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Things You Should Know About: The Warlock Class

2020.09.19 07:54 CrazyPlato Things You Should Know About: The Warlock Class

Not every warlock is on good terms with their patron, nor is every patron happy with their warlock. What is the relationship like between your warlock and their patron? Is the patron gentle and supportive? Stern an harsh when their will is ignored? Does your patron mock you or belittle you as its servant? Does your warlock fear their patron? Is the patron inscrutable in their motivations, or capricious and difficult to predict?
I'm trying to start a series of articles about different topics in D&D and similar RPGs. Specifically, I want to bring some context to terms that have become really common in these kinds of stories, but it feels like we might not know much about in reality (words like paladin, monk, lock-picking, pirate, barbarian, etc). And while I'm at it, I have a number of thoughts about a lot of these topics which I would bring to my players to shape how they view their characters and the setting they're playing in.
Quick shoutout, but a lot of my inspiration for this stuff comes from Gm Word of the Week. It's a podcast I've been listening to for a few years now, and it's full of insightful stuff like this from Fiddleback. And if you want to branch out from that, one of the collaborators on the early episodes of that podcast is The Angry GM, who writes a lot of articles on the subject of playing D&D. I'll probably get my research from other sources, but I already know that a lot of the stuff I bring up will come from these guys, so I figure I'll go ahead and source them (plus, if you aren't already checking their stuff out, they're pretty great even after several years of content).
This time, we're going to talk about the warlock class, and what they're all about. They’re a fairly young class to the D&D universe, with a fresh take on the arcane spellcaster classes.
The Warlock in 5e
The 5e PHB has this to say about warlocks (Please be aware, this quote comes from the Warlock page on DnD Beyond, a free resource provided by Wizards of the Coast):
With a pseudodragon curled on his shoulder, a young elf in golden robes smiles warmly, weaving a magical charm into his honeyed words and bending the palace sentinel to his will.
As flames spring to life in her hands, a wizened human whispers the secret name of her demonic patron, infusing her spell with fiendish magic.
Shifting his gaze between a battered tome and the odd alignment of the stars overhead, a wild-eyed tiefling chants the mystic ritual that will open a doorway to a distant world.
Warlocks are seekers of the knowledge that lies hidden in the fabric of the multiverse. Through pacts made with mysterious beings of supernatural power, warlocks unlock magical effects both subtle and spectacular. Drawing on the ancient knowledge of beings such as fey nobles, demons, devils, hags, and alien entities of the Far Realm, warlocks piece together arcane secrets to bolster their own power.
Sworn and Beholden
A warlock is defined by a pact with an otherworldly being. Sometimes the relationship between warlock and patron is like that of a cleric and a deity, though the beings that serve as patrons for warlocks are not gods. A warlock might lead a cult dedicated to a demon prince, an archdevil, or an utterly alien entity—beings not typically served by clerics. More often, though, the arrangement is similar to that between a master and an apprentice. The warlock learns and grows in power, at the cost of occasional services performed on the patron’s behalf.
The magic bestowed on a warlock ranges from minor but lasting alterations to the warlock’s being (such as the ability to see in darkness or to read any language) to access to powerful spells. Unlike bookish wizards, warlocks supplement their magic with some facility at hand-to-hand combat. They are comfortable in light armor and know how to use simple weapons.
Delvers into Secrets
Warlocks are driven by an insatiable need for knowledge and power, which compels them into their pacts and shapes their lives. This thirst drives warlocks into their pacts and shapes their later careers as well.
Stories of warlocks binding themselves to fiends are widely known. But many warlocks serve patrons that are not fiendish. Sometimes a traveler in the wilds comes to a strangely beautiful tower, meets its fey lord or lady, and stumbles into a pact without being fully aware of it. And sometimes, while poring over tomes of forbidden lore, a brilliant but crazed student’s mind is opened to realities beyond the material world and to the alien beings that dwell in the outer void.
Once a pact is made, a warlock’s thirst for knowledge and power can’t be slaked with mere study and research. No one makes a pact with such a mighty patron if he or she doesn’t intend to use the power thus gained. Rather, the vast majority of warlocks spend their days in active pursuit of their goals, which typically means some kind of adventuring. Furthermore, the demands of their patrons drive warlocks toward adventure.
Mechanically, warlocks in this edition have the following traits and abilities:
Other Editions of D&D
Warlocks were introduced to D&D in 3.5, as a non-core class included in the supplemental book Complete Arcane. They were presented as having power that was granted to them by a supernatural power, such as demons, fey, and other magical races. Warlocks in this edition had a higher hit die than most spellcasting classes: a d6 compared to the wizard's d4. They were proficient in simple weapons and light armor, compared to wizards who were proficient in simple weapons but no armor, and warlocks could cast without the risk of spell failure while wearing light armor. They had the Eldritch blast as a spell-like ability with no limit on casting; Eldritch Blast in this edition dealt 1d6 damage, compared to the 1d10 damage dealt in 5th edition. Class features for the class included resistances, resilience, and damage reduction which grew over time, and invocations. Many of these invocations altered the effects of Eldritch Blast, but others gave the warlock spell-like abilities that could be used at will.
While Pathfinder did not take the warlock class as a base class from D&D, the magus class seems to take some inspiration from the warlock’s design as a hybrid class. The class was proficient in simple and martial weapons, proficient in light armor, and able to cast in light armor without a spell failure chance. Magi has a smaller pool of spell slots than most spellcasting classes, and could only ever cast spells up to level 5. The Magus spell list was more limited than the wizard's, and focused on many spells that had a touch range. The magus was a prepared-spell class, who prepared spells at the beginning of each day using a spellbook. During a full-round action, a magus could prepare and cast a touch-range spell as part of their attack actions (they could attack with their weapon, and then cast a spell at the same time). After 1st level, the magus could also be channeled through the weapon they used, casting the spell on a successful hit instead of as a separate action.
Furthermore, the warlock did eventually make an appearance in Pathfinder, as an archetype (subclass) of the Vigilante class. The vigilante was introduced as a class for games with more of a social or intrigue focus, swapping between a charming social persona and a masked fighter personality. The warlock became a variant on this class, practicing magic in secret. Their spell list and spell slots were the same in design as the magus, with a limited pool of spell slots and only able to cast spells of level 5 or lower. They also gained the Mystic Bolts ability, which seems to take some cues from the Eldritch Blast.
In 4th edition, the warlock became a core class. It’s features were worked to match the edition’s standard power system, with limited uses that require a rest to recover. The warlock’s powers were now defined as spells in this edition. They still had the Eldritch Blast power to use at-will, as well as Warlock’s Curse, which dealt extra damage on a single successful attack. This edition also fleshed out the design of a warlock's pact with a powerful entity, separating fdifferent pacts with forces such as Fey, Infernal, and Star Pacts (meaning a powerful entity from beyond the stars). Each pact had a unique spell that warlock could use, in addition to their base class spells, and a second ability thematic to the pact they chose. The 4e warlock still had proficiency in simple weapons, and in cloth or leather armor (the lightest of armors in this edition).
Warlocks in Historical Context
The warlock, as a figure, does not have much difference in context from the wizard. Before the two words were separated in D&D, they were mostly synonymous with one another, along with witch, sorcerer, and a few other words that basically meant "person who practices magic". The flavor-text of the warlock though, the magic-user forming a pact with a powerful force, comes from a specific chapter in world history.
As mentioned in my post about the wizard class, practitioners of folk magic became the subject of a lot of aggression when the Christian church began to expand. Attempting to convert local populations who had only known their traditional cultural faiths, the church would attempt to change the perspective on many of their cultural practices. Some were co-opted into Christianity, or presented as equal to Christian practices (many Christian holidays share themes with older pagan holidays because of this, as an example). Other practices were twisted as the influence of dark forces. In this way, witches, wise men and women, and other followers of traditional folk magics were accused of gaining their power from pacts made with demons. In particular, it was popular to conjure the image of a witch who shared herself with the devil himself, bodily as well as spiritually. Many of these stories also involved the mage or witch selling their immortal soul to such a devil, as the price for their power.
This "deal with the devil", became known as the "Faustian bargain". This term comes from the play The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, a Christian morality play written by Christopher Marlowe around the year 1590. In the play, Dr Faustus, a renowned scholar at the University of Wittenberg, proclaims that he has learned and mastered all of the subjects that the mortal world could teach him. He now wishes to delve into the supernatural arts, to further his knowledge, but also to further his list of accomplishments. With the help of two magicians, he summons a devil by the name of Mephistophilis, and forms a contract with the devil: in exchange for Faustus' immortal soul, the devil will serve him for 24 years on Earth, after which he will die and be condemned to Hell. Faustus uses his power in self-serving and wasteful ways, flaunting his new power in the faces of the people he considered his colleagues and rivals. He is offered the chance to repent and cast aside his bargain multiple times, but he denies the offer each time. Finally, Mephistophilis declares that Faustus' time has ended, and drags the doctor to Hell as he screams and begs for another chance to repent. This literary reference is now the source of many "deal with the devil" tropes.
You may also look to fairy tales, in which a character makes a deal with a powerful faerie, such as Rumpelstiltskin. In many of these pacts, a service that only the faerie can perform is offered in exchange for a cost, normally the character's firstborn child. Often, such tales involve the character attempting to find a loophole in the arrangement, forcing the entity to honor the letter of their agreement, even if it does not match its spirit. Other tales take the opposite approach, where the faerie reveals such a twist to bind the character to something they did not intend or wish for when they made the pact.
Context for Warlock Patrons
Of course, for the GMs reading this article, it will be valuable to have an image of the warlock's patron as well, since they have a significant working relationship. Most of the patrons envisioned by WotC have some context in literature or history. While I am focusing on patrons introduced by WotC, you could also consider other homebrew patrons along these concepts.
The Fiend
The classic Faustian pact: your warlock made a deal with a powerful entity of the Lower Planes: a demon lord, a pit fiend, or some other devil/demon/hellish denizen with enough power to grant magic to someone. This one seems fairly rooted in history already, as much literature on pacts assumes a deal with the Devil, or one of his many servants.
With such a pact, you may consider the agenda of the entity the warlock made contact with: In your game, are devils only interested in corrupting the souls of mortals for when they die? Do they pursue more concrete destruction in the Material Plane? Perhaps your demon lord patron is planning on rising in power in Hell or the Abyss, and he needs you to help him gain the resources necessary to stage a coup. Or perhaps an archdevil patron has an idea of how to make the Material Plane a step more Evil in alignment, and he needs a mortal tool to pull some strings on his behalf. Plunging the world into a massive war may suit a devil's purposes, as war brings out a lot of evils in a lot of people. Perhaps there is a paragon of Good in the world, and the devil thinks that the world may lose its moral compass if that paragon were gone, or if they were somehow corrupted from their moral pulpit.
You make a pact with a powerful force in the Feywild, one of the mysterious fey. Such a patron may be one of the well-known fey entities, such as the queen of the Summer or Winter Court or one of her vassals. They may be a lesser noble within those courts, but one with enough power to be a notable character. You may find a powerful third party, one who doesn't care for the fey's politics and has enough power to hold their own domain.
Fey are interesting, because by definition their motivations can be alien to those of mortals. While they may have an interest in building power in the Material Plane, some fey only care about playing with mortals for their own amusement. A warlock to such an entity might just be an agent of chaos, so that the patron can laugh at the antics they cause. Other patrons may have a particular interest in the Material Plane, which while not significant to most creatures is particularly interesting to them. Take, for example, the concept of the Wild Hunt: Many cultures of Northern Europe speak of a supernatural party of creatures who hunt for sport at certain times of the year. Perhaps in your game, the Wild Hunt is a fae organization, and they need someone to act as their harbinger in the mortal realm, or perhaps they think your warlock shows promise, and may allow them into the Hunt one day if they prove themselves to be an interesting hunting companion.
The Great Old One
You probably already know that we're going with Lovecraft on this one. The Great Old Ones exist on the edges of reality, occasionally reaching out and briefly touching the world we live in. Every time they do, their appearance can only be described as "impossible to comprehend" or "maddeningly terrible". H.P. Lovecraft is the source for much of these creatures, in his collection of cosmic horror novels. Such works as The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and The Dunwich Horror show both the terrifying presence of such an Old One, and also in some cases the personality of cultists to such a being, normally maddened by their contact with the creature.
It's a mistake to think that your warlock should be able to see the entirety of a Great Old One. The true horror of Lovecraft's works was always that these entities were just so damn big compared to the mortals who saw a glimpse of them. The experience of meeting one of the Old Ones has been compared to "an ant looking up at a human from the very bottom of at human's shoe": you know that this creature could destroy you in an instant, but also that it probably doesn't even notice that you are there. The terror of the Old Ones is more the terror of revealing that you, as a mortal being, would never be able to stop this creature if it happened to wander through your home, and it probably doesn't know, or care, that you are there.
Part of what makes the Old Ones so horrifying is also how alien they are: while many deific figures specifically resemble humans, the old ones are nightmares of writhing limbs and gnashing teeth. They don't make sense to us, because we have a view of what a corporeal creature should look like, and these things simply don't fit into it. In a similar sense, the motivations of the Old Ones would be equally alien: GMs, keep in mind that the Great Old Ones may not have any agenda to pursue that the PCs can understand. Their reasons for forming a pact with a warlock don't have to be reasonable, or have a coherent plan to them. They may not even fully understand the nature of the pact, from the perspective of the warlock.
The Celestial
Where a Fiend Pact is a deal with a being of the Lower Planes, a Celestial Pact is one made with a creature of the Upper Planes: an archangel, solar, ki-rin, empyrean, or some other powerful angel or non-deific being of Good. It's tricky to find a strict reference to such a pact in literature, but many tales imply a similar relationship for a character and their god. Often such a character is on a divine mission, granted favor in their quest in exchange for their commitment to see it to the end.
It's commonly assumed that a Celestial patron would have an agenda opposite to the fiends: where a devil would want to bring Evil into the world, the celestials would want to bring Good into it. However, it's possible that a patron such as this may have personal stakes as well: in your game, perhaps celestials still have politics among their numbers. Perhaps your warlock is expected to prove a greater point about morality. Perhaps the patron they serve has a focused view on how to make the world more Good: if you were to kill a lot of Evil people, wouldn't the world be less Evil? Or perhaps you're meant to convert these people, so that they recant their Evil ways. Or possibly you are meant to correct the damage that they have done, reducing the results of their evil.
The Hexblade
In 5e's core setting, Hexblade patrons are weapons forged from materials in the Shadowfell, powerful and sentient. They typically take their wielder as a warlock. This patron is one that gets a lot of mentions, because it's a way to build a strong hybrid warlock character that can use martial weapons as well as magic. For references, you may consider the Soul Edge from the Soulcalibur video games: the blade's wielder harvests souls for the demonic entity contained in the blade, so that it can one day enter the material world. Or perhaps you might recognize the swords of Muramasa Sengo, the historical swordsmith of 16th century Japan. His swords appear in several Japanese video games, with a reputation for being bloodthirsty. In some cases, wielders of the sword have to draw blood when the sword is held, even if it means hurting themselves. Other versions of the sword grow stronger when they draw blood.
Such a weapon could have all kinds of plans to pursue. Perhaps the weapon is a holy blade, with a personality similar to a Celestial patron, or an unholy blade with a Fiend-ish agenda. Perhaps the weapon has some magical purpose they want to pursue with the warlock's help.
The Undying
You make a pact with an entity who has gained enough power to achieve immortality, in a sense. Many of the examples for this kind of patron are lichs, but there are other ways to achieve immortality (Oath of the Ancients paladins, for instance, stop suffering the effects of old age at level 15; a spellcaster might gain immortality through a Wish spell). The actual definition of an "Undying" patron can vary based on your interpretation, but the one fundamental is that they do not die of age. If you want an example from folklore, you could look to Koschei the Deathless, from Russian folklore. The nature of his immortality can be vague in some tales, but some would describe him similarly to a lich, having trapped his soul in a hidden object so that he could not be truly killed. Koschei is known for terrorizing nearby villages and stealing young women to take as a bride. It appears, in his case, his greatest desire in his undying life is companionship.
The stereotypical reason for a warlock to follow an Undying patron is that they want to learn their secrets to immortality. A character might want to become a lich, for example, but doesn't have the aptitude to learn the ways of necromancy and thought they'd have a better shot at earning the lich's favor directly. In turn, the Undying patrons may have a fairly selfish agenda, compared to the other patrons: they may want the warlock to personally sing their praises, or pursue a feud the patron has had with another entity and never been able to properly settle themselves. Or, like Koschei, perhaps they just want someone to bring them a good story of their adventures every so often.
The Noble Genie
Noble genies are described as the more powerful of their kind, who are powerful magical beings that reside in the Elemental Planes, and some parts of the Material Plane. Genies are largely figures of Arabian folklore, particularly from the stories of Arabian Nights. Often, genies are known for being the servants, but a powerful genie might also be sought for favors.
Perhaps the genie offered the warlock a wish in exchange for their service to the genie. Or the genie could use their magical power in some other ways to earn the favor of a prospective warlock. The genie may be looking for a servant, a companion, a tool in some political power struggle they are involved in, or some other purpose. Perhaps the genie offered a wish to someone else, and they wished for an act that the genie doesn't want to be associated with, such as the death of a powerful king. The genie might use their warlock as a way to fulfill the wish without being accused of causing the death.
The Raven Queen
While the Raven Queen is the patron goddess of death in 5e's core setting, you could use this patron type for any avatar of death that's relevant to your setting. They could be the Grim Reaper, Azrael the angel of death, a dullahan, or some other reaper of souls.
As an avatar of death, this patron might use their warlocks as psychopomps, escorts who bring the souls of the dead to the afterlife. They may also use their warlock as an agent of death, bringing people to their end on the schedule of the patron. This may be an interesting plot hook for the warlock, as death may ask the warlock to kill someone whose death would cause problems for the warlock: a powerful tyrant whose sons would pursue the warlock to avenge the death, or a popular figure whom the warlock personally cares for.
The Lurker in the Deep
Lurkers in the deep are powerful entities who live deep in the ocean: a kraken, an aboleth, or some other ancient aquatic creature. In this case, I love to reference the aboleths in Pathfinder's core setting: the setting has a lost continent of Azlant (which is clearly a reference to Atlantis). The aboleths reached the minds of early humans telepathically, and slowly led the Azlanti to a place of heightened civilization: technology, magic, and culture. They did this to control sentient life on the planet, and eventually they planned to absorb the life force of that civilization. When the Azlanti began to realize the presence of these deep ones, the aboleths panicked and sank the entire continent, and the Azlanti civilization with it. They then retreated to the depths, hoping to return when their presence had been forgotten again.
Deep ones may have such a purpose, to manipulate or control life on the surface. They maybe more benevolent, offering power to someone with a kind heart or a noble spirit. They may be facing a threat in the waters, and want a warlock who can fight with them.
References for Warlocks
If you’re looking for an example of Archfey pacts, you might out the Dresden Files series of novels. In the books, the protagonist Harry Dresden interacts with the Fae courts on more than one occasion. The two courts, Summer and Winter, are locked in an eternal war with one another that gets hot and cold at various times. And they rely on mortal agents, the knights of Winter and Summer, to enforce their will in the mortal world. Harry interacts with the knights in several occasions, and learns about the burdens that come with the role. As it turns out, the queens of Summer and Winter don’t like getting hung up on mortal needs when they interfere with their business. Knights are kind of a “use them until they break” kind of job.
Doc Facilier, from the Disney film The Princess and the Frog, appears to have made an infernal pact (possibly some other pact), and could be a model for an antagonist warlock character. Facilier’s pact seems to stem from his personality as a fast-talking gambler: He made a deal with the mysterious Shadow Man for power, but in exchange he has to fulfill some promises he might not be able to keep. And if he fails, he’s got Hell to pay. While he tries to let his personality do the talking, we see in moments that the Doc is more worried about his “friends on the other side” than he lets on.
From TV, I would recommend the first couple seasons from the show Supernatural (aka, the best seasons). The two protagonists, Sam and Dean, are caught up in the plan for the biblical Apocalypse, with one brother expected to be the vessel for Lucifer, and the other expected to be vessel for the archangel Michael. The brothers clearly have a bone to pick about their roles in the plan, and there’s a lot to develop for a Fiend or Celestial pact as you watch them change against the pressure both factions apply to them.
From books, check out Renfield from Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 novel Dracula. First introduced as an asylum patient with a penchant for eating bugs, we eventually learn that Renfield has been in contact with the famous vampire, and is determined to support him in his goals. Renfield is obsessed with the idea that consuming living things gives him their strength, and sees Dracula as the epitome of his worldview. Frankly, with source material like that, it’s hard to believe that there aren’t more vampires as Undying patrons out there.
If you’re a comics fan, Ghost Rider is another Faustian pact. The original character Johnny Blaze, asked a devil to save his father’s life in exchange for Johnny’s service. Now by night, when in the presence of evil, Johnny becomes the iconic Ghost Rider, a personal hitman for the devil who owns his contract. It’s a good plot for a warlock: the fiend has business to take care of, and the warlock no longer has a say for whether he wants to help or not.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions for a Warlock Character
If you are building a warlock character, or if you're a GM with a player rolling a wizard, you may want to consider these questions:
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2020.09.18 23:10 awoiaf Maester's Monthly Meta Magazine: 3rd Moon, 383 AC


The Second Moon of 383 A.C. has come to a close!
Once every two weeks, we'll be posting a turn thread just like this one. Here you can do many things - post evidence for new skills, post your economy actions, participate in monthly awards, or join in on discussions and conversations with the sub as a whole. Make sure you check the Date Conversion Sheet to see when the current Moon will end and the next one will begin. While you may post into a turn thread at any point during the month, certain things - like subterfuge and economy - are dependent on the day you post them. Other things - like skill training - are adjusted only once a turn, at the very end of the IG month. This means you can wait until the two weeks are nearly up, and then proceed to post your evidence for learning a new skill. Editing posts after a thread has been closed is a method of metagaming. While we trust that each of you are working for the best of your story and the sub as a whole, in cases where edits create uncertainty, the decision will work in favor of the party who did not make the edit. If you wish to make changes, let a mod know, and they can be done in a separate, new comment.
These threads are designed to keep everything in one easy place, and to provide news - both IC, and OOC - to the sub as a whole. Make sure to read them thoroughly, and to ask the mods or your fellow players if you have any questions or concerns. We all aim to make this sub a great and welcoming place - which means we must all work together to ensure it remains fair, functioning, and fun. With that, we're ready to begin!
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The Kingdom of the Iron Throne converges once more in the great city of King’s Landing in promise of a Great Feast and Tourney. As many clamor for position and power, all eyes were attentively on the Queen.
The Grand Feast was certainly an event that bards and mummers would sing songs of. Spilling with a fruition of plots, dances and laughs the celebration was one to remember and would undoubtedly set the precedent of what was to come.
The Great Tournament proves to be a marvelous spectacle, although tarnished by injury and worry. Leo Lannister, the heir to Castamere, would be left a cripple at the hand of Vorian Dayne in a menacing joust. With Willlum Caron claiming victory in the Melee and Marq Royce displaying his personal prowess with a bow, it would be the Lord Paramount of the Honeywine, Androw Hightower, that would prove victorious in the ever exciting and dangerous joust. Where he named his future betrothed, Jenelyn Baratheon, his Queen of Love and Beauty for all the realm to see. It was Lia Cole, angry with her unmasking by the Hightower, that would unfold a series of events leading to an interrogation of the mystery knight’s true identity. Another of Velaryon’s brood arrives in the city.
The Second and Closing Feast dedicated in celebration of King Robert Baratheon would come to be just as spectacular as the first.
The Master of Whisperers proved most productive this moon. As is his duty, he investigates unsettling reports by meeting with Androw Hightower, Johanna Hightower, and Jeyne Tully, which then leads to some intimacy with Johanna. He finds time to enter the joust, a most painful venture, but disturbing reports soon bid him to inform Queen Myrcella of Pentoshi plots.
The Reach weathers a tranquil moon this time around.
In King’s Landing, Lady Jirelle Baelish reunites with her former betrothed, Robb Stark. Later, Jirelle hosts her bannermen for a gathering.
The North
The Warden of the North, Jon Stark, came to host his fellow northmen as well as other guests in a lavish party held in the Stark manse.
The esteemed bastard of Jon Stark, Kayn Snow, would come to have an almost lethal incident after a mistreated wound that resulted from the tourney. Luckily enough, Ryon Glover would arrive just in time to save the young man.
Kayn Snow and the Queen of the Iron Throne shared an intimate moment together in the Godswood before being interrupted by the Queensguard, Ser Florian Mallister.
Surreptitiously gleaning intelligence meant for Arlan Baratheon, Kayn Snow learns of the plots of the Golden Company, and [hones](\) in on perceived treachery by the Lannisters.
The Lady of the Arbor, Rhea Redwyne, arranged a series of meetings with three notable figures, Johanna and Androw Hightower being two of them, after the learning of specific information. The Lord of Oldtown would then continue to [call on his sister]([ in an effort to understand the knowledge he has obtained regarding Johanna herself. The interaction would come to be a violent and frustrating affair with tears and shouts thrown at one another.
Following these developments, Lord Androw Hightower summons his sister for a tense discussion.
A mysterious young girl finds a rare ingredient of sinister nature in the ruins near Sunspear.
Back in the capital, the son of the Princess of Dorne, Lewyn Martell hosts a party held in the Martell manse, with invites and attendants from across the kingdoms.
The heir to Nightsong, Fletcher Caron, would inform the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands of knowledge obtained through infiltration. First came information regarding the infamous Master of Whisperers and his many courtships, including that of Johanna Hightower and Jirielle Baelish. Later in the moon came the intelligence of those in Essos, as the Golden Company plots the demesne of the Iron Throne. This would lead to Arlan seeking a meeting with her Grace, in an attempt to warn his liege of what was to come while Lady Connington meets with the Queen.
The Baratheon family would come together in the form of a family dinner, where marriage prospects and family ties were discussed.
The heir to the Eyrie, Alaric Arryn, sulked after his defeat in the tourney choosing to then wander the halls of the Red Keep in deep thought.
Up in the Mountains of the Moon, a brooding Donnahal Uthelhain, Chieftain of Clan Redsmith, reluctantly resolves to reach out to the Arryns for aid for his people.
Ser Manfred and his Riding Troupe as well as the Merry Men throw a party for one another.
Lady Eleyna Lannister quarrels with her mother and brother before meeting with vassals and allies both while her betrothed Leo Lannister has to deal with the fact he is a cripple after the joust.
Both Boar and Stag gathered together in an effort to make amends for past grievances, the result coming to be a sharing of drinks. Joining them would be Gareth Horpe, the heir to Ashgrove.
After a series of drinks and laughs, both Gareth Horpe and Loras Crakehall would drunkenly make their way to the Jolly Giant, an inn where the Crakehall currently resided. Both men would find passion in each other’s arms.
The Iron Islands
Rodrik Goodbrother plans a festival for his people of Hammerhorn to celebrate their return to economic stability. Meanwhile over in Ten Towers, Lord Harlaw summons his vassals for a raid on the Greenlanders. As they arrive, Lord Harlaw invites his fellow reavers to a feast to plan their raid on the greenlands.
The Wall and Beyond
The Night’s Watch lose a faithful brother to a wildling ambush. Much further north, war brews between the clans of the Ice River and the Frozen Shore. Joramun, Chief of the Ice River Clans rallies his people to march. Red Wolf, Chieftess of the Frozen Shore makes an attempt to find common ground, but no accord could be reached, thus Joramun prepares for battle.
Down in King’s Landing, the wandering crow, Dake, meets with the Master of Laws to secure new recruits from the dungeons, and discuss the need for a new maester for Castle Black.
Uthor Lothston, Captain General of the Golden Company, hosts a feast for his soldiers. Later that moon, Bartimos Bolton receives an interesting letter, and brings the news to the attention of Uthor.
Elsewhere, in the city of King’s Landing, the Braavosi envoy, Ferro Antaryon recovers from an illness as he readied himself to once more become involved in the Great Game.
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2020.09.18 17:56 poloniumpoisoning I just watched Snow White for the first time. So what was the tape I had at home as a child?

