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Tutankhamen's Stargate & Ancient Technology [Mega thread + a lot of pictures]

2020.01.15 19:14 CuteBananaMuffin Tutankhamen's Stargate & Ancient Technology [Mega thread + a lot of pictures]

Tutankhamen's Stargate & Ancient Technology [Mega thread + a lot of pictures]
by Florin Chiriac March 30, 2013

Tut's Death mask

In the autumn of 2012 I came to the public with a theory that could be, even if it is a shocking one, a breakthrough in the study of ancient Egyptian sacred technology.
I have to mention that all my sources of information are internet based and more holistic studies have to be done in the field.
Reviewing all the documentation I could find on the Ark of the Covenant (Bible description, documentaries and published articles) it was clear, for me at least, that we are dealing with a real technological device.
Also I had been making for years a comparison with the ancient Egyptian technology and the stunning resemblance with the shrines and coffins of Tutankhamun. There is nothing new to that, a lot of experts, historians or just passionate people did that before. And it is also known that Moses was initiated as a priest at the pharaoh’s court.
Underlining that there could be a huge temporal gap between Tutankhamun's period (18th dynasty 1330 BC) and the Exodus (not archaeologically dated but there is a debate that places the event 100 to 1000 years prior to Tutankhamun's reign) I have to say that the continuity of the Sacred Technology was still effective.
In fact the history of the Hieroglyphic writing can be a proof of continuity and stability of ancient Egypt’s traditions.
But let’s move further!

Tutankhamun's shrines and coffins

Connecting the usual dots …and there are a lot of sparse dots to connect I can assure you!
Thinking about the Ark of the Covenant I came to the conclusion that we have to deal with an energy producing device.
But what if that was a portable device, a replica of a bigger machine? How could that work? I found out that experiments on an Ark replica were done in some US universities. I was unable to confirm that. But even so, theoretical studies proposed the idea of an electrostatic capacitor, accumulating high voltage during the desert period of the Exodus.
This makes sense but we have some questions to answer.
First of all, what was inside the Ark? We know that there were the two Tablets inscribed by God Himself with the Ten Commandments. How did it work then as a weapon and communication device?
The best way to have some answers was to try to find what similar issues could connect the extraordinary Tutankhamun findings with the Biblical description. For example the jewelry found on Tutankhamun's mummy is almost identical to the Jewish high priest’s breastplate during the Exodus period.
Also of high importance is the exclusive use of linen in the mummification process, the linen pall placed between the shrines in Tutankhamun's tomb, Egyptian priests and pharaoh garments, Jewish priests’ garments, and so on.
Going back to Tutankhamun I was wondering why was the mummification process so complex! Why did they use so many layers of different materials when the good sense can tell that the Words from the Book of the dead should be enough for the soul to go to the stars?
Well, what if the mummification process and actually the whole burial protocol is sacred technology hidden in plain view? What was the point in making the effort to spend such an extraordinary time and precious materials? That was in fact the spark that started my quest on this issue.
If it is so important let’s watch closer the burial process!
The mummification procedure The mummification process’s goal is, as the scholars describe it, to preserve the body from decay by removing the internal soft tissues and organs, removing the moisture from the corpse, embalming the body with oils and wrapping the body into a cocoon of linen stripes sealed with natural resins.
Ok. That’s the short version. You can find the complete description of the mummification process here.

Howard Carter working on Tutankhamun's mummy

We learn from there that the body was kept for 40 days covered and stuffed with Natron salt. The internal organs where also preserved in Natron in their specific canopic jars.
But why is the Natron salt so important? What chemical properties does it have? We know that it was a natural salt mix harvested from dry salt lake beds or from Wadi al Natrun.
Quoting wikipedia natron is:
” sodium carbonate decahydrate (Na2CO3 10H2O, a kind of soda ash) and about 17% sodium bicarbonate (also called nahcolite or baking soda, NaHCO3) along with small quantities of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate”
But natron salt is very alkaline! Of course you dry the body by using natron but what else can you achieve?
After 40 days the whole body is highly alkaline! And the internal organs in the canopy jars are alkaline too. But a very dry corpse is impossible to bend, loosing the elasticity of the muscles. In order to restore that the embalmers used precious oils and perfumes (that means distilled substances) with real bactericide properties! I will come back on this subject.
The next step in the mummification process was to wrap the body in layers of linen. All that stripes of linen were soaked in natural resins, for the mummy to become an airtight cocoon after the solidification of that resins. But here we find other technological clues! Natural resins are very acid.
The contact between the alkaline body and the acidic resin neutralizes the chemical reaction and increases the protection of the resin itself.
But that is also a process that allows the resins to keep its permeability to ion exchange! And by the way, the ancient Egyptians were NOT using marine salt (Mediterranean or Red Sea salt) in order to dry the corpses!
If we compare that with the structure of an alkaline battery or better to an alkaline capacitor the evidence is very clear!
A very simple way is to check these descriptions:

Or much better here and here.
The succession of coffins (Matrioska dolls-like - another curious coincidence!) does not seem to be coincidental but instead the obvious technological continuation of an electrical project!
I have to underline that the succession of layers in the mummy “device” stands as follows: a highly alkaline mummy with a lot of gold jewelry and gold amulets (stuffed with precious stones and faience carvings- see ceramic and electronics) positioned on the body in chakra points, more like an electronic circuitry!
A resin-linen membrane (ion exchanger) in direct contact with a solid gold helmet-mask that is in a direct contact with the solid gold most inner coffin that is in direct contact with the next two gilded wood coffins.
Ok. This human capacitor was contained in a granite sarcophagus covered with a thin granite lid.
01 - most outer shrine 02 - linen pall 03 - inner second shrine 04 - inner third shrine 05 - inner most forth shrine 06 - granite sarcophagus 07 - coffin
08 - coffin
09 - coffin
07 - most outer gilded wood coffin 08 - middle gilded wood coffin 09 - most inner solid gold coffin 10 - solid gold mask-helmet 11 - mummy

What purpose could a granite box have? What properties does the granite itself have?
Actually granite has a highly piezoelectric property due to the quartz composition of it! And it is slightly radioactive being associated with Uranium mines.
Here is a simple explanation about how piezoelectricity works.
All ancient sacred temples around the world were extensively made of granite! All sarcophagi found in Egypt are granite boxes. The inner pyramids chambers are made of granite too and so on! Why?
There is a pattern that we have to follow. But if we postulate that granite and static electricity are part of the puzzle how could we connect the pyramids, the Ark of the Covenant and the Tutankhamun tomb (or the whole Valley of the Kings)?
Here is the geological map of Egypt:

So, the pyramids of Giza have granite core chambers.
Egypt is situated on very active seismic fault lines and one of them is situated close to the Valley of the Kings. The Sinai Peninsula is located between two major fault lines and is composed mostly of granite (especially Mount Sinai and surroundings).

Luxor Area

Others studied this issue and their theory (ex Christopher Dunn) is that ancient Egyptians used actually static energy by placing their buildings on Ley lines and amplifying sounds.
I totally agree with that and here is why!
If in the Great Pyramid the amplifier and resonator were in fact made of granite, the telluric energy harvester was the pyramid itself. I corroborate that with Tutankhamun's shrines that were used also as telluric energy harvesters. It worked this way. The shrines (as real speaker boxes but with the opening facing the ground) were smaller and smaller, rising the frequency.
The linen pall placed between the first outermost shrine and the second shrine with its metal ornaments behaves like a frequency filter.

The linen pall


The shape of the roofs of the shrines is suggesting the idea of concentrating the vibration to the next shrine and so on until the vibration or sound reached the granite sarcophagus and its lid (having the same strange shape as the roof of the shrines and found broken by Howard Carter!).
The Tabernacle was covered with ten layers of skins and linen fabric and the internal curtains were made of linen too.
I can speculate further that the whole tomb was a vibration, telluric, sound harvester. If you study the very strange shapes of the other tombs in the Valley of the Kings you will notice that there is an obvious resemblance to the catacombs or other empty spaces under the main Christian Churches (ex the San Pietro Basilica)!

I have to underline that all the tombs from The Valley of the Kings were dug according to the calcareous veins found during the carving. I am sure it has to do with the acoustics properties of each site.
It looks like every tomb was tuned specifically in accordance to the geological structure

KV62- Tutankhamun's tomb

More on the structural design of Teban necropolis here.
An obvious question that arises is what does the above have to do with the Ark of the Covenant? I found out that we are dealing with the same technological concept and use of electrostatic energy with slightly different design (see Exodus 26 - The Tabernacle).
The best parallel between ancient Egypt and the Bible is in Edward H. Sugden’s book “Israel’s Debt to Egypt”.
The resemblance between Tutankhamun’s burial tech and the Ark is crystal clear. But I have to say that the Ark was intended to work as a portable complex machine ONLY with the other elements put all together!
The granite environment was provided by the highly seismic area of the Sinai Peninsula itself.

Sinai Peninsula geological map

It was impossible to charge the Ark at its maximum capacity without the courtyard and the Tabernacle.
The Tabernacle and the courtyard poles were the telluric energy or vibration harvesters that were focused on the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of Holies. The Ark contained probably 2 layers of quartz crystal as resonant piezoelectric material.
The Bible description of the Tabernacle, Courtyard and Ark of the Covenant is extremely precise in order to make it work.

