh. Clark then says he has to do one "Superman thing", but will be right back to her in few minutes.
In Lexcorp, Lex is in his office, playing some music and enjoying glass of whiskey. Lex gives permission to Mercy to go home and will go himself in a minute. Mercy wishes good night and heads out. Then Lex turns around in his chair to view the city and then sees how Superman lands on his balcony. Superman walks towards door while looking at Lex. Lex says door is open with smile on his face. Superman opens the door and walks in front of table which on other side Lex is. "How can I help you?" Lex asks him. "Something shady is going on. I know it" Superman says to Lex. "I'm sure you know a lot more about Winslow's escape and attacks" he continues. Lex smirks, stands up and replies "Well, it would seem you are not as dumb I first thought". Superman asks what man like Lex could benefit from Toyman on large. Lex starts to explain "As you know, "Experts" were this citys biggest enemies. Not only to my fellow people, but to me too. I needed a way to make them leave the city and I thought, I needed someone who was on my control and let him or her dethrone their leader. Winslow Schott was my choice. He might have been sociopathic mad man, but very intelligent. When he would be leader, he would leave this city and then them and I could start minior buisness deals. All sides would win". "You are multi-billionaire, Lex. Where would you need more money? And illegal one to that matter? Do you realize how many people got hurt, because you let him out?!" Superman asks from him angrily. "First off, money is only minior benefit, but you know the tax man. They can be ruthless, so extra money on safe doesn't hurt much. And secondly, His attack at my press conference, was not part of my plan. Schott broke our deal. He should have left Metropolis very moment he killed Big Sir. Plus, keeping this citys people safe was my ultimate goal. If I knew he was going to double cross me I would have blown him up before this days events! " Lex responds back. Superman is surprised and asks "You killed him? " Lex smirks and says "I had to, but don't worry. I still have one Lexobot on storage.". Then Lex continues "But after all this, do you know why I really did all this? Goal is to keep people safe, but our #1 was not Experts. Hell, not even top 3. Biggest threat to this city and entire Earth, is you" and coldly stares into Superman's eyes. Superman is shocked. "Me? What for?" he asks. Lex responds "Think about it. You are in our tiny little human eyes, a God. You can fly, you have super strength, you can shoot laser beams from your eyes! If you would one day decied to either become crazy dictator or wipe out all life on Earth.. We couldn't stop you. You see, too much power like that corrupts. I did all this, because it is my duty to protect humanity from threats.. Like you". Superman responds that he is not evil and will never be. Lex responds "We don't know that. Besides, even if you are this "all powerful and all good" being, you make humanity weak. For centuries, man has survived and overcome many things, without help from metahumans or aliens like you". Superman replies "You think you could have beaten Brainiac without me?". Lex looks to him and says "I could have". Superman responds to this "Then where were you when he attacked!?". Lex replies "Finding out his weakness! Then, I found that only way to beat him was someone or something with equal or more strength than him. I started working on my suit, but before it was finished. You came". Superman smirks and says "Looks like you can't do everything". Lex is lookung angry. Superman then says "Well, it was a good chat, but now I'm taking you in". Lex laughs and says "No. I don't think I will" and takes out that green rock in tiny box from this pocket. Superman is getting weaker and starts to cough. Lex walks around Superman and tells that he found it from Brainiac's ship and rock is from Krypton and has named it, Kryptonite. He doesn't know why rock's radiation hurts him just yet, but doesn't care. Superman is nearly begging Lex to put it away and Lex does so. Then he says "There is more than that tiny lump. Meanwhile you played game with Schott, my scientists have found even more this stuff. Here in Earth. I have already made multiple weaponry out of this. You can't even imagine what things you can make from this. I'm not saying this as a threat, but warning. You don't reveal my involment in Schott's escape and rampage nor me helping him trying to kill you and I will keep this rock away from you. Sounds like a good deal?" Superman responds "I don't make deals with criminals". Lex smirks and replies "If kryptonite won't keep you away, maybe I have to make a visit to Miss Lane's house". Superman is confused. Lex laughs and continues "You think I have not seen, how every where she is, you are there. Somewhere from above, making sure she is safe. You must really like her and from what I have seen and read, she likes you too. So, If you will not do what I said out of fear for kryptonite, I suggest you do it for Lois. Afterall, you do love her? " Superman is angry and his eyes are shining red "Don't you dare to hurt her. This is between you and me!", he shouts at Lex. "And I will. If you, take my offer". Superman thinks for a while and says "Alright. I will". Lex smiles and says "Good dog", then when Lex is offering whiskey to Superman, he has already left. Lex smiles and looks at his window.