After we turned 30, my husband and I were sure that we wanted our family to consist of adopted children. Two long years went by, but in less than a month we are finally bringing our twins home, and we couldn’t be more excited!
The twins are currently four-years-old, so we figured we’d rewatch all the Disney classics from our childhood, hoping to share this timeless joy with them when they arrive.
We watched a bunch of movies so far.
“What about Snow White?”, my husband asked. I frowned.
“I’m not sure it’s appropriate for such young kids”, I replied. “It was my favorite movie as a teen, but it’s so dark.”
It was Matthew’s turn to frown.
“What are you talking about? Oh, you mean the part where the witch dies?”
“What are you talking about? I watched this movie over and over and I’m pretty sure the witch doesn’t die”, I replied.
After that, we were so intrigued to see which of us was misremembering it that we had to watch it immediately.
From the start, the grim movie I knew so well felt wrong… way too bright and almost happy.
The first strange scene was the one by the well, where Snow White is singing along with a bird as she does her chores, and the Prince spots her.
“The part where the stepmother tries to drown her in the well is missing”, I reported.
“Holy crap, Sarah, what’s wrong with your memory?”, Matt exploded. “There is no such thing.”
I nodded, quietly. I was pretty sure I wasn’t misremembering anything – after all, despite being afraid of it as a child, the besmirched Disney movie was my favorite when I was 15 and I’m pretty sure I watched it over fifty times by then. I loved seeing my friends’ terrified reactions when they watched it with me.
But then again, it’s been a while.
The second strange part was when the hunter grabbed ahold of Snow White. In this version, it wasn’t heavily implicit that the lead character seduced the man to have him let her go – it was quite the opposite, the hunter was simply charmed by her beauty and purity.
He didn’t remove all her fingernails before hurrying her to escape. Instead, what he took back to his master was the heart of a doe.
I’ll admit this was a nice touch, especially considering what happened to the huntsman when he showed the stepmother Snow White’s bloody nails; the witch’s black familiar ate his eyes before the villain desecrated his body and then finally fed it to her magic mirror.
All while the man had a smile on his face, signaling that whatever the main character showed or did to him was worth enduring the torture and painful death that followed.
Another nice touch to this lighter version of the movie was that it hints to things being dark, but then it turns out that they’re not. Like when Snow White is running around the woods, panicked and alone, and finds out that the forest isn’t trying to harm her (it is), then the animals kindly lead the way.
Originally – or at least in my tape – the cutesy birds and little deer request a sacrifice to help her, and she forges a blood oath with the critters; they’ll later come to fetch Grumpy and peck him to death.
After my first remarks made Matt think I’m crazy, I simply stopped comparing the two movies aloud and just watched it quietly, intrigued.
The part where Snow White cleans the dwarves’ cottage is really cute, and it didn’t look at all like she was performing a ritual at the little house to bind whoever lived there as her protector – our heroine knew that she had to take some measures because sooner or later the witch would attempt something.
Now comes the actual lighter part of the movie, when she makes friends with the dwarves. Not a lot was changed from one version to another, and this whole scene with them bonding actually feels like a kid’s movie, even in the version I knew.
The singing and dancing was way lighter – again, nothing implies that this is part of Snow White’s ritual to obtain their blind loyalty, but that was it.
And all the while, the witch plotted.
This version had a slightly less scary witch, but things were pretty much the same up to the point where the dwarves fight her.
After the woodland creatures claimed Grumpy, the other dwarves – oblivious to the fact that it was their beloved Snow White who caused it, not the evil stepmother – seemed to lose their will to fight and, unfortunately, Bashful and Happy fall off the cliff before the witch does.
A crying Dopey then grabs her by the legs and they perish together – or so they thought. Her familiar actually grabs her half-dead body and takes her back to the castle.
The dwarves are now only three – Doc, Sneezy and Sleepy. To me, it was a wonder that in Matthew’s version they all survived, but I liked this result better; I absolutely love Bashful and was always devastated to see him die so cruelly.
The three remaining little men then build Snow White a glass casket, where her nearly-dead body decays, although slower than it normally would.
The movie then ends when the prince finally finds his beau and kisses her half-putrefied lips, allowing Snow White to change places with him and steal his body. Mr. Charming is now the one chained to the casket.
She then sweetly says goodbye to her three remaining menials and takes her leave on the Prince’s white horse to enjoy her life as a free man.
I’ll admit I liked that ending better; as a teenager, I always saw the movie as the ultimate feminist manifesto, as its lesson was clearly “pull a fast one on men before they have the chance to do it to you”, and I’d go as far as saying it helped shape me into the woman I am today. The cliché ending with her being saved and marrying her savior was lackluster at best, but at least Bashful was alive on this one.
As the credits started rolling, Matthew turned to me with a smirk. “So you realize you misremembered stuff, right? But don’t worry, you haven’t seen this movie in – what? – fifteen years. We’re getting old, my love.”
I nodded and went about my day. By bedtime, I had completely forgotten about it all.
That’s why it was a shock to me when I woke up the next day and found Matthew trembling, crying and drooling on the living room floor with the TV turned on. I’ll never forget how empty and panicked his eyes were, and the genuine fear on his face seeped to me. After calling the emergency, I tried grasping what happened to leave him this way.
He pointed to our very old VHS player, and a shiver ran down my spine. After all these years, someone had left my childhood copy of Snow White at our doorstep.

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2020.09.18 17:55 poloniumpoisoning I just watched Snow White for the first time. So what was the tape I had at home as a child?

After we turned 30, my husband and I were sure that we wanted our family to consist of adopted children. Two long years went by, but in less than a month we are finally bringing our twins home, and we couldn’t be more excited!
The twins are currently four-years-old, so we figured we’d rewatch all the Disney classics from our childhood, hopping to share this timeless joy with them when they arrive.
We watched a bunch of movies so far.
“What about Snow White?”, my husband asked. I frowned.
“I’m not sure it’s appropriate for such young kids”, I replied. “It was my favorite movie as a teen, but it’s so dark.”
It was Matthew’s turn to frown.
“What are you talking about? Oh, you mean the part where the witch dies?”
“What are you talking about? I watched this movie over and over and I’m pretty sure the witch doesn’t die”, I replied.
After that, we were so intrigued to see which of us was misremembering it that we had to watch it immediately.
From the start, the grim movie I knew so well felt wrong… way too bright and almost happy.
The first strange scene was the one by the well, where Snow White is singing along with a bird as she does her chores, and the Prince spots her.
“The part where the stepmother tries to drown her in the well is missing”, I reported.
“Holy crap, Sarah, what’s wrong with your memory?”, Matt exploded. “There is no such thing.”
I nodded, quietly. I was pretty sure I wasn’t misremembering anything – after all, despite being afraid of it as a child, the besmirched Disney movie was my favorite when I was 15 and I’m pretty sure I watched it over fifty times by then. I loved seeing my friends’ terrified reactions when they watched it with me.
But then again, it’s been a while.
The second strange part was when the hunter grabbed ahold of Snow White. In this version, it wasn’t heavily implicit that the lead character seduced the man to have him let her go – it was quite the opposite, the hunter was simply charmed by her beauty and purity.
He didn’t remove all her fingernails before hurrying her to escape. Instead, what he took back to his master was the heart of a doe.
I’ll admit this was a nice touch, especially considering what happened to the huntsman when he showed the stepmother Snow White’s bloody nails; the witch’s black familiar ate his eyes before the villain desecrated his body and then finally fed it to her magic mirror.
All while the man had a smile on his face, signaling that whatever the main character showed or did to him was worth enduring the torture and painful death that followed.
Another nice touch to this lighter version of the movie was that it hints to things being dark, but then it turns out that they’re not. Like when Snow White is running around the woods, panicked and alone, and finds out that the forest isn’t trying to harm her (it is), then the animals kindly lead the way.
Originally – or at least in my tape – the cutesy birds and little deer request a sacrifice to help her, and she forges a blood oath with the critters; they’ll later come to fetch Grumpy and peck him to death.
After my first remarks made Matt think I’m crazy, I simply stopped comparing the two movies aloud and just watched it quietly, intrigued.
The part where Snow White cleans the dwarves’ cottage is really cute, and it didn’t look at all like she was performing a ritual at the little house to bind whoever lived there as her protector – our heroine knew that she had to take some measures because sooner or later the witch would attempt something.
Now comes the actual lighter part of the movie, when she makes friends with the dwarves. Not a lot was changed from one version to another, and this whole scene with them bonding actually feels like a kid’s movie, even in the version I knew.
The singing and dancing was way lighter – again, nothing implies that this is part of Snow White’s ritual to obtain their blind loyalty, but that was it.
And all the while, the witch plotted.
This version had a slightly less scary witch, but things were pretty much the same up to the point where the dwarves fight her.
After the woodland creatures claimed Grumpy, the other dwarves – oblivious to the fact that it was their beloved Snow White who caused it, not the evil stepmother – seemed to lose their will to fight and, unfortunately, Bashful and Happy fall off the cliff before the witch does.
A crying Dopey then grabs her by the legs and they perish together – or so they thought. Her familiar actually grabs her half-dead body and takes her back to the castle.
The dwarves are now only three – Doc, Sneezy and Sleepy. To me, it was a wonder that in Matthew’s version they all survived, but I liked this result better; I absolutely love Bashful and was always devastated to see him die so cruelly.
The three remaining little men then build Snow White a glass casket, where her nearly-dead body decays, although slower than it normally would.
The movie then ends when the prince finally finds his beau and kisses her half-putrefied lips, allowing Snow White to change places with him and steal his body. Mr. Charming is now the one chained to the casket.
She then sweetly says goodbye to her three remaining menials and takes her leave on the Prince’s white horse to enjoy her life as a free man.
I’ll admit I liked that ending better; as a teenager, I always saw the movie as the ultimate feminist manifesto, as its lesson was clearly “pull a fast one on men before they have the chance to do it to you”, and I’d go as far as saying it helped shape me into the woman I am today. The cliché ending with her being saved and marrying her savior was lackluster at best, but at least Bashful was alive on this one.
As the credits started rolling, Matthew turned to me with a smug. “So you realize you misremembered stuff, right? But don’t worry, you haven’t seen this movie in – what? – fifteen years. We’re getting old, my love.”
I nodded and went about my day. By bedtime, I had completely forgotten about it all.
So it was a shock to me when I woke up the next day and found Matthew in PTSD, crying and drooling on the living room floor with the TV turned on.
Someone had left my childhood copy of Snow White at our doorstep.
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2020.09.18 16:47 BuckRowdy [Update] The rise and fall and the depths of depravity of pedophile Jared Fogle from Subway.

This is an updated and edited version of a post I originally submitted at /redditcrimecommunity. It's been updated with the latest info.
I used to be kind of obsessed with the idea of Jared from Subway. He always seemed like nothing more than wallpaper in a commercial, a guy whose job amounted to holding up a comically giant pair of pants for seconds at a time in commercials. How much do you think they paid that guy to do that?
I used to search to see if I could find out Jared's salary or his net worth because to me it seemed like he had the easiest job in the world. Just stand there and smile, hold up the giant pants, shake a few kids hands at store openings and other corporate promotional events; essentially play the character of Jared from the Subway commercials.
The Midwestern everyman who once weighed over 425 pounds and lost it all by eating at Subway every day. Of course the fine print at the bottom of the screen gave the wider context to his weight loss routine, but there was a much wider, much darker context to Jared's story that would only be revealed years later.
Jared started working for Subway in 2000. By 2005 they had stopped featuring him in commercials and their sales declined by 10%. They quickly reinstated him and he was a fixture ever since.
It is true that Jared did lose the weight, and he did do it in part by eating at Subway.
At this point it would be reasonable to ask how did he get the money as a college student to eat all his meals at Subway?
Because he was running a porn video rental business out of his apartment at the time and had an extensive collection. You've got to remember that this was in an era where media of all types was more difficult to obtain. You didn't have everything at your fingertips back then.
Subway opened up on the ground floor and Jared was lazy so he started eating all his meals there.
The rest of Jared's story is marketing mythology. A friend wrote an article in the student newspaper that got published in Men's Health which caught the eye of Subway's marketing department. Jared started working for Subway in 2000 and up until about 2007 it appeared to be a marketing master stroke. That's when the reports started trickling out. In 2007, TMZ published the story about the porn rental business.
We'd learn later that as early as 2008, Subway had received serious reports about Jared from a franchisee in Florida that Jared had befriended at a few store openings. Cindy Mills, the franchisee said:
"He would just tell me he really liked them young," she says. Fogle and Mills had a sexual relationship, which lead Fogle to disclose disturbing details of his criminal activity in lewd text messages.
Mills says she tried to blow the whistle by phoning ad executive Jeff Moody — then CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) — after Fogle had told her that he had sex both in Thailand and the US with child prostitutes between the ages of 9 and 16 years old. According to Mills, Moody stopped her mid-conversation and said, "Don't worry, he has met someone. She is a teacher and he seems to love her very much, and we think she will help keep him grounded." Mills also claims she spoke with two more SFAFT execs after Moody, but ran into more dead ends.
Jared was up to no good for years, but his world really started to crumble in 2015 with the arrest of Russell Taylor. Taylor was Jared's partner in his non-profit charity and he was just as bad as Jared if not worse.
Russell Taylor, the former director of Fogle's anti-childhood obesity foundation, was arrested in April [of 2015] on three counts of possession of child pornography, three counts of child exploitation, and three counts of voyeurism.
Taylor had gotten in trouble for texting a woman a picture of bestiality and suggesting such between the two of them. It's a sick thing to think about, but that's just what Jared and Russell were up to.
In one of those text messages, according to the affidavit, “Russell Taylor asked her if he and another adult female she identified could come to Jane Doe’s residence and engage in” an act of bestiality. The woman did not agree to that request, but told investigators “you could tell (Taylor) was serious.” She also told investigators that “she received an image file via text from Russell Taylor that depicted (another act of bestiality).”
Jared's house was raided and the rest quickly became history. Subway dropped him. Sharknado 3 dropped him. Jared accused Taylor of fraud and sued him. One quarter of the funds of the charity were unaccounted for, and the only money they ever paid out went to Taylor's $73k salary.
I'm no professional but it's hard not to draw the conclusion that Jared was paying Taylor to produce child porn with a non profit charity.
The world found out about Jared in 2015, but in 2007 and 2008 two women were finding out a lot about Jared.
Jared had met a franchisee in Florida and started a sexual relationship with her. She called the FBI when Jared started texting stuff like this:
In one series of texts sent from April 2008, Fogle tries to convince the franchisee, a woman, to advertise herself for sex on Craigslist. She could make $500 per act he explains and he could watch her have sex with other men. Fogle then goes on to apparently admit to paying for sex with a 16-year-old girl off Craigslist.
The woman franchisee writes: "Is this the same website you found that 16 year old you that you f---ed?" the woman replied, according to an affadavit.
  • "I still can't believe you only paid $100 for her."
  • Fogle reponds: "It was amazing!!!!"
  • "What part of her ad made you think she was selling sex?" the woman asked.
  • Fogle says "U will have to read them to see."
The woman got a lawyer and submitted the texts to Subway who sat on them.
Around the same time, Jared met Rochelle Herman Walrond, a journalist who initially remained anonymous, who came forward and said that she got suspicious about Jared when he called middle school girls hot
According to the woman, Jared would often visit schools in Sarasota County, and allegedly told her numerous times that, 'Middle school girls are hot.'"
She contacted the FBI who asked her to wear a wire. She went on to record Jared over a nearly 5 year period, pleading with the FBI to go ahead and arrest him with them always saying that they didn't have enough evidence and needed more.
So she tried to get Jared to incriminate himself. Over that 4.5 year period they talked about a lot of stuff, like that Jared wanted to fly to Thailand to have sex with children.
"I would fly all three of us clear across the world if we need to,"[Jared] says on the tape. "It would just make things a lot easier — if we're going to try and get some young kids with us. It would be a lot easier probably."
He gave her grooming tips:
"Well, if we get them segregated out ... you know, start talking or whatever ... and we get a little closer, and a little closer and a little closer and before you know it ... it just starts to happen," the man's voice says. "But I think that girl from the broken home could be a possibility, you know."
He daydreamed on the phone:
"Do you want to watch me f— a young girl, too?" the voice of Fogle asks. "Will you f— a young boy?" When Herman-Walrond asks if that would turn Fogle on, he responds with a whispered "yeah."
“I had a little boy. It was amazing,” Fogle reportedly said, in response to a question about being with children. “It just felt so good. I mean, it felt—it felt so good.”
He also, allegedly, asked her repeatedly to let him install hidden cameras in her kids’ rooms.
“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch,” she told Inside Edition.
The audio recordings can be heard at this link. She reported him to Subway in 2009 and nothing happened.
At the same time this was happening, Jared was flying to New York to pay for sex with minors. He asked the minors who he paid for sex if they knew anyone else they could recommend, always stressing younger if possible.
Also, according to the charging documents:
Fogle received "images and videos of nude of partially clothed minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct," which were allegedly recorded by Russell Taylor, the former director of the Jared Foundation.
Taylor secretly filmed some of the minors in his home using hidden cameras that captured them changing clothes and bathing.
Taylor was in possession of 400 videos of child pornography upon his arrest.
In 2011, someone else reported Jared to Subway via their website and yet nothing happened.
All this came raining down on Jared in 2015 when his house was raided and he was arrested and later charged with 14 acts of sex involving minors. He was ultimately sentenced to 15 years in jail and had to pay restitution to his 14 of his many victims totaling $1.4 million. His wife divorced him as quick as she could, Subway cut ties with him and the dominoes started to tumble.
All of a sudden the past reports about Jared came to light and Subway didn't have an explanation. Lawsuits started flying. Jared's now ex wife accused Subway of covering up Jared's pedophilia even from her because their marriage made Jared more grounded and more marketable.
It's now a sick joke, but at the same time of jared's arrest, Subway was trying to rebrand him as a family man.
So why didn't Subway act on the various reports it had gotten about Jared over the years? As this site puts it, it was a story bookended by laziness. Jared's laziness brought him to Subway, and their laziness in vetting stories led to the end of the Jared era with a lot of human misery left in his wake.
Subway has waffled in its response. Rather than taking the path of clear messaging and communication, and aiming to transparent and authentic throughout this terrible situation for the victims and Fogle’s family (as well as the brand), the company hasn’t been clear about where it stands in the midst of this crisis. What message was Subway sending to its employees and franchisees by keeping Fogle around for as long as it did?
As soon as he went to jail he instantly gained 30 pounds
In 2016, he filed an appeal which was denied. The DA's office argued:
[that] Fogle's text messages to a woman, in which Fogle stated he would "pay big" if she could procure 14-year-old children, and that he "craved" underage Asian girls. In these text messages, he also expressed sexual interest in young boys, although there is to date no evidence that he paid for sex with male children.
Later that same year, a brawl broke out and Jared was nearly killed in an attack meant to send a message to all pedophiles.
Other than that, rumor has it that Jared has it pretty easy in jail which is disappointing to hear given all that he's responsible for.
In 2017, Fogle tried to pull the Sovereign Citizen defense and claim that the feds didn't have jurisdiction over him which I imagine gave the feds a good laugh. The motion was dismissed.
In 2018, Jared sued to void his conviction going so far as to name the president (among others) as a defendant. It was unclear how the president was involved and Jared was forced to remove him as a defendant.
He claimed:
he was wrongfully allowed to plead guilty to conspiracy to receive child pornography, claiming that conspiracy doesn’t apply to such an offense.
His suit was dismissed.
That same year a woman pen pal of Jared's sold their racy letters to Radar Online. Seen here and here. She also sold a recorded phone call where she and Jared discuss porn and his sexual preferences.
If he wanted to appeal to a parole board, surely sending hand-drawn pictures of his genitalia that later end up on radar online is not a good strategy.
In March 2020, three of associate Russell Taylor's child pornography convictions were overturned for ineffective counsel. He still faces trial on 9 other charges.
In the five years since Fogle was arrested, Subway has been reeling. In 2015, their co-founder passed away and a new CEO was brought in. Internal reports indicate that customer traffic is down 30%. They've laid off over 400 people from the corporate HQ and this summer they had to revoke a promotion due to a franchisee revolt over the pricing.
Subway was associated so long with Jared it may take time for customers to form a new association. They tried to drop him once, struggled, and re-hired him. Clearly Subway lived in denial while Jared was their spokesman and looked the other way as business boomed. The new marketing strategy involves athletes. Time will only tell if they can recover from one of the worst scandals to ever hit a sandwich chain.
As of September 2020, Russell Taylor was being held at a federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi; Fogle was being held at a federal prison in Littleton, Colorado.
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2020.09.18 04:43 x23896 Trust issues, among others - Am I overreacting?

My fiance (M30) and I (F24) have been together for 6 years and we just moved in together in March. We've had our problems like any relationship but I've been miserable since we moved in together. I think he expects me to be a mom more than a partner; I do all the grocery shopping, pay the bills, take out trash and recycling, do the dishes, walk our dogs and clean up/train/etc with new puppy, meal prep for both of us, vacuum, mop, clean living spaces, do his laundry, I even pack his lunch. All I ask is that he folds his clean clothes and scrubs the bathrooms. We originally split the chores much more evenly, until I actually moved in and he stopped putting any effort in. So that's part of the reason why I'm stressed all the time. Moving on ~ since we started dating, I used to find chewing tobacco tins and spit bottles in his storage bed. He lived with his parents until we moved out and claimed they were his dad's, and his dad did it in his room to hide it from his mom. Both of my parents have had issues with nicotine so that made sense to me. Fast forward ~ I started finding the tins and spit bottles at our apartment about a month ago. Each time I confront him about it, he says something different. And each time he also pokes holes in whatever reason he told me previously. A few days ago he lied about going out after I went to bed (told me he didn't) and he left a receipt on my desk that he bought some. I'm feeling helpless. Each time I've confronted him, because I've noticed how he pokes holes in his previous lies, I've said specifically that I'd be more upset if I found out he was lying, than if he was actually using it. He's came up with very believable lies on the spot each time and gone with those instead. We've had previous issues with things like infidelity, specifically serious flirting with other girls in public and on facebook (i.e posting 'I need 😘' on peoples pictures and worse) and me finding emails of him trying to hookup with people off Craigslist about a year in before I'd have sex with him. He explained those away as well. I'm hurt that he kept lying each time with the chewing tobacco, even though I gave him an out. I also said that we've come so far since the above issues and I've never felt more secure in our relationship/trusting of him, so I'd want him to tell me instead of lying about even bad things like this, so we don't go back to the way we were before. But he STILL actively made the choice to break my trust AGAIN without skipping a beat, made it seem so believable, and went on like normal. Now that I have solid proof with this issue, I'm fully convinced that he's an incredible liar and can come up with anything on the spot to keep me around. On one hand I feel like I'm being ridiculous because I'm questioning our whole relationship over this issue, on the other I feel like he's completely violated my trust to a point that idk if we can salvage it because it's making me call into question anything he's told me before with any issue we've had. I'm also finding myself questioning a lot of his own personal stories about high school/growing up because they're embellished to the point that they seem cringy Hallmark Movie fake. I haven't been happy for a while and have been hoping we'd get better with each step forward, like moving in together, but it seems each step has made things worse. He limited my social activities during college and study abroad so I've missed out on a lot. Aside from personal issues, our sex life is non-existent. He's had a yeast infection diagnosed since April but I noticed symptoms going back a year, so we haven't had penetrative sex for quite a while. His lying had made me question if he's had this due to poor hygiene like he said his doctor said (he works 12 hour shifts outside, he told me his doc said these infections are common for men with these jobs because of the heat) or if he's been cheating and caught something. He's always been a big guy (5'10", 275) which I love, but he's put on almost 125 since we started dating. I've gained weight too but I've made an effort to get healthy this last year and am back to 160 at 5'4". He's just not attractive to me whatsoever anymore and wastes all the healthy food I cook him. We've also just put our wedding off again, moving it to October 2022. I feel like I keep making serious life compromises for this guy and now I feel like he's a compulsive liar, like this isn't going anywhere and my life is on hold as long as I'm with him. I can't tell if I'm overreacting or if maybe this is just a smaller issue that's tipped the iceberg, but I feel ready to walk away. I haven't been in a serious relationship like this before and I know people say you need to put effort in to make love work, so I can't tell if this is just one of those things where I need to put serious work in and choose to stay in order to keep love alive and keep the relationship. Am I overreacting with the conclusions I'm drawing from this lie? Or am I in my head too much due to stress from moving in, COVID, and our sex life, and taking it out on him?
TL; DR: Caught my fiance in a 6 year lie and I'm feeling like I want to leave him. It was so believable that I'm not sure if he's a compulsive liar and lied to cover himself in other issues like infidelity, and I should walk away. Or if I'm just overreacting due to stress with COVID, his large weight gain, and just moving in together. People say you have to choose to be in a relationship and fight for love to make marriage work. I can't tell if this is one of those trials, or if it's just a bright red flag to finally walk away.
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2020.09.17 20:49 shyextrachocolate No Orgasm