![img](cm1uwaw3gza41 " Tabernacle complex ")

![img](b7l6bqq5gza41 " Inside the Tabernacle ")

And now comes a very interesting part!
A few years ago were discovered and produced as part of a DARPA and National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network financed project, piezoelectric energy vibration harvesters! These energy harvesters are tuned to the frequency of an engine for example and when they resonate they produce electricity.
The goal is to replace rechargeable batteries because they are environmental friendly and they can work up to 20 years without replacement!
But also they can be used as wireless sensors because they have the property to emit radio waves and they behave also as microphones! They can be intercepted and that started an immediate debate as soon the vibration harvesters were presented to the public.
Piezoelectric MEMS boosts vibration harvester Harvesting Vibrational Energy with the Volture
Remember that God’s voice was generated between the two Cherubs of the Ark’s lid? Strange coincidence!
Other features of Tutankhamun's tomb can be connected to an electrostatic force. The inside of the granite sarcophagus shows destruction marks on the inside walls and as I said previously the lid was broken.
The mummy was found carbonized.

Christopher Dunn also found evidence of great destruction into the Great Pyramid and scorch marks on the sealing of the Grand Gallery.
Another element that I interpret as sacred technology is represented all around the exterior of the most outer shrine as a succession of double Djed pillars and Tiyt “knots”. More on their scholar explanation here.
But interpreting the Djed pillars as electrical insulators, the double succession of symbols on a blue faience background suggests that Tiyt is also an electrical device. It can be explained as an electroshock warning and as an electric circuit too.
I have to mention that blue is the color that represents all the things of celestial origin and natron was used to obtain it.
It is called also Egyptian Blue!

The details are more intriguing suggesting a complex energy harvesting and transporting, and a dual or pulsating effect!
The 7 lines could represent the safe distance between the two pair of devices. A royal cubit is 52.5 centimeters and is divided into 7 palms. Or are we dealing also with brushes? Friction creates electrostatic energy, remember?
An interesting visual comparison can be done with Leyden jars batteries.
Even the round folders of the Tiyt show the ability to avoid the corona discharge effect.

![img](18lkzn4egza41 " Leyden jarss battery ")

Another strange feature is that most of the important Egyptian shrines were carried not on wheels but on sledges!
Why use sledges? It makes more difficult to move such heavy things due to the friction created with the sand and stones!
The explanation that scholars give that ancient Egyptians didn’t knew the wheel is absolutely stupid! But the ancient Egyptians had war chariots provided with wheels and a complete writing and superior mathematics, astronomy and so on!


But returning to these curious sledges I can say that dragging them on the ground was a very effective way to get an electrostatic charging of the shrines!
By the way, even the canopic jars were placed in an alabaster sarcophagus inside a gilded wood shrine on sledges! All the Egyptian Gods represented by statues were also covered with linen palls and “energized” by being placed into gilded wooden shrines on sledges!

Was this sort of electrostatic energy used in order to polarize the electrical charge in granite blocks in order to move them as a MAGLEV train?
What’s the importance of sacred music in this technology? It’s known that each temple had its own group of singers. Also ancient Egyptians knew very well the resonant properties of their musical instruments in order to build and tune them.
Religious chants have to keep precise sound vibration frequencies even today!
If my theory is confirmed by holistic scientific studies a couple of important questions arise:
What power could generate the sacred Apis bull’s mummies placed in the enormous granite sarcophagi of the Serapeum? What if a complete burial device, similar to that of Tutankhamun is placed into the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza? If this was also a wireless communication device who were they talking to? Were did the ancient Egyptians get their knowledge from? Is that the main power resource for the real Stargate of the Gods? Was it built as a soul, consciousness booster to the stars? Were the Fallen Angels really fallen with a spaceship and stranded on Earth? Have they had to use even the dead bodies of their companions in order to “phone home”?

I am sure that ancient Egyptians knew how to harvest, to store and to use electrostatic energy!
They had great acoustics, geological and chemical knowledge. They were able to transform a mummy into a capacitor. That could explain the millions of mummies of different sizes and animal species as portable capacitors.
Tutankhamun's tomb is a technological electrochemical device that used advanced acoustics knowledge in order to function properly!
The same technology and concepts (electrostatic telluric energy harvesters and advanced acoustics) were used to create the Tabernacle-Ark of the Covenant portable complex.
More evidence of use of electricity and special technology in ancient times will follow.
This preliminary study gathers common archaeological discoveries and historical texts and by a different approach leads to a paradigm shift.
The only logical explanation of the high tech knowledge in our history is that humanity inherited it from a more ancient developed society and/or directly from extraterrestrial beings.

Disclaimer : I don't claim to know anything , it's just a post for discussion , ideas ,theories and opinions . The following paragraphs are copy-paste with the intent to discuss the subject and nothing else.
I had to remove some pictures and put them in "link type" because they are more than 20 :)
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2020.01.12 18:17 jonisantucho Oscar Watch: Pre-Nomination Edition + Spicy Predictions