Back in Planet, Clark has returned and is taking Lois to dinner. Lois asks if everything is alright and did his "Superman thing" go well. To this Clark responds "Yeah. Everything is alright"
The End
Post-credit scene
Lex has come to his mansion and Mercy is there. "How did it go?" she asks. "Just as planned" Lex responds. Mercy has prepared champenge bottle. "I seriously was pretty scared if he was going to brake all your bones and drop you from very top of Lexcorp". Lex chuckles and says "He might be dumb, but not that dumb". Lex opens champenge. "Now, he is in belief he is safe. We can move to our next step. Dr. Donovan has just started project and in few months, we will celebrate death of Superman" and two clink glasses. Same time, someone is watching them. Camera pans to distance and we see their stalker. It is Batman (Wes Bentley). He broods for while and then goes to night's darkness.
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2018.02.05 23:20 MamaRoux13 WATCH: "Electric Dreams" episode "Real Life" - sci-fi story w/ Anna Paquin as a lesbian cop

Surprised that there hasn't been more online discussion of the "Real Life" episode of the sci-fi series "Electric Dreams," now available on Amazon Prime. In this story, Anna Paquin plays a queer police officer in a futuristic Chicago. She is married to a woman who works with a tech development company, played by Rachelle Lefevre. Actress Anna Paquin is openly bisexual (and married to a male partner) IRL.
Why it's worth watching: 1. Great chemistry between the WLW couple. 2. Good (brief) sex scene. 3. Explores psychological and philosophical themes. Does something that is imaginary or simulated become real if we believe that it is real? Why are humans prone to distrust things that seem good as less authentic than negative things? 4. Raises interesting questions about the nature of infidelity that are relevant to current online tools and forums. The cop's wife suggests that she take a virtual reality 'vacation' then becomes worried that the virtual experience is competing with real life.
If others do see the episode, interested to hear your thoughts.
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2017.02.27 15:05 gundabad The Tabletop Gamer’s Guide to PAX East 2017

Hey everyone, hope you are all looking forward to PAX in ~1 week! If you’re attending, and are of the cardboard persuasion, here is all of the info that’s pertinent to you, from exhibitor info, to tourneys, to panels, and some other fun bits.
Are you an aspiring designer hoping to playtest your game? Register with the fine folks at UnPub, who will have a dedicated game space all weekend to help you get your playtest on. You can also attend the Pre-PAX Game Design Night (presented by Game Maker’s Guild) on Thursday night.
Looking to play in this year’s MegaGame? A brand new scenario is debuting this year, “The World Turned Upside Down” with an American Revolution theme. Registration costs $22, with proceeds donated to Child’s Play, and is happening NOW. Remaining tickets will be sold starting 10AM on Friday, during PAX.
Will you be in Boston on Thursday and want to start your PAX early? The Unofficial Pre-PAX Game Night is for you. Seating for ~500 board gamers at the Westin’s “Galleria” hall will open at 4PM! No tickets required. Tables are first-come, first-serve.
For those at home who want to pre-plan their PAX Tabletop hype, there’s always the Tabletop Library inventory page, now weighing in at ~1,100 total games.