Im so sorry is so long!! Thank you if you read it!!!
Since 5 years ago I recognized myself as bisexual but Im súper confused I have these flasbacks since childhood that makes me think maybe Im just gay. I read the master doc and it was mindblowing. But as many of us, I still have doubts that I will mention at the end of the document. First I wanna give context:
1.- Im almost 30 and I have never enjoy a sexual relantionship with a man. I have fall in love only once, but the intimacy was always a problem. Never orgasm with anybody. I would never ever start the sex, it felt performative and it was always frustrating (crying involved).
I always thought that this was because of man culture, porn, “macho” education and how guys are never educated in this subject “women”. And ego.
2.- My teenager years: I was never interested in anybody. My sister was this “always in love with a guy teenager” while I was never ever interested in the idea of having Boy friend I had like 5 and always felt trapped and ended the relationship in less than a month. It was súper uncomfortable when they touched me.
3.- I can spend hours (HOURS) looking at actresses or female celebrities athletes whatever I have had celebrity crushes on guys too but never google them. My visual obsession is with women only. Alway being very passionate and intense about women topics but I thought it was a natural thing. Like l discover that when somebody asked me for my fave films they were all LGBT I literally had no idea until I said it out loud.
4.- I remember this weird feelings with some girls of my soccer team when I was teen like 13... it was intimidating and couriosity Especially one which I stalked in social media for years and years late I found out they are all gay. So this makes me think that the radar was always there and probably because of Disney and the hetero education I learned to like guys but my main nature is not bi or straight. Even though Im the cliché of a “femme” woman, Gay women have approache me thinking Im gay. Thanks to them I Start thinking about my sexuality.
5.- When I was living in other country I dedícated my time basically to live the experience, I went to lesbian bars, joined a lesbian soccerteam and even though I didnt find anybody that I was súper attracted or in love with, the experiencie of being with some of these ladies made a lot of sense in so many ways. I had sex with a woman I was not very attracted to (sounds horrible but I just needed to do it), and even the “lack of attraction” I enjoyed the experience BUT didnt orgasm either. It just made sense in so so many ways like equality was súper sexy, the lack of roles, just much more interesring and so many possibilities I felt more “comfortable”.
6.- I kissed with my bff of collegue which many people thought we were a couple, we called ourselves “wifeys” and yes, which I thought it was exciting. And I remember being really dissappointed when nothing more happened the night we kissed and he dated a man days after.
I grew up in a very open minded family so another conclusion I have is that I accepeted so much all this situations that I was never really scared by the idea of being gay. But with the time I have found that just knowing and saying it out loud haslike an answer for this invisible gap with men
BUT... I have never falled in love with a girl and didnt have orgasms either and that is the thing that make me doubt about aaaaall this signs. I know “its not importante to label myself” but I would love some thoughts.
My therapist told me I probably have an issue connecting heart and sexuality... my sister told me that Im just starting this new life and with time I will find the girl.
Thank you so much. If read it all, you are the Best!!
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2020.09.17 02:11 quasiw0lf I work for The Corporation. We have a 'psych ward' for one person. (Part 1)

My name is Dr. Súsanna Wolf. I am a psychiatrist. The people I work with are criminals. Murderers, rapists, abusers, pedophiles - if you can name it, I have dealt with it. I do an evaluation of their mental state, report that to the respective authorities, and they either get them fried on an electric chair or put into a mental hospital. Sometimes I stay with them for further treatment, if they are indeed mentally ill. My evaluations have, as far as I know, always been accurate, and most treatment has proven successful. It usually took me two to three days of intensive questioning and observation to draw my conclusion about the patient. I was sure I picked the right job, and I was so happy with all my results... Until that call came, four days ago. It came in the middle of the night, and I groggily answered, not even dreaming of what I was getting myself into.
"Rise and shine, Sú." I shot straight up in my bed, fully awake and concious. I immediately recognized the person on the other end. The man had aged, but he still had the same warm and raspy feeling to his voice and a thick, southern accent.
"Yeah, it's me. Been long, right, Starfish?"
Samuel had been my closest friend and fellow student at university. We had graduated together, and after that, we had kept contact for a while, which disintegrated slowly over the course of a few years. I'd missed him dearly, for he had always a comforting presence in my life and provided a shoulder to lean on when things got stressful. Our relationship had been platonic, nothing more or less than that. A soulmate is not always destined to be your romantic partner, after all.
"Samuel... Why are you calling me at this ungodly hour?", I asked, leaning over to switch on the little lamp on my nightstand. I heard his laugh, loud and high-pitched like the chime of a bell.
"Listen, I, uh-", he seemed to be leaning closer to the phone, as his voice became more quiet, his tone a little more serious. "I need to see you. I have a patient in this facility that I can't crack - sounds impossible, I know - but I've never seen anyone like him before. A true enigma, and no one knows where the guy's from. Looks native to me, but his accent isn't anywhere near anything our linguists have ever heard. And we have the best. It's not fake, either, I would have noticed that."
"Are you asking for my help?", I mocked him, a grin spreading across my face. He spoke even more quiet this time.
"Not me, no. The Corporation wants you." I blinked.
"The Corporation?" Figuring I'd be on the line for a while, I slowly stood up and, cordless phone in hand, made my way to the kitchen to prepare some coffee.
"You'll receive further information if you agree, and I know you will. Can't turn down an opportunity, can you?" I could see the smug grin on his face, even though we weren't face to face. He knew me too well. Sighing, I turned my back to the coffee machine, leaning on the counter.
"So when do I start?"
"Are you dressed?" I scoffed.
"Is that important?"
Just then, I heard my doorbell ringing.
"You better get dressed, then. As I said, I knew you wouldn't turn down the opportunity. Sent them in advance to pick you up, it's a long drive."
The drive to the facility went like a blur. I wasn't told where we were going, nor how long the drive would take, so I gazed upon the darkness outside the car and sipped on my coffee until eventually, I fell asleep, my head gently resting on the vibrating windowglass as we passed through the country.
I awoke to the slamming of a car door. It was already light outside, the sun was shining bright in a blue, cloudless sky. I sat up, and just then, someone lightly tapped on the car window. I opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle. The two men that had escorted me then ushered me towards a building. My jaw dropped when I took in the sheer size of the building. It was massive, and from the outside, it looked like a fortress, obviously designed to keep people in, not out. There was a thick wall surrounding it, topped with what looked like steps that rose up from both the in- and outside of the wall. Atop each step was barbed wire, glinting sharply in the morning sun. I was so astonished that I almost missed the enormous steel gate which was slightly ajar. When we got closer, the gap didn't seem that slight at all, as the three of us could pass through, walking next to each other with appropriate space between each person. Just how tall was that wall?
The men, which turned out to be named Ephraim and Ismael, signed us in and handed me my name tag and identifiation card. I was told by Ismael to keep both on me at all times, then they took me to an elevator. It was spaceous and sterile, and we stood silent as the elevator took us up to the seventh floor. It was not an uncomfortable silence, no. Their presence was very calming, especially in this huge building where I could have easily gone lost if I had been on my own. I have never had a very good sense of orientation.
We got off the elevator and walked straight, and before I knew it, we stood in front of two big, white doors.
"We can't take you in there, but we'll wait here." That was the first time I heard Ephraims voice. It was light and he almost reminded me of Samuel, given his curly hair and rather quiet demeanor. His hair was dark, though, where Samuels curls were of a dark blonde. Ismael had short, black hair, and he was looking at me with pale blue eyes that seemed cold, but as he sensed my nervousness, he grinned and winked, cocking his head into the direction of the door. I hoped I was going to see them more often during my stay.
As I entered the room, the first thing I sensed was the smell of oakwood and dusty vanilla. Two people stood in front of the large desk facing the window. One, I recognized, but the other was unfamiliar to me. They turned to look at me, and Samuels smile broke into a bright grin.
"Súsanna! Finally.", he boomed, strutting towards me and embracing me, gently squeezing the air out of my lungs.
"You got old.", was the only thing I managed. He chuckled. His blonde had noticably faded to grey, which was strange, because from what I remembered, he had to be only 35 years old.
"Súsanna, this is Professor Doctor Lilith Gallian." He gestured towards the woman he had just spoken to. She seemed to be in her early fifties, strands of gray and brown hair flowing down her shoulders. She had kind, brown eyes and the look on her face was soft, but for the unmistakable scars on her cheeks. She'd suffered from acne, and she owned the aftermath like a goddess.
"Thank you for your lovely introduction, Dr. Mrrayl.", she said warmly, shooting Samuel a genuine smile. I instinctively stuck out my hand, which she gently took and shook. "It is so nice to meet you. Dr. Mrrayl has told me quite a lot about you." I blushed and laughed awkwardly.
"Only good, I hope."
"Of course, of course! Now, let's get to business, shall we? You didn't come here all the way for a talk and a cup of coffee, right, dear?" I noticed I held my empty mug still in hand. I awkwardly put it down on a table near the door and followed her to her desk. We sat down, and Samuel sat beside me as Professor Gallian slid me a stack of papers across the table. She also gave me a pen. It was a contract, and my tasks were basically laid out in front of me, as well the risks. They would pay for medical fees if I got hurt. And for gods sake, I have never seen a bigger paycheck.
"It's a temporary contract, scheduled to run out in one year. If you succeed - if possible - or if we like your working spirit and skill, we might give you fixed employment as a researcher in our facility, to work on other very special cases. If you need a day or two, we will-" With one swift stroke of my hand with the ballpoint pen on the paper, I signed the contract and slid it back to her. She looked surprised, but happy.
"I can't turn down the opportunity to work with my former colleague. Haven't seen Samuel in years." I said, looking at him. He smiled, although in his eyes, I saw what looked like... Concern.
"Alright. Are you ready to get to work? Your clothes and personal belongings will be here in the evening and brought to a designated living area, so don't worry about that. Or do you need a rest?"
"I'd rather start now.", I smiled. She looked relieved.
Lilith Gallian gave me a brief rundown of the rules, guidelines and the working hierachy. She was not the leader of the corporation, but she led the facility, and Samuel led the 'psych ward'. She then gave me a keycard and a thick folder, and for the first time, her expression was stern.
"We have many dangerous subjects here, safely contained. We want it to stay that way. You best stay in your designated area and not wander around, Súsanna. No... Inmate in here is to be taken lightly." I shivered. Her using my first name made it seem urgent, like a mother telling her child not to wander too far off into the woods. "And the subject you will be tending to is no exception. He is not your ordinary criminal. You... Stay away from him. Physically, of course, you will find a set of rules in his file that elaborates further on that. Don't let him manipulate you in any way. He is ruthless, merciless, has a way to get into people's heads and he will do everything and anything to get out of these circumstances. Everything."
Her gaze slipped to Samuel before returning to me in an instant.
"You better read his folder before you confront him. No matter what he seems to know about you, don't let him get to you. Do not let him into your head. He is far more dangerous than he looks and even more vicious."
I opened the file. There he was, staring right at me, his face bearing a grin that dripped with malice. I took the picture and examined him closer. Scars ran across his face, varying in size, but fully healed. He seemed to be of Native American descent, his white teeth shining bright against his tan skin, with a gap between his front teeth. His hair fell across his face in long, black strands. Looked to be in his early to mid-thirties. In the picture, he was confined to a straitjacket. He looked like a maniac, for sure. Nothing I couldn't handle.
Or so I thought.
I frantically looked through the papers, letting out a nervous chuckle.
"Wait... This is a joke, right?" Samuel looked more than serious. "Samuel, how long have you been working with him?"
"Three years, Súsanna." I carefully read the scribbled notes under the picture.
Sentient & sapient
Object class: E--
Object. My stomach turned. The rest was smudged, and I chose not to ask about it. I had so many questions. Sapient? What kind of company was this? I couldn't wrap my head around it, so I took a deep breath and looked at Samuel.
"Then tell me why you have no information on him. Not even a name?"
"Why do you think I called you?", he smiled. Suddenly, he looked tired. The colour of his eyes grew a dull and dark green, he looked thin and hollow, and his hair seemed to grey even more. This man was serious. There was something he couldn't handle, so he contacted me.
"Actually, there is one thing we found out.", he said, and his fatigue was gone. "He has a fear of filled bathtubs."
My eyes had wandered further and I was scanning the treatments he received. My heart dropped. I slowly looked up at Samuel, then at Lilith.
"Hydrotherapy? And electroconvulsive therapy?"
"It's a last resort.", Samuel muttered, as if that would excuse anything.
"It's completely unethical", I croaked, putting down the file. "These are methods from the 1800's. Sounds like you became desperate and decided to torture him." Samuel took a sharp, deep breath and looked at me with a dangerous glint in his eye.
"This man killed 35 security staff members two months ago. He could have easily escaped the facility. He is extremely intelligent, manipulative, strong and fast. I watched him snap a mans neck by roundhouse kicking him in the face. I watched him escape from a locked and deadbolted cell where he was chained to a corner and confined with a straitjacket, without setting the alarms off. I watched him kill heavily armed security with his bare hands. I watched him get shot in the chest and just get up again. He is no joke. This wasn't the first time he got out of his cell. He never decides to actually break out, he just wants to rampage. To kill. I'm sorry if my methods don't appeal to you, but those treatments are the only ones that intimidate him."
So they were indeed torturing him. I sat in silence, glanced over the sheet of rules that lay in the folder. It was a yellow piece of paper, and it looked to be fairly new. After I finished reading, I slowly looked up at Samuel.
"I want to see him." Samuel sighed and nodded.
"I figured. Let's go."

The glass was mirrored from the inside. He couldn't see the team of scientists behind it, and he couldn't see me. I, on the other hand, watched closely as Samuel entered the room. It was equipped with a long steel table, to ensure a safe distance was kept, and two uncomfortable looking chairs. The man in the white button-up shirt sat motionless on a chair on one side of the table, with his head low. His long, dark hair obscured his face.
"Good evening." Samuel said as he put down his clipboard and pulled the chair on the other side of the table back and sat down. The patient lifted his head.
"Hello, Doctor." His voice was deep and raspy, he sounded amused. Slowly, he lifted his head. "You got a girlfriend now?"
"What makes you think that?" Samuel nervously clicked his ballpoint pen.
"I smell perfume. Jasmine and opium. And... Patchouli. Great taste, don't you think? A little graveyard-ish." His shackles rattled slightly as he leaned forward in his chair. He grinned. It looked even worse than in the photograph. "Or is it... A present for me?"
"No, absolutely not. You wish."
"Come on, give me a toy, I'll tell you what you want to know." He began sounding snarky, impatient. I took notes.
"The last time we 'gave you a toy', we had to pick up the body parts and you didn't tell us anything. No, you're not getting any toys. Ever. Again." Samuels sudden authority almost made me jump, and I looked up from my piece of paper. He sounded like a parent scolding his child for breaking a vase, when, in fact, it had been a whole human being he had torn to shreds during group therapy. I had read about the incident in the file. That itself wasn't new for me, but the word 'toy' referring to a person made me cringe.
"I just want to scare someone. Been deprived of that for... How long?"
"You've had no contact to staff that is not me or security for..." Samuel checked his papers. "For 63 days."
"God, I miss-"
"That was the day of your last outbreak, too."
"Ah, yeah." He grinned, leaning back in his chair again and taking on a semi-comfortable position. His voice got a little louder. "Time for another round, don't you think? Do you believe you can hide from me this time?"
"I-", Samuel began, but was cut off.
"Not you, sweetpea. The bitch knows I'm talking to her." Beside me, Lilith Gallian took a sharp breath. I proceeded to take notes. "Not now, I'm not in the mood. But maybe, if you were so kind, Doctor Mrrayl... Would you care to introduce me to the new one?" My gaze shot up, and to my total surprise and horror, met his. He was looking at me, through the mirrored glass, as if he knew where exactly I was sat, and he seemed to sense me gazing back at him. Slowly, his grin grew wider and it exposed the gap between his two front teeth. I sat frozen. "I'll make you a deal, Doc. You come out here and play for five minutes, and I'll answer one question of your choice." He was talking to me. I didn't notice Samuel getting up and leaving the interrogation chamber. Neither did I notice him enter the observation room. I only squirmed and broke eyecontact to turn and to look at him when he put his warm hand on my shoulder. It was sweaty. I was, too.
"You don't need to if you don't want.", he whispered softly. But I did. I wanted to. I wasn't scared, not as much as I was intrigued, fascinated.
"Mrrayl." My voice was calm, my thoughts collected. "I will tear this man into shreads."
"Wouldn't you know it, Wolf." A weary smile spread acoss his cheeks, touching his sad eyes just slightly. I scooped up my paperwork, took my pen and exited the observation room. The guard at the door inspected me shortly, and nodded.
"Whenever you're ready." I nodded at him, he opened the door and I took a deep breath before entering the interrogation chamber. The light was sterile and bright, and the smell was so much worse. It reeked of disinfectant with a hint of dried blood. The man in front of me watched my every move as I sat down on the heavy metal chair, and when I looked him in the eye, he was oddly calm, and he smiled. His smile didn't touch his eyes, unlike Samuel's. He looked emotionless. Lifeless. I smiled back, in a significantly less unnerving way.
"Well, well, well, who do we have here?", he asked, lifted his hands with his armshackles and rested them on the metal table. I didn't answer at first, as I was examining him closely. His clothing didn't fit his position in this facility. The white button-up he wore was ironed, looked almost tailored. The tight, black bottoms seemed to be leather, as well as his shoes, which seemed to be high quality, expensive. Overall, he looked well-groomed. His face was shaven, his fingernails were clean, everything about him just seemed too clean for a patient in a 'psych ward' with these security measures - for a prision inmate. "Found something you like?", he interrupted my train of thought. He sounded playful. I chose to go with it.
"I like your shoes.", I said, my smile unbroken. He gave a chuckle.
"Ah, yes. Me too." He knew something I didn't. In fact, by the looks of it, everyone in this part of the facility knew something that I didn't. This seemed foul. I didn't like it one bit. "So, go on, Doctor, tell me something good." I hesitated, pondering on what to say next. I chose to let him pick his own noose.
"Well, tell me what you'd like to hear." My answer seemed to confuse him. I waited patiently until he spoke.
"What's your name, sugar?" He knew my name. I'd seen him peep my nametag a second before. He was using something he already knew to analyze my reaction to his question. Would I retract? Be open? Formal, or personal? I was surprised. He was trying to use simple psychology to gain knowledge over me. I decided to write it down.
"My name is Doctor Súsanna Wolf, I'm a psychiatrist." I smiled as I took notes. My tone was warm and reassuring, which seemed to only further confuse him, because as I looked up, his smile had fallen and his eyebrows were slightly furrowed, lips slightly parted, his jaw had no tension and he looked me up and down with dark brown, questioning eyes. This man looked like a child faced with a math problem. I stuck to that idea. "I guess you know why I'm here. They told me you won't talk to them. And that you tend to be naughty from time to time. They can't have that, you know."
"So, they sent the big, bad wolf to make me behave?", he laughed. He seemed to be enjoying this charade, too. I shifted on my chair, ever so slightly, to a less formal position, and regretted it instantly. When he saw it, his eyes gained a sort of sharpness, the one that just tells you that you're standing in front of a predator and have made a dangerous move. I had shown him how easily I could let my guard down, and he knew I'd noticed. For a moment, the atmosphere in the room was thick with tension. We held eye contact, and none of us laughed, or even smiled, for that matter. He was a threat, I knew that. But by the looks of it, he was well aware that I was just as big of a threat to him. So I took a deep, coordinated breath and answered:
"Exactly." We sat in silence for a good minute, seizing each other up. Noticing small things, making mental notes. I didn't dare touch my pen. After what felt like an eternity, he finally spoke again.
"So, how exactly are you planning on doing that?"
"You think I'd tell you?", I smiled. He had a small, charming grin on his face, head slightly cocked to one side.
"Well, we're supposed to work together, aren't we, Doc?"
"We are", I lied. This was research, not therapy. A criminal, not a mentally ill patient. "But before we do... I still have my question, and I want an answer." His grin was washed from his face and once again, a calculated coldness took over his features.
"Take it away, then. Ask me." I didn't hesitate. I asked him the most simple question I could have asked. It was a dead giveaway as to what my methods were. I couldn't have cared less. A mistake I was to regret a few seconds later.
He looked at me, with his sharp, predatory gaze.
"Khel." He made a short pause, we looked at each other. "That's all you're gonna get for now, sugar. Sorry." I nodded.
"Now we're talking, and we can work together. Anything else you want to get off your chest?" He simply lifted his eyebrows, let his head roll over his shoulders as to release tension in his muscles, and then lazily lifted his hands. His shackles slid off the table, and his hands were free. I immediately tensed, recoiled back in my chair. His hands had been lying on the table the whole time, how had I missed him breaking free? He smiled, looking at the ceiling.
"Look after yourself, Starfish. Just a kind warning, because I'm feeling generous today." That's when my limbs stopped working and the only thing I could was stare at him. He lifted his head and looked me dead in the eye. "Oh, the sweet sounds you must make...", he purred, "...when I finally get out again and smash your lovely face into the edge of a table until there's only a bloody mess left."
I was pulled out of the room by security. Samuel tried speaking to me, but I didn't listen. I couldn't listen. Something wasn't right. He couldn't have known. He couldn't possibly have known the pet name Samuel had given me so long ago. I sat in a corner of the observation room as they took the man who called himself Khel away. Lilith and Samuel sat by my side, comforting me. They basically gave me the choice between continuing to work with him in person, or working behind the scenes, as I had already signed the contract and there was basically no turning back.
I am currently at my desk, sorting the notes from that last session. I agreed to continue doing sessions with him, but some things here just don't seem right. The 'psych ward' is a lie. There are no other patients. None I've seen. Or heard. It doesn't sit right with me.
I don't know when I'll break. I see him. All the time. Whenever I turn a corner, I'm just in time to see him vanish behind the next one. I see him in my peripheral, in my dark room at night, at lunch, on my way to Samuel's quarters. The last three days have been the hardest of my entire life. I can't sleep. I can't eat. And I feel like other staff is hiding something from me.
If you have any suggestions on how to proceed, please, feel free to comment. I'll keep you updated, and I'll publish the rules of contact with him and update his file regularly. If there's anything I can do, let me know.
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2020.09.16 14:00 AustralianChrono Fantasy Drag Race Season 1: Episode 2- The Class

Fantasy Drag Race Season 1: Episode 2- The Class
TT is dramatic, campy and over the top and fits the spooky tone of the song. He's kooky, he's weird... and it's really good. Ithara plays it up as well- and then, as the chorus hits, she transform full Monster Dragon! Everyone gags. In Dragon form, Ithara lip syncs for her life... and it's wild.
Shantay you stay.
Ithara transform back into human form. "Thank you so much..."
Ithara: "I was far too close to the elimination this week... I cannot let it happen again."
T.T.I.H.O.T.D.A.W.... you are a spooky legend, and it was fantastic having you here. But for now... Sashay Away...
TT shrugs. "Guess it's back to retail."
T.T.I.H.O.T.D.A.W: "I mean, eh. They didn't get me, and I feel like... I tried my best, but sometimes... it's not it."
Lipstick Message: "Call me if you need a cheap deal on an item. X"
The Monarch's enter the werkroom...
"Our first elimination..." Aquarius sighs. "I'm sad for TT, but happy for you, Ithara..."
"Let me say." Ithara exhales. "I was terrified..."
"You didn't show it, not at all." Vurela smiles.
"Thank you." Ithara grins. "I'm just happy to be here, and live to fight another day."
Persephone grins. "Now, let's say... congrats to Penelope!"
Penelope smiles. "I didn't expect it at all!"
"Me either." Ratcedes Von Chedda laughs. "I thought... oh, this look is fierce, I'm winning this challenge. Then I got the critiques and was like... wow, I'm definitely winning. And then... Safe."
"I mean, I thought yours was fine, Ratcedes..." Vanilla Cream shrugs. "But it wasn't winning in my eyes."
"I mean, I shaved this down to it's infancy. I created a look."
Vurela sighs. "Akasa did phenomenal too. She grew an entire look. Penelope literally used alien technology-"
"Oh, really... it's just technology. This took me two minutes!" Penelope smiles.
"It's not that black and white, Ratcedes..." Vurela shrugs.
"...Wrong." Ratcedes Von Chedda walks off.
Vurela: "There's not a lot that bothers me... but willful ignorance... that sure hits the spot. Ms Chedda needs to realise... that behaviour... won't win you any favours."
"I'm the SUPERSTAR RAT BITCH!" Ratcedes Von Chedda yells. "Nom Nom Nom..." She bites into a piece of cheese. "Camp."
Vurela: "Oh. At All..."
The next day, Koral chats with Persephone.
"There's lot of fierce ladies here..." Koral smirks. "It feels correct."
"Might I ask..." Persephone turns to Koral. "You don't seem the biggest fan of the boys... Why?"
"To us... men are the natural prey. I see men, and I see dinner. I see a woman, and I want to raise her up... a sister." Koral shrugs. "So, you can say... I have an agenda."
"A Gender Agenda?" Persephone smirks.
"That's the stupidest joke I've heard today, and I love it." Persephone laughs.
Hey Monarch's... I gotta ask a question. Are you an Orc Warrior? Or... a Death Knight. It's important, we gotta know your class...
"Azeroth." Vurela's eyes light up.
Annie smiles.
This werkroom is bare. Let's go somewhere!
Suddenly, everyone is teleported to Azeroth.
Welcome to Pandaria, one of my favourite places... and one of the most calm. For this week's mini challenge... it's time for you to collect some Panadrian Ore. The Monarch who get's the most... wins.
Let's go!
Ithara, you're a winner, baby!
"I won something!" Ithara smiles.
My My Monarch's... for this week's challenge, you will be visiting AZEROTH in two different improv scenes. Azeroth is full of different Classes.. and each of you will showcase this is a comedic sketch. We want to see you embody the class... and give us comedy.
Vanilla Cream: "I love the comedic. This wolf is more than ready to win this challenge."
Ithara, as the mini challenge winner and Penelope, as last week's winner, you get to pick your teams. Starting with Ithara.
Ithara: "I want to prove myself after last week. I choose what I think is a solid... drama free team."
Team 1: The Horde Raiders (Team Ithara)
  1. Ithara as the Blood Elf Demon Hunter
  2. Vurela as the Orc Warlock
  3. Akasa Kasad as The Tauren Shaman
  4. Aquarius as The Nightborne Mage
  5. Persephone Xi as The Forsaken Rogue
Team 2: The Alliance Raiders (Team Penelope)
  1. Penelope Probe as the Draenei Paladin
  2. Vanilla Cream as the Worgen Warrior
  3. Ratcedes Von Chedda as the Human Hunter
  4. Gwendolynne Gallows as the Night Elf Druid
  5. Koral Reefe as the Void Elf Priest
  6. Ferventia (Not Picked) as the Pandaren Monk
As they get ready, Ferventia chats with Gwen.
"So, I saw you a little frustrated with that last pick..." Gwen turns to Ferventia. "I thought you were actually fierce."
"Oh, I did too." Ferventia laughs. "But now i'm the fucking Panda."
"Why do you think it was that way?" Gwen looks at Ferventia.
"I... think people get spooked for the way I look. I'm not a pretty sea creature." Ferventia sighs.
"I mean, I am a former Druid-In-Training Cheerleader who's now a headless creature sometimes." Gwen smiles. "I think... you need to show people how fierce you are. It's there... let us see it."
"I will." Ferventia nods. "I will."
Who wins?
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2020.09.16 09:51 rencethefence24 Is Doc Rivers A Good Coach?