Finally, after months of anticipation, rises, falls and more drama, we’re about to reach the moment many expected: the 25th Critics’ Choice Awards. Nah, just kidding. As everybody with stakes in Hollywood knows, Monday morning will bring the Oscar nominations, and we can see a part of the picture after seeing the nods of last week by influential groups like the producers of the PGA, the writers of the WGA, the directors of the DGA and the very white British voters of the BAFTAs.
It’s time to see what films look like locks, which ones will be forgotten by awards junkies after tomorrow, and which ones are in the middle of both sides.
-1917: Sam Mendes came here to play, y’all. Even though the WW1 one-take action drama got shut out of the SAGs, everything turned back around starting with surprising wins at the Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Drama. And the following days followed with a surprising nod for Best Original Screenplay at the WGA, as well as more expected nods like Best Picture at the PGAs and 9 BAFTAs, including Best Picture. Academy voters love war movies and tricky movies, so we can expect a healthy amount of Oscar nominations for this film, starting off with Best Picture and moving to other areas like Best Director, Best Original Score for Thomas “the Glenn Close of music” Newman, Best Cinematography by Film Twitter’s rock stasex god Roger Deakins, Best Sound Editing/Mixing (which will definitely win because of the scientific fact that it’s a loud flick), etc. On top of that, all this praise came at the right time to boost the movie’s opening weekend in the US, with a predicted 37 million dollars 3-day performance that will definitely have enough legs to make this look like a popular pick during voting time. It’s looking like the perfect storm for Universal, which sadly couldn’t score with Cats and has troubles ahead next week with Dolittle (what do you want, nobody told them there was a dragon).
-A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Tom Hanks got the Golden Globes nomination, the SAG nomination and the BAFTA nomination (as well as Brad Pitt, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino, making 4 of the 5 slots for Best Supporting Actor look like they’re claimed). It looks like this time is the time to end his Oscar nomination drought, but we’ve been fooled before. Still, we’ll bet on Mr. Rogers, even though the Academy forgot about almost everything else in Marielle Heller’s film (and that may also include the script, that luckily got a boost from a WGA nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay). In a fair world, Chris Cooper’s scumbag dad with regrets would have a shot too, but whatever.
-Bombshell: The Vice of 2019 is making it to the finish line, despite the fact that it’s pretty bad and it didn’t score at the box office. It didn’t score with the WGA, the PGA or the DGA, but Jay Roach’s “incisive” film about the harassment scandal at Fox News still has three guaranteed nominations: Charlize Theron’s uncanny Best Actress bait as Megyn Kelly, Margot Robbie’s weird and underdeveloped supporting role, and the guaranteed winner, the really convincing make-up and hairstyling. I have to stop writing about this movie, because I have bad flashbacks (DEEPFAKE CGI BILL O’REILLY, PEOPLE, MY NIGHTMARES).
-Booksmart: Before the tidbits, a little bit of trivia. Did you guys know that Olivia Wilde directed this movie? Shocking, I know. Going to the real news, many people were surprised this week when the script for the high school comedy got recognition by both the WGA and the BAFTAs, which nominated it for Best Original Screenplay. Even though the WGA excluded several movies (more on that later), this plants a seed for a potential shocker on Monday morning, so stay tuned.
-Dolemite Is My Name: It’s a shame, but it’s time to call it quits on the Best Actor campaign for Eddie Murphy. Without the boost of a Golden Globe win or nominations for the SAGs or the BAFTAs, it’s really hard to imagine his portrayal of Rudy Ray Moore in the Top 5 of the toughest category of this year’s Oscars. At least, we’ll get to see him be honored at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and he’ll surely get an Emmy for his hilarious SNL episode. Also, look out for Ruth Carter in Best Costume Design, it might get a nod.
-Ford v Ferrari: Josh Lucas’ stuffy suit is trying to stop it, but James Mangold’s car dad movie is gonna perform well at the technical Oscars, that’s for sure. But going beyond awards like Best Sound Editing or Best Sound Mixing, there’s potential for more. The PGA included FvF amongst the nominees for Best Theatrical Motion Picture, which is a great boost. And we know that people love to vote for Christian Bale, especially when he’s going back and forth between Big Chungus and a vampire victim. So we could potentially see a Best Picture nomination, but it is not a lock.
-Harriet: Cynthia Erivo’s waiting for the answer to one question, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the premiere of The Outsider, only on HBO. The question is this: Is she gonna get one Oscar nomination on Monday, or two? Even though her status in the Best Actress conversation depends on how well Saoirse Ronan, Awkwafina and Lupita Nyong’o perform, it’s virtually guaranteed that the track that she co-wrote for the movie, “Stand Up”, will get a Best Original Song nod. So it’s not wrong for her to start choosing what clothes to wear for Oscar night.
-Hustlers: Jenny From The Block is the only shot for the Lorene Scafaria movie to get an Oscar nod, and sadly the fight for the Best Supporting Actress prize is already lost. While the star-obsessed HFPA chose to not give Jennifer Lopez the award and started the Laura Dern televised speech train, she also missed a BAFTA nomination, although the British voters had their hands tied. What, isn’t it logical to literally give Margot Robbie (I mean, how complex and developed were those roles) AND Scarlett Johansson double nominations before inviting a single woman of color to the ceremony? Oh, wait a minute.
-Jojo Rabbit: Haters gonna hate, and Taika Waititi’s gonna anti-hate with a satire all the way to the Oscars. Even though the critics don’t like it that much and the box office has been underwhelming so far (31 million dollars worldwide for a 14 million dollar prestige production after two months is… meh), the WW2 film about a boy, his imaginary Hitler and the Jew girl in his attic has scored almost every single important nomination to lock a Best Picture nomination: the SAGs, the WGAs, the PGAs and, surprisingly, the DGAs, where Waititi took the spot that some people expected to be filled by Todd Phillips (ugh). Furthermore, the BAFTAs took the SAGs lead and also nominated Scarlett Johansson for Best Supporting Actress, which means the film has some traction in a fundamental area to reach a Best Picture win (you can’t have the BP without some actors, it is known). Between Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, possible Director and Supporting Actress nominations, and below-the-line stuff, you can make a really convincing case for a movie that, as I said last time, it's both edgy enough to get noticed, and safe enough to court old Academy members and apolitical people. That’s a dangerous combo.
-Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime struck again in the awards conversation, and took 11 nominations at the BAFTAs, as well as nominations in the PGAs and the WGAs for Best Adapted Screenplay. Between this, the Joaquin Phoenix bulldozer of Best Actor wins that started at the Golden Globes and a billion dollars, we have another Best Picture nomination locked. We have to see if Todd Phillips can get to Best Director (he got the BAFTA bounce), but noms for Best Original Score (the other Golden Globe win of the night, congrats Hildur) and Best Cinematography are secure. Add some below-the-line stuff, and you have a tempting case to award something about SOCIETY. The only thing that could stop things is Phoenix himself, who is this time actually committed to campaigning, but at the same time clearly gives less of a shit than the rest of the contenders, as seen with his winning speech at the Globes that ended up with him rambling about the contamination of private jets. With more speeches to come, it’ll be interesting to see if he keeps rambling or if Warner’s campaign crew will reign him a little.
-Judy: Speaking of winning campaigns, Renee Zellweger also started her own on the Golden Globes, with a rambling speech that was somehow weirder than the one mentioned before. Even though she’s a lock for Best Actress and she also got a BAFTA nomination, something’s off about the way in which she’s starting to sweep. This isn’t a comeback, she already won before… it really looks like Renee is gonna win an Oscar because everybody feels bad about the time in which the Internet made fun of how she looked. Is this gonna last all the way to February? We don’t know, but if she gets the SAG award, it’s all over.
-Just Mercy: While the Dustin Daniel Cretton legal drama based on true events was practically shut out of awards conversation (although it looks like it’s gonna score some decent digits at the box office), Jamie Foxx is one of several people who is looking for that last spot in the Best Supporting Actor category. Will he make it? The tension is too much to bear.
-Knives Out: While he continues to bathe in his haters’ tears, Rian Johnson is celebrating in several ways with the performance of his whodunnit. After crossing the 250 million dollars barrier the worldwide box office, and confirming that Johnson is starting to work on a sequel, the mystery comedy was nominated by both the PGA and the WGA. This could lead to not only a Best Original Screenplay nod for Rian, but also a Best Picture nomination for the popular flick. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna eat some donut holes.
-Little Women: While Greta Gerwig can now be sure that her take on the literary classic is making money at the box office, its Oscar prospects look a little more shaky. Yes, the movie got PGA and WGA nominations, and both Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh got nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the BAFTAs (although they ignored Gerwig for Director and the movie for Best Picture). But voters are ignoring this movie, and everything that’s not Gerwig’s adapted screenplay or below-the-line stuff doesn’t seem safe for some prognosticators. Still, the backlash for the snubs for female directors at the Golden Globes and other awards could help Gerwig, and a Best Picture nomination is possible, but it’s not a frontrunner or a lock.
-Marriage Story: The other half of the Gerwig-Baumbach duo is also not as strong as we thought a few weeks ago. Outside of the guaranteed Laura Dern win for Best Supporting Actress (that category is LOCKED, people, it’s gonna be a Dern coronation for the next month), the divorce dramedy is just happy to be nominated, stepping back from the frontrunner zone after it suffered the “too early on the front of the pack” problem, which lead to a backlash. Still, even though Baumbach is out of the Best Director conversation, the film scored nominations with the PGA and the WGA, so it’s still gonna get several nominations for Netflix. We’re talking locks for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Score. Not too shabby.
-Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: People haven’t forgotten about Quentin Tarantino, and this week proved it. Between the three wins at the Golden Globes (Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Brad Pitt and Best Comedy/Musical), and nominations for the PGA, the DGA and the top prizes at the BAFTAs, everything catapulted the love letter to Los Angeles and the ‘60s to the front of the pack in the Best Picture conversation. Between the locks for Best Picture, Best Actor for Leo, Best Supporting Actor for Brad Pitt (who is gonna win if nobody shows up in the next week or two, because his speech and his interview with Leo in the WTF podcast were chaaaaaarmiiiiiing), Best Original Screenplay for Quentin (who got shut out of the WGA because he’s not a member), and more, we have a case for a winner. That’s a flick that appeals to the old members of the Academy because of nostalgia and a love for the movies, while also entices younger voters to finally recognize Tarantino with the top prize.
-Pain and Glory: Pedro Almodóvar has been in the past one of the international filmmakers that the Academy remembers, and tomorrow he’ll test if they still know him. While the WGAs (that excluded Pedro because he’s not a member), the DGAs and the PGAs ignored the movie (and the BAFTAs only gave it a nod for Best Foreign Film), Antonio Banderas is a strong possibility for a nomination for Best Actor, and Almodóvar could sneak to a Best Original Screenplay nod. We’ll wait and see.
-Parasite: The Bong Hive is growing in numbers, and it’s safe to say that Bong Joon-ho’s dark satire about capitalism is one of the locked frontrunners for the rest of the Best Picture race. After winning the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film (which led to yet another viral moment for Bong, after he and his translator Sharon Choi delivered a killer line about the one-inch barrier of subtitles), the movie got nominations for the DGAs, the WGAs, the PGAs and the top prizes at the BAFTAs. Coupled with the SAG nominations, the critics awards and a healthy US box office gross that will end up close to 30 million dollars, this is one of the big dogs in the race. Now, the nominations will give us an idea of how beloved this film really is, because people have been talking about a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Song Kang Ho, and Cho Yeo Jeong still has a shot to surprise in the Best Supporting Actress category, a la Marina de Tavira. You can do it, Bong.
-Rocketman: TEN. MONTHS. That’s how long so far Taron Egerton and Elton John have been campaigning for Oscars towards the latter’s musical biopic, starting with a performance that literally took place on the night of the last Academy Awards. Since then, the duo have been sucking up to every single voting member of every single organization, attending every event and making some questionable ones, including when Egerton invited every single member of the HFPA to his birthday, which turned out to be a covert Elton concert.. and Taron’s birthday wasn’t even that day. Well, even though it was desperate, the gambit by them and Paramount is working, because Taron suddenly jumped to grab the edge of the Best Actor category following a win at the Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy, and a BAFTA nod for Best Actor that adds up to the nod from the SAGs. Taron fought back against an early May release date, the worries of following the success of Bohemian Rhapsody and a stacked competition, while Elton will surely get another Oscar nod with his original song “I’m Gonna Love Me Again”, which also won a Globe. I guess that’s why they call it the blues, indeed (?)
-The Farewell: Every year, there’s a Sundance movie that everybody loves and hypes up and waits for it to get nominated for several Oscars, and then nothing happens. This could happen with Lulu Wang’s culture clash dramedy, which didn’t get nominated for the PGAs, or the WGAs (although that had more to do with the fact that Lulu isn’t a member of the guild, so her movie’s original screenplay was excluded), or the DGAs, or the BAFTAs (apart from Best Foreign Language Film). Awkwafina helped to build some hope with a win at the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy, but there’s this awful feeling about the last spot of the Best Actress category, which basically became a fight between women of color while people like Renee Zellweger and Charlize Theron (which, come on, those two performances do not deserve it) are comfortably safe. Zhao Shuzhen could also get snubbed for Best Supporting Actress, because she’s not hitting the important nominations. So, this movie could get 3 nominations, or nothing. To quote the following movie, it is what it is.
-The Irishman: After all the hype, the discourse and the nominations, Martin Scorsese’s farewell to gangsters is another lock for Best Picture, with this week bringing nominations for the DGAs, the WGAs, the PGAs and the top prizes at the BAFTAs. But even though this sounds encouraging, it’s fair to say that Marty’s movie has slowed down in the race, and it didn’t help that it didn’t win anything at the Golden Globes. Also, it seems like Robert De Niro is not gonna make it to the Best Actor category, so that’s a big sign of how things are not as high as it seemed a month ago. Still, this is gonna be one of the most nominated movies of this year’s ceremony, so Scorsese could still paint houses all the way to a victory, if older Academy voters don’t split the votes between this, OUATIH and 1917.
-The Lighthouse: Willem Dafoe is getting farther away from the last spot in Best Supporting Actor, but the film could still make the Best Cinematography category. A BAFTA nomination helps the case.
-The Two Popes: You have to look out for those popes, because they are a wild card. They didn’t win at the Globes, or get nominated for the PGAs, the WGAs or the DGAs, but they still scored BAFTA nominations for Jonathan Pryce, Anthony Hopkins and the script from Anthony McCarten. This is a movie that 5 or 6 years ago would have definitely scored a Best Picture nomination, but this year is less certain. Still, it hangs on at the edges of several categories, while McCarten’s adapted screenplay is more likely to get nominated.
-Uncut Gems: I can’t make a joke about this movie because I have to wait like a chump until it releases on Netflix on the 31st, but I can say that Adam Sandler’s touch at the box office is helping a lot to make the Safdie bros’ thriller stay in the conversation. While the movie is set to become the highest grossing A24 movie in the US, Sandler’s still making the rounds, collecting critics prizes, being charming. A Best Actor nomination could still be the big shock to end all shocks on Monday morning.
-Us: Lupita Nyong’o is hanging on to the Best Actress category, assisting to every event, showing up to every interview. She’s more known and better regarded than Awkwafina, and people know and like her movie more than Cynthia Erivo’s. After the SAG nomination, will it end up in an Oscar nod? It’s not certain, but I personally bet that she gets the last spot. We still have to see what kind of shocks come tomorrow.
Technical(ly) contenders: Ad Astra, Avengers: Endgame, Downton Abbey, The Lighthouse.
Check the pulse: Just Mercy.
This had Oscar buzz: Seberg, The Laundromat, The Goldfinch, Lucy in the Sky, Motherless Brooklyn, The Aeronauts, The Report, Cats, Queen and Slim, Dark Waters, Waves, The King, Honey Boy.
And now, before the end, some predictions of my own for the nominations in several categories. Feel free to add your own.
BEST PICTURE: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Parasite, 1917, The Irishman, Joker, Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, Knives Out
BEST DIRECTOR: Bong Joon-ho, Parasite - Sam Mendes, 1917 - Martin Scorsese, The Irishman - Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Greta Gerwig, Little Women
BEST ACTOR: Joaquin Phoenix, Joker - Adam Driver, Marriage Story - Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory - Taron Egerton, Rocketman
BEST ACTRESS: Renee Zellweger, Judy - Scarlett Johansson, Marriage Story - Charlize Theron, Bombshell - Saoirse Ronan, Little Women - Lupita Nyong’o, Us
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Brad Pitt, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Joe Pesci, The Irishman - Tom Hanks, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Al Pacino, The Irishman - Song Kang Ho, Parasite
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Laura Dern, Marriage Story - Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers - Margot Robbie, Bombshell - Florence Pugh, Little Women - Cho Yeo Jeong, Parasite
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Parasite, Marriage Story, Knives Out, 1917
BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, The Two Popes, Joker
BEST EDITING: The Irishman, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ford v Ferrari, Parasite, Jojo Rabbit
BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, I Lost My Body, Klaus
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: 1917, Marriage Story, Joker, Little Women, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “I’m Gonna Love Me Again”, Rocketman - “Into the Unknown”, Frozen 2 - “Spirit”, The Lion King - “Stand Up”, Harriet - “Speechless”, Aladdin
BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, 1917, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Alita: Battle Angel
Closing question: What will be the big surprise on Monday morning? Past examples: Phantom Thread getting into Best Picture, Ruth Negga nominated for Best Actress, Cold War sneaking to the Best Director category.
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2019.12.08 20:03 elizabetch_taylor [Review + Wear and Tear] LADY DIOR TAKES A LOVER: A Harlequin Rep Romance (Angel Factory via TS Redden)