TT Exhibitors (Open until Midnight)
Board Games
  • AdMagic
  • Asmadi Games (in Foam Brain Games booth)
  • Asmodee NA
  • Atlas Games
  • Aviary Games
  • CMON
  • Czech Games Edition (in Foam Brain Games booth)
  • Dragoon
  • Drinking Quest
  • Fun to 11
  • Gamewright
  • Greater Than Games
  • Greenbrier Games
  • IELLO (in Foam Brain Games booth)
  • Looney Labs (in Foam Brain Games booth)
  • Ninja Division (in Foam Brain Games booth)
  • Japanime
  • SFR, Inc.
  • Steve Jackson Games
  • USPML (Mahjong)
  • Burning Wheel
  • Games on Demand (Indie RPG play area)
  • Pathfinder Society (Pathfinder play area)
  • The Role Initiative (D&D play area)
  • Thornwatch
  • Armor Class 10 [Apparel]
  • Battleground Games [Game retailer]
  • Cascade Games [Game retailer]
  • Compleat Strategist [Game retailer]
  • Crit Success [Accessories/apparel]
  • Foam Brain Games [Game retailer]
  • Level Up Dice [Dice]
  • Modern Myths NY [Game retailer]
  • Pandemonium [Game retailer]
  • Q-Workshop [Dice]
  • UnPub [Game playtesting area]
  • Techtonic Craft Studios [Accessories/Terrain]
  • Wyrmwood Gaming [Accessories]
TT Exhibitors in Expo (Open until 6 PM)
Game Publishers:
  • Beast Clans
  • Cyanide & Happiness
  • Deckbound
  • Direwolf Digital/Renegade Games
  • Dude Games
  • Fidget Creative
  • Fowers Games
  • Greater Than Games
  • Gut Shot Games
  • Hikari Games
  • Indie Boards & Cards
  • Indie MEGABOOTH presents: Indie Tabletop (multiple publishers)
  • John Wick Presents (7th Sea RPG)
  • Lagging Dice
  • Mantic Games
  • Mayfair Games
  • North Star Games
  • Paw Warrior Games
  • Riveted Games
  • Sirlin Games
  • Steamforged Games
  • Thompson Productions
  • Toonhound
  • Vs. Evil
  • White Wizard Games
  • Wild East Game Co.
  • Zafty Games
  • Carolina Game Tables [Furniture]
  • Chessex [Dice]
  • Eclectic Eccentricities [Apparel]
  • Elderwood Academy [Accessories]
  • Flipside Gaming [Retailer]
  • Foam Brain Games [Retailer]
  • Gaming Etc [Accessories]
  • Gaming Paper [Accessories]
  • Geek Chic [Furniture/Accessories]
  • Geeknson [Furniture]
  • Gemhammer & Sons Gaming [Accessories]
  • Troll & Toad [Retailer]
A full listing of all PAX East Tabletop Tourneys can be found on the PAX website. Tabletop Tourneys will include all of your usual PAX favorites, as well as several new additions not previously seen at PAX East:
  • Evolution
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Star Wars Destiny
  • Codenames
  • OGRE
  • X-Wing miniatures
  • Batman the Animated Series Dice
  • Game of Thrones the Card Game 2nd Ed
  • MEGA Catan
Registration for tourneys is held at TT HQ. All registrations open at 10AM on the day of the scheduled tournament.
Epic games
  • Chaos in the Old World
  • Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed
  • Twilight Struggle
  • A Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Ed
Need to block out time for an epic-scale board gaming experience? Registration for these “epic” games will open at 10AM on Friday to help players find a dedicated group.
Magic The Gathering Daily tournament schedule to be released soon on the Cascade Games event page. EDIT: The Magic schedule has been posted. Pokemon TCG schedule coming soon.
Ironmark Games is bringing a brand new MegaGame scenario to PAX East! Get ready for The World Turned Upside Down, on Sunday at 11AM. Limited in-person registration will be available on-site on Friday at 10AM in TT HQ. Come take part in a gigantic game that is one part board game, one part live action RPG. Come to PAX, and leave having experienced a truly unique gaming experience!