So I sit here tonight, hours after Game 7 and I am asking myself one question: Is Doc Rivers A Good Coach or just a Lucky Coach?
Here is my reasoning behind this, while he has been through many a playoffs throughout his time as a head coach, I always seem to notice that when it matters most and the series is on the line, he never seems to be able to get the job done and close the deal.
Sure, He won a title in 2008 with that crazy loaded Celtics team. But he was only able to win it..once. He had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Brian Scallabrine in their primes and paired with a young Rajon Rondo. And he could only win it once, against a Lakers squad that who really were't quite ready for the finals. He made only two finals appearances with that squad and lost the other in a classic 7 game series again, against the Lakers.. And while it was an incredible series that we'll know for being Kobe's last taste of champagne.. Boston had a chance to put it away much earlier in the series but choked a 3-2 lead and gave the momentum back to LA.
After being traded to the Clippers in 2014, he inherits a young but rising team in the Western Conference. A young Blake Griffin and D'Andre Jordan, "The (other) Big Three". You get the steal of a lifetime in a PRIME Chris Paul add in that with Jamal Crawford, JJ Reddick and Matt Barnes and you should have a shot (By the way, your hallway rival, the Titanic like Lakers literally sank to the bottom of the ocean). Easily dominated a Pacific division that also has a rising Golden State team..first round to Oklahoma City. No big deal, it's only one year.
You'll just come back in 2015 and oh my blew a 3-1 lead over Houston in the Semi's? Oh many an F shall be had for you. With a 2015 team that could have actually fought Golden State that season and could have added more to that rivalry that was kind of there but then fizzled out.
From 2014-18, he guided that team to a record no lower than 4th in the ultra competitive Western Conference and each time, he failed to reach the Western Conference finals. Each season with "The (other) Big Three", along with their very deep and well seasoned bench.. they found a way to not advance past the Semi-Finals.
The team blows up in 2017 and rebuilds and misses the playoffs. They acquire decent pieces through the draft and trades finishing in their first season without "The (other) Big Three", they finish 8th in 2019 in the Western Conference and gets bounced by the Warriors in a 4-2 first round series.
They land the greatest mind in basketball Jerry West as General Manager, Kawhi and Paul George come home to LA, the team has the best sixth man in the league, they very talented big men, they have a great core of players. Competed to have the second best record in the Western Conference, only behind the now LeBron and Anthony David guided Lakers, with heavy expectations that this might be their year, they once again, under Doc Rivers have failed to advance to Western Conference Finals. In SEVEN seasons as a head coach and add on the nine he had with the Celtics, after inheriting at one point and time a "super team" (in his case from 2008-present, multiple) and you can't get to a WCF and only winning one title. (This has nothing to do about him as a person and I, along with myself (a Lakers fan) know many of you love and respect him as the amazing, kind and caring human being that he is.) If you just look at it from face value of being a highly rated coach and you look at his track record..

...Is Doc Rivers actually a good coach, or is he just a lucky coach who shows he can't handle high pressure situations with VERY good teams?
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2020.09.16 07:19 arrowverserpgs [F4A] Longterm Fandom Roleplays (CanonxCanon & CanonxOC)

Hey, so glad you found your way to this post! I'm looking for someone to do a handful of fandom roleplays with me (All are stated below + Stories). You don't have to be extremly literate, but at least semi-literate is the standard. I'm mabye not extremly literate myself but always try my best to write as much as possible/appropriate for the situation, usually about 2-3 paragraphs . I only roleplay with people who have seen the show that we are roleplaying, doesn't have to be finished tho. Just give me a heads up how far you're into it. I'm open to include NSFW, but only if we talked about it explicitly and it works with the story. I roleplay here on Reddit or Discord , preferably Discord tho. I roleplay in first person and will play the OCs. For the canonxcanon to play any of the two characters.
Now, here are the fandoms & pairings I'm looking for:
Edward Nygma x Female OC 1: Nobody in the whole GCPD liked Edward Nygma. Everyone thought he was a weirdo and was annoyed by him. But that changed, when Valerie Bullock, Harvey Bullocks daughter, joins the GCPD. Although her father doesn't want her to talk to Nygma, they cross paths over and over again and very quickly, Val realizes that Edward isn't a bad guy, he just wants to make the others smile. She notices that Edward seems to have a crush on Kristen and decides to help him out. The two become friends, but quickly Ed realizes he may has focused on the wrong woman for too long. Val slowly notices she's falling for him too, but thinks he is still intrested in Kristen. And one day, Vals ex-boyfriend comes back to town, wanting to win her back and apologize for what has happened between them. But Nygma hears about it and pays him a visit, ultimately getting rid of him. He realzies, that it felt so right to kill him. He starts lying to Val, telling her he just talked with her ex and made him leave, while he keeps on getting rid of people in his life that only used to bring him down and that could hurt his relationship to Val. The two of them finally get together after a while, but Val is still unaware of what Edward is doing when the two of them aren't together. And one night, she finds a box of things in Edwards appartment where her ex-boyfriends phone is in...
Bruce Wayne x Female OC 1: Bruce Wayne and Diana Cain had been going to the same high school, but he never noticed her. That is until the day his parents got killed. Selina Kyle wasn't the only one in that alley, so was Diana who went out the same backdoor of the cinema that Bruce went through after a fight with her boyfriend, Jerome Valeska. Bruce tries to find out who killed his parents, but Selina didn't seem to have seen much. He tries to talk to Diana, wanting to know if she had seen something. But he notices how distant she is, then she notices the bruises on her arms and legs. He finds himself getting distracted from the murder of his parents, trying to find out what happened to her. Until one day when they talk at school, her boyfriend Jerome turns up and Bruce finally puts the pieces together, figuring out that there relationship isn't as happy as Diana pretends. Bruce wants to help her, slowly realizing she has become more than a friend to him. But Diana is scared, not wanting Bruce to get hurt because of her.
Victor Zsasz x Female OC 1: I, Valerie 'Val' Falcone, am the youngest daughter of Don Carmin Falcone, just 18 years old. I have lived with my mother for years but she recently passed away, so now I moved back to Gotham, to finish my school there and to live with my father. But on the first day in town I get robbed, so my father hires you, Victor Zsasz to look after me all the time. You're the best hitmen in the whole town and could kill anyone in just seconds. From now on, you are instructed to always be by my side and protect me. We start to flirt with each other, tease and mock the other one. We become some kind of friends, hanging around more than needed. You start to have a soft spot for me and really care about me and I start to let my guard down and talk about my past. And one day, we realize we have fallen in love with each other...
Jerome Valeska x Female OC Diana Gordon and Jerome Valeska have been childhood friends. Every year Diana visited the circus in which Jerome and his twin brother Jeremia performed. Until Dianas father, Jim Gordon, sent her away to a boarding school in England. Now, a few days before Diana turns 18, she comes back to Gotham for her birthday and suprissingly, her father allows her to stay for as long as she wants, now that she is basically an adult. Diana decided to go to the circus that she, Jermia and Jerome always hung out at, but when she meets Jerome, she realizes things have changed. Jerome had turned into a handsome young men and a charming one as well. But that's not the only thing; Jeremia has been gone for a few years now, left right after Diana did. And Jerome, he seems more serious and darker now. The lighthearted young boy she knew as a child was gone, but even though he's so different now, she can't keep her distance. Then her birthday comes up and Jerome decides to come visit her birthday party, but to his suprise, Diana is talking a lot to Bruce Wayne, that boy in her class. Jerome gets jealous and Diana plays it off, thinking it's not big of a deal that she is friends with another boy. Until she heares about a murder in the circus and that the number one suspect is her childhood best friend, Jerome...
Oswald Cobblepot x Female OC 1: Val Cain had lived in Gotham her whole life and knew how things went. There was only the high society of riches and criminals and then there was the rest, the lower class. And Val was part of the last one, never being able to really get out of that life style. That is until she meets Oswald Cobblepot in a coffee shop who offers her 100 dollars if she pretend to be his girlfriend while Ed Nygma gets his coffee. Val agrees and for a short moment they pretend to be a couple, just long enough so Ed notices. Then the two of them go their seperate ways. Until a few days later, Oswald stands in front of her door, offering her more money if she keeps on pretending. But the longer they pretend, the more real their feelings become and suddenly it's not just about making Ed Nygma jealous...
Jeremiah Valeska x Female OC 1: Valerie Cain, Jeremiah Valeska and Jerome Valeska had been going to the same high school for a few years. Both Jeremiah and Jerome had a crush on Valerie, but Jerome was eventually the one that made a move first and the two ended up dating. Valerie and Jeremiah still see each other pretty often since the three of them often hang out together. Jeremiah can't get the thought of his mind that he is the one who should've been with her and so he slowly starts to sabotage his brother, canceling dates behind his back or deleting messages Valerie sent. But once Jerome figures out, a huge fight starts and Jeremiah ends up killing his brother. Panicking, he starts to tell Diana that Jerome ran away. He starts being there for her and comforts her. They get closer until one day when Diana wants to suprise Jeremiah, she finds the clothes Jerome was killed in, all covered in blood...
Wynonna Earp:
Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught 1: In High School, Waverly was the pretty and popular girl and Nicole was more of a nerdy loner. Nobody noticed her, or so she thought. Waverly had an eye on her, but with a boyfriend on her side, it was hard to get close to her. One rainy day, Nicole offers Waverly to drive her home and from there their story begins. The two of them become friends and Nicole starts to fall for Waverly as well. After a fight with her boyfriend Champ, Waverly once again runs into Nicole at a late evening and while Nicole comforts her, Waverly goes for a kiss. Although knowing it is wrong, the two of them start to date in secret...
2: (plotwise a sequel to 1) After Nicole and Waverly dated in High School and it didn't end well, both of them go their seperate ways. But a few years later in a small town named Purgatory, they meet again. Nicole has a fiancee now but when she and Waverly meet again, all old feelings are back again. Waverly decides that this time she wants to do things right, but Nicole is scared that their story will repeat itself, trying to distance herself from Waverly. But the two of them end up running into each other over and over again, making it impossible to ever forget the other one...
Waverly Earp x Female OC 1: Val had been in purgatory since the moment she became 18. Before that, she got passed around from foster family to foster family, never staying somewhere for more than a year. But now she was free and could do what she wants. And what she wants is to find her family. That's what brought her to purgatory. It was the place she was born, or so she was told. Things started to get a bit weird a few days after she arrived. At night she would hear noises from outside, until one night what seemed to be a zombie or demon broke into her house. Unsure what it was, Val ran away and right into Wynonna and Waverly Earp, who seemed to know this would happen. After they kill what they call a "revenant", the two explain to Val that there must be a reason they are after her. They realize it wouldn't be save for her to stay at her own home, so they decide it would be best if Val would stay at the Earps house for a while. Waverly and Val become roommates and quickly friends. But when Val is introduced to the rest of the team, Xavier Dolls, Doc Holiday and Nicole Haught, things get difficult. She notices that Nicole is flirting with Waverly and quickly realizes the reason she doesn't like Nicole, is that she is jealous of her connection with Waverly, not knowing Waverly isn't intrested in Nicole but in Val. But when Val and Doc meet for the first time, both of them feel a connection they can't explain. And somehow, they seem to be very simliar, in a way where it couldn't be a coincidence anymore...
Legends of Tomorrow:
Zari & Charlie 1: Since Charlie joined the Legends, Zari always had avoided her and Charlie never understood why. They had never talked and yet Zari seemed to hate her. Charlie tries to talk to her over and over again, but Zari never lets her get too close to her. It isn't until the Legends have a mission in Zambesi, when Charlie realizes that it's about the shape she is in and that Zari had been in love with Amaya, the woman Charlie looks like. Zari notices that after the mission Charlie changed into a different form and goes to talk to her. They have an honest conversation and Zari admits that she was in love with Amaya and apologizes for the way she treated Charlie. The two of them slowly become friends, but Zari starts to develope feelings for Charlie, not knowing if they are because of her personality or who she looks like...
John Constantine x Female OC 1:In High School, Diana Cain was the pretty and popular girl and John Constantine was the trouble maker. But they loved one another, yet they didn't end up together when High School ended and years later, Diana is part of the Legends who now need Johns help challenging a time demon named Mallus. Diana and John meet again, after what felt like eternity for both of them, yet it maybe were five years. Their feelings are quickly back, stronger than ever. They try to keep their distance, yet they always end up close to one another. Diana had heared about the reputation John had now, always sleeping around with women and never gettin serious. And not wanting to be just like them, she tries to ignore her feelings for John. John knows the way things go and he hasn't had a relationship after they broke up. He wasn't sure if he could ever have one again... But they are like magnets, always pulling each other close and no matter how hard they try to fight their feelings, in the end those feelings are too strong...
Ray Palmer x Female OC 1: Val Rory was the opposite to her brother Mick, happy most of the time, small and not really strong. Which is why when she gets attacked by a man using magic, who she later finds out is Damien Darhk, she has a hard time fighting back. Luckily, two guys come out of nowhere and as quickly Darhk came, he vanishes again. The two guys tell Val they're Nate and Ray, friends of her brother Mick and that they need to bring her to him. Once they are on what is called the "waverider", Val learns about the "Legends" and that her brother is part of this team of timetravelers, who are now facing Damien Darhk. Val decides she can help out the team and so she starts to fight along their side against him. All this time, Ray Palmer tries to help her get used to this new situation, slowly falling for her. But he knows Mick and how protective he can be. The two of them start to get closer, eventually dating in secrecy...
Sara Lance x Female OC 1: Maya Johnson had been one of the original members of the Legends, along with Sara Lance. The two of them were good friends, although Mays had a crush on her since they first met. She knew Sara was bi as well, but she was never sure if she was really flirting or not. And then Sara and Ava became a thing and Maya was sure she had no chance with her anymore. But one mission changed everything, when they have to go into the future and find out they are married there and have a daughter. Neither Maya, nor Sara know how to handle this situation. Maya tries her best to keep her distance, not wanting Sara to notice she has feelings for her, while Sara starts to wonder if Ava is really the one she wants to marry one day...
Ava Sharpe x Female OC 1: Diana Johnson was an immortal being, who had lived for centuries. Ava Sharpe was the boss of the time bureau, being able to time travel to any point in time. And wherever she went to, Diana was already there. At first, Ava and Diana didn't get along. Ava wanted to make experiments with her, trying to figure out why she couldn't die. Diana was didn't want this and so she fought against Ava. But Ava came to the conclusion that Diana would be a better friend than an enemy. She recruits her for the time bureau and introduces her to the legends, making her part of the team. But once they become friends, things change between them. They see different sides of each other and slowly, they fall for each other...
Nate Heywood x Female OC 1: Valerie Fitz and Nate Heywood had joined the Legends at around the same time. Both of them were new to all of it, but at least they had each other so they always had somebody to turn to. Quickly Valerie developed feelings for Nate, thinking he would feel the same because he was always so sweet to her and would even occasionally flirt with her. But when Zari Tomaz joins the team, Valerie is proven wrong. Nate seems to have fallen for the newest team member and everytime Val has to hear him talk about her or see them together, it breaks her heart. She starts to distance herself from Nate and when he notices, he confronts her about it, so Valerie confesses her feelings. She continues to distance herself from Nate and he starts to wonder if he maybe had pursued the wrong girl. But the next time he wants to talk to Val about what happened between them, he finds her kissing Ray...
Leonard Snart x Female OC 1: Diana Cain, had lost her mother at a quite young age and just lived with her father. He became her rolemodel and now that she is old enough, she is following in his footsteps as a police officer. But her first real case seems to be more difficult than she expected. The famous Leonard Snart has robbed a bank again, but with one small difference: He killed a man. It doesn't take Diana long to figure out where he would go next, but when she meets the robber, he doesn't seem like a killer. He tells her he is innocent and that he needs help to prove it. Diana decide to trust him and they start to cross paths more and more often, until one day he is standing in front of her door, with a shot wound, telling her he needs a place to stay at...
2: while everyone from the legends seemed to have moved on from leonard snarts death, valerie holt couldn't. she had never told anyone, but she had been in love with leonard snart and before he sacrificed himself, the two of them had kissed. since then, two years had passed by. two years in which valerie could never get leonard out of her mind. so one day, when the team is on a mission, she steals the jumpship and travels back to the day leonard snart had died. only that she changes the timeline, saving his life and making sure nobody has to die that day. but when she travels back to the future, things have changed. time broke and the legends weren't a team anymore. she had no idea where leonard snart was now, she only knew he was out there and alive. so she makes it her mission to bring back the team and find the man she risked everything for. but two years had passed by. would he still feel the same about her? did his feelings changed when she changed the timeline?
Rip Hunter x Female OC 1: Rip Hunter and Vandal Savage have been enemies since the beginning of time. Rip knew every weakness Savage had, or so he thought. When he recrutes the "Legends" one of the team members is Diana Smith, a girl with the power to turn invisible, but otherwise a nobody. No files about her, no mentioning in any history books, it's like she doesn't even exist. But for some reason, she seems to be very intrested in finding Vandal Savage, more than the other team members. Rip and her work together many times late into the night, trying to find any clues as to how to defeat Vandal Savage. They start to get closer, but right before it gets serious, Dianas secret is revealed; She is Vandal Savages daughter and has lied to the team the whole time. But is she a villain like her father? Did she purposely come onto the ship to destroy the team from within? Or is really just someone who wants to save the world from her cruel father?
Winn Schott x Female OC 1: Kate Evans hadn't had what people would call a "normal family". Her father made experiments with her, turning her into a meta human who can change her shape and even turn invisible. Now that she managed to escape her home at the age of 19, the first person who she runs into is Winn Schott, who is getting mugged. Kate scares away the muggers and leaves Winn wondering who that mysterious girl was. That is, until a few days later she is brought into the DEO, everyone thinking she is a threat. Winn recongnizes her and wants to help her this time, so he convinces the others she isn't a threat and that they shouldn't lock her away. They decide to train her, making her a sidekick of supergirl. Winn helps her with her suit and all and the more time he spends with her, the more he falls in love with her. But Kate is being a bit distant to everyone, making it hard for Winn to figure out if she likes him as well or even likes him at all...
Mon-El x Female OC 1: Katherine "Kate" Danvers was Alex and Karas sister. The three of them were inseparable and since Kate was the youngest of them, her two sisters were very protective of her. Kate works at the DEO, just like her two sisters, only that she only stays inside at the lab, occasionally helping out with the technology, but never more. One day, a capsule, just like the one Kara came onto earth with, crashes down near Central City. Kara brings the capsule to the DEO and when they open it, a stranger under the name of Mon-El jumps out. He first attacks the others, but once they get him to calm down, they explain everything to him. They figure out he has powers as well and want him to stay inside the DEO at first. Kate takes the roll of watching over him and tries her best to teach him as much about earth as she can. Mon-El slowly falls for her, but he keeps his identity a secret and acts just like the selfish prince he was on Daxam. Kate tries her hardest not to fall for him, but having a hard time not to. But when an intruder comes into the DEO and kidnaps her, Mon-El finally leaves the DEO, getting her back and realizing he can't hide his feelings anymore...
Lena Luthor x Female OC 1: Diana Cain had been Lena Luthors assistent since she got to Central City and bought CatCo. The two of them had a good relationship and even if Lena wouldn't admit it, Diana was her first friend. Which is why she was trying so hard to ignore her romantic feelings for her, not wanting to destroy this friendship. But everyday it got harder and harder and she felt like she was falling more and more for her. What she didn't knew was, that Diana had feelings for her as well. But Lena was her boss, so she couldn't tell her about it. Things between them get difficult, when James Olsen and Winn Schott start to work for Lena. James quickly becomes intrested in Lena, spending more and more time with her. Time, that Diana now can't spend with her anymore. And while Lena and James are at a meeting one day, she meets Winn. He askes her out and Diana thinks it may be a good way to get rid of her feelings for Lena. That is, until the day after the date she finds out that Lena fired Winn and she confronts Lena about the reason...
Kara Danvers x Female OC 1: Lia Lane never understood why her sister Lois has been so fascinated with Superman. Sure, he's from another planet and he has superpowers but she knew nothing about him. It was always strange to her, how she could love a stranger this much. It wasn't until after Lias first day at Catco as a photographer, she nearly got robbed but then got saved by Supergirl. Little does she know, that the hero she has a crush on is the cute journalist in the office next door, Kara Danvers. Lia and Kara become friends and Kara developes a crush on Lia, who is in love with Supergirl, without know she is in front of her eyes the whole time...
Alex Danvers x Female OC 1: Diana Mathews is the newest member of the DEO and the protege of Alex Danvers. Diana quickly makes a lot of progress, but Alex notices that she is always very distant to everyone. On her first mission, Alex catches her threatening a guy, nearly killing him. Unsure what is up with her, she decides to talk at her back at the DEO. Diana still tries to push her away but eventually reveals she is after the woman that killed her sister. Alex decides to try and help her find out where he's gonna be next. The two of the start to secretly research and work out a plan, spending more and more time together. Slowly, Diana realizes she has fallen for Alex, but knowing she can't be with her until she hasn't gotten revenge for her sister. Alex feels the same but is scared what will happen, once Diana will finally meet the man and how it will change their relationship...
Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor 1: basically a simple roleplay, what would have been if kara didn't date mon-el and her and lena were canonly in love with each other
Barry Allen x Female OC 1: Nikki Blight had been working for Star Labs for a few years now, but when Barry Allen got brought there, hit by a lightning, it was something she had never seen before. She was there since the beginning of his journey, helped him when he woke up and was always a good friend to him. But she quickly realized that she had spend so much time with him, that she developed feelings for him. But Barry was in love Iris, even before Nikki met him. But Iris didn't seem intrested in him at all. She hoped Barry would maybe change his mind about Iris and realize he was pursuing the wrong girl. But Barry had already noticed, but didn't knew how to tell Nikki, so he kept on pretending he liked Iris. Then the day comes, where Barry realized he may had been waiting too long, when he sees Nikki and his boss, Harrison Wells, kissing... But what neither Nikki nor Barry know is that Harrison is the Reverse Flash, the murderer of Barrys parents he's been after for so long now...
Adrien & Marinette 1: Marinette never wanted anything more than to go to school and live a normal life. But her father Gabriel never allowed it for her, only letting her go out for photoshootings and letting her have a private teacher at home. Until one day she decides to stop listening to her father and goes to a school anyways. That's where she meets Adrien, the son of a family that owns a bakery near the school. And Adrien doesn't seem to like Marinette very much, once he finds out she's a friend of Chloe. But both of their lives change, when they find magical jewelry that turns them into the heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir. Adrien quickly realizes Marinette isn't the horrible person he thought she be and falls in love with her, while Marinette developes a crush on the confident Chat Noir... [Basically, it's the shows storyline just with Adrien as the shy, clumsy guy who loves Marinette and Marinette as the famous supermodel who falls for Chat Noir]
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2020.09.15 21:32 PhilattheGame Survival! (Day 23)