Trigger Warning: Parody ahead. Also, this is a loooong fucking review, even by my standards. Like, I’m kind of embarrassed about how long it is? Is this a surefire sign that I am emotionally disturbed? Probably. But there is A LOT going on with this bag and therefore lots and lots of details to cover. For those who hate long reviews, do not despair and/or bitch in the comments I’ve included tl;drs for each section. For the others, I wanted to be nauseatingly thorough, as this bag has never been reviewed on RL before. I hope that by going as tediously in-depth as possible, like the pedantic fart I am, this review can also serve as a sort of QC guide for the newer style LDs, whether they be studded, Supple, and/or block-charmed. Abandon your evening plans all ye who enter here. Sorry about all the links, clover_negroni.

📕 Dedication 📕

In honor of Recency bodice-rippers, rakish dukes and steel wrapped in velvet. Without you, I would not be the perv I am today. And for u/dodon4e, who held my hand through many tortured weeks of Lady Dior indecision, braved the depths of TPF with me, and pretty much personifies the ton.

📕 Preface 📕

Item: Christian Dior - Lady Dior Supple - Black Calfskin with Aged Gold Studded Cannage Motif & Block Charms - Medium/24cm [SS17]
  • To clear up any potential confusion before we get to the Accuracy section, I feel it’s important to note that Dior released similar versions of this bag within this collection, as well as in later seasons: the medium size in lambskin with classic charms and zipper closure and lambskin with classic charms and flap closure, in addition to the small and mini which were exclusively made in lamb with flap closures, both in classic and block charm styles. Their construction is a bit different than that of the version I am reviewing here.
Factory: Angel
Seller: TS Redden
Price: ¥3820 RMB
  • Factory Price: ¥3500
  • Commission: ¥300
  • Domestic Shipping: ¥20
Payment Method: Alipay via TB link, $21 fee
Shipping: EMS, ¥320 (shipped with another item; would have been ¥280 if shipped by itself)
  • July 12 - Inquired about a few different My Lady Dior bags. Asked Redden if she thought GF or Angel was higher quality for the Lady Dior. She said she would be receiving a bag from Angel the next day and would get back to me with her thoughts. I didn’t hear back from her right away because she decided to take some time off, according to her Moments.
  • July 18 - Saw PSPs of the studded LD in Redden’s Moments. Heart stopped. Messaged her immediately.
  • July 19 - Redden tells me Angel is best quality (“very soft”) and gives me the price. I inquire about the 20cm version because, holy shit, the 24cm is $600 shipped.
  • July 22 - Decide to get the 24cm as initially planned, as it was only ¥100 more expensive and frankly the 20cm lambskin looks like geriatric balls. Messaged Redden to confirm the size.
  • July 25 - Paid
  • July 26 - Confirmed payment with Redden. Confirmed shipping info.
  • August 2 - Received PSP for bag and tracking info
  • August 4 - Received PSP for other item
  • August 5 - Posted and processed through Guangzhou
  • August 8 - Inbound into US customs
  • August 9 - Cleared customs
  • August 10 - Delivered

📕 Bag Porn 📕

💋 REP 💋
My Photos — Photos have been taken over the course of a few months, as I was seriously dragging my ass with this review. Hence they show the bag in a range of conditions, from brand new to 1-4 months of W&T.
  • Video of handles
  • Rep vs Auth Photo Collages
  • Rep Batch Comparisonu/dodon4e placed her order for the same studded LD from AF/Redden about a day after me. Mine was the last one in stock, so she had to wait for the next batch (AF takes eons to restock, FYI). Quality of both is great, but there are a few minor differences between the two, all of which I’ve pointed out in the photo captions. Please note that at the time these photos were taken, my LD had already suffered through about 4 months of heavy wear, whereas u/dodon4e’s LD was still less than a week old.
  • Mod Shots
  • WIMB
I don’t have factory photos, as I ordered this based off of PSPs I saw in Redden’s moments. Here are stock photos of the 20cm lambskin version. I believe both sizes come in a few different colors.
💋 AUTH 💋
Brag My Bag
Vestaire Collective I
Vestaire Collective II
Vestaire Collective III
Imgur album of various references from TPF, blogs and resale sites
YouTube review of the Mini version

📕 Epigraph 📕

”It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fashionable woman in possession of no fortune, must be in want of a rep.”