Friday Panels:
Random: The Dirtiest Word In Tabletop - Arachnid Theater @ 11AM Random mechanics are an important tool in the game designer's tool box. However, deciding when to implement a random mechanic is no easy task. On one hand, a well designed random mechanic may not feel random at all to players in the middle of a play, while an overt random mechanic that does not connect with players may feel uninspired, like a design short cut. Randomness in tabletop should not be taken lightly, as it may be the nail in your game's coffin, or the glue that holds it together. PANELISTS: Zach Given [Game Designer, Lay Waste Games], Tommy Maranges [Game Designer, Secret Hitler], Luke Crane [Founder and Head of Games, Burning Wheel and Kickstarter], Anya Combs [Games Outreach Lead, Kickstarter]
Thornwatch Preview - Dragonfly Theater @ 2:30PM Join the Thornwatch team—Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, Chad Brown, Kiko Villasenor, and Mike Fehlauer—as they talk about the lore and creative process on the first game in the Eyrewood Adventures line. As the game rumbles toward completion, you'll see all new art and maps, hear about new concepts, and get a look in on the development of the first expansion, Dark of the Wood. Many thorns shall be watched!
Roll Selection: The Art of Choosing Which Board Game to Play - Bumblebee Theater @ 3PM There are over 87,000 board games in existence, with thousands more released each year, but your friends really just want you to pick one. How do you do it? Join some of the leading voices in board game media as they share, and debate the merits of, their preferred techniques. PANELISTS: Tom Vasel [President, The Dice Tower], Russ Wakelin [Co-host, The D6 Generation], Chris Kirkman [Co-host, The State of Games/Geek All-Stars], Charlie Hall [Features Writer, Polygon], Nate Anderson [Deputy Editor, Ars Technica], W. Eric Martin [News Editor, BoardGameGeek]
Omegathon Round 1: Codenames - Dragonfly Theater @ 4PM And so it begins. We start with 16 teams (32 total Omeganauts) and we will reduce that number by HALF! How will we be culling the herd, you ask? By playing a dangerous game of espionage, deceit, and violence. A game called ... Codenames. Quite possibly the most dangerous game known to humanity.
Tabletop Design: Make Fancy Dumb Stuff! - CondorTheater @ 5PM Are you thinking about making a game that uses weird and unique materials but there is a voice in your head telling you to do something easier and simpler? Or even real people saying its way too complex or impractical? Stick with paper and plastic? Come hear from industry professionals who followed different paths and how those choices affected their games and sanity. PANELISTS: Maya Coleman [Community Manager, Secret Hitler], Luke Crane [Founder and Head of Games, Burning Wheel and Kickstarter], Jonathan Ritter-Roderick [CoFounder and Director of Operations, Lay Waste Games], Chris Cantrell [Riot Games, Product Manager], Trin Garritano [Businesswoman, Cards Against Humanity]
Play (Dirty) to Win - Bumblebee Theater @ 6PM Ostensibly, you play games to win. (Assuming we're talking about competitive games: you're not playing to "win" Dungeons & Dragons… are you?) But are really? Shouldn't you be winning a lot more often? Maybe you should try that cheap strategy you've heard about. Punch below the belt. Memorize the deck. Read the FAQ. What's the line between playing to win and cheating? Is "playing dirty" even really a thing? Come for the degenerate strategies, stay for the soul-crushing revelations on winning. PANELISTS: Brandon Rym DeCoster [Producer, GeekNights], Scott Rubin [Host, GeekNights]
The PAX Tabletop Big Game: Wits & Wagers Mega Edition - Dragonfly Theater @ 7PM Some board games are just too big for the table. Join this game show edition of Wits & Wagers, history's most award winning trivia game, hosted by Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower. Select audience members will get the chance to play on stage against surprise guests from Riot Games, Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox Games, and more! At the PAX Tabletop Big Game, teams will play for charity, but everyone will leave with a prize. PANELISTS: Tom Vasel [President, The Dice Tower]