Tiedly, I watched as the last log was set in the west wall. For most of the morning, I had helped with the south wall. But Peggie had pulled me away to watch as the last log was set in the west wall. She wanted me to at least see that part, before I got really busy. Today several groups would be heading out to the mines. Denis had finally finished making all the food they would need to make the trip, and Doc had made a better way to carry water.
Samantha, Sheila, and Jackson’s group were really ready to go. Jackson had been inquiring all morning about them heading out. I had hoped that the south wall would have been finished before they left, but it was not to be.
The two separate groups, one led by Samantha and the other by Matthews, numbered about forty. The plan was to gather as much metals as possible. Originally only for tools and some weapons, but now for trade as well. If we could make friends with the lizards we could improve our situation immensely.
I stood before the two groups and listened as they joked and had fun. Taking a deep breath I settled the feeling of nervousness. I had ordered them to arm themselves heavier than my initial group. They all had nine-foot long spears, almost pikes. On top of that, all were armed with slings. Several even had made javelins. Also, Samantha had been given the bow that Susan had made. Two more were almost ready so we felt a little better with at least one group with a proper long range weapon.
If the wolf-thing was hostile I wanted the group as well armed as they could be. We, in the village, now had a barrier between us and it. But any group going out had no such defense. I didn’t know if the number of people going out would help or hurt, but it was better to err on the side of caution.
Figuring I was wasting time overthink things I spoke out, “Alright everyone Listen up. This goes without saying, but. Please be safe. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. Keep an eye out, and keep each other safe. We still don’t know what's out there for sure. Just get the metals we need and get back. We don’t need any other stuff. If you find something of course bring it back, just don’t go out of your way.
Samantha, Your group is in the biggest danger. But Matthews you need to be on your guard as well.” I looked at each group in turn then continued, “All of you need to make it back home. We’re counting on you.”
I watched as the Matthews group disappeared into the western tree line. Samantha’s group had a shorter trek to get into the forest and our path. As much as I worried about her group all I could really do was watch Matthews’ group go. I felt a little glum as I noticed, in the far west, rain clouds peeking over the horizon. Not storm clouds at least.
In an attempt to get the worry off my mind. I went to check out the farm that Leanna had started to the North-West side of the Village. I hadn’t gone over there since she had started her task, and I had some mild curiosity about it.
I knew that the Rice-wheat grew fast, but what I found was mildly ridiculous. The seeds that she had planted had already reached up to my shins. No wonder Greff and Stephenie worried about how quickly the rice-wheat grew. We would have to be extremely careful to not let any of the plants get away from us. It could destroy the local plant life.
It had the potential to save us from starvation, but could quite easily destroy us as well.
Kellye Drog, a Texan woman, had volunteered to take care of the fields. She had some experience with crops, but she had left home to be an electrical engineer. I happened to know her from the Renaissance Festival. She used to dress up as Joan of Arc. We would mock duel once a week for the fun of it. I would dress up in English Armer and she in her French Armer. Loads of fun.
“Hail Joan of Arc, how does it fair?” I jokingly said.
“Ha.ha. So funny Peter. I swore never to go back to farming. Now, look at me. Covered in dirt and mud.” She grumpily stated.
“You didn’t mind being dirty last time we met,” I teased her, “If I remember you hip-tossed me into the mud last time we dueled.”
“Yaya, What brings you out here?” She questioned.
I pointed west and the gathering rain clouds. “Just making sure you're all set. We’ve been getting more and more rain lately. I’m worried about how virulent the Rice-wheat is. If the rain sweeps any of it away we could accidentally kill the local plant life.”
“We’re all set,” She said and pointed around the field. “We raised the land by a foot. And we made a low point in the center of the field to collect all the cast-offs. Unless it rains a whole lot we should be good. From how deep the water got last time. I believe we should be just far away from the village, to not get caught up in it.”
I hoped that it would be enough. But Kellye knew what she was doing and Leanna and the others had planned it all out.
Satisfied I headed back into the village. And realized our little village was no longer a village but a fort.n And that we need to name our home. We were so close to being secure that I finally had time to think about it. We would be voting tomorrow on whether or not I would remain in command. And I decided to add an option to name our town. I would have to get with Doc and Mama F for that.
It was getting warm, just before the rain came. I figured I’d go see how Mama F was doing.
As usual, she was doing what she did best. She and her fishermen were bringing their hall from the river when I met them. I stopped to help carry a long rainbow fish with Mama F.
“I see fishing is still good. Who are things going with you all?” I inquired.
“It’s good. I’m starting to see some of our regular fishes again. I think some of these new guys are starting to petter out. And the regular stuff is finally able to move again.” She looked around at her Group.
“By the way Peter,” She said lowing her voice, “I’ve been noticing that the raptor friends have been more on the move lately. Everyone I've seen has been going south.”
“Dam… I’ve been wondering why? A lot of the animals we’ve seen have been doing that. The animals still don’t seem to be afraid of us yet. So it's not us, could it be the lizards? Why are all the animals leaving? Is it migration time or something? I guess if we can make contact with the Lizards we can find out.” I guessed.
Mama F got quiet for a minute before answering.
“I don’t know. I was excited to meet the Lizards, but I’m getting a little concerned. It might be some of the negative comments getting to me, or not. Just be careful when you go to meet the Lizards. It might just be that they do a lot of hunting and the animals have figured it out. Or not… We shouldn’t be so negative. I hope it's just all talk.”
We stopped talking as we dropped the fish off at the cooking area. And headed back to the river. We were quiet till we got back to the river. Then I remembered why I had gone to find her.
“Right here’s something more lighthearted. I was thinking we needed to name our village. Considering it's more of a fort now, maybe call it Fort something. I can't think of a good name. So when we vote, maybe we can get a list of names to call our home. How are we going on the voting thing?” I inquired, helping Mama F as she got into the river.
“Dam voting crap. It’s fine. I’ve got four hundred small, smooth stones gathered and I made some charcoal sticks. Doc is finishing up a little voting booth. Once he’s done I’ll go get the votes that the two mining groups left. Then we can start the stupid election. We should be ready by tomorrow.” She affirmed.
I had forgotten that the two mining groups had to vote, but of course, Mama F hadn’t.
“Right, it will be nice to get that out of the way. Peggie thinks the south wall will be finished today or tomorrow morning. She already got the gate set up and ready to go. I’ll have to get with Stefen and see how far he’s gone with the walkway. But the Walkway and watchtowers can come later.”
I looked at the ever rising sun and back to Mama F. “Right I need to go and check on everyone else. If you have any issues, have someone come find me.”
I was wanting to go and help in the forge, but first I had to check with everyone else. The first stop was with Susan. She had two other people helping her today. The two new bows they were working on looked great. They would be finished in a day or two. Susan could hardly wait to test them out. She also had two more Yew branches ready to go as well. Susan had hit her stride and was certain that she could make two bows a week with the right help.
Next, I stopped at Doc’s corner. He immediately presented me with a pair of women's clothes. The buckskin shirt and pants looked well made.
“Uh Doc, I don’t think these will fit me,” I jested
“Yes, yes. Very funny. These are for Miss Jessie. Sense she one of the shortest people here I figured her’s would be the easiest to make. I made Peggies first. She was the first one to volunteer to be my guinea pig, so she got first set. We will have one men’s pair made sometime today, and another woman's pair as well. Unless Tim and David get more of the Deer we won't have enough for everyone.
But Mrs. Jennifer has been working with the hair we get off the pigs, and she thinks that she might be able to make clothes from them. If we do like we’ve been planning to do and domesticate the pigs. We won't need to really depend on the deer. I can't make clothes with that hair, but there are some people here who can,” Doc said as he worked on a new set of clothing.
I thanked him and moved on. Next was Austin. But he has stopped working as the rain that had been threatening us finally moved in. Three of his work areas were covered but the rest were in the open air. With the rain, they had to stop. I would have to find a way to get all the work areas undercover. He had been busy with making new tiles for the roof. Now, as we got undercover, he was talking about going hand helping with the woodcutters. If we could get the wall done we could concentrate on making wooden homes and workplaces. I left him to it and went to see how Srg. Samuels was fairing.
Really well it turned out. She had finished with the logs for the wall. And now had headed out to join the group cutting trees for the house.
She didn’t have much to say. She was still mad about what had happened last night. She had looked around that morning and found the tracks of the person who attacked Jenkins. They weren't women's size, so that eliminated Rebecca. But not Jerrod. Samuels had tried to see what type of shoe’s Jerrod had. But “somehow” his shoes had gone missing.
I figured I wasn’t going to get anywhere with Samuels, so I left and went back to the village.
Spent the rest of the morning checking on everyone. I stopped to have a meal and finally went to the forge.
As I entered the forge I could hear the rhythmic pounding of someone forging. The first thing I was was that two more forges were finished being made. Stephenie was building a fire in one and Jonathan was doing the same in the other. Griff and Henry were working on the fourth one. They were about halfway done and only needed more mortar to finish. I must have missed Victoria.
What I really was interested in was Darwin, Ed, and Oliver. Darwin had made a hammer out of a stone, stick, and twine. He was pounding away at a Bronze Axe head that Oliver, using two branches as tongs, held in place. Until we could make a proper anvil we would use a flat stone. No doubt it would be pounded into dust rather quickly.
Darwin must have just been finishing up as I had arrived. Because after a dozen more trikes He stopped and Ed moved in carefully. Still, with one hand, he slid a handle into the open end. Oliver let go and got a liver of bronze. Ed took it and used it to secure the ax shaft.
Smiling, they turned to me.
“Well, Peter! Come and look.” Darwin said.
I took the ax and looked it over. It would do! The handle left much to be desired, but so we could make the tools we needed to make better handles. It was all coming together. Once the coal coke was ready we could start making steel spears heads. I figured that we would have enough copper and tin that we could make all our daily tools out of bronze. Any important stuff we could make it out of steel. The vision of armor, swords, and the like popped into my head. Grant it we really didn’t need to make other weapons than spears and arrows. But It would be nice to be able to make such things again.
“Right guys, Keep it up! I think we can get another ax out today, and maybe one or two other tools. I’d say a hammer and a chisel.” I told the room.
Ed held up a bronze and copper chisel. “We’re good on chisels for now Pete. Once the other two forges are ready I’ll make some more.” He pointed at one of our other smiths. “Thomas is making more molds as we speak. We’ll have one for knives, one for utensils, ones for woodworking, and more.”
Pleased I went to work.
After a long day working with the forge. I almost missed when Tim David and their group returned from their hunt. Again I had forgotten about them. The constant rain also made it hard to hear the calls.
Triumphantly they entered through the almost completed wall. In the center of the group four of the hairy pigs walked. They didn’t need much coaxing. All that was needed was some food to be waved in front of their faces. Tim led the pigs to the pin that had been set up just for such an occasion. Everyone was cheering the hunters. Not only had they caught the hair pigs but they had also killed three of the six-legged deer. On top of all that they had found another new animal. It was a mix of a zebra and a giraffe. A really short giraffe, mind you.
Two little zebra-giraffes followed behind the group. It was obvious that they were the infants of the one the hunters had caught.
Once all the animals had been squared away Tim and David approached me. While everyone gawked at the cute little animals. We talked.
“We found where most of the animals have been heading. There’s a valley to the south of here, about a half’s says march. Would have missed it if I hadn’t seen some deer heading down into it. Really hard to spot the valley if you don’t know where to look. The Deer and pigs were the biggest groups of animals there. But we saw a bunch more there too. These guys are the next biggest group we saw.” Tim told me and indicated the Zebra-giraffes, “there’s more of them coming from the Northwest too. Nun of the big anteaters though.” David waved at one of the other hunters. She brought us her bag and showed the contents.
“We noticed that the animals were all eating something other than the grass. We got some to show you,” David told me.
In the bag were some gray and brown pellets. About as big as my thumbnail. They smelt strongly, making me a little nauseous.
“They were eating this up. Seemed to love it.”
“Someone must have put them there for the animals,” I pointed out.
“Ya… I know. But we needed the animals. If taking a handful gets them here then so be it.” Tim firmly stated.
“I think you missed what I meant. There’s another group of intelligent people out there. Someone capable of making these pellets.”
That seemed to dawn on the two men.
“Oh shit.” David breathed.
“Could it be the Lizards?” Tim question.
“They would have to have passed us to get where you found the animals.”
“Right…” Tim had to think about that for a minute.
“I hope we didn’t just steal someone’s animals. If we did we better make it worth their while if they come looking,” I decided.
As it started to get dark. I held a meeting of the different groups like I usually did. Peggie told us that the wall would be done in the morning. Doc was certain that in the next week he would have five more pairs of clothing ready. Austin had managed to make enough tiles, to replace any that might get blown off in a storm. Srg. Samuels loved the ax that Darwin had made. With it, she had felt three trees by herself. She biting at the bit, knowing that we almost had enough parts we needed to make all the tools we needed to make planks. But she could wait, as long as we produced more axes for her people to use.
She had also taken to wearing her linothorax armor. Why I didn’t know. But somehow she managed to pull off the look, she looked quite the badass. Next came Denis and Leanna. Their food stores were looking good. At some point, RJ had made a little hut where they stored the food. Mostly dried and smoked fish. But other meats were growing in abundance. I had been worried about winter, but with the rice-wheat, we might be set. As long as we keep storing more food.
O’Malley told us that there had been no sighting of the wolfthing since the previous night. He and the other guards would continue to keep an eye out. Stefen and his little group had finished the east and north wall walkways and were halfway finished with the west wall. Peggie had redesigned the walkway and they would do the south wall in that design.
When everyone had said their piece I noted Oliver and Maggie. The two young people that had found the dead Raptor all those days ago.
“What can we help you with?” I asked. Both suddenly got red in the face.
“Well, uh. Mr. Peter... “ Oliver stumbled to a stop.
Maggie had to continue, “Well Sir. We didn’t know how to approach this, but… well… I think... I might be pregnant.”
Everyone stared at the couple. I really didn’t know what to say. Luckily Srg. Samuels came to the rescue.
“But you're not sure,” She stated and walked up to the younger woman.
“No mama, but you know…” Maggie made a face.
“All right. I don’t know if we should congratulate you, or box your ears for being so careless. But we should have seen this coming. This was going to happen sooner or later. We should have been preparing,” Samuels turned to me. “What do we do now? Tell people not to have sex? That’s never going to work.”
I shrugged, “We can’t do much about that. I guess we just have to start making plans for an eventual wave of children being born.”
Ed grumbled next to me, “Consider what my Flatmate nightly activity, sooner rather than later.”
After the meeting had broken up and Samuels had attended to Maggie. Myself, Victoria, and Peggie made our way to our home. I now had more to think about. A possible new intelligent group to find. The inevitable fact that people would start having families. And more. I almost walked past our home. I was so deep in thought.
Peggie grabbed my arm, “Hold up Peter!”
“Sorry, I was lost in thought.”
“Don’t start down that rabbit hole. You’ll never get to sleep,” Peggie teased, as she pulled me into our home.
My bed was missing. The spot where Peggie’s bed had been now held a double bed. I looked at Peggie and lifted an eyebrow.
“Don’t like it,” She giggled.
I could feel my face turning red as Victoria spoke, “Do I need to find someplace else to sleep tonight?”
Before Peggie could respond someone came running up behind Victoria.
“Peter! Their back. The people you sent out to watch the Lizards are back.”
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2020.09.14 21:46 Glacialfury [Dark] Necessary Evil

[Crackling Insanity]
There is a darkness that lurks within us all.
A swirling madness that dwells within the twilight recesses of our subconscious mind.
For most, this darkness never stirs.
But sometimes, something horrific happens that fractures our mind and the darkness cracks open its eyes and rises to the fore.
Shamus, lit a smoke and watched the silky coils rise and twist toward the ceiling.
The Iron maiden, a dive bar out in the barrens, surged with rowdy gangers this evening - more so than usual.
He quaffed a shot of vodka, one of a half dozen lined up on the bar in front him, and ran a careful eye over the swelling crowd of drunks.
Actually, now that he thought about it, The Iron Maiden stayed pretty busy all of the time, especially after dusk when all of the miscreants came out to play.
Their mugs crashed together, foamy beer sloshing all about. They raised their fists to the ceiling and roared with delight, capering in a circle, before smashing them together again.
A few of them even hopped up on tables and raised their glasses high, belting out the slurred lyrics to No good Badges, before tumbling back to the beer-stained floor.
They were loud, obnoxious, even wasteful, but they were relatively harmless, and they were having a good time. Shamus also recognized a few of them from his time spent here at the Maiden. Regulars that frequented the establishment for its cheap booze and quality stacks, among other things. The rest were just blurred sketches passing in the night.
Some were vacant-eyed tweakers, addicts hooked on the stacks peddled by local dealers from the bars and stack shops here in the Barrens. Look hard enough, and one could find just about anything they might desire out here - for the right price. The recent influx to the barrens came as no surprise to Shamus, the Badges were no longer patrolling the Barrens. No more rules out here, no law. Just organized chaos and survival of the fittest.
Shamus took a drag on his smoke and laughed.
The Badges never gave a shit about what goes on out here anyway, he thought with disgust and laughed again. Nobody does.
Hell, half of the drug cartels from the cities to the barrens were supplied by the badges. They fancied themselves kings of the barrens but were nothing more than gangsters with badges as far as Shamus was concerned, no better.
"No better at all..." he mumbled aloud, slowly running a finger around the gold plated rim of an empty shot glass. "Fact is," he laughed bitterly. "They're just as bad."
Shamus glanced over his shoulder at the mob of tattooed gangers and tweakers grinding in the bar's smoky gloom and shook his head.
No, he decided after a moment, the Badges were worse.
Corrupt, dangerous men who sold their souls to greed and treachery. Abused the power the people entrusted them with for personal gain while turning their backs on the oaths they swore, and the innocents they were to protect, and for what, more credits? They were the most despicable kind of human beings in the eyes of Shamus.
He frowned down at his hands, clenched into fists so tight that his wrists began to ache. He blinked, blinked again, and consciously relaxed his trembling hands.
As bad as the Badges were, that didn't discount the fact that the gangers and stackers were the dregs of society, weak parasites. Their feeble minds were unable to cope with the realities of life, so they turned to stacks for an escape.
But there was something darker out there, a shadow stalking the night.
Shamus laughed and drained another shot.
All of these assholes would probably end up in a drooling, stack induced coma, anyway. Their emaciated frames too weak to fight off the razor doc who scoops them up and carts them off to be parted out. Their miserable existence would end on a cold metal slab soaked in their own urine as a chop doc dug for their organs.
A cruel fate for sure, but one they earned all by themselves.
Shamus shifted his gaze to the lasers and flashing lights of the dance floor and squinted against the glare. The crowd had begun feverishly grinding and thrusting and sweating all over each other. An obscene display of chemically driven irreverence. They didn't care who witnessed their writhing and twisting and moaning under the soft neon glow. They didn't care about anything at all, except their next stack. Something he would never understand.
Shamus mentally waved this aside. He was here for something far more critical than personal gratification. Something that couldn't be bought with a Credstick.
He remembered when it first came over him, the night he opened his eyes, and a strange sort of temporary madness had taken hold and driven him to seek the darker side of the sprawl. And when he'd found it, he knew what had to be done. He knew his purpose.
"How we doin' over here?" A gruff voice cut into his dark musing, shrieking speed metal hammering out of the club's sound system. Shamus regarded the owner of the voice, a grizzled old man named Skylar, with a gleaming cybernetic arm resting on the other side of the bar staring at him with the one eye not covered with a blood-stained patch.
"Another round," Shamus answered his impatient stare with a quick gesture at the empty shot glasses. "Fill'em all."
Old man Skylar grunted, his single eye glittering in the bar's recessed lighting, then nodded and reached for the vodka.
Shamus took a drag on his smoke and used the mirror behind old man Skylar to keep track of his target.
Aeron Gareth -a corporate slug by day, depraved serial killer by night, lounged in a private booth across from where Shamus sat hunched at the bar. Tonight he sat across from an attractive, dark-skinned fem, wearing painted on synth-leather shorts, and a pinkish semi-translucent razor-shirt that strained against augmented breasts.
She twisted a finger in her curly hair shyly, and her scarlet lips ghosted a smile that gleamed brightly. She was his next victim.
A bottle clunked heavily on the bar in front of Shamus, and the soft glug of vodka filling his shot glasses followed.
He shook his head, downed another shot.
Fuck it, he thought and turned his attention back to the dance floor, fired up another cigarette, and blew a stream of smoke at the ceiling.
Aeron Gareth would make his move soon. Patience was crucial for Shamus.
He drained another shot and slammed the glass down on the bar with a hiss.
He was reaching for another when Aeron Gareth abruptly stood up, tossed a cred-stick on the table, and offered his arm to Miss Mohawk, and hurriedly led her out of the bar.
Shamus felt his pulse quicken, it was time.
He waited a moment before sliding off his stool to follow.
Heavy rain pounded into the asphalt with unmatched fury, and his breath came in thick jets of steam that fountained from his nose and mouth. Lightning flashed bright enough to sting his eyes, and the crash of thunder that followed rattled his teeth. The night was cold, dark, miserable. Visibility was low, just a few feet, the only source of light a flickering neon sign bolted to the bar's metal roof.
Shamus watched Aeron Gareth, and his date disappear around a corner at the end of the block and followed. Lightning flared again, burning all color out of the night. The rain further intensified, pounding through his jacket and shirt, causing the already uncomfortable armor weave to cling to his shoulders and back.
But he was too focused on Aeron Gareth, who climbed into his import and speed off, to notice.
Shamus splashed over to his car and followed them into the night.
The serial killer led Shamus on tour through sprawling industrial districts and smaller, well kept residential neighborhoods before crossing over a superhighway and turning into a recently finished superplex catering to the well-to-do where he stopped next to an armored guard shack.
He briefly spoke with one of the guards who threw back his head and laughed, clapping Aeron Gareth on the shoulder.
A moment later, the gate swung open, and the red glow of Gareth's taillights disappeared into the superplex.
Shamus put on his best cop face and pulled around to the guard shack to work his magic.
A short, stocky security guard, wearing body armor and tactical pants, regarded him curiously.
"Can I help you, sir?" The guard asked with calm indifference, clearly uncertain of what level of respect Shamus deserved. "This is a gated community, and I see that you do not have a guest pass in your windshield, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to turn around and leave."
Shamus gripped his Predator IV auto-pistol behind the car door where the guard couldn't see it and flashed a golden badge that gleamed in the guard shacks floodlights.
The guard's eyebrows rose slightly.
"My apologies, sir," he stammered with surprise. "I wasn't expecting a Marshal this evening."
Shamus allowed himself a ghost of a smile.
"Not a problem," he replied to the guard, glancing at his nameplate. "Officer Dietz."
Officer Dietz puffed up his chest slightly when he heard those words. Officer was a title generally reserved for the real Badges.
Wannabe's, Shamus hid his disgust behind a friendly mask. They were all the same, easily manipulated.
"I do apologize, Marshal Thomas," Officer Dietz fawned all over Shamus, mashing his thumb down on the gate control button. "Enjoy your visit!"
Wow, Shamus thought, a little ego boost, a borrowed badge, and he was walking right in, no muss, no fuss. Thanks, Hal.
Shamus glanced up at the soaring superplex towers piercing the stormy sky as he walked toward the building's entrance. Chains of lightning crackled around their distant antennas, like some Tesla experiment gone wrong.
The resident directory pointed him to the fifth floor, convenient. Shamus made his way over to the elevator lobby and whistled softly while he waited. During the ride up, his anticipation heightened, adrenaline scorched his veins. His pistol was light in his grip. The elevator doors slid silently open, and Shamus stepped into a long corridor covered with deep-red carpet, blood-red he thought grimly, and a series of polished wood doors that ran the length of the hallway. Old school doorknobs glinted silver in the overhead lights.
Shamus followed the glowing numbers stamped onto each door's surface all the way to Aeron Gareth's apartment. The muffled sounds of a struggle emanated from inside. Modern technology was so marvelous. Why bother with a bunch of silly keys when you could just tap a maglock passkey on a door and poof-click, instant access. Indeed, how wonderful for Shamus, who just happened to have in his possession a level 5 maglock passkey. Brilliant.
He waved the mag stick over the door's security plate, and a glowing light flicked from red to green with a soft click, and Shamus was inside.
Once inside, he saw signs of a struggle. Tables overturned, pictures crooked on walls, shattered glass strewn about on the floor. And by the sounds coming from the back of the apartment, Mohawk was still putting up one hell of a fight.
Shamus crept through the apartment, pistol held low in a tactical grip, stepping over a trail of debris and overturned furniture. Several muffled thumps, followed by the sound of a body hitting the floor, echoed from the back room.
He edged up to the bedroom door, which was still slightly cracked, and heard a strangled cry on the other side. He eased the door open with his pistol and saw Aeron Gareth straddling the now blue-faced Miss Mohawk, whom he had pinned to the floor with a rope wrapped tightly around her neck.
Shamus didn't say a word, just kicked the sonnuvabitch in the teeth.
Aeron Gareth grunted and released his hold on the cable and fell backward, stunned.
Never taking his eyes from Gareth, Shamus sank down beside the woman and freed her from the deadly cable.
"Who the fuck are you?" Aeron Gareth demanded, his bloody face twisted into a hideous mask of rage. He clearly didn't appreciate being interrupted. "I'm gonna fucking kill you! Do you know who I am--"
Shamus shot him in the dick.
Aeron Gareth howled in agony and vomited down his shirt, clutching at his ruined groin.
That was the first time Shamus had shot someone in the groin, the reaction was immensely gratifying.
"I'm the one who hunts the hunters," Shamus snarled, glancing over at the woman who had partially recovered and was staring at him in wide-eyed. "You've been doing this for a long time, Aeron Gareth. But that time is over."
"I...paid... my society," Aeron Gareth gasped raggedly through waves of agony, blood coursed from between his fingers. "Who...are judge... me?"
Shamus shrugged and glanced back at the woman, her face ashen face.
"You have nothing to fear from me."
Shamus moved to the side of the bed where Aeron Gareth lay clutching his ruined groin, and frowned down at him for a long moment, never saying a word, just staring.
Finally, he sat down on the bed.
"I am their vengeance," his voice was low and ominous, like the rumbling of a distant storm. He stared at his pistol in much the same manner one would regard a loved one. "The ones you left in shallow graves with the ropes you used to strangle them still wrapped around their necks."
Aeron Gareth blinked at Shamus then laughed, a harsh, dry, rattle.
"You mean, you did all of this for a bunch of fucking dead whores?!" He shrieked at Shamus. "They were nothing! No one misses them! Nobody cares! I did the world a favor!"
Shamus snarled and shot him in both knees.
Aeron Gareth screamed like no one Shamus had never heard before. The sound was absolutely appalling. He was considering battering the man into unconsciousness when he abruptly fainted.
"I am their vengeance," he continued after a moment, nudging Aeron Gareth awake with his boot. "The courts forgave you - I didn't."
Aeron Gareth's head lolled about uncontrollably, white foamy saliva dripping down his chin.
"I find you guilty, Aeron Gareth," Shamus said, his lips drawing back from his teeth. "Guilty of Rape, Torture, and Murder."
Aeron Gareth's eyes fluttered open, and he summoned the strength to spit at Shamus.
"Fuck you," he rasped with an evil grin, his face stark white. "They are mine."
"I own them!" his ghostly face laughed maniacally. "They are mine forever!"
Shamus stood up.
"No," he replied. "You don't."
And a smoking hole appeared between the serial killer's eyes.
The thundering gunshot spread a grotesque fountain of blood and brains across the wall behind Aeron Gareth, and his eyes rolled up into his head.
"Are you going to kill me?" A terrified voice quavered from across the room.
Shamus blinked as if emerging from a fevered dream and turned toward the voice.
"I told you, he replied, turning to leave. "You have nothing to fear from me."
The woman sobbed uncontrollably.
"You're an Angel."
Shamus stopped abruptly.
"No," he said over his shoulder from where he stood in the doorway. "My daughter was the Angel."
Tears welled in his eyes.
"I'm the Devil."
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2020.09.14 18:11 plague692 the Cirlce: doc