📕 Prologue 📕

Miss Elizabetch Blackbush-Harcourt-Rutherford-Taylor cupped the parcel’s derriere to hold it more intimately against her breast. She ascended the stairs cautiously at first, then quickened her pace to take the steps two at a time, finally entering a canter as she crossed the threshold of her apartment. She could see the glow of the dining room in the distance. The gas jets had been turned low. Her pulse jumped. They were alone.
Elizabetch stalked across the wide entrance room, then placed the box on a dark-wood sideboard on which burned two ornate silver candelabras, their candles dripping, burned half-way down. The soft radiance illuminated the parcel a pale golden brown and cast faintly guttering shadows across its cardboard. She slipped a finger beneath the shipping label, goose flesh racing along her arms as it lifted. She shivered. Elizabetch pressed the tip of her exacto knife into the parcel’s secret center until she felt it’s iron-hard extension penetrate the packing tape. Suddenly, overcome with the urgent, pulsating need to reach the culmination of a month-long ordering process, she thrust her blade to the hilt. With her lustful gaze focused on the portal to her RepLady secret, she slowly pried apart the box’s turgid flaps. At long last, the box opened before her like a rosebud at first bloom, exposing the dust bag within.
Silence drew out between them. Elizabetch trembled, but she knew it was fear and not the damp air that crept across her flesh. What if the Lady was not as stunning as it appeared in factory photos? Had she QC’d thoroughly enough? She plunged her hands into the dark depths of the box and pulled out the contents from within. Her hands, quivering, loosened the drawstring. Relief washed over her as she slipped off the dust bag, revealing the obsidian beauty staring back at her. Elizabetch shuddered. As she lifted it by the handles to carry it down the hall, Lady Dior’s charms made a soft tinkling sound as if to say, Do I please you, Betch?
They pressed into the bedchamber. The room was cast in gloom, the heavy silken curtains drawn against the late afternoon sunshine, but nonetheless the Lady’s antique gold hardware glimmered. Tenderly, Elizabetch laid her conquest on the bed. In breathless anticipation of their first tryst, she had already arranged her supplies on the nightstand earlier that morning. She gave another lingering caress to the Lady before her, then carefully applied a dollop of lotion to the soft Prussian blue fibers of her AmazonBasics general purpose cleaning cloth.
Elizabetch bent to massage conditioner deep inside the cleft of Lady Dior’s flap, then smoothed upward to the vulnerable spot where its suede lining began. Over every square inch of its petal-soft exterior, she buffed in the age-old rhythm of leather care, then rose up to meet the apex of its top handle. The Lady beneath her now gleamed, its lush curves slick with Cadillac where Eizabetch’s microfiber towel had pressed and slid across its bare calfskin. She could see it now—the heady mixture of sheen and softness that told her a handbag was almost saturated with conditioner. Never one to deny a bag, she flipped the towel to massage away excess product, ruthlessly holding back her own rising need for release.
Elizabetch’s eyes widened with alarm, chasing away the raging passion of only seconds earlier. She bit off a curse and discreetly pulled the sheet over Lady Dior. Even in the low light of the bedchamber, she instantly recognized her boyfriend’s stiffly erect figure, standing just inside the closed door. “Oh, hey, angel! Just, uh, making up the bed! Wasn’t expecting you this early!”
Her boyfriend shot a pointed glance at the lump under the sheets before giving Elizabetch a quizzical look. “Really, babe. You gotta stop doing weird shit with your bags. Dinner will be ready in 20.”

📕 Chapter 1 📕

💋 Quality - 9.5/10 💋

First Impressions:
  • Well, I’ll be damned. This is a fucking marvelous bag. In previous reviews, I’ve mentioned my desire for reps that fool not only others, but also myself into believing they are real. And, guys, we’ve caught a live one. Hook me up to the polygraph, dose me with sodium thiopental, and ask me if I bought this shit from a Japanese luxury consignment shop on Rakuten. I will tell you “HELL YES” and I will pass with flying colors. It looks expensive. It feels expensive. It has an AURA, man.
  • Best smelling rep I’ve ever purchased. Seriously, it had the most intoxicating leather scent right out of the box, and continues to smell divine weeks later. Even when I shove my head inside the freaking bag I can’t pick up on even the slightest hint of fufu.
  • Unfortunately, this bag could have been packaged better. It arrived with some dents in the top handles. I won’t dock points for this under Quality, as I don’t believe it was the factory’s fault (the damage wasn’t visible in PSPs), but I do wish the handles had been wrapped or somehow padded for shipping. There was no other damage or scratches to the leather or hardware, aside from a dent in one of the quilts which has since worked its way out.
  • The calfskin is to die for. So velvety soft, with a beautiful sheen. No need for conditioner here (but I did it anyway). For me, this is tied with 187 King lambskin for the best leather in RepLand. Note that it’s not so delicate as to make one completely neurotic, but it’s not impervious to scratches, either.
  • The suede lining is absolutely gorgeous, too. Incredibly soft and smooth. It took to the dye beautifully for a consistent pitch black color.
  • The hardware — and there’s a lot of it — is substantial with a great weight to it. It’s all tightly secured, with nary a loose stud. The lobster clasps on the guitar strap are strong, fully functional, and swivel a full 360 degrees. The interior zipper runs smoothly. The color and distressing of the metalware is consistent throughout.
  • The strap came kink-free and isn’t at all stiff, the way some rep straps can be. It’s made of the same leather as the rest of the bag.
  • The handles feel satisfyingly solid and sturdy. They are precisely shaped.
  • The quilts are all of uniform size and puffiness.
  • The cannage is perfectly aligned on all sides, as well as on the flap.
  • The stitching is perfect, as far as I can tell. It’s the neatest I’ve seen on any of my reps, including 187, GF, Marble and Nickloe.
  • The engravings on the grommets and lobster clasps are all plenty crisp.
  • The interior “Christian Dior” and MII heat stamps are remarkably neat. The date code stamp is a bit of a mess, but idgaf as it is hidden inside the zipper pocket.
  • -0.25 The glazing along the top edge of the bag is seriously chunky at the corners. It’s a little thick on the auth, as well, but mine has an extra bit of wabi-sabi flair in the form of lumpiness.
  • -0.25 Sadly, one of the handle grommets is a bit crooked. It’s only noticeable when looking at the backside of the hardware because the “screws” aren’t level. Not going to rend my clothes over it, as I’ve seen auths with much jauntier grommets.
tl;dr: This is an incredibly well-constructed bag. It feels substantial and very durable, and the materials feel wonderfully luxurious. Overall, the craftsmanship shows an exceptional attention to detail. [-0.25] reduction for a slightly tilted grommet on the back of the bag, and another [-0.25] for the spots of inelegant glazing.