Designing Board Games from Life Experiences - Cuttlefish Theater @ 9PM Have you spent a lot of your time devoted to a hobby, a job, family and friends? Do you want to create games? How do you incorporate the things you’ve experienced from day-to-day life into your creations? Just like an artist who paints from life, a great designer draws inspiration from the world around them. Join us and learn how to use your day job for a creative advantage! PANELISTS: Timothy Mattes [Game Designer, Devious Devices], Doug Lewandowski [Game Designer, Meltdown Games], JR Honeycutt [Game Developer, Artana], Luke Peterschmidt [Partner, Fun to 11 Games], Jeff Johnston [Game Designer, Pair of Jacks Games], Jeff Gracia [President, Greenbrier Games]
Saturday Panels:
The Life and Times of a Board Game - Bumblebee Theater @ Noon How do tabletop games go from ideas to actual games you can buy? Join us for an informative look at the entire process of making rad tabletop games. Concept and design, production and logistics, distribution and sales; we'll cover it all. It won't be quite as cool as when Mr Rogers visited the crayon factory, but I can guarantee there will be a lot more terrible jokes along with your learning! PANELISTS: Matt Fantastic [Chief Princess Officer, Prettiest Princess], Josh Githins [North American Sales Manager, Czech Game Editions], Shari Spiro [Owner, Ad Magic / Breaking Games], Anna Fisher [Queen Bee, Freelance Artist], Paul Bender [Operations Director, Greater Than Games]
Please Don't Punch the GM: Adventures in Gaming Therapy - Cuttlefish Theater @ Noon Games like Dungeons and Dragons are in the middle of a resurgence in pop culture, appearing in television, media, and now even being used therapeutically. Join game masters Adam Johns and Adam Davis as they return from the frontier of therapeutic gaming to tell stories, answer questions, and celebrate how the the games we love can make us better people. PANELISTS: Adam Davis [Founder, Wheelhouse Workshop], Adam Johns [Founder, Wheelhouse Workshop]
Tabletop System Wars - Bumblebee Theater @ 1:30 The Panel Strikes Back! Come help us celebrate our fifth year at PAX East! Bring us your weird and wonderful one-shot and campaign ideas, and we’ll tell you which tabletop roleplaying system you should use and why. New rules or old school? Story game or simulation? Crunchy or freeform? Our team of designers, editors, geeks, and grognards will brainstorm and debate until you’ve got the system that fits. You bring the ideas, we’ll bring the nerd rage. PANELISTS: Brian Liberge [Game Designer, Beer Star Games], Jim White [RPG EditoWriteDesigner, Freelance], Brent P. Newhall [Game Designer, Brent's Museum of Fantastic Wonders], Matt Maranda [Game Hoarder, Gamer Assembly], Tresi Arvizo [Indie Game Hipster, Gamer Assembly], Meg McGinley [Fun Maker, Games by Playdate]
How to Make a Tabletop RPG - Bobcat Theater @ 5:30PM Have you been hacking away at your favorite tabletop RPG to make it play like you want? Maybe you’re building your first homebrew? Or maybe you want to see how far you can take the roleplaying game medium? Game design veterans Vincent Baker (Apocalypse World), Luke Crane (Burning Wheel), Hannah Shaffer (Questlandia), Robert Bohl (Misspent Youth), and Joshua A.C. Newman (Shock:Social Science Fiction) are excited to share their creative processes with you and help you make your thing! PANELISTS: Joshua Newman [the glyphpress], Vincent Baker [lumpley games], Hannah Shaffer [Make Big Things], Luke Crane [Burning Wheel], Robert Bohl [Robert Bohl Games]
Fighting Robots: Attacking a Theme from Different Angles - Cuttlefish Theater @ 6PM Who lives fighting robots? We do. Five different game makers each created a different tabletop game with a similar theme at around the same time - all from the same inspirations. How did that happen? Come and learn about what it means to adapt a theme into a game, and how it can stand out from the crowd even when there are other, similar titles on the market. PANELISTS: Ryan Richford [Creative Designer, Zephyr Workshop], William Hessian [Designer, Hidden Ladder Games], Patrick Fahy [Designer, Off the Shelf Games], Don Mitchell [Designer, Eye4Games], Alex Cheng [CEO, Cardboard Dynamo], Cooper Heinrichs [Designer, Outchasers]
Binwin’s Minions - Condor Theater @ 6:30 Binwin Bronzebottom is looking for a few good adventurers to help acquire all the loot from the Deep Mines of Yag'Onnadie. Join in the hilarity as Chris Perkins runs a live D&D game with Table Titans & Binwin's Minions creators Scott Kurtz and Tavis Mainden, along with a full party celebrity-esque level 1 adventurers!