I woke up in what seemed to be a doctor’s medical room, only not. It seemed that the room was made by someone with either a low knowledge of what a doctor’s office looks like or someone with a thin grasp of sanity. The walls were covered with drawings that look like a child drew them, they were simple depictions of animals like lions, elephants, and monkeys. The only windows were next to the door in and out of the room but they were in basics opaque with only a small bit of light poking through it. The last thing I remembered was walking down the street and seeing a white van come next to me, next thing I know there was a sharp pain in my left arm and then passing out.
It was only then I realized that I was tied down to a crude surgical table and I started to feel it on my back. I must have been there a while because it was warm instead of cold, at least that’s what I thought until I felt the wetness on my back. I didn’t feel any pain anywhere on my body except for in my arm that was throbbingly sore, most likely from what I assume to be the needle that I was injected with. I was wondering what the wetness was until I smelled the iron, i-it was blood. At that time everything I was taking in at once made me have the worst headache I’ve ever had.
I tried to move my legs but they were still numb and I couldn’t even feel them if I tried. It was then the realization hit me and I couldn’t help but scream my lungs out, I was missing two of my fingers. The cuts looked clean, like someone with experience in surgery had cut them off. The cuts were clean and smooth and they seem to have been cauterized with medical equipment. Then I heard it, all the other screams.
I wasn’t the only person here, I was far from it actually. I could hear the screams of dozens of people throughout the whole building, there were what seemed to be all genders and ages from what I could tell from the screams. Men, women, hell I could hear the screams of children, but they all stopped suddenly except for a room next to my room. The screams sounded like they were coming from a woman. I figured the other people here knew better than me so I shut my mouth. I saw a shadow pass by the window pass into the next room as the figure moved through my view.
The walls were thin, I could hear what sounded like a sewing machine going and then the scream of the room next to mine were muffled. They were still audible but they were much quieter. The figure outside came to my door and opened it and walked inside to my view. It was a woman, she was wearing a dirty, bloody, and tattered lab coat, it looked as if she had gotten from the trash only minutes earlier. She also wore a mask, it was a simple white face mask but it seemed highly customized, over where the mouth was supposed to be there was a medical mask and she wore medical protective glasses over the eye sleets, they were tainted and dyed red by blood as was the rest of the mask and like her clothing.
She spoke with a slightly muffled voice but that is to be expected when wearing a mask, her voice was soft and didn’t match anything else about her, she sounded like she was a pediatrician speaking with a child patient. In her calm and soft voice, she asked: “can you feel your legs yet”. I answered in a slightly scared voice “I don’t know”, “well let’s test it real quick” she replied, I noticed in this sentence that she had a southern accent, after finishing her sentence she pulled out a small scalpel and stabbed it into my leg and twisted it hard a couple of times, I felt the jolt of pain finally giving feeling in my legs. She noticed the wince I gave at the stab and she marked something down on a now visible clipboard. “That’s lucky, you're gonna be able to do your surgery soon but you know how doctor offices are, soon is gonna be around 5 hours” she chuckled at her own joke, I giggled to see if I could get on her good side.
She walked out of the room and came back a few minutes with a woman on a gurney, from what I saw she was the woman from the room next to mine from where the “doctor” for lack of a better word went after she left my room. “Place is just filled up, lucky for you after I do this surgery there will be an open spot,” she said, by the way, she turned her head, I think she was smiling under the mask. That was when I saw what looked like a name patch with the name “doc” on it. The woman fought and manage to sit herself up for a few moments, from that I noticed that her lips were sewed together, that must be what the sewing machine noises were. Doc, as I will now call her, strapped the woman down showing an impressive amount of strength for a person of her small size.
She quickly removed her mask to wipe away some sweat from her brow and suddenly a phone in her back pocket went off. She answered it in a slightly annoyed tone “what is it”, she placed the call on speakerphone and a voice from the other said, “yeah this is ace, just to let you know if you captured a woman with blonde hair, thin body, and two different eye colors then you should either release her or kill her right now”. What he said perfectly matched the woman that doc had on the table, doc spoke back “oh she saw my face so I’m going to have to do the latter” the voice on the other side said in reply “just hide the body really well” doc said back “I’ll just send her body over to hound, I’m sure his dogs would loving the snack”, the voice said back “okay see you at the next meeting, bye”. The phone hung up after that. “It’s your lucky day lass,” Doc said while cutting the string from the woman’s lips, “you're gonna get a little bit extra”.
She took out a bag from her back and opened it up, in there were surgical tools, they were all very dirty and seemed to have never been washed. She put a blade to the woman’s bare chest and started to cut. Doc seemed to have needed to put some force into the dull blade to cut her open. While putting her hand up to a non-existent person doc said “clips” seeming to be in a delusion pretending she was handed clips even though she handed them to herself. She clipped the skin flaps to the sides of the table and continued to work.
The first thing Doc did was break the woman’s ribs with a hammer all while the woman was awake and could feel everything. Doc removed two complete halves of her rib cage and stapled them to the sides of the woman’s head to make so sort of a disgusting crown during the whole ordeal she screamed. After that Doc shoved her hands into the woman’s abdomen and with what seemed as with great force pulled two things apart. When Doc took her hands out I could see that she pulled the lower end of the woman’s digestion system out of her body and at this point it seemed as if the woman had shredded her vocal cords to the point where she couldn’t even make a sound. At this point, the woman passed out, Doc seemingly enjoys the pain the woman was feeling, she injected something into the woman’s neck.
The injection seemed to wake her up instantly. After that Doc continued her “surgery” and proceeded to tie off the end of the woman's intestines to the tip of a pole she took out of her bag. Doc took the pole and shoved it down the woman’s throat. Deeper and deeper until the final breaths of the woman sneaked out of her mouth. It was then that she finally died.
“Well now that’s done I can bring you to your room,” doc said, going back to her calm voice. She grabbed my gurney and pushed me into a different room. This room seemed a little cleaner than the last, less blood and grime. I figured I only had an hour or so until I was given my own “surgery” so I had to get out quickly. I watched as the silhouette of Doc pushed into the procedure room I thought of ways of escape.
I hadn’t taken a moment to pause and think yet, that’s when I realized the smell, by god the smell, it smelled like a thousand dead bodies burning all at once, I almost threw up. I quickly went into action, using the hand that was missing two fingers I pulled my hand out of a restraint, I dislocated my wrist in the process so I had to pop it back in, holy god did it hurt but I had to stay silent. After I popped it back in I untied myself and got off the gurney, I almost fell, due to my adrenaline I completely forgot about the open wound in my leg and as the chemical wore off I started to feel it more and more. I started about the room, it wasn’t very big and I knew that the screams of other patients would keep my cover. As for protection, I grabbed a pipe that was just laying on the ground.
I knew I would need to bust through the locked door so I waited for the surgical patient’s screams to pick up, as soon as they did I broke through the lock with the pipe. When I got out of the room I could take the building in full. It looked like an abandoned hospital, an E.R to be exact. The door to the surgical room opened up and Doc walked out, I hid in a cabinet so she wouldn’t see me. As she walked through the makeshift lobby I watched as she said things to nonexistent people and laughing at random things, if I didn’t think so before now I knew how disturbed she was.
She dumped the body of her last patient and walked into a different room and pulled out a different victim and went back into the surgery room. I saw a hallway and in a mad dash to leave I ran down it, past a corner there were a set of double doors that I went through. Through these doors, I saw dozens, no hundreds of bodies, all in different stages of decay. I saw that some of the bodies had been there for years, only bones being left. The smell here was the worst, I knew now what hell looked like, now that I’ve been there.
I ran out of that room as fast as I could muster and I ended up back at the lobby. I saw a different hallway, this one looked different. The other hallway looked as old as the rest of the building most likely because it was built with it, but this hallway seemed newer, not clean by any meaning of the word but still better than the other parts. I moved faster down that hall but not as fast as I did the other one. Then I saw a bit of light going through a door past a turn, I ran as fast as I could now. Until I hit it, in the doorway there was a wire that now dug itself deep into my flesh, I could feel it moving around.
My adrenaline was spent and I didn’t expect it so I screamed, very loudly. After I pulled it out of my leg I heard a door slam open, no doubt Doc not wanting an escapee. So I ran and ran, and ran, I left the building only looking back to get its general location. I came to a road very quickly, I found a car which brought me to the nearest town. In only a few hours the police had a small army and with my help found the hospital in the woods.
Only it was empty of life. It seemed that Doc released a gas that killed everyone in the building after she left. This left no survivors and I was the only recovered person from this particular killer and area. At the station, an officer walked up to me and handed me a letter stating “miss Jennifer, we found a note that the killer seemed to have left for you”. As I read the note my blood began to crawl and I felt sick. The note read “to my dearest patient, it is a great shame that you escaped, the surgery for you was going to be extra fun, what a shame. I wish you a good rest of your life. Signed Doctor death, with regards of the circle”
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2020.09.14 08:53 BatBong I May Be a Lesbian

 Apologies for formatting, I’m on mobile. I was wondering if I could get advice on whether I am bisexual or a lesbian suffering from comphet :(. I have read the master doc on it and yet Im still greatly confused. When I was younger I wouldn’t feel attractions per say, more so I would choose someone and be totally obsessed with them since I heard that someone I was friends with liked them too. I never really sought out any relationships with men in my life, more-so they would be like “Hey, I like you, wanna date?” “Hm sure” even though I hadn’t thought of them that way and just wanted to be friends but guessed that thats what I should’ve done because I’m supposed to be dating a guy that I can tell people about. It always feels like Im reading out a script or just saying what I know the other person would want to hear. I suppose thats probably not normal at all but I truly don’t even know the difference between love and friendship to be fair. The line is kind of blurred for me. I remember when I was younger I would be called alot of things under the sun that you could imagine that kids and teens would come up with suspecting someone was gay. As you can imagine that forced me to push myself into the closet as a probably bisexual and try to find a guy to obsess over again and it did happen and it was over in a week since I had zero interest. I also remember when I was younger and even still now I would always find females in media and real life so pretty and men are held to like skyscraper level standards and once they hit that im like “mmmmm nah i dont really like (insert random excuse to raise standards). I have only told this to my now boyfriend and he said I was only trying to be unique and that if i truly felt that way I wouldnt be with him. He also stated comphet is not a thing. I told him to research it and its effects and how I related to those.(This was before we had broken up a month ago and got back together since he seemed very not okay mentally without me). He never did and Im afraid of bringing it up again since I dont want to be shot down again. While I like the idea of guys liking me, the second they show interest completely makes me kind of unnerved. I used to identify as a lithromantic because of this. I don’t really find guys that attractive either and if I find a guys personality nice then i try to convince myself that Im experiencing love. That probably stems from my mother constantly telling me “ohhh you were talking to him!!! so are you guys dating or anything or do you like him?” about any guy I said anything about. Then she would go on and say “Hey!! He was talking about youuuuuu” The thought of being with a guy sexually also kind of weirds me out like, sure, its just a body part but for me I feel no sexual attraction to it. Its kind of an “eh” thing. But for girls its the complete opposite, I get flustered and nervous and I want to look and I would want them to ask me out or something if I wasn’t already dating someone. But with guys the idea of that is the direct opposite. I’d rather them ignore me unless we could be friends and nothing more. The thought of spending my life with a man is honestly kind of scary. But the idea of a life with a woman just feels right to me, it makes me happy and makes me honestly feel so mushy. Like I imagine wanting a sweet wedding and kissing girls and now that I say it it sounds kind of obvious but Im really lost and looking for advice. Im still 17 and have alot of life to think about this but I just dont know if im actually feeling attraction to men or if im fooling myself due to internalized homophobia. I started off as a very passionate ally turned into an aromantic, a lithromantic, biromantic, and now considering just a lesbian. The title feels right to me but Im still very unsure of myself. Im so sorry for rambling, Im drunk and its late and I just need a leading hand honestly. 
TLDR; I need help with experiences and figuring out if Im a lesbian and not knowing due to comphet.
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2020.09.14 06:12 throwitonthecurb 22 [F4R] NYC Looking for long-term FWB or more with older babe

Hey all! I'm writing here because lately I'm realizing is how much I need a consistent spark in my life to adore.... To play & explore with.
Me: 5'5", chubby brown girl, in school, NYC area. I can describe myself as quirky, intelligent, silly and fun. I laugh a little too much sometimes (you'll see my yaeba often, google it and prepare haha!) Dress style is a little alternative with a dash of "hipster" dare I say, but nothing crazy out there.
First and foremost: I need the connection. I need someone I can get to know and talk with about anything for hours on end. I need balance and equality despite the differences in age and our life experiences. I want to learn from eachother and be able to give eachother something. Let's binge watch intense films, comedies, animal docs and television shows while scarfing down takeout (Thai and Mexican all the way!)... Venture out to little parks and socially distanced outdoor events. I'm very into console games, so that could be fun too. Oh, I like music a lot too, so hopefully we have similar tastes.
Now when it comes to play time...Let's be straight up: I'm a virgin. But! I've given oral maybe twice (love), anddd my mind is pretty messy! (All this credibility amirite?) Kink oriented gal with dirty fantasies that I'm down to try out and see if the slipper fits. I'm mostly a sub with men (call me your bbygirl and I'll melt), whereas with women (bi) I may be more dominant... What turns me on most are usually things people look down on (I mean, look at the sub I'm on lol! There's more to that tho, ask). In the future with the right person I'd like to try some public play. I haven't tried it yet but I have to say... Piss is hot too. Biting...and spankings! I'm gonna leave you with some vanilla though so I'm not a complete freak! Kissing is amazing. I didn't think something so simple could make me so wet, but if I'm into you and we're so close and sensual it kills me. Make out sessions that'll leave my lips numb and devoid of gloss please.
I also loveeeee love love bigger men/women with lots of fuzz (where's my daddy bear?). Nerdy is a plus. Asian is an even bigger plus (I hate to say it bc my friends like to tease me about it but it's the truth!). Really though, I don't care what you are. I care about who you are and how well we get on! Three things that may be deal breakers tho are: 1) Liars (honesty and transparency are key) 2) anti-blm, maga, homo/transphobes, sexist gender roles. 3) Ppl shorter than me only bc I like looking up to the person I want to... Yknow! Love feeling small too <3
NOT interested in anyone married or partnered even though I understand dead bedroom situations and wish y'all the best in your current relationships/etc. It's too complicated for me and I can't be "that girl". Maybe if it was roleplay instead of reality 😂
Only DM me if you're cereal! And not a serial killer! Okay? (Hope this works) ✌
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2020.09.14 04:09 MostlyReadRarelyPost Counteroffer (Steelshod 435)

Hey there!
I don’t post these daily anymore, so just in case you’re a newcomer and you’ve never seen a Steelshod post before… click here to start at the beginning
This is the latest chapter out of several hundred, and I don’t think it will make much sense without context. This isn’t an episodic story so much as one long narrative.
Hopefully, you’ll enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you back here in good time. If not, no big deal. But I think if you start here you’re going to be very, very lost.
Table of Contents – includes earlier installments, maps, character sheets, our discord server, and other documents.
First Previous
World map
Here is a general lore doc including character profiles and here is a basic roster showing who’s where, and who is a PC: Steelshod Roster!
Note for Binge-Readers: This is generally live-updated to reflect the current state of the game! Hopefully if you’re binging you can keep better track of who’s going where, because you just recently read about them going there.
The One Forest
It takes a little while for things to settle back down.
But Cyril sees an opportunity here, with Partholon still absent and Dolan somewhat senseless from his beating.
So he, Cara and a few others make a few rounds throughout the various interconnected groves, trying to meet with any Laochra or the various headmen of the families that make up the Collar of Thorns.
Specifically, Cyril has a list from Agrippa of the captives they have back at the Basin, and their names.
So he is trying to figure out which families those men belong to, and who might be willing to negotiate for their release.
They eventually find the right guy, a Laochra from a clan that had many of its warriors stationed at the Old Tower
He’s about medium drunk when they find him, and at first he just gets very aggressive
Demanding that they let his people go.
But they stand their ground, utterly unconcerned by his attitude, and eventually get him to talk.
It turns out his nephew is on the list of captives—nephew on his wife’s side, they realize, and one he’s been getting a lot of shit for at home ever since the lad went missing
He’s definitely interested in getting the boy back, and they determine they have three more of his more distant kin as well.
He tells them he will pay for all of them.
If they want Middish coin, he has some. A few hundred silver pieces, at least.
But if that is not enough, he says his family has a wealth of leatherwork and whisky that he could trade for as well.
Cyril quietly suggests that they go for the leatherwork—he has something in mind, but he does not reveal what.
Cara agrees, and she gives an oath of safe passage if the man comes to meet them at the Basin. He seems reluctant, but he understands they’ll need to meet somewhere neutral. Right outside the Basin is probably logical.
They agree that he will come by Ronald’s Basin with a cart of leather and leatherworkers to trade goods for his kin.
Meanwhile, Snorri the bersark has decided to start his own little competition with these Collar of Thorns
He’s noticed some of the same men Felix noticed, that are eating considerable amounts of food
And he has gone over and sat directly across from a couple of these men, locked eyes with them, and joined them in their non-stop binge eating.
He matches them bite for bite, grinning all the while.
It’s a petty contest, and the Collars pointedly ignore him, but Snorri seems to be enjoying himself.
While they are trying to make inroads with the various Collars, Cara has a brief interaction with another Laochra. He shakes her hand, at least which is nice, but seems to shrug her off soon after.
However, when they return to their table Cara quietly talks to Cyril and Felix. She says that the man said he might wish to talk later, about future relations between the Collar and Steelshod.
And he passed her a coin.
Cara passes the coin to them, and they quietly look at it.
It’s a Caedian silver shilling, a mundane enough coin. One side is stamped with some bit of architecture, a castle or a tower or something, and the other is stamped with the king’s profile
But on this particular coin, someone has gouged a small but deliberate mark onto the coin, destroying the king’s eye.
It’s a mark Prudence and Felix have seen a few times before, on the streets. Perhaps they’ve even spread a couple such coins themselves.
It is not an official mark by any means, but perhaps a common enough sort of Thieves’ Cant symbol
The meaning of which is self-evident.
You may have already guessed... ihaveaterribleplan asked if he could burn a lot of his Spy Network points to get someone willing to at least talk to them here, and I allowed it.
More than that, given how many points he burned I realized it made sense to establish a proper Laochra and his men, maybe a tiny faction within the Collar, that might be sympathetic.
Someone that has heard about how Steelshod has managed to get the Wncari out in Caedia their independence, and wonders if such a thing might be possible here.
Someone that might dream of prosperity and independence without the endless bloodshed Dolan and Partholon want.
It’s just one man, and maybe a few of his kin, but it could be a start.
They’ll have to wait for him to come find them later, since this party is not the time for such discussions.
Dolan eventually seems to return to his senses, and he emerges from the depths of the grove where his wounds were being treated.
It is now quite late at night, and the party is winding down.
Most people are thoroughly drunk by now.
The main exceptions are Osion and his men—the ones that escorted Steelshod in—who nominally joined in the festivities but seem to have exercised moderation.
They’re all seated behind Steelshod, ringing the edge of the grove, watching without interfering.
The only other group that seems sober is the group of twenty men Felix noticed earlier… the hard-bitten warriors that are still gnawing on the scraps of the feast.
Now, as things are winding down, Felix notices something somewhat concerning.
Those twenty men are the only members of the Collar of Thorns still sitting in the central grove with Steelshod.
Everyone else seems to have withdrawn to the outer rings.
Before Felix can comment on this, however, there is movement on the platform above them.
They saw no one climb up it, but now they see movement in the shadows within the burned out tree trunk.
And Partholon steps back out onto the platform.
He stares at them in silence for a long moment.
The sounds of the party die down immediately.
It seems that even the drunken warriors have enough wits about them to show proper respect to the Druid an Fáinne.
“Hello,” Partholon says slowly.
He stares at Steelshod, and eventually settles his gaze on Cara and those nearest her.
“Have you come to a decision? Do you accept my offer of help against the foe you seek?”
It’s a hard question to answer.
Of course they’d love his help, Cara says. They came here to get help against Unferth.
But they won’t stab Victoria in the back.
At this point, Partholon seems exasperated.
He’s not asking them to stab anyone in the back. He thinks that a trade of inaction for inaction, words for words, is a balanced offer.
They leave Victoria and the Collar alone, and he leaves them alone.
In exchange for such a fair arrangement, he will tell them where they can find Unferth. He even offers to answer other questions they might have about Unferth.
If anything, he thinks his offer is quite generous.
Cara points out that they won’t be able to verify Partholon’s word.
They won’t know if he tells the truth for weeks, months probably
And if they take the deal, they’ll return to Steelshod without the troops that are expected.
With just Partholon’s word as consolation. She can’t imagine her commanders will accept that.
Partholon tells Cara that she doesn’t have to rely only on his word.
He could show her where Unferth is.
Borthul perks up at this. Silent literally for the entire party up to this point, the old man suddenly becomes quite alert.
“You speak of some sort of far-seeing!” he exclaims.
Partholon gives the old wizard a skeptical look, and says “Aye, old man.”
Borthul returns Partholon’s look with a scornful expression of his own at the “old man” line.
Cara asks Borthul if such far-seeing is possible. Can Partholon do as he claims?
Borthul shrugs.
Certainly. Such sorceries are possible. Unferth himself has demonstrated at least one method of projecting one’s awareness and will far beyond their physical location.
And there are others Borthul has read of.
But it’s also possible for a sorcerer to weave a glamour, and show someone what they wish to see, or what the sorcerer wishes them to see.
Borthul is pretty sure Steelshod’s run across that sort of thing as well.
Cara asks if Borthul can tell the difference. Borthul shrugs. Maybe, maybe not. Hard to say.
Fucking useful, Borthul is.
Cyril leans in to whisper his opinion to Cara
Namely, that if Partholon can show them where Unferth is, and keep Unferth from seeing them in return, that may well be more valuable than whatever aid Victoria could render the Coalition.
Assuming Partholon can be trusted, for example if he swears to show them the truth.
Felix crosses his arms, giving Partholon a skeptical glare.
He doesn’t bother to lean in close to Cara, and instead announces his opinion at normal volume.
“Na, don’t trust ‘im,” he declares.
James speaks up at that, loudly agreeing with Felix.
He says that even if they assume Partholon will not break his word of honor, that’s no guarantee he won’t twist whatever he promises
He could show them Unferth as he is right now… but what’s to stop Unferth from moving?
And it could be that he shows them Unferth hiding out in a nondescript cave, with no background details with which to deduce his location in the world.
Technically the truth, but how useful would that be to them?
It’s a pretty savvy insight from James, honestly.
Cyril agrees that if they agreed to such a thing, they would need Unferth’s precise location—including directions, or even a map.
He glances at Partholon. Is this possible?
Partholon nods.
Of course.
Though, Cyril mentioned the importance of keeping Unferth from knowing he has been spied upon, and that Partholon cannot necessarily guarantee.
Cyril is a little nonplussed at this, since he whispered that comment to Cara. He gripes that Partholon has unusually good hearing.
Regardless, if Partholon cannot promise that Unferth will be ignorant of them spying on him, how is his information worth anything?
Unferth will simply relocate the moment he realizes they’ve been observing him.
Partholon clarifies: Unferth may not know it was them watching him, but he could easily know that someone was watching.
Partholon meets Cyril’s eyes and says, with a wry smile, that Unferth has “good hearing” too.
But if they’re worried about Unferth running from them… he won’t.
Partholon knows Unferth has been in the same place for some time, and likely will for longer still.
Furthermore, Partholon says, he thinks Unferth feels quite safe where he is. From what he’s heard of Unferth, the prospect of Steelshod going to him will only excite him.
Cyril sighs. He says that, given this information, he advises Cara take the Collar up on their offer. This intelligence could be more valuable than Victorian troop support.
He pointedly ignores Lioness’s venomous glare and mutter of “fucking Loonie”
Felix reiterates that he doesn’t trust Partholon and doesn’t trust this offer.
Cara ponders the words of her various advisors.
She observes that Partholon is probably right. Unferth isn’t necessarily the type to balk at a confrontation, especially one on his own terms.
But that sort of begs a question, then.
After all, they have made contact with Unferth numerous times. No doubt they will again. If Unferth is really that keen to meet them, they could probably go get his attention and just ask him where they can find him
Whatever Partholon might claim, a big part of the appeal of getting special intelligence was Unferth not knowing that they have it
So no.
She isn’t willing to accept this offer. She won’t sell the Victorians down the river just for this offer, just for a glimpse of Unferth.
If Partholon will trade his knowledge for something else—more antimony perhaps, or gold or steel—that could probably be arranged.
The members of Steelshod that have heard what Agrippa learned, and what Partholon is probably using the antimony for, wince at that offer. But nobody objects.
Cara says she could also offer their healing services.
Any Collar of Thorns that Steelshod wounds in the coming fighting, but does not kill, she says will be welcome at the Basin.
Allowed to come for medical treatment and then allowed to leave.
She knows Agrippa would love that.
And, looking around the groves, Cara says she mostly feels bad for the Collars. She knows they have no idea what they’re in for, once this fight gets serious.
And she has no real quarrel with them
“Our fight is with you,” Cara says to Partholon. “And with him,” she gestures towards Dolan.
Partholon says that he will consider her words.
He raises his gnarled cane and clacks it against the blackened tree, speaking a few words in an ancient tongue
Perhaps the old dialect of Wncari that he sometimes speaks in, except the final word he speaks has another quality to it
A quality that sets them all on edge, and within which Borthul and even James recognize a deeper sorcery.
But even those with no particular magical “awareness” still perceive an underlying meaning that transcends normal language.
A Word of Power.
All around the innermost clearing, plants suddenly writhe and grow along the trees.
They spring up dense and tangled, creating a sort of wall of vines, bushes, and brambles that runs all along the perimeter of the central grove.
The lighting dims as the light from most of the cookfires is obscured, leaving only the cookfire and lights in the central grove
All of Steelshod are within this grove
The only members of the Collar that are with them are now the twenty hungry men Felix noted earlier, and Partholon himself up on the blackened heart tree.
Those twenty men were already noted to be adorned with thorny vines of brambles, and those vines have grown in size. The thorns have grown long and sharp, and pierce the flesh of the men wearing them.
Those twenty men have stopped eating, finally. They are sitting silently, staring up at Partholon.
Felix immediately reaches for his bow
Cara glares at Partholon, asks him what the fuck this is
Is he breaking his word now? Threatening them, after making such a big show of being a man of honor?
No, Partholon says. He’s not threatening them at all.
The Collar of Thorns has sworn not to harm them until they return to their walls
So it shall be
“But the Mac Tíre Ocracha,” Partholon says. “Are not, strictly speaking, men of the Collar of Thorns. Or men at all. What they do is their business.”
Felix begins stringing his bow.
“So if you are as skilled as you seem to think you are, we’ll talk again,” Partholon says “Maybe make some sort of a deal… but I don’t think so.”
At that, Partholon ducks back within the blackened tree, and the twenty men standing around them begin to transform.
That should be good for now.
Our last meeting got canceled so I don’t have a ton more content to write up, but definitely enough for one more solid post I think. So hopefully I’ll have the resolution of this meeting written up within the next week or so.
Hope this post finds you all doing as well as you can be, given the state of everything these days.
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2020.09.14 04:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Winner's Royale: Episode 11- The Virtual Drag Roast Lip Sync