📕 Chapter 2 📕

💋 Accuracy - 6.25/10 💋

I want to give this bag a 9.5/10 so bad, y’all. My heart tells me this bag is a 9.5/10. The overall impression of this bag is that of an authentic. To anyone unfamiliar with the finer details of this exact style (so, ya know, most everybody), it passes with flying colors. But, as we all know, the devil is in the details. So while I am absolutely loath to give a beautiful, totally passable bag the accuracy score that I have, I do not wish to perpetuate the rating inflation that I myself have moaned about on this sub (“10/10, not a literal plague vector”). I‘m going to borrow u/gotwagoons terrific rating system from her 187 WOC review, in the hopes that it will keep me honest:
-1 if the difference is immediately obvious when placed next to an auth.
-0.5 if the difference would be noticed by a casual buyer trying to authenticate a preloved bag through images before purchasing.
-0.25 if the differences require side-by-side, place-the-bags-in-the-exact-positions comparisons, or could be spotted by a seasoned authenticator. Basically, if I feel like a crazy person pointing it out, it’ll be -0.25.
I am not going to count the serial number as inaccurate; only the features of the bag.
Please also note that while I have some experience with auth LDs, I have never seen the studded version in person.
Shape & Dimensions:
  • The overall shape and proportions are damn near perfect. Since this is the unstructured Supple version, the shape changes slightly depending on how the bag is stuffed — it looks a bit different in each auth reference photo. This rep is definitely in the range: very square from the front, with a gentle A-line shape to the sides.
  • The bag features tonal topstitching along the side seams, which is correct for the calfskin version. It gives a more structured shape and sharper edges than the lambskin version, which features retourne-style seams.
  • Based on side-by-side photo comparisons, it appears the rep may be a smidgen taller than auth (the studded LD is supposed to be a hair shorter than the Timeless LD). However, when I measured the bag, the dimensions were within the range of authentic according to various stats online: 9.5” W x 7.5” H x 4.5” D at the base.
  • -0.25 The top handle drop should be 4” according to the internet. Mine measures at about 3-⅞”. I don’t think a few millimeters’ difference is anything to cry about. This could very well be within the authentic’s range of variation. I suspect, however, that it is because the O-rings attaching the handles are not quite long enough.
  • -1.00 Something nutty is going on with the guitar strap. It’s the correct shape, although a bit wider than auth at 52mm (one of the Vestaire listings has a photo with a measuring tape showing 46mm). That’s no big deal to me, as by sight it looks about the same width as auth. The issue is the length. The same Vestaire seller posted a photo measuring the length of the strap — including the clasps — and it appeared to be about 111-112cm. Mine measures at about 114cm. Close enough, right? Well this is where it gets weird. On another site (I forget where), I read that the strap drop should be 16”. Mine is more than 20”! So basically, I have no fucking idea what is going on. Was the site that listed a 16” drop measuring only to the top of the handles? Possibly. I don’t know to what degree it’s off, but any way you slice it, it’s too long. And unfortunately it feels ludicrously long — even when worn crossbody. Thankfully, I only ever intended to carry this bag by hand or in the crook of my arm, so the length is no big shake for me personally.
  • The handles are shaped perfectly. They aren’t too thick or horseshoe-shaped, like those seen on many low- and mid-tier reps. They may be a hair narrower than auth, but it’s hard to say for sure.
  • The beveled edge at the bottom of the handles is correctly and sharply angled. On the inner side of the handle, there are 2 stitches between the top of the round grommet and the start of the bevel, same as auth.
  • There seems to be a bit more side-to-side handle movement than on most of the authentic LDs I played with at the boutique. This is a known flaw with LD reps. Initially, however, I didn’t have a problem with this. You see, I’ve only handled auth Timeless, My ABCDior and My Lady Diors, all of which have the classic charms and a structured design. Based on some photos I’ve found online of auth LDs with the block charms, I figured this version of the HW has more play than the classic type. Mental gymnastics also led me to the conclusion that the Supple LDs, regardless of HW style, have floppier handles because the overall squishability means they get jostled around more when handling the bag. But then I saw u/dodon4e’s studded LD, also from AF. Her handles are stiff as a damn bored! This of course tore asunder my carefully constructed self-deception and set me down a path of lifelong bitterness. THAT SAID, I still want to believe my handles are fiiiiiine, guys, and my bag is not a hopeless dud — after all, there are worse-looking auths! — so I’m not deducting any points. My heart can’t take it. The handles aren’t jiggly enough to be too bothersome. They mostly stay in place when I stand them up straight. At least that’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself.
  • Guys, have I mentioned that this bitch is SOFT? Like, so fucking soft that I upon receiving it I had a minor freak out that it was lamb instead of calf? Well, my dudes, it is calf. I had Redden confirm. It’s just the nicest friggin calf I have ever encountered on a rep. Like, auth Fendi level soft. SOFT.
  • Based on photos of the authentic, the texture, finish, and color are right on the money. Like auth, the calf is completely smooth with the prettiest sheen and dyed a nice deep shade of black.
Cannage Motif:
Apologies in advance I wasn’t able to figure out a less convoluted way to describe and discuss the stud pattern.
  • The diamonds have the correct number of studs: 5 studs per diamond-side, some with 4 studs inside. Each inner stud aligns with the diamond-side studs in their respective quadrant/side of the diamond point (if that makes any fucking sense at all).
  • The quilts have the perfect amount of puff.
  • The pattern aligns the same way as auth on all sides.
  • The guitar strap has the correct number of diamonds (22).
  • The cannage pattern on the front and back of the bag has the correct number of diamonds. It alternates rows of diamonds with 4 studs inside and rows of “empty” diamonds. On the front and back there are 5 “empty” diamond quilts across and 4.75 “empty” down. There are 4 full studded diamonds across with ¾ studded diamonds on either end, and 4.5 studded diamonds down.
  • -0.50 The cannage on the sides is so close to perfection, but not quite there. It is accurate insofar as there are the correct number of diamonds (1 “empty” diamond across at the top, 3 across at the bottom, and 4.75 down, alternating with 2 full studded diamonds across and 4 studded down). However the two “^” shapes at the bottom each have one extra stud per side. The “^” should be comprised of 3 studs total, but on my rep they are 5.
  • -1.00 The cannage pattern on the flap closure is likely incorrect. It is really hard to find clear images showing the top flap in its entirety. In fact, I couldn’t find a single one online. These were the best photos I could scrape together. The pattern on my flap appears to match those in the pics from Brag My Bag and Spotted Fashion, but not those in the multiple photos I found on TPF and Vestaire Collective (see above album for explanation of discrepancies). While it’s possible that Dior was inconsistent in their cannage pattern across batches and both are correct, I am inclined to believe that this is an inaccuracy in the rep. My Theory: I believe Angel, as a spin-off of GF, is among the factories that purchase authentics to reverse engineer. BUT this particular LD style was discontinued before Angel opened for business. If that is in fact the case (please correct me if I’m wrong), Angel is able to reverse engineer the basic construction of this bag based on similar models they have access to, but have to go off of photos to replicate some of the particulars like the stud pattern on the flap. The BMB and SF images — which match my rep — appear to be official Dior release/e-commerce pics, and, as we all know, many brands alter their product photos to screw with counterfeiters. I’d wager Angel used these photos as a reference, and it resulted in an inaccuracy.
  • I truthfully cannot tell if the gold-tone is accurate or not. The auth color looks different in nearly every reference photo I’ve found online. Sometimes I think the rep is a little too warm, but I really can’t say for certain so I won’t deduct any points. The degree of distressing seems to match that of some auth photos, but it appears more antiqued in others on resale sites. This can probably be chalked up to W&T.
  • The oval grommets, round grommets and O-rings on the handles seem to all be accurate in size, shape and thickness, at least roughly. The studs likewise appear to be the correct shape, but perhaps are negligibly larger in size.
  • The oval grommets are accurately placed in line with the top row of “empty” diamonds, each centered between the two outermost diamonds on their respective side. They are attached a hair closer to the top edge of the bag than they are on auth. The “CD” engravings are centered just above the 4 studs inside the diamonds of the row below. One of the grommets on the back of the bag isn’t perfectly centered over the 4 studs, but it’s close enough for jazz.
  • -0.25 The “CD” engravings on the front of the oval grommets look good enough to me in terms of size, thickness and depth, although the auth typeface appears to feature a stronger vertical stress (stroke contrast). On the reverse side, they are correctly engraved to give the effect of two screwheads. This is consistent with auth, which no longer uses actual, visible screws to attach the grommets. The “screws” look to be of a good size and are engraved with the appropriate thinness.
  • The charms appear to be the correct size and drop length. The bottoms of the “D” and “I” accurately hit about midway down the fourth row of diamonds, between the 4 center studs, and the bottoms of the “O” and “R” land just past the halfway point of the third row. I can’t find any fault in the shape or thickness of the letters.
  • The large O-ring affixing the charms appears to be about the correct size, but it may be a teensy bit thicker than auth. It’s hard to tell based on photos alone. It looks accurate compared to some pics, but not others. The rings for each individual charm are accurate in size, shape and thickness.
  • -0.25 The lobster clasps are close enough in size and shape to auth for me, although there appear to be some very slight differences. Frankly, I don’t think they are even worth spelling out here. “Dior” is engraved on both sides of the D-ring, as it should be, however the font is a bit off. Most notably, the “D” is more square-shaped on the rep.
  • The feet are the correct size and shape for this style of HW. They should look like teeny metal flans. The medium LDs with classic HW, on the other hand, typically feature tapered dome-shaped feet (although there are probably exceptions to even this).
  • -0.25 The placement of the feet is not quite right, but very, very close. When looking at the front of the bag, the feet are accurately placed in line with the second outermost column of studs. However, when you look at the side of the bag, the feet should be placed just outside of the outermost bottom stud on their respective side. On my rep they are placed on the opposite side of that stud (farther from the stitching). This may be due in part to the extra studs on the sides of the bag.
  • The interior walls and flap are accurately lined in a black suede with a soft velvet nap. It has a delicate feel, like a high-quality sheepskin suede. Dior’s suede linings are soft as soft can be, and this certainly feels as luxe as it should. The base of the bag is lined with black calfskin, as it should be, however it appears to be a different, tougher leather than the exterior of the bag. I’m not sure if this is the case with auth, as well, but I don’t care either way because you really can only notice a difference if you are touching both the interior and exterior at the same time. It looks fine and literally no one ever — including myself after completing this review — will ever pet the bottom of my bag’s interior.
  • The interior is set up the same as auth, with a wide suede-lined zipper pocket under the flap on one side and a large suede patch pocket with glazed top edge on the other.
  • The zipper pull is black calf, same as auth, and is the correct shape and size. It feels very solid.
  • The interior label, like auth, is black calf with tonal stitching and gold foil heat stamps. It looks to be about the right size and shape, with nice rounded corners and neat stitching.
  • -0.25 The “Christian Dior” typeface is a smidge off the mark — it should be squatter and rounder (the “C” jumps out, especially). Considering how abysmal the “s” usually is in most rep stamps, I was pleasantly surprised with mine. The “PARIS” and MII typefaces look good, but admittedly I am shit at QCing fonts.
  • I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I am not one for date codes and serial numbers, as I am not an aspiring scam artist. However, I am going to comment on the date code here just to avoid future PMs asking me about it, and because I’m trying to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for Longest Fucking Review. The date code is in the correct location (sewn into the interior zipper pocket) and in the correct format (00-XY-0000). The font is wrong and it is oriented incorrectly (upside down), but I refuse to dock points for such irrelevant flaws. If my rep’s date code were to be believed, the bag was manufactured in April 2017, which seems to be appropriate for this collection. I think the “BO” indicates that the bag was made in one of the Italian factories (most LDs are MII, although a few are MIS), so that’s neat. No fucking clue what the first two digits represent, but they’re there.
tl;dr: The shape of the bag and top handles is accurate, although the detachable guitar strap is too long and wide [-1.00] and the handle drop is off by a few mm [-0.25]. The calfskin exterior and suede lining are both accurate in terms of color, finish, texture and handfeel. The studded cannage motif is mostly accurate, however there are a few flaws in the pattern on the sides of the bag [-0.50] and the flap closure [-1.00]. The hardware is generally all accurate in terms of color, finish, size, shape, placement and engravings, although the location of the feet is not entirely correct [-0.25], and there are slight typeface inaccuracies in the engravings on the lobster clasps [-0.25] and oval grommets [-0.25]. The interior matches auth in nearly all aspects save for the “Christian Dior” heat stamp, which is in a slightly different typeface than the authentic [-0.25].