Narrative, Balance, and Creative Chaos in Live Action Games - Cuttlefish Theater @ 7:30PM Live action games are spaces that invite players to immerse themselves in shared narratives and competitions. They challenge players to behave differently. And they require designers to build adaptive systems that thrive on chaos. No mechanism survives contact with the player. So how do designers balance rules that are meant to be broken? And how do facilitators know when to guide players down prepared narrative paths and when to relinquish control? Our panel will discuss these topics and more. PANELISTS: Scott Silsbe [Chief Gaming Officer, Liveware Lab], Noam Strassfeld [President, New York MegaGame Society], Stefan Salva Cruz [Co-Founder & Live Games Designer, Ironmark Games]
Sunday Panels:
Improvisation in Roleplaying: How to Run A Game In The Now - Condor Theater @ 11AM Are you a Game Master that dreads when your players go off script? Does the thought of the adventurers wandering back into town instead of into your intricately planned dungeon make you want to throw your dice out a window? Well, then, Improvisation in Roleplaying is the panel for you. Join an expert team of authors, comedians and expert tabletop maestros and learn the secrets of how to improvise and adapt so that you can handle anything your players can throw at you. All while having more fun! PANELISTS: John Serpico [Member of Board of Directors, ImprovBoston], Auston Habershaw [Professor, MCPHS], Melissa Carubia [Performer, Composer, Urban Improv, Minusworld], Bobby Smithney [Performer, Director, ImprovBoston], John Perich [Writer,]
Breaking Through: Creating A New Gamer Toy Line - Bobcat Theater @ 1PM Two stay at home dads and a tabletop game manufacturer probably have no business making a toy line, but personal passion for games and toys pushed them to give it a try. How does the process from concept to creation happen? The mistakes, risks, wins and challenges of making pixels become plastic will be displayed. PANELISTS: Steven Bailey [Designer, Game Yay Fun!], Shari Spiro [President, Ad Magic & Breaking Games], Blaise Sewell [Designer, Feels Right Design]
Escape Rooms: Moving Virtual Gaming into the Real World - Condor Theater @ 2PM Escape Rooms aka Puzzle Rooms or Exit Games are a hot trend sweeping the world. Evolving from the point and click adventure games on the PC, into a real-life adventure game for groups. The premise is simple: you and your team enter a themed space and work together to find clues, solve puzzles and get out.. Come and learn about the history, tricks, psychology, design and future of Escape Games. Featuring owners from around Massachusetts. Check it out, ask questions, and maybe win some stuff too. PANELISTS: Sol Gordon [CEO/GameMaster, North Shore Escape-Woburn], Jeff Boyer [OwneChief Joy Instigator, Room Escapers-Downtown Boston], Michael Paquin [OwnePuzzleMaster, Live Action Escapes-Worcester], Chiu Chan [GameMasteDesigner, AmazeEscape-Arlington], Audrey Chow [OwneDesigner, Curious Escape Rooms-Fitchburg], Jason Loeb [Owner, Trapology Boston]
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2014.03.12 22:58 Baraka_Bama TIL Russel Normans partner is Anna Paquins sister.

TIL Russel Normans partner is Anna Paquins sister. submitted by Baraka_Bama to newzealand [link] [comments]

2013.08.27 04:35 thepenismightier TIL: Russel Norman's partner's sister is Anna Paquin

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Anna Paquin Height, Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Facts