I've made some decisions.
Heaven St Frostfur. This week... you gave us what you've been giving us the past few weeks. Safe.
Your look is a Top Toot... but you are safe.
Heaven nods.
Heaven St Frostfur: "I should be pleased. But I'm not. This isn't enough.. not at all."
The rest of you represent the tops... and the bottoms of the week.
Let's start with Fatima.
Fatima smiles.
Fatima, you've been steadily rising these last week weeks, and this week, it felt like it hit it's crescendo.
"Woohoo!" Fatima smiles.
You were the ONE on this stage. Funny, charming, hilarious... just... Fatima. You made it clear- you're one of, if not our best comedian.
"That's great to hear." Fatima smiles.
Dixie... I was a bit bummed at you tonight.
"Oh, really?" Dixie looks awkwardly.
I've just got the vibe unlike a lot of the other winner's, who've... steadily built up their steam, you've ramped DOWN. This wasn't as charming as we'd like to see from you, and that's a shame.
"I did try really hard. But I must say... it's intimidating." Dixie nods.
It's intimidating for everyone. I'm sorry, but it's not enough.
Dixie nods.
"Ahh!" Crystal smiles.
Crystal, you were really really fun this week. You were... a lot.
"Aren't we all?" Crystal laughs.
But it really worked in your favour! You know how to grip a crowd, You know how to excite a crowd, and that really does you well. Great job. Just make sure... not to ALWAYS give a lot. Some subdued works... sometimes.
Crystal smiles.
"Ru, lovely to see you as always." Sophie smiles.
Sophie, I actually thought you did really well this week. Your effort was certainly noted, and it was seen.
"Thank you so much."
BUT... this competition is so tough at this point, that well done was not enough. If it's a bottom 3, you were a clear third worst. But, nonetheless...
"I was the third worst." Sophie nods. "100% understand. I appreciate the note about my improvement... but I understand here as well."
Honey Soy.
"Sickening, no?" Honey twirls around, smiling.
Honey, you were really fun this week.
"Oh, thank god." Honey laughs. "I was worried."
You did something different and went for the sharp, firm vibes. Just really good barbs, and it was solid.
"Thank you!" Honey smiles.
But don't forget to have fun with it too, hmm?
Honey nods. "Definitely."
Finally, Gemini..
Gemini nods.
How did you feel about how you did?
"I bungled it a little. Got a little flustered."
You did, unfortunately. I know you have the humour, but I could feel your anxieties on the stage, and that lead to your performance. you're incredible, Gemini. Can't let these things affect your performance... but this week they did.
"I'm prepare to lip sync for my life and show that was a one time mistake." Gemini nods.
Very well.
Before we deliberate... I have a question to ask.
Who deserves to go home tonight... and why?
Starting with Fatima.
"On the basis of tonight... Dixie should've been on top with me. I'm worried if she's not meeting it here, it's not enough. So Dixie, I apologise." Fatima nods.
Dixie exhales. "I think Gemini is not deserving of this title with the game she has played."
"Now..." Gemini raises their hand. "I have a lot of thoughts, but I will say- I have played within the confines of this game, and never overstepped by boundaries. So I disagree. I think Dixie should go home."
"I think... Dixie tonight, I'm sorry." Crystal exhales.
"Gemini was the weakest this week, so I choose Gemini." Sophie nods.
"Dixie, I'm sorry, but I think it's your time." Honey nods.
Very well.
Whilst we deliberate, you may all untuck backstage.
"Well, that was an interesting main stage..." Heaven sips her drink. "How are we all feeling?"
"I mean, I felt like at this point... my game is my game. I'm not backstabbing anyone, so Dixie-" Gemini turns. "I felt your comment was unnecessary."
"I do feel like you deserved to go home tonight." Dixie shrugs.
"On the basis of the challenge, perhaps. But your excuse was far too emotional." Gemini shrugs.
"I mean, I want you gone, so regardless of semantics-"
"I disagree. semantics are important here." Gemini stands up and looks at Dixie. "It seemed like a cop out." Gemini shrugs. "I guess we can get this out on the stage."
"Guess we can." Dixie nods.
Meanwhile, Crystal, Fatima, Heaven and Soy sit together. "We've made it to the top 6!" Crystal smiles.
"It feels... phenomenal." Fatima smiles. "I'm so excited for this. I feel like I am honest shining at the right time."
"Agreed." Soy smiles. "Though, I do think this week I was a little too focused on winning, and not enough fun."
"And I think... I was a little bit of the opposite!" Crystal laughs. "I mean, I like the wacky, the weird, so I don't know if it's worth refining in some ways.."
"I think there's importance in refining. It's the key to... perfection. My drag is refined. I think it's done me... very well." Heaven nods.
"But you're not Crystal!" Honey smiles. "I think you stick with it."
"I think authenticity is important." Fatima smiles. "Lead with that. Always."
Meanwhile, Sophie sits alone.
Sophie Srs: "I'm prepare to lip sync. I know this song... all over. It's within my wheelhouse. So, in a moment like this... I sit. Mediate... and pray."
"May I have the mind to win this. May I have the skills to raise above after this. And may everyone... all of these kids see a show of a lifetime tonight." Sophie smiles.
"What are you up to, Sophie?" Gemini turns over. "Not preparing?"
"I am preparing. Practicing mindfulness. Calming myself... getting into the zone." Sophie smiles. "Would you like to try?"
"You know what..." Gemini smiles. "I just might."
Welcome back my Monarch's.
I've made some decisions.
Crystal, you're safe.
"Thank you!" Crystal smiles.
Honey, you're safe.
Honey nods.
Honey Soy Sickening: "I've learnt a clear lesson this week. Enjoy myself."
Fatima al-Abass, this week, you showed us why you're a comedy legend. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge.
Fatima beams. "Thank you so much."
Fatima al-Abass: "I've gotten my second win, and it feels like exactly the right time. I've never been more ready for this final few weeks."
Banks walks out. "Oh hello."
Sophie Srs, Gemini Moon, Dixie Normous... you are the bottom 3 of the week.
Banks... How have the Jury voted?
"This week was an interesting one." Banks nods.
"I love her. But, I voted for Dixie." Auntie Pho nods.
"I'm saving my girl. Sorry, Gemini." Priya shrugs. "Not sorry."
C-$alt nods. "Dixie."
"Dixie." Claudette responds.
"She's fierce... but it was clearly Dixie's moment to shine, and she didn't. Sorry Sis." Kong sighs.
"Dixie." Malaria tosses her hair.
"This week, I had to vote.. Gemini." The Ripper nods.
"Gemini, you got me... but I respect the game. So, I picked Dixie." Yasmeen nods.
"I..." Banks looks around. "I chose Dixie."
The votes are tallied... and that means Dixie Normous, you are up for elimination.
"Bring it on." Dixie smiles.
Fatima al-Abass... who have you chosen to save?
"This is a clear decision for me. The person i'm saving- I'll say it now. I think deserves the crown, if not myself. I want to see her make it to the end. That's Sophie." Fatima smiles.
"Wow." Sophie smiles.
Very well. Sophie Srs.. you're safe.
"Thank you so much." Sophie nods. "And.... Thank you everyone for not voting for me!" Sophie smiles.
Sophie Srs: "I feel vindicated by this week's vote. I've followed my heart, and it's helped me here."
It's time to reveal the lip sync handicap.
Ru takes out an umbrella.
"You're all going to need this." He smiles.
For this week's handicap... our bottom two will perform... in the pouring rain.
Ru grins.
Two Monarch's stand before me.
Gemini Moon and Dixie Normous, prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip sync for your life to 'It's Raining Men' by The Weather Girls.
The time has come...
For you to lip sync for your LIFE.
Good luck... and don't fuck it up.
Gemini Moon: "The rain hits my face, and I feel a burst of energy. I need to survive this. My story isn't over."
Dixie Normous: "Part of me knew it'd get to this. Gemini's fierce. But I'm fiercer."
Who wins? (Oh. And which Queen of mine... do you want to see on S11? Auditions are nearly here..)
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2020.09.14 02:08 some__random This is Bullshit: 'Mysteries' of Women's Health & Carcinogenic Dildos.

Here's a long-ass rant that's been building over the past week.
tl;dr: sex toys are completely unregulated and often made of toxic materials. Women's health is bullshit.

A few days ago I was speaking to a close friend over the phone.

I told her that my mother, at age 65, had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She asked what that was, and I said "it's like chronic all-over pain and fatigue, but they don't really know what causes it. A lot of people get it after child-birth or some kind of physical trauma. My Mum told me that around 80-90% of people with Fibromyalgia are women. I guess it's just another one of these mystery women's illnesses."
I'm honestly not sure if I meant this to be serious or a joke. It's anecdotal at best, but I was thinking about my cousin's posts about the absolute brutality of endometriosis - which requires surgery for a confirmed diagnosis, and more surgery for treatment.
I was thinking about my own struggles of menstruation, when I would occassionally just completely collapse out of the blue. My symptoms read like internal bleeding. This happened all through my teens (I distinctly remember collapsing on my way to school and literally crawling home just to lie on my hallway floor and scream for my mother), and I only got a diagnosis at age 27 because I all but forced my doctor to send me to a specialist. I was actually sent to a PMS clinic for some inexplicable reason, and had to sit through what was essentially a mental health check to determine if my feelings of depression and anxiety were related to my periods. The symptoms I was there to ask about were: flash fever, severe abdominal cramps, vomiting, pale clammy skin, sudden weakness and fatigue, light-headedness, numbness, shortness of breath. I was not there for anxiety.
I again had to demand that this nurse/counsellor go and ask a doctor for a specialist opinion on what the hell was wrong with me. When she came back she said it was "just a surge of prostaglandins, happens to a lot of women. It's completely normal." Oh and btw, there isn't really anything they can do about it. Read that symptom list again.
Then the conversation moved onto birth control. I had just read an old viral twitter thread that returned to my socials feed, which argued that all unwanted pregnancies are caused by men's irresponsible ejaculation and that if anyone actually cared about preventing unwanted pregnancy (and thus abortions) that they would invest in male birth control and legal regulations (i.e. the child support system is a joke).
What caught my eye in this thread though were two things: 1. it says that the contraceptive pill has some bad side effects for women, and 2. it says that male vasectomy's are no more uncomfortable than women's pelvic exams undertaken for the prescription of birth control.
The Twitter thread mentioned that lots of women suffer very bad side-effects from the pill, which is obviously true. If I even mention the pill in front of my mother she'll tell horror stories. Except all that I was thinking while reading this was that I can't even take the pill, because it will literally kill me. I suffer frequent migraines with aura (also linked to my menstrual cycle) and the pill - or any hormonal birth control - could put me at high risk of a stroke.
My friend was surprised by this and ran through a list of birth control options I can't use. The only real option (for my own body) is the copper coil, which can make periods much heavier and more painful and may even exacerbate my prostaglandin surge issue. She has a hormonal IUD and I know how incredibly painful and traumatic the insertion was for her. She tells me she can still feel it inside of her if she moves in certain ways and that it feels foreign and plastic. She also tells me about the first time she tried birth control and how it left her curled up in a duvet in the corner rocking back and forth and crying from the intense hormonal effect it had on her.
We grimaced down the phone to each other as we talked about pap-smears and how horrible, awkward, uncomfortable, violating, traumatising, and outright painful they can be. She's terrified of her next one, which she's overdue for, because of her IUD. I quite frankly do not believe that a vasectomy procedure is worse than any of these everyday indignities and every-month agonies that we endure.
Anyway, we had a good rant. I told her my Mum now wanted to have a voluntary mastectomy/breast reduction because she hates her boobs and thought it would be great to live the rest of her life without them. She says that suits would fit really well without them. Her exact words were "I'd rather be human than be a woman." She wants a Tom Ford suit.

Cut to today - this is why I'm now fucking furious.

So I've been looking for a new sex-toy because I'm single AF and isolated AF for the foreseeable future. So I dig out the few I already own which I never use for various reasons. I only have a couple, but I rediscover a good cheap vibrator bought from the seemingly very respectable site LoveHoney. I also found a jelly dildo, from the seemingly very respectable brand Doc Johnson, that I bought because I wanted something that wasn't really rigid and painful, except I notice that it has a strong chemical smell to it, despite it being clean in a drawer for a long time, in it's original box.
Since I'm quite picky about toys and find it difficult to find the right thing without wasting lots of money on non-refundable items (hense the drawer of toys I never use), I thought I'd ask Reddit their thoughts and headed over to sextoys for some advice. The first thing I was hit with was the words "body-safe" and I thought, surely they should all be body-safe, right? FUCKING NOPE.
Did you know that the entire sex-toy industry is completely unregulated?
"Toxic toy materials are not only usually porous, but also are made with plasticizers that are chemically unstable. These plastic softeners leach out of the material into the mucous membranes that they come into contact with, and are highly likely to cause irritation, pain, or even chemical burns. They are characterized by a particularly offensive and strong odor that does not wash off or air out. Phthalates are probably the most well-known class of toxic plastic softener, but even in phthalate-free toys, there may be other plasticizers that are just as bad. - Jelly / Jellee / Gel, Rubber / skin safe rubber, CyberSkin / UR3 / Futurotic / Fanta Flesh / Neoskin / FauxFlesh / Sil-A-Gel, Vinyl and PVC." - sextoys wiki
Two of my toys (both purchased from LoveHoney) are PVC, which is one of the worst offenders.
"Vinyl chloride is on the Government of Canada’s Toxic Substances List. It is used in the production of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and is a known carcinogen (causes cancer) with no safe exposure levels (Government of Canada, 2016)." - Medium
I checked the box of my Doc Johnson's Crystal Jellies toy to see what it was made from. At the time I assumed naively that it was silicone (which is body-safe) but it is PVC. It claims on the box that it is pthalatate-free (I'm not at all convinced by this) and then makes an ASTOUNDINGLY bold claim that is is "body-safe". How the fuck can this possibly be body-safe? Now that I actually think about it, I've only used this toy a few times but I have had discomfort after every use and had assumed it was the size or the texture causing problems. It hadn't even crossed my mind that it could be giving me a chemical burn inside my fucking vagina.
Now, a quick glance through sextoys will clearly show you that women are not the only ones using sex toys, but by and large, they are being inserted into our bodies far more frequently than mens, and are designed to do so. I'm generally careful about what I buy. I chose what I thought was a reputable retailer and brand, steering clear of any cheaply made Chinese-manufactured knock-offs from Amazon. The toys felt like they had good build quality and had rave reviews. This is an entire industry knowingly designing, producing, marketing and selling unsafe, carcinogenic, chemically unstable toys designed to be inserted into women's bodies. I would never have known this is if it wasn't for Reddit. With all of the delicacies and intricacies and complications of female anatomy that we already face by doing little more than existing, this has SERIOUSLY PISSED ME OFF.
What the fuck is this? Is this punishment for daring to enjoy sex? Is it some Christian-overlord's sick joke on the sodomites? Does the entire world just not care about women's safety in even this most basic and easily solvable way? Does the sex-toy industry just make too much money and have too many sexy women and powerful men representing it for the patriarchy to want to regulate it in any way? Why are women constantly treated like some impossible unknowable fuck-dolls?
It feels like another kick in the teeth. Ladies (and other), check your toys.
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2020.09.13 18:34 DragonBard_Z [Recruiting] Reddit Zulu Clan Level 21 Active th11-13, non-rushedWar/Social/EventsVerified RCS450+ winsWell Organized; Extremely Fun and Active! CWL for th13 in Champs 3! 11, 12, new 13s in Masters! League opportunities for 13s

Reddit Zulu (#2Y28CGP8)

Clan Level: 21!

Lots of 11s, 12s, and 13s! We tend to be a very heavy clan!


Zulu prides itself on being a well organized social clan with where people care about the game and are very active... and where you can find those competitive opportunities you crave!
We do all war attacks and there are always people on to donate and chat! - Everyone says that...we mean it! What we ask is that you be willing to try and do your best to help us succeed.
We act like family and if you join, we want you to feel like part of the family too!
We have a high degree of organization and a strong leadership team. We care about war and want you to as well. Our rules are summarized below, but you can find them in detail here. We also have additional rules for war - we do expect you to use discord, learn and use strategies, call your attacks, and follow the instructions to help us win!
In our clan, you will find that we try to be fair and work with everyone, but that rules are followed and enforced to make sure everyone has a fun, quality experience....and that we can all achieve together!

If you're interested, then read more below and apply here: and join our discord:
Currently, we have about 50% th13, 30% th12, and 20% th11. We are very happy to take those who are already strong in war as well as those who are willing to put in the effort to learn as everyone is expected to war at least once a week (weekends are mandatory - you may have one hero down if necessary).
(Please note: we do use your history as a player to judge your activity.)
We are an international clan with both men and women. We do not have an age limit: we only require that you respect everyone.

We have open spots!

(Note: we judge apps based on activity as described below: you must apply to be accepted, but not all applications will be accepted.)

Here are some of the things you can expect from being in Zulu:

  • Lots of wars and large weekend wars! In addition to our optional wars during the week, everyone wars on the weekends. That means big 50v50 or 40v40 wars every weekend! We try to win every war and we expect team players! If you're experienced at war and doing well, great! If not, constructive criticism may be given...please consider this a benefit and be willing to listen! (Note: no mandatory war in Dec while we're all upgrading)
  • CWL participation for everyone! We use two clans for CWL, both with level 10+ perks. 13s use Reddit Zulu and 12s and 11s use Reddit Elephino. Everyone will get 3-6 days to play during CWL. Medals and inclusion for all!
  • Event access: Zulu participants in nearly all RCS Events and Events featured by /ClashofClans! every scrim and Potluck clan has featured some of our Zulu Players! These include a variety of both fun and competitive wars where you can hang out with others, learn new strategies and have a great weekend. As a member of Zulu you are eligible to join anything the RCS offers. Whether it be fun wars and scrims or beatdowns against other clan systems!
  • Clan Games: Have maxed all clan games with days to spare! No minimum required...we are active enough, we haven't needed to institute one :)
  • League We were competing in the all th13 division of Warriors Champions League! Interested 13s have a chance to earn a spot! We are currently 3:4 and made the playoffs!!! Not bad for our first try! Just now have also started season 8 of FWL, also all th13!
  • Competitive Arranged Wars: Participated in the Reddit War Tournament Seasons 1, 2, and 3! Participated in the Guts&Glory War League and supported the RCS clans in EWL and CFF tournaments with some of our members. Now participating on the Reddit War Circuit!
  • Zulu Events: We've also done a number of civil wars and special themed wars within Zulu!
  • Pushing two times a year: Twice a year, we take time to compete in the RCS trophy push and we tend to do exceptionally well! Winners of 4/5 of the most recent RCS trophy pushes and a narrow second place in the 5th!
  • Clan Perks: Clan Level 20! Two level upgrade to troop donations (all troops max or near max!) and all the other perks too!
  • Lots of wins: 450+ wins and Counting out of about 700 wars! As we are all th9+ with a lot of townhall 13s, we tend to face a lot of really great clans! But we still win a lot more often than we lose.
  • Friendly Challenges: Friendly Challenges available at all 3 townhall levels! Just ask any time in game - there's pretty much always a bunch of us on!
  • Good donations: Troop donates are fast and furious! Everybody loves a full cc, and we have a culture of filling others' before requesting our own cc troops. We never want you to raid without a full cc! With >80% townhall 12s+ siege machines for all! We want everyone who can use them have lot of chance to learn how!
  • Media and features: We have several members who have been highly featured by the game and are active in the community. Clan Leader Zig was featured as one of the 5 RCS leaders invited to compete in Reddit vs YouTube in Helsinki, Finland! Co Zag-geek featured in the 5th Anniversary Livestream in Estonia and in Reddit vs Forums Round 3 Livestream in Finland, which Reddit won! A lot of the RCS and other Zulu have been in the Reddit vs Forum wars as well (even when not on livestream). Zag also has posted the RCS Clash Talkin' Podcast hosted by Zag-geek and in the past we've done both YouTube and livestream!
  • Membership in the RCS: Zulu is one of the oldest clans in the Reddit Clan System (a group of over 60 clans) and on Reddit. We were founded in March 2013...over 6 years ago! We have stayed highly involved in both. Our leaders are two of the moderators of ClashofClans and many of our members are extremely active in running events and day to day operations of the RCS. We will make sure you have great access to both! This includes being able to join the 1500 member RCS group chats.
  • Individual records: We keep records in our sidebar at /RedditZuluCoC. Check them out to get a feel for what some our members have achieved!
Read our complete history here!

Clan Requirements:

• First, and foremost, you must be active. We expect you to be making all war attacks for any war you're in, to make minimum donates of 300/week and to be either actively raiding, upgrading or warring. We will use the activity in your profile to determine if you'll be offered a spot in the clan.
• Related to the first point: no rushed bases. Everyone must meet the following:"
  • Everyone: Offense should be appropriate for your level and developed such that you have a reasonable chance to 3 star your own base.
  • Th11: must have Eagle Artillery, 40/40/5 (king/queen/warden) minimum heroes required.
  • Th12: You must have a minimum of 50/50/20 heros or better. You must have a lab of a mid th11 or higher and vast majority of defenses built to th111 levels or higher.
  • Th13: we will ask you to have 60/60/40 heroes or better and most of th12 complete.
You must be available to participate in the mandatory weekend wars (declared Fridays). We war 3 times a week. Wars are declared Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern Time and Friday at 9 pm. Participation for the mid-week wars (declared Monday and Wednesday) is optional and members can opt-in or -out of the midweek wars, but must have all heroes awake if opting in. Special events and tournament wars will have limited rosters depending on the event. You must use both attacks for any war in which are you participating!
• You may have one hero down and still war with us on weekends. We expect you to be an active clasher working to improve yourself, and we understand that requires upgrades! That said, we still win most of our wars!
We take wars seriously, and we expect you will too. You don't have to be the world's best player or three star all the time: what we do require is that you try your best. We do use an external website for calling bases and have additional war rules. Th11s will be asked to attack in the first 16 hours, th12s in the first 20 hours of each war as we intend to make sure everything below th12 is 3 starred and as many of the 13s as we can too!
• We are a social clan at heart! We don't have strict social expectations, but it doesn't hurt to hop into game chat once in a while to say hi to your fellow clan friends. Discord is required
In the end,

why should you join Reddit Zulu?

You should consider joining because...
• You are an active player looking for a fun and active clan.
• You're looking for your Clash home.
• You want to war (and win!) regularly.
• You want a clan that prides itself on organization, clear direction from leadership, and all members being valued.
• You want a well rounded clan that gives opportunities to participate in a large variety of events, giving you more fun ways to enjoy the game.
• You want to be part of a clan that is more family than random strangers on the internet. For those in Zulu, "Clan" is not just in the title of the game. We have become a closely knit social group and if you join us, you will be welcomed in.
Ultimately, you should join Zulu because you want to. If you want to get to know some great people, have fun, improve your village and skillset, and be part of something great, then Zulu is the place for you!
We hope to hear from you soon!