📕 Epilogue 📕

💋 Satisfaction - 10/10 💋

Ok, so let’s be real: the accuracy of this rep leaves something to be desired. That said, the only glaring issue I see is the cannage pattern on the flap. This is ultimately a minor flaw in my book. For one, this bag is no longer in production and it’s not commonly seen out in the wild. I doubt anybody (ok, maybe like two people on the face of the planet?) know from memory the exact quantity and placement of studs on the flap. Even if some deranged snob has it out for me and seeks out photographic evidence that my bag is a rep, I wish them luck finding authentic references to prove it. It took me HOURS of digging to find the few poor quality photos of partially-obscured flaps that I did. Besides, the flaw is mostly hidden when the flap is tucked inside the bag. FWIW, as I know some people read a lot into these things, this rep has only received glowing compliments from SAs at various luxury boutiques. A gal at Burberry even told me the bag “made her day” (didn’t make her a sale, though — nothing personal, I’m just working with a Western Girl kind of budget). So fuck it.
All in all, I am absolutely tickled with this bag. It’s gorgeous. Although a few inaccuracies are certainly present, quality is frankly more important to me than accuracy. Since this bag has quality in spades, shit is copacetic. It holds everything I need, and the flap closure makes it a breeze to use. The updated style offers the perfect balance of edgy cool girl and ladylike sophisticate. While I’ve always liked the classic Lady Dior, I had been hesitant to purchase as I wasn’t convinced the formal, hyper-feminine design would fit my lifestyle and aesthetic. Once I saw that Angel was repping Maria Grazia Chiuri’s brilliant twist on the LD, I knew I had to have it. I love a bag rich in history, and I especially enjoy when it’s a polarizing variation on a theme. In summary, I adore this bag.

📕 Afterword 📕

💋 Bonus Wear & Tear 💋

I have horrendous luck with rep hardware. Virtually every high-tier bag I’ve purchased has had major hardware problems. Over the course of one month alone, the handle broke on my Nickloe X-Lite, the zipper stop popped off my GF Puzzle, and the zipper pull broke off my 187 King Trendy WOC. So naturally, I thought, hey! Why shouldn’t my most expensive rep to date be absolutely encrusted with metalware? Literally hundreds of tiny pieces, all ready betray me at any given moment? What can I say. I like to live dangerously. Watch as I defiantly thumb my nose at the Fates.
But so far, so good. The only trouble the hardware has given me is of the relationship variety. It inspired my boyfriend to make some “blinged out granny bag” commentary when he first saw it, and we didn’t speak for the rest of the night. I’ve been slowly poisoning his morning workout smoothies ever since.
After wearing this bag half to death for 4 months, the glazing cracked at one of the corners. I chose not to dock any Quality points for this as it’s completely my fault — I had it squished into a suitcase for the duration of an international flight, which warped the bag and put a lot of stress on that portion of the edge paint, in addition to lifting the formerly perfect lining from the sides of the interior. I’m super bummed about it, though.
The leather itself has held up well to normal wear and tear, with only a few shallow scratches. I did put an extra dent or two in the top handles by setting it rather precariously on the edge of my kitchen island, which led to a tumble and the bag landing handles-first on hardwood. Finally, I was reminded last night that nothing is safe from my cat’s demonic maw. The handles finally fell victim to this hellspawn, like the many other fallen I’ve mentioned in previous reviews. Should I just put him down already? Y/N.
Suffice to say, I’ve ridden this thing hard and put it up wet, but it’s proving to be a durable little number. Since this is the Supple version, it has broken in a bit with use and become less structured. I’ve ordered this Samorga organizer to protect the suede lining and prevent the bag from losing its shape over time (or at least more than it already has).
This has honestly been one of my best rep purchases to date in terms of quality and longevity, and will be the first of many Angel Factory purchases for me — I’ve already received a TdJ Book Tote and have my eye on a medium lambskin LD next.

📕 Acknowledgements 📕

💋 Seller Communication and Service - 9.75/10 💋

Redden was fabulous to work with, as per usual. Once she got back from her sick leave, she was quick to respond and provided valuable insights on quality. Her Angel Factory prices are the best I’ve seen, and she provided thorough PSPs. I am only docking -0.25 because I had her ship direct, and whoever packaged it did not adequately protect the handles. Unfortunately the damage is quite noticeable and, as far as I can tell, irreversible. I can feel the dents every time I pick up the bag. The handles are one of my favorite features of the Lady Dior, so the fact that they are not immaculate drives me a little batty. In hindsight, I probably should have requested full packaging, but I was concerned about seizure considering the price.
Constructive Criticism in the Form of Steamy Purple Prose Welcome.

📕 The End 📕

submitted by elizabetch_taylor to RepLadies [link] [comments]

2014.01.27 19:02 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are Zoey Deutch + Lucy Fry from the movie Vampire Academy, auaa