How to Join:

• Please note that we do require each prospective member fill out an application and join our discord while waiting for a response. You can find the information on how to apply, as well as the application itself by going to
• More information can be found on our sub /RedditZuluCOC or by joining our discord:
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2020.09.12 19:48 AtticusWriter [Grimoire's Soul] - Chapter 23

Start Here!
In the muted dark, Ceyda followed behind Lyle and Danette, occasionally cursing Dorskina’s name under her breath as she did. Each time she hoped to feel a swell of power and for Doc to return to her, spinning rapidly through the air, but it was not to be.
“We’re taking you to Natalia’s house,” Lyle said. “Her house is closest to yours.”
Ceyda nodded as she looked over the great sloping roads. She was beginning to think she hated hills and mountains. She would take over the world and create a world where everything was flat and not uphill. Of course, it was these hills that let them move quietly in the dark, in a flat plains, all one would have to do was look and see the shadows being illuminated by the candles of the houses. But this way, everything was obscured. And she could pretend she was safe.
Long rolling hills gave way to the clustered roads of Bricketfriar, and the beaten down dirt road led to a narrow, slightly lopsided, two story log cabin. Ceyda’s eyes lit up in relief when Danette and Lyle slowed their pace and headed toward the house. The age of walking was over.
Danette knocked on the door, with three raps against the thick wood. A tired Natalia opened the door, dressed in a long, gray gown, holding a tiny, unlit, gaslamp. Her thick black hair was braided tightly into a bun.
She hurried them in, and Ceyda entered a small, dark and overheated room. There was a small cast iron oven in the center, with a soft fiery glow. It barely illuminated the room, and Ceyda was nearly blind in the poor lighting. At least the outside had stars and a mostly formed moon.
“Brothers are sleeping” Natalia said, placing a dark shadowy hand to her dark shadowy face. Probably making the ‘sh’ motion. What Ceyda would give to be able to expand her senses in this moment.
“Where?” Ceyda asked. Natalia pointed to a dark shadowy wall where there were vague, soft snores. Ceyda didn’t know if this was a one room house, and something told her asking would be very rude. So instead she took a deep breath and pushed the burning question down into her gut.
There was a shuffling of movement and Ceyda spun helplessly, trying not to accidentally trip over anything. Rough hands grasped her arm, and Ceyda flinched momentarily. She looked up to see the familiar Danette silhouette, and gave a small, relieved squeak as Danette guided her through the monstrosity of the dark room.
After some confused fumbling and shuffling, Ceyda ended up in another room with a slightly larger window, allowing precious moonlight to filter through, and a larger stone fireplace in the corner, with a few flickering, dying crisps of wood.
Danette guided Ceyda to a bench, and sat her down. Ceyda leaned against the wooden wall, and took a deep sigh of relief.
“Hello all,” Ceyda said.
“So anyone want to explain what the fuck is going on?” Natalia asked, yawning.
“Opal’s apparently a noble,” Danette grumbled.
“What? Are you serious?” Natalia sputtered. “That--no. Someone in town would have recognized her! Everyone works for someone. Who is she?”
“Amber Blanche,” Ceyda said. “She became a lighthouse this Adreday with my brother.”
“...she was fourteen?” Natalia hissed. “I was being bossed around by a fourteen year old?”
Danette groaned in sympathy.
“Really this is your fault, Natalia,” Lyle said.
“What? Me? How is this my fault?”
“You’re so short you make everyone look like an adult by comparison,” Lyle replied.
Ceyda opened her mouth to yell at Lyle, but the sound of vague groans and shuffling made her realize it was most likely a joke.
“I’m sorry but--fourteen year olds aren’t usually, uh,” Natalia paused. “Fully developed?”
“If you’re talking about boobs, I got those when I was eleven,” Ceyda replied sleepily.
There was an awkward silence.
“Were you not talking about that?” Ceyda asked.
“Well, I was, but also there are, you know, other overall aspects. Also, eleven? Really?” Natalia repeated. “That can’t be right.”
Oh to have a magic book to answer all her questions on the mysteries of human bodies.
“What age did you think she was?” Ceyda asked.
“Sixteen? Maybe a bit older? We try and not incorporate anyone younger than fifteen into what we’ve been trying to do,” Lyle said.
“What about Merlin?”
“What about Merlin?” Lyle asked.
“...Merlin is. Was. is. Merlin--” Danette faltered. “He’s seventeen.”
Ceya’s eyes shot open and she nearly jumped out of her seat. “Merlin’s older than me? But he--no! His voice isn’t even deep yet!”
There was a prolonged silence. Ceyda flinched. Right, being shocked by Merlin’s age was probably a bit weird considering how he could be kidnapped or dead. Oh this had been short sighted to bring up, she felt so idiotic.
The silence was broken by Natalia’s piggish laughter. “It’s funny, Ceyda.”
“What is?”
“How… little you know about us, I guess.” Natalia continued.
“Well, I like to think I know many things considering that I’ve only spent a few total days with you,” Ceyda replied.
“No, it’s not that. It’s just--” Natalia paused.
“We’ve grown up with each other,” Lyle supplied. “And you did not.”
Ceyda couldn’t tell if she was being scolded, lectured, or being reached out to emotionally. “How did Opal do it then? You all seemed to like her well enough.”
Natalia yawned. “She brought us money. Old weapons. Honestly at the time it felt like a fairy tale. Maybe never any real change, but skies be damned, it got my hopes up.”
“So she bribed you,” Ceyda replied. Wait, was that condescending? Was that judgmental? “To be fair, I probably could have been bribed by a very good sandwich.”
“Yeah we were fucking bribed,” Lyle replied. “We’re fucking rubes is what we are. And now Merlin’s dead, we busted a noble girl out of house jail, and we got mages up our ass.”
Ceyda flinched. “The mages are here?”
“Ohhh yeah,” Lyle continued. “The worst part is I don’t know if they like-- know anything or not? They just keep. Watching.”
“Harbin went missing,” Danette added.
“Who’s Harbin?” Ceyda asked.
“He oversaw all the cleaners,” Natalia said. “You might have met him when Aster got his cleaning supplies?”Ceyda had not been there for that moment.
“I am sorry that happened,” Ceyda mumbled, not knowing what else to say. Suddenly, her eyes lit up in recognition. “Danette!”“Hm?” Danette’s shadowy figure flinched in the dark.
“I am so sorry you got fired!” Ceyda blurted out. “That was probably my fault!”
“It definitely was,” Danette said calmly. “Well--your parents fault, anyway. They panicked and couldn't magically get you back, and when they found out you had just been in the town they had to have their shitty little power trip--but it’s fine. It was kind of inevitable the moment you went missing."
“Are you all right? Are you homeless? Can you eat?”
The gaslamp was suddenly lit by Natalia illuminating the room. Wooden shavings littered the floor, and wet clothing were strung up across the ceiling.
Danette gave a small, fuzzy smile. “I am fine. I’m taking over for Natalia’s mother.”
Ceyda nodded. “That’s good. I think.”
There was a silence. Natalia disappeared and came back with thin strips of what looked to be dried, salted fish. She bit into the tough, gnarly exterior, and slowly chewed. After a few moments of struggle she compromised by sucking on the jerky for the salt.
Did her parents know she was gone? Would they check in on her room, as they were routine to do, and realize her bed was bare? Would they call for the mages? Or would they look for her themselves?
If it hadn’t been for that fucking neural cleansing--
Ceyda stared blearily at her bracelet. Right. That thing. It had been quiet this entire time, maybe because she was too tired to have a real emotion.
“So,” Ceyda asked quietly. “What happens now?”
For a brief moment, there was only the sound of chewing and silence.
“Tell Gilbert he was right?” Lyle cracked.
“If Merlin’s dead, I’m leaving Bricketfriar,” Danette said. “I’ve got nothing left. It’s just fucking me. I can probably hike it to a nearby town, or maybe I’ll steal a fishing boat and follow the coast.”
Natalia groaned. “I’m going to have to get married.”
“Hey, Natalia, wanna have kids?” Lyle asked.
“I just--” Natalia gestured into the darkness. “I don’t know. I’m not like you and Danette. I can’t convince my mom to leave, and I’m certainly not leaving by myself. And the only guy who can tolerate me is Aster and he doesn’t like me back!”
“He’s a fucking self absorbed prick, we’ve been over this,” Danette said. “Just--if we just pulled him aside.”
“Oh, by the crown, do not. Do you want a fucking repeat of last winter?”
“What about Julian?” Lyle asked.
“After what he did to Sabine? Are you fucking serious?”
Ceyda was beginning to get the distinct impression she had no idea what was going on.
“You could pull a Rosalie,” Danette said. “I have half a mind to do it myself.”
“What did Rosalie do?” Ceyda asked.
“She joined a group of travelling entertainers when she was… it was six years ago...” Natalia said wistfully.
“She was thirteen,” Lyle said. “It’s a shame she left, she was a neat girl. We got along well.”
For a brief moment, Ceyda felt the urge to say something rude on purpose. Something like “Good. She deserves better than everyone here.”
It was a very weird statement to say over someone Ceyda never had met and had no reason to like.
Was she. Envious?
What was there to be envious of?
“I’m probably just going to keep my head down. Everyone’s freaking out like we have to leave, but we don’t know anything is going to happen,” Lyle said.
“Mom says we could be purged,” Natalia says.
“That’s--no. I’m sorry. No,” Lyle shifted uncomfortably. “That’s some panicky-ass bullshit.”
“What’s a purge?” Ceyda asked.
“Natalia thinks they’ll just set the entire village on fire and leave us to the ashes. Which is…” Danette scratched her head. “I don’t think that’s likely. That wouldn’t happen, we’d have to be full on rioting for years for it to even be considered.”
Ceyda stared at the table. Was it unlikely?
Was it truly, utterly, impossible? She would have agreed with Danette and Lyle at one point. But now…
Well, now she really wanted it to be true. But her heart hurt, and she was scared. Scared of Rembrandt, scared of Isaias the thief coming back to kill her, scared of Merlin being gone, scared of her family dragging her back into a chair and cleansing her mind of every thought.
She idly toyed with the bracelet.
She hated thinking like this. It had been easier when she thought she could solve everything. Danette, Lyle and Natalia continued talking in hushed whispers. All manner of solutions were suggested, but none seemed particularly new or fresh. Every thought was met with automatic responses, or offhand lines that Ceyda couldn’t understand.
In some shape or form, they had had similar conversations before. And they might even again in the future.
Was that why she had been envious before? She had been… friendly. She had interacted with the other nobles her age. Crystal and Preston and the many others, a slowly dwindling number as each one eventually left to get married and start a family.
But there was no warm familiarity. No automatic language. No comfort. It was just something done to pass the time until the food was available, or someone died.
Ceyda’s heart hurt. She wanted that closeness. And she didn’t have it at home, and as much as she wished it the case, she didn’t have it here either. And why should she? She was strange, selfish, and utterly incapable of contributing anything. Her specialness had been the book, and now that was gone. There was no way to worm her way into their hearts, and she didn’t even know if she wanted to.
But… they had rescued her. Had it been friendship? Or had it been pragmatism? If she said the wrong thing, or accidentally flirted again, would it start a new wave of isolation, only now she didn’t have anything to give? Or was that now gone with Opal? Surely it couldn’t have been all Opal. No one just went mindlessly with an idea to shun someone.
Unless they did.
This was terrible. She hated second guessing every human interaction. She hated doing it now in this dark room while the Blanche Manor loomed in the back of her mind. She hated everything and didn’t know what to do about it.
Maybe she could just blame her parents again. It would be petty, but it made her feel better.
The door creaked open, and Ceyda shot up, fumbling at the table for a weapon.
She didn’t recognize the older person at the door, but no one else was freaking out, so Ceyda sat down, and unclenched her fist.
“Natalia,” the woman said, her face worn with wrinkles and gray hairs. This was Natalia’s mother. She certainly didn’t look like any mother Ceyda had seen. She looked more like a grandmother, if anything.
“Mom--this is Ceyda--” Natalia gestured. “She’s going to be staying with us for a little bit.”
Ceyda froze. Did this person know everything? Did she know nothing? What was Ceyda supposed to do or say.
“Nice dress,” her mother said.
Natalia flinched. “This is Ceyda Lucrece. She’s going to be staying with us for a little while.”
Her mother gave an elongated sigh, and strode into the dark room, sat down on a rocking chair, and set her cane down. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
“I’m actually going to try and leave once I eat and wash my face,” Ceyda said. “You don’t have to worry about me.”
“So, what is it? Escaping a marriage?” Natalia’s mother asked.
“No!” Ceyda said hotly. “And if I was, so what?”
Natalia’s mother shrugged. “Well, I would have given you some advice, for one.”
“What advice?” Ceyda snapped.
“Wear gloves and a scarf.”
“I’m sorry?”
“When you want to leave Bricketfriar, cover as much skin as possible, and a scarf if you talk with your teeth. Good skin and teeth are the two biggest giveaways,” Natalia’s mother said.
Ceyda blinked in confusion. “I admit I am surprised you’d advise me to escape a marriage.”
“Not everyone was lucky to fall in love like me,” the older woman said. “Who am I to control happiness?”
Ceyda stared at Natalia, and then Natalia’s mother. Her mouth hung agape.
Oh skies above.
Her mother was nice. Was that--was that allowed? Was this a trick? Was she secretly cruel in private?
Was this why it was rude to say Danette was lucky??
Danette snapped her fingers in front of Ceyda.
“Hm?” Ceyda stared at Danette.
“You kinda started looking like a skinned fish, you okay?” Danette asked.
“Yes. Quite. I am entirely unsure of what to say right now, utterly flummoxed,” Ceyda replied, and not only was it true due to the woman’s words, but she still didn’t know if the woman knew about the rebellion and thus couldn’t say anything even if she wanted to!
Natalia’s mother chuckled. “You are adorable.”
Ceyda’s eyes lit up. She was adorable! She hadn’t been called that in years! That was amazing! How did she repeat her actions so as to get that compliment as much as humanly possible?
“Is it all right if I stay the night?” Danette asked.
“Of course, you’re taking over my shift, aren’t you? Where are you staying now, anyway?” Natalia’s mother asked.
“Mostly just with Pavlo’s family.”
Pavlo had been the servant working for the family after Danette was fired. Unless it was the same name, of course. Did everyone here just rotate jobs as needed? It was not something Ceyda had thought of, but it seemed quite obvious. There were only so many pillars in Bricketfriar, after all, and many jobs that needed to be done.
“I’m gonna go back to my place and stop by later,” Lyle said. “Possibly much later.”
“Why?” Natalia asked.
“I think I still have the uh, papers that Opal gave us. And I figured maybe Ceyda could use them,” Lyle said, shrugging.
“Papers?” Natalia’s mom frowned. Ceyda stared into the abyss, ready to explode into whatever came next.
“Don’t worry about it mom. Just shit.”
Ceyda was going to die and she was going die right this very second.
Natalia’s mother nodded. “All right.”
Ceyda had died. She was dead and so confused.
Lyle saluted the group, and disappeared into the night. Danette disappeared shortly thereafter, either going to sleep with the brothers or sleep in a different room in the small cabin. Natalia left to get whatever could pass as blankets.
“So, what’s your name? Or should I call you Natalia’s mother?” Ceyda asked.
“Madalene,” she replied.
More silence. Ceyda had not thought what to ask beyond this point. Madalene had taken to retrieving a long pipe, and positioning it so the smoke would trail out of the window.
“Is there a reason you’re staring?” Madalene asked.
“I--I guess I just realized I haven’t seen many, er, older people working Bricketfriar,” Ceyda admitted.
“I’m not old,” Madalene said. “I’m in my early forties.”
That sounded incredibly old to Ceyda, but she wasn’t about to contest such an assertion.
“Do--do a lot of people die in Bricketfriar? Before old age?” Ceyda asked.
Ceyda sighed with relief. Good. That would have made everything so much worse if that had been the case.
“They just don’t come home one day,” Madalene said.
Ceyda blinked. “What do you mean?”
Madalene tapped her pipe against the wall, lit ashes falling. “Not a lot. Not always. But every few years, someone goes missing. It’s always been the case. Used to think that was just how the world worked.”
“Use--used to?” Ceyda said quietly.
Madalene’s eyes grew distant. “I was a lot more optimistic when I was younger. But as I got older I always thought it funny that the young never disappeared. Always the old. I used to think that they’d just walk into the woods and die in peace, away from it all. I like to think that’s what happened to Victor. That he got mad at me one day and went to the woods to die. Or maybe he sunk himself to the bottom of the well, never to be found.”
“Is this--do they know about this? Does Natalia know that? Or--”
“Of course they do. Everyone does,” Madalene said. “Everyone’s lost a relative, one they’ll never see again, no body, no nothing.”
“They--they never told me that,” Ceyda said quietly.
“Why would they?” Madalene asked. “Do you ask why the sun rises? Or why women and men love each other?”
Actually, that last one she had asked quite a few times and never had gotten a satisfactory answer.
“Merlin was young. He went missing,” Ceyda said quietly.
“Perhaps he was unlucky. Perhaps an aristocrat killed him and thought nothing about it. Perhaps the ifrit lurking in the shadows were particularly hungry that day,” Madalene said. “This is a very grim topic, are you sure you wish to discuss it?”
“I--” Ceyda paused. She stared at the older woman, at her cane, her worn down face, her pipe.
Early forties, she had said?
That was only a few years older than her own parents, wasn’t it? Her mother had always been cagey about her age but--
Ceyda looked down at her feet.
“I’m just trying to figure out how I can help people,” Ceyda said.
Madalene laughed softly. “Help? In what way?”
“I don’t know. Save the world?” Ceyda said bleakly.
“What a lovely thought.”
The smoke of the pipe lingered in the room.
“Do you think I could? I could get money, I--” Ceyda paused. That was really the extent of all she could offer.
“No,” Madalene said. “I don’t think you ever truly could.”
That was not the answer Ceyda was expecting.
“Why not? I could… I could get old, I could gain power, I could-- I could do something,” Ceyda prompted, trying very hard not to say “I could with my magic spellbook.”
“Because it would hurt,” Madalene said. “Helping--it feels good, but in the long term, it will hurt you, deeply and severely. The ones who keep doing it are the ones who can’t escape the pain. Their lives will be destroyed if they don’t. But you could always escape the pain. And it’s always easier to leave. To pretend things aren’t bad. To pretend that, maybe, just for a moment, things aren’t all that bad. Or maybe that this is how everything should be.”
Ceyda stared at Madalene, continually silent.
“I have met good and kind aristocrats. But there was always a point. The kindness ended when their own lives were threatened. Their own abilities. Their own safety. And unfortunately, the individual kindness of one person isn’t enough. And the good and kind aristocrats will eventually find the line where they can go no further, and we are left behind, to exist as we always did.”
“You don’t--you don’t know that to be true every time,” Ceyda said. For example, it might not be true in magic related incidents.
Madalene grinned. “If I am wrong, then it will truly be a great moment to be proven wrong, no? But otherwise, if you are looking to escape a marriage, or whatever it is that haunts you, well, I wish you luck. We will most likely never see each other again.”
“You… think there might be a purge, right? Natalia said so,” Ceyda said uneasily.
“Mmm, that girl talks more than is healthy. I worry about her ruminations,” Madalene muttered.
“Why not leave? You clearly have some ideas on how,” Ceyda said.
Madalene laughed, the same piggish laughter of her daughter. “Where? I have four kids, the youngest is six. And I’ve got bad knees. Pray tell, where would you have us go?”
Ceyda opened her mouth, and then closed it.
Where was there to go?
They didn’t have cars. They didn’t have cousins in far off places.
“I don’t. I don’t know,” Ceyda admitted. “I guess I just--I just don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
Madalene nodded. “Wouldn’t that be nice?”
She deeply inhaled into her pipe, and the kindly eyes looked at Ceyda with no malice or judgment. Somehow, Ceyda had never felt so small.
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2020.09.12 15:00 AustralianChrono Virtual Drag Race Winner's Royale: Episode 9- Bring the DRAMA Lip Sync

I've made some decisions...
Team Sissy and The Holy Grail... 1920's Version. You are all safe. However... Heaven St Frostfur, you had a marvelous performance. And you were a clear Top Toot. Well done.
Heaven nods. "Thank you very much."
Heaven St Frostfur: "Safety... is not enough at this point."
You may... untuck backstage.
Sophie, Honey and Heaven look at each other, confused.
The Queens enter backstage.
"No viewing critiques?" Sophie looks around, sipping her drink. "Something is changing..."
"Always." Heaven laughs. "What's Virtual Drag Race without a twist, mhm?"
"What if we need to... fight for our lives?" Honey Soy gulps.
"Like..." Sophie turns to Honey Soy. "Boxing?"
"Well, I'm fully prepared." Heaven laughs. "I just don't want to go against Yasmeen..."
"Self Defence Queen." Sophie smiles. "I straight up think she didn't deserve to be in the bottom for the episode. I saw what she was doing."
"Oh, 100%." Honey Soy nods.
"You know, early on in my transition... I was actually attacked by a group of men." Sophie gulps. "They clocked me. Threw some insults... then physically attacked me and left me beaten and bloody on the floor."
"Jesus Christ, Sophie. I'm sorry, I didn't realise..." Heaven looks concerned.
"Women existing incites this. It... is horrible that you had to do that, and I apologize for that." Honey looks at Sophie.
"Oh, no..." Sophie nods. "It's fine. It was the incident that made me realise... I wanted to leave London. I left the UK, and never came back. But something like that... it touches my heart and says the reality. We need to be prepared... always. If I could go back into time, I wouldn't stop it. Lead to me falling in love with drag. falling in love with my body... and realised, I want to be proud. And I haven't looked back."
"To falling in love with drag." Honey raises her glass.
"Always." Heaven smiles, and the Queens cheer.
You all represent the tops and the bottoms of the week. Let's start with Ms Fatima...
"Oh baby." Fatima smiles. "This was fun."
Fatima, you were really good this week. But... I felt you were a liiiiitle overshadowed, in the case in which Honey Soy played Sissy Hilariously, and you were like, funny, but the issue of the 3 people playing the role... you could see it in 3 ways. And then, your group was GREAT... so it just went like, awh, good! But not great.
"I totally see that." Fatima nods.
"Ru." Gemini smiles.
Your team... was all kinda messy.
"There was... some tension." Gemini laughs.
It was felt. You tried hard, but it just... was brought down by the group dynamic. No chemistry.
Gemini nods.
"Ru, baby, it's fantastic to see you." Yasmeen smiles.
And it fantastic to see you too. Girl, you were so much fun...
"Missy Dragsun is here to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!" Yasmeen laughs.
Yasmeen, you are hilarious. You're so charming, but I loved it. You played a real bad girl, and this week... you did it well. Great job.
"Thank you." Yasmeen smiles.
"Let's do it." Dixie smiles.
Dixie, you're normally hilarious. But this week, you... seemed distracted during your scene.
"I was, to be honest." Dixie shrugs. "I... was put with someone I didn't trust, and I felt that contributed to my... feelings. I was distracted."
Who was it that you didn't trust?
"Gemini..." Dixie sighs.
"I mean..." Gemini raises their hand. "If we want to be honest, this is a game. I chose Dixie a few weeks ago for elimination. She's been a sour patch since."
"I'm not a sour patch." Dixie rolls her eyes.
"Tonight, you were." Gemini shrugs.
Moving on...
"HIYA!" Crystal smiles.
Crystal, you are hilarious! I really enjoyed your performance. It was quirky, it was cute... and just overall, I was glued to the screen. All of you were great, but and Yasmeen both did incredible.
"Yay!" Crystal smiles.
Finally, The Ripper.
Ripper winks.
Ripper, you are really talented. But, your comedic skills... are not of the best.
"I wish I did a comedy class before this season." Ripper laughs.
I just think we're at the point where most of you are pretty funny. And for you... it just didn't meet the mark.
"Thank you." Ripper exhales.
Now, I've made some decisions...
This time, we're changing things up.
We're lip syncing for our lives from this point onwards.
Everyone looks around, shocked.
Our bottom 3... prepare to lip sync for your life. And know... there will be a handicap.
Now... while we deliberate, you may untuck backstage.
The Monarch's enter the werkroom.
"So, lip sync for your life is in!" Crystal yells.
"Wait, what?!" Honey Soy gasps. "I knew something was up!"
"So, it's just straight up, lip sync for your life?" Heaven looks confused.
"It seems like..." Ripper nods. "I'm fully prepared."
Gemini prepares to lip sync alone.
"So, Miss Dixie..." Yasmeen sits on her seat. "You had some feeeeelings?"
"I mean, Miss Yasmeen, I was a bit upset you even put me with Gemini, considering.." Dixie shrugs.
"I mean, I'll be honest- I didn't really notice the tension." Yasmeen laughs awkwardly.
"I'll put my hand up and say, I mean, I thought you had a disagreement, but like..." Sophie responds.
"I mean, we're adults." Fatima smiles. "Let's vocalise it."
"Let's see how this lip sync goes first.." Dixie stands up. "Then we can talk... depending."
Gemini looks over, listening.
Welcome back, my Winners. I've made some decisions...
Fatima, you're safe.
Fatima: "I got overshadowed this week. I cannot make it a habit.."
Crystal, you're safe this week. Well done.
Crystal grins. "Thank you!"
Crystal: "Yay! I've been going well. Consistency. It's key!"
Yasmeen Dupree, girl... we live for you. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge.
Yasmeen gasps. "Thank you!!!!"
Yasmeen Dupree: "Oh Baby. I did it! I got my second win, and I feel like after floating... i'm back in the game."
But Yasmeen... Please stay on stage.
"Oh." Yasmeen looks confused.
Gemini Moon, Dixie Normous, The Ripper... all three of you represent the bottom Monarch's of the week.
However... we've omitted something.
BANKS walks out. "Ya'll think we forget?" She laughs.
Banks is here to serve on the behalf of the eliminated Winners. Each week, each of them will vote... on who will be one of the bottom 3, lip syncing for their life.
Once again, everyone looks gagged.
"So. It's live, let's see the results..." Banks gets out a TV remote, and turns it on.
Auntie Pho waves. "I chose the person who did the worst this week. Ripper."
"Ripper." Priya nods.
"Dixie." C-$alt shrugs. "Sorry, but... it wasn't the tea."
Claudette exhales. "Gemini."
Kong smiles. "It's not Dixie. It's Not Gemini. I chose... Ripper."
Malara smirks. "Gemini, I think it's time you lip sync."
"And..." Banks nods. "I... also chose The Ripper."
The Ripper, you're up for elimination.
Yasmeen Dupree, you... get to choose who to save from lip syncing this week.
Yasmeen nods. "So, that's how we're doing it."
Who do you pick? You have... 1 Minute to decide.
"I... gotta choose the Monarch I don't think deserves to be in the bottom this week. And I'm sorry Dixie... but i'm saving Gemini." Yasmeen says.
Very well. Gemini Moon, you're safe.
Gemini looks at Yasmeen, and mouths "Thank You."
Gemini Moon: "I'm happy to be safe. I was ready regardless... but this... feels like the correct outcome."
Ru smiles.
We have our bottom 2... but... let's bring our lip sync handicap.
Two Wires float down, in the form of angelic wings.
"Oh my." Heaven mouths to Yasmeen. "I'm excited."
For this week's lip sync handicap... both of you will lip sync for your life... suspending in the air, in our angelic wing wires.
The Ripper and Dixie both smile at each other as the get put into the harnesses.
Two Monarch's float before me.
Dixie Normous and The Ripper, prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip sync for your life to 'Heaven' by Dj Sammy.
The time has come...
For you to lip sync for your LIFE.
Good luck... and don't fuck it up.
The Ripper: "I live for this. I know how to give a performance of a lifetime. Prepare your eyes... we're going to give a show."
Dixie Normous: "The Ripper is my sister, and it's a shame to be lip syncing against her. But i'm not giving up. I'm giving my all... and I'm going to win this."
Who wins?
submitted by AustralianChrono to RPDRfantasyseason [link] [comments]

Dating Tips For Guys: How To Stop Being The Nice Guy (Outlaw Dave Show) Dating Tips For Guys: 5 Secrets To Women (Outlaw Dave Show) Dating Tips For Guys: NEVER Give Gifts (Too Soon) Dating Advice For Guys: Don't Get Mushy With Her Dating Advice For Guys: Should She Pay For You? Dating Advice For Guys: Avoid The 'Friend Zone'

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5 Secrets To Women. This is based On Doc Love's Dating Women Principles on the HYPER POPULAR Outlaw Dave Show on Clear Channel's 9-5-0 Radio Mojo in Houston, TX. Special thanks to Outlaw Dave and ... Bio: Jeff Stevens is co-creator and co-host of The Doc Love Show, Understanding Women for Men Only, based on Doc's highly popular 'Women Don't Lie, Men Don't Listen' column on (#1 Men's ... Interview with Doc Love of and; Author of The SYSTEM - Duration: 15:11. Jeff Stevens 14,649 views. 15:11. Dating Tips For Guys: Hulk Hogan Has To PAY - Duration: 1:37. How to stop being the nice guy. This is based On Doc Love's Dating Women Principles on the HYPER POPULAR Outlaw Dave Show on Clear Channel's 9-5-0 Radio Mojo in Houston, TX. Interview with Doc Love of and; Author of The SYSTEM - Duration: 15:11. Jeff Stevens 14,648 views. 15:11. Dating Women Radio Show - She Wants You Vulnerable? Interview with Doc Love of and; Author of The SYSTEM - Duration: ... 154 videos Play all Doc Love Spartan; Dating Women Radio Show - Avoid These Women - Duration: ...