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Date: 2014-01-27
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Zoey, whats your favorite food??? All of it.
Zoey, would you kiss Danila on the VA premiere if we win on #MTVMovieBrawl??? ZD: sure, why not?
Apart from each other, who was your favorite actor to work with on this movie? ZD: yes i know but when i was 6 and some random fan asked her to sign a screenshot from a love scene with Tom Cruise in All the right moves, it was mentally scarring because I thought she didn't love my dad anymore…
Hi guys! I'm SO SO SO excited for the movie! How did you two prepare for your roles? Did you get any sort of special insight from Richelle Mead on the characters? Thanks for doing this! ZD: well I have six of Rose Hathaway's diaries, all the books are written from her perspective, so I had a lot of work pre-done for me.
LF: I read the first book over and over to absorb everything on her journey and her psychological journey and having Richelle come to set on that one day to talk about how she wanted the characters played and conveyed, it was great to talk to her.
Hey girls! First, I want to say I love you both so much! And my question is what do you think about MTV movie brawl? Are you proud? :) ZD: i am proud except for we haven't won yet!! please keep voting!
LF: please keep getting people to vote...
Ya'll are so young! I've always wondered as young actors do you tend to geek out over seasoned actors? Either in front of them or after they walk away. ZD: I do! I think it's a sign of respect. and you know who's really good about that? Is Sarah Hyland. Sarah understands the importance of respecting fellow seasoned artists, and i really like that about her because there's a line between being annoying to somebody and being excited to be around them, and i think it's a good thing to let a fellow actor know that you're a huge fan of theirs.
LF: i guess i haven't been in that situation where you just suddenly meet someone.
Which couple you think is the hottest? Lissa and Christian? Or Dimitri and Rose? ;) ZD: have you SEEN Lucy and Dom's lips???
What quality do you guys love the most about your characters? LF: for Lissa i love her sensitivity and her open heart and the way that she feels empathy for every living thing.
ZD: i pretty much said it before when I said what drew me to the role of Rose. She's tough, funny, charming, the best friend you could ever want. I admire her loyalty.
If you can take home one item from the props/clothes/things on set, what would it be? And why? LF: i would want to take home the Lissa dress that I wear at the Equinox dance because i love it and I think it's really pretty and I was in it for a lot of the film so it has a lot of memories attached.
ZD: I'd take home the beautifully custom made school uniform blazer. It was gorgeous in person.
What is the hardest scene you had to do? LF: I think it was for me the power scenes, when I was healing or being tortured because I got to use a lot of imagination and create a sensation that was unknown so it was the hardest but also the most fun because it challenged me a lot.
Is it mortifying to be part of a adaptation that already have a massive fanbase? LF: no, I think it's really exciting to be a part of something that already has a life and take it into a new medium!
ZD: I agree. I like that.
If you could choose to be a Moroi, a Dhampir or a Strigoi (idk maybe you like evil), which one would you guys choose? LF: Moroi. I sometimes got jealous of the Dhampir during all the fighting.
ZD: going to say dhampir.
If the rest of the VA series gets the green light, which book would you be most excited to bring to life? (That's if you've read them all!) LF: 3.
We have a very talented cast of actor-musicians. who sang more on the set? Dominic, Danila, Dominique, Edward ... LF: danila sang a lot.
ZD: yeah, Danila.
Which Mean Girls clique would you be a part of? I'd probably be a part of the "Girls who eat their feelings" clique. (I'm emotional and I love food) haha! ZD: I dunno what clique id be a part of!!
LF: I think the point of Mean Girls is that at the end they are happy with who they are and don't need to be in a clique anymore. That would be the clique that i would want to be a part of.
How's it working with the legend Sarah Michelle Gellar on Ringer? Would you ever work with her again? ZD: YESSS! She is a boss-ass bitch. She knows what she is doing and I am such a fan of hers. She was a producer she was playing both the lead characters, and she was pregnant while we were shooting and we didn't know, and a 2 year old daughter, and always on her game. she is SO prepared. She is so funny and awesome. I would love to work with her again.
I really admire your friendship, which began when you auditioned! Could you tell me how to burn the movie strengthened the friendship of you and what do you like in your friend? LF: I think when you go through the process of making a film together, you get to a whole new level of understanding and you get to see each other through your strongest moments and your weakest moments and you get to see each other at both.
ZD: time feels very warped in regards to how close i feel to Lucy because we have known each other for less than a year but we feel like we've been friends for more than a year, because we have spent so much time together for the best and worst times of our sanity. so there is a deeper understanding that makes it feel more like family.
Also growing together, i grew a lot during the filming process and to be with Zoey during that time gave us a friendship that runs very deep.
What were your reactions when you found out you got the part? LF: I was in a bit of shock. It took a long time for it to sink in that it was real.
ZD: i was very scared but i took that as a good sign.
Hey guys! Have you all picked out your dresses for the Premiere? And how would you both describe your fashion styles! <3 Lots of love from India! LF: India! that is so cool!
For me I've always been really relaxed and a bit of a hippy, but now it's exciting to get the chance to play with clothes and be more creative with it and for the first time i'm really learning to be more artistic and playful in what i wear. I have an idea of my dress for the premiere but it's not set in stone yet.
ZD: where in India? I want to go!
Fashion sense: I have 2 juxtaposing styles, one very sophisticated and then the other extremely bohemian thriftstore shopping, so complete juxtapositions of one another.
What are you most nervous about in regards to seeing the film? LF: ummm….that's a really good question. I guess I'm nervous for the reaction, like i'm really excited to share it but I hope that everyone enjoys it.
ZD: so i've seen it and the final cut, and the thing I've been worried about since the beginning is its tone, because it's so specific. I wouldn't categorize this movie as a thriller or drama or romance, i can't specifically pinpoint the genre, but after seeing it, it's quite evident that the tone is consistent.
The humor is relevant, and because of those things, that was what i was the most nervous about. so i'm not nervous, i think it has a very specific feel to it.
Zoey, how excited are you about your new movie project "Midnight Rider"? I am so excited, it's a completely different project i've never played and hthe people involved are awesome. I can't wait to act again! (ZoeY)
What was your favorite set? {Lucy} LF: i actually loved the little attic with all the old dusty books and stained glass windows. it felt really ancient and i really felt like i was in the Vampire world when I was in there!
Will you guys do a meet & greet here in NYC? :) :) ZD: there is one in new jersey next week? on Thursday at the Paramus mall.
Favorite vampire movie? ZD: Vampire Academy! It's amazing and you should see it.
LF: Agreed.
If you were both moroi, what element would you guys like to specialise in? LF: Spirit.
ZD: Spirit!!! Duh.
What was the best part of shooting in London? (sorry if there're spelling mistakes) LF: I loved the theater and having the chance to go see beautiful plays.
ZD: Well, come on I'm 19 years old and i get to film a movie in England for a few months?! It is the most amazing glamorous and exciting experience ever! I'm not jaded so I saw the coolness of the experience. I loved the people's sense of humor too, in America my humor is bitchy but in England it's british.
Who was the funniest person on set? Lots of love from Italy girls :) LF: well Zoey is pretty high up there!
ZD: Lucy is too nice to be the funniest. Lucy is the nicest. I am the most ridiculous. And maybe Danila was funny to me, he was a goofball to me but he presents himself differently to different people.
LF: He has a way of being funny with everyone. you never know what you're going to get.
Hey guys if you're not play Rose and Lissa in VA , which character would you like to play? ZD: Natalie for me.
LF: Victor.
Lucy how is America treating you so far, do you miss surfing and the australian beaches? LF: I miss Australia a lot, I like America too but australia is a really hard place to let go of, it will always be home.
Say "Hi Brazilian Fans, We Love yours" please? Hi Brazilian fans we love you please! (ZoeY)
Zoey will you teach Lucy the wonder of internet? I'm trying to so I don't have to take all the responsibility of tweeting! but i love her for who she is so if she is not going to be on the interwebs, she will not be on the interwebs. (ZoeY)
Are you introverts or extraverts? (I think all actresses are usually extraverts) HD: I'm super introverted, I actually never say my opinion. And that was just a lie.
LF: well when I was a kid I was very quiet and nobody could hear me when i spoke, so my parents sent me to speech and drama to find my voice. And I found it! So naturally i am shy, but I've been trained to say what I feel.
How do you guys feel about your fans? They are amazing and they are passionate!! I personally feel so undeserving when people say I am an inspiration (ZoeY)
What helps you to dispose yourself for work and is there any music works that inspire you? ZD: I get overstimulated by music unless I am focusing on it like i don't necessarily like to listen to music in the background, it makes me feel too much and i don't like feeling too much.
Damn, ya'll picked a crucial time to do this lol. Voting for the MTV Movie Brawl like craycray over here! Also, how AWESOME was Beyonce's performance last night? ;) I LOVE BEYONCE!!! I literally landed and tweeted someone send me the link of drunken love! (ZoeY)
Lucy, will you back to Mako Island in series 2 of Mako? And what Zoey think about you as a mermaid? Unfortunately I am not going to be a part of season 2. But I hope it's as successful and wonderful as it can be (Lucy)
Holaaa Zoey! ¿Dónde aprendiste Español? Un beso! Si! (ZoeY)
Do you think the rest of the series (we pray for all the movies) will be hard to play? I would love to let Lissa grow to the full extent. I think it's really amazing to get the chance to be with the character for a long time and be a part of their journey. hopefully we can grow up with them.
P.S: Love you both :)! Hugs and love from Chile :) LF: hugs and love back to Chile!
If you were a man for one day, what would you do? ZD: write my name in the sand when i pee.
LF: I've never thought about that before. I grew up very feminist and I like to think that there's nothing I can't do as a woman that i could do as a man.
Favorite bands/music artists? LF: I love Australian music like Matt Corby and the Cat Empire, and Xavier.
Thank you ladies for all your work on the film, I hope to meet y'all in Texas this week! And Ben Howard as well.
Zoey: here is a challenge. can you name all your animals?? :) No! (ZoeY)
Have you developed any kind of phychic bond? :) LF: in a way yeah. Zoey kind of knows things about what i am feeling and doing and we can read each other really well now. we know each other well now.
ZD: I would say yes. if i a guy is supposed to fall in love with me for a movie role, i don't try to reflect that in real life, but in this movie my and Lucy's relationship is mirrored by lissa's and rose's.
A lot of times in a film people think they have to create something in real life, but we were lucky enough to have it happen in real life.
Hi! Will you guys come to Turkey? There are many VA fans in Turkey and we want to see our Lissa and Rose! LF: I'd love to go to Turkey one day!
What's the funniest prank you've pulled or been a victim of? LF: I dunno!
ZD: me either...
Is Sami as nice as she seems? x. LF: YES. she is really sweet.
Zoey have you seen Talladega Nights Ballad of Ricky Bobby? if yes, fave qoute? :) ZD: way to put me on the spot! i have short term memory loss i think so I can't remember if I've seen it but yes.
If you could pick ANY magical power for yourself as a vampire, what would it be? :) LF: i think that for me the power of spirit, that's one of the reasons I love Lissa so much. I think that to be able to heal is the coolest power in the world.
ZD: um, i would not have a magical power. Because i just feel like every story that resonates with me with supernatural abilities always has them wishing they were being normal. but if I'm being honest, reading minds.
Hi Lucy, did you have a hard time speaking in English accent? LF: No it's actually strangely easy for an australian to learn to speak with an english accent because patterns and intonations are fairly similar. Like the australian accent originally came from british, it's easier to train the muscles to be english!
ZD: she was very on top of her game, she worked very hard on the accent as well.
What is your favorite moment between Rose and Lissa from the movie and the books? LF: both of us love one of the final scenes where everything has calmed down a bit and we are just hanging out in the church attic and having this feeling of relief that we've made it through.
ZD: in the movie, there's a really funny opening scene that really establishes Lissa and Rose's relationship that I think is good.
Zoey and Lucy! What do you think of Brazil? You have very dedicated fans here! We love you! LF: I have always wanted to go to Brazil!
ZD: me too!!
LF: I want to go there and get lost in the Amazon jungle.
ZD: brazil has the most insanely loyal fans. I always see everyone saying "Brazil I love you!!"
Zoey and Lucy, How was filming at night? LF: It was actually kind of fun to live backwards for a while.
ZD: it was dark.
1 thing you LOVE about playing a vampire? LF: the fangs. and the powers.
ZD: i loved the chance to learn how to fight.
How many spoilers do you guys know about the rest of the series? LF: like, all of them? but we're not going to say!
Zoey: how do you spell your Hebrew name? :) It means life in hebrew!
In an interview with Sarah Hyland at the Grammys she say about you guys "They're so beautiful, you just stare and you're like [groans]" ZD: says her, really? She's like beautiful. She's like a little doll...
I have a big girl crush on her, i love her. and then you're friends with them and you're like I still have a friend crush on you.
Top three favourite movies. Ready...set...GO! ZD: I don't know!!! i always lie about these type of questions but i'm being honest with reddit today.
LF: LOTR, the lion king, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.
All I can picture is Zoey and Lucy walking away after this AMA, just saying "Well, that was fuckin' weird." I've already said it (ZoeY)
And p.s. I'm loving it.
I'm 30 and I'm totally going to see this, idgaf. Yes you do!!! and for all the haters out there, you tell 'em. (ZoeY)
Everyone will have fun!
There is no shame in being 30 and going to this film, it's funny, it's relevant, and it's a good time.
Lucy, I've noticed you have lots of Australian pride! Hope your Australia day was lovely x. Yeah I was on the plane for Australia day, so I felt kind of homesick, but my heart was there.
What was it like working with Dan and Mark Waters? ZD: they could not be more opposite people.
LF: and so fun to have that contrast. The way they bounce off each other and argue is so much fun to be around.
Dan and I have the same birthday but not the same year!
How did you prepare for the audition? LF: I was really excited as soon as i read the script because I connected to Lissa instantly and when i first read it i was in england and on the plane to La i was drawing pictures of her while reading the book, and from the very beginning i just wanted to explore this character out of interest initially rather than knowing that i would get the chance to play her.
ZD: the audition process, there's no great story for me, mine is just a boring audition process, but after getting it i was excited to play her because she is fun and charming. you know all those times that you wish you had the perfect come back? Rose has the perfect one liners written by the fantastical Dan Waters. so i was very excited to endeavor into that part. maybe that's the wrong context for that word, i'm not sure.
What do you think of the soundtrack? Any songs not on there that you wish were? ZoeY: one of my sister's songs, funny enough there is a Haim song on there, and my sister and i went to school with them. I went to school with someone in Haim and my sister was very close to the people in it, and we hadn't seen each other in a long time so it was bizarre and funny.
Last updated: 2014-01-31 12:08 UTC